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  1. What would you pay for zwift?

    Oops, already being discussed here:
  2. What would you pay for zwift?

    The email I got below. I did a free trial when it first came out, so I'm not sure if it's only for people on their database. Effective November 16, 2017, we increased our monthly Zwift membership from USD$9.99 to USD$14.99 (your price may vary due to local currency or tax requirements). Good news, as a valued member of the Zwift community, you’re grandfathered at the old pricing until November 15, 2018 if you join Zwift before December 15, 2017. In other words, you’ve got a month to lock in this lower rate. Click here to learn more.
  3. What would you pay for zwift?

    I have been looking at getting a smart trainer and getting into Zwift but just had an email announcing a 50% price increase! Need to sign up before December to lock the old pricing in until November 2018, but is it worth it? Will those on Zwift now pay up next year? I assume this will also give any competitors a chance to get established. Is there anyone else out there doing the same sort of thing now?
  4. Do yourself a favour. Cameron wurf

    Wow, brilliant. Tells a great yarn and has a bit of talent. It'll be interesting to see how far he can go. Thanks for posting Peter.
  5. Snake Tales

    Bumped into this little fella a few weeks ago, only about 2 foot long. Apparently a Broad Headed snake, venomous and endangered. Always like snakes, use to catch them when I was a kid. Apparently a bit smarter now
  6. Trail Running

    Signed up for the UTA 50. Suspect I should do some training for that one.
  7. Coastal Classic, Anyone else???

    It was a wonderful stroll along a magically scenic coast with perfect weather and great company. That's how I'm choosing to remember it anyway
  8. Coastal Classic, Anyone else???

    I hope it includes escalators
  9. Coastal Classic, Anyone else???

    See you there, although I'm surprised TGL is doing it, I thought he was smarter than that I suspect that's why 'races' keep smashing me!
  10. Coastal Classic, Anyone else???

    In, despite swearing no more last year. CC smashes me every year and I'm more underdone than ever. I will be taking it real easy
  11. Grand Tour Tipping Contest - Vuelta a Espana

    In for the final GT. Can't go any worse than TdF! (famous last words)
  12. Training volume when not signed up to anything

    3.5 to 4 hours. Actually doesn't change much if I have signed up to something.
  13. City 2 Surf Bondi Breakfast?

    I was there, caught up with Miss Jess.
  14. Sydney Duathlon

    Lol, didn't think I had anything missing
  15. Sydney Duathlon

    That is odd. What was your number, I'll check it out.