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  1. My observations on the 1m rule (1.5m for >60kph): In Queensland it was introduced (as a 2-year trial) along with a good education campaign by the government. There were a few other changes to rules regarding cyclists at the same time, but the talk was definitely about the 1m rule. My feeling was that it really made a difference: people got a bit more thoughtful about how closely they passed cyclists, and a lot of them started giving more room. It didn't stop the occasional dick-head who just hates cyclists and couldn't give a f**k - they passed too close before and still do. In Sout
  2. Clearly old white guys are more qualified. Move along, nothing to see here. (sarcasm)
  3. Well done Downesy and Dawn!!
  4. So let me get this straight: if i walk to my local shops and don't wait for the pedestrian crossing signals (which i often do because i can't be bothered waiting for 90 seconds after pushing the beg button when there are no cars) it would be quite appropriate if i was crash-tackled by a police officer? Because after all, i had broken the law and deserved it? And if that was your elderly mother? (Who might be a bit deaf and miss the cop yelling Stop or I'll shoot) Or if it was your 14 year old son who is tall and could be mistaken for 18 from a distance?
  5. Baha. No, although there were tears shed, that was one heartbreak that could be fixed with a credit card :-)
  6. Katz, good luck to you! I hope it works out. Like others, I'm skeptical based on what you've told us, but I also think if it does go wrong again that you will be stronger and wiser for the experience, and you will cope. BB - that's good news. I went to see a psychologist a few years ago after a break-up that I felt I just wasn't coping with. I was hoping for some hints on coping strategies, but came away feeling that she had given me nothing useful at all. She didn't even ask any questions that were at all penetrating. If I just wanted to talk to someone random, I could have done it anywhe
  7. http://www.theguardian.com/world/live/2015/dec/03/oscar-pistorius-appeal-court-guilty-murder-reeva-steenkamp-live Appeal court finds him guilty of murder!
  8. Yep, nuts. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/03/03/science/earth/study-links-syria-conflict-to-drought-caused-by-climate-change.html Too simplistic to draw a direct connection, but it is still true that: Syria and neighbours (such as Iraq) suffered a pretty severe drought in 2006-2011 or so. Some scientists have credited the severity of this to Climate Change Resultant famine (together with the situation in Iraq) resulted in a displacement of huge numbers or people Ongoing famine and displacement contributed to political instability (... tends to happen that way if you look at history) Politi
  9. Pays to remember that the UN was formed in the aftermath of WW2 when the countries of the world looked around in horror and tried to find to find a way to ensure that sort of thing never happened again. Australia actually had some very key contributions to the establishment of the UN. Unfortunately a lot of the reason it is destined not to be effective were the limitations the US forced on it (because they wanted the rules to apply to everyone else but wanted to ensure they could not be held accountable before an international jury). The UN is only a collection of it's member states - it is n
  10. Yep, Australia with the 12th largest GDP in the world, and big ambitions in terms of our place on the UN Security council etc., should be able to do whatever we want without question because no-one cares about liddle us, and because there are other nations out there who do worse shit on a larger scale. And because we've never done anything awful like wipe out an indigenous people, profit from slavery, had effective apartheid, or invaded another country on a trumped up excuse. It's the greatest country on earth, and anyone who criticizes anything (other than the actions of officials of selected
  11. Wardy

    The end

    What does he mean by that Merv?
  12. If he's not going to be prosecuted, then he is entitled to the presumption of innocence - it doesn't need to be discovered. If he's not going to be prosecuted, it's because he has no case to answer. I for one am glad that the law works in that way. The alternatives are so much worse.
  13. Oh crap, BigRig, that's terrible. On a side note, i saw my GP today and asked what sort of standard health checks i should be having at my age. She mentioned depression and said she sees some patients who have struggled for years, including expensive but ineffective counselling who finally get medication and wonder why they didnt years earlier.
  14. The problem I have with the royal commission is that we're NOT hearing those stories. The only things reported have been the questioning of Julia Gillard (which came across as mud-slinging), Kevin (who managed to sound like a twat - but we already knew that), and Shorten (along with Heydon's frustration that he answered using complete sentences). If the commission has uncovered issues of real importance, it's a pity this has been lost behind the distractions.
  15. ooh, I'm a bit jealous of that. Have fun! Please report back. Larapinta Trail stage race Yurrabilla Trail 56km NY marathon 10th consecutive HOTW (6 so far) Ironman France.... not sure how that's going to work, as I'm retiring from IM after Kona... maybe Alpe d'Huez triathlon instead
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