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  1. Quicker than re-pinning your number onto the front of your run shirt/singlet ?
  2. And then some....
  3. I was tech delegate at Husky and this was an issue that came up. Race numbers, visible from behind on the bike leg protect the innocent. For long course, TO's were "encouraging" athletes to wear their race number with a race belt on the bike leg and some were sent back into transition to attach it. No one was penalised if noted on the bike course without a number visible to the rear. It was mentioned in the athlete info booklet prior to husky and it is the only way a TO can clearly identify who's who in a group 50 m up the road. Helmet and seat post stickers are more for bike ID and race day picture ID, it is not practical for a TO. The TO approach at Husky was more educative than enforcement. If you have a race belt, wear it, visible from the rear as you leave T1. For future events, read the pre race information carefully and be prepared to have your race bib with you on the bike unless there is a clear direction, agreed between the RD and TD, not to. At the Gong this weekend, TO's will again be encouraging all athletes to wear their race bibs out on the bike course. I will be there somewhere with my tranny cap on if you want to discuss further. Only this time, I expect TGL has made his own sleeping arrangements?
  4. Royds

    Shiv notice "urgent"

    That's one way of putting it. Putting it back on the individual rider may not be ideal given what we know about this potential failure. Can of worms, legally speaking.....
  5. Royds

    Shiv notice "urgent"

    The TO's at Husky were simply advised to pass on the information to all riders who may have been affected by this information and leave the decision to ride or not up to them. TO's visually inspect all bikes as they come into transition to see if they appear race ready but make no "certification" as to any bikes structural integrity. If it is something obvious they may take all steps to either fix the issue or advise the athlete they need to find another bike - EG; a missing front or rear brake caliper. The myriad of possible legal implications that could flow from a serious injury or death that could be attributed to this particular "stop ride" notice boggles the mind. Many RD's will be scratching around and reading the fine print on all their insurance information before their next event and hopefully advise all concerned what the most cost effective and safe approach is. A couple of competitors came into transition at husky with the affected bikes and advised that their LBS had corrected the problem but how can any TO be sure? I didn't have an electron microscope handy to examine all bolts for any possible signs of fatigue. Wollongong Tri is on next weekend, so I hope a solution is advised by then.
  6. Royds

    Kona Watching Thread

    KAM out of t2 and running
  7. Royds

    Kona Watching Thread

    KAM on the queen K at 75mi Make that 90 confirmed miles 15 mins out from T 2 Go girl!
  8. Royds

    Port Mac Photos

    Nice work Roxii!
  9. Something to do with the street he lives in I suspect.
  10. Always pass on the outside if it's safe to do so. However, crossing the centre line into on coming riders or other traffic will usually result in a red card and a little chat with the RR at the end of the day. Passing on the inside is usually a yellow depending on the circumstances. If it is deemed to be dangerous it can attract a red card.
  11. why TGL needed his bike shoes at the swim start I will never know..... (People need to know TGL - all part of your growth!) I guess it was his pre race milkshake starting to froth up? I had a fun day out there mostly fixing bikes and trying to keep warm. I was feeling the love all day. Great event and some amazing results.
  12. Chasing that dream for so long but then when you get there all is not what it seems... it
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