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  1. Plantar fasciitis

    I've picked up this "condition" from an incident in the workplace early last year. It's still hanging around as painful as ever. I do physio once a week and he stretches the crap out of everything, calf etc. I am aware of what all the websites say about treatment and how to alleviate the pain, but I'm not getting a lot of benefit. Has anyone had this condition and what worked for you to *fix* it or at least reduce the pain? It's very painful, I can't run, I have pain when riding and walking around even at the local shopping centre is extremely painful.
  2. Plantar fasciitis

    I had a cortizone injection and it lasted for about 5 weeks unfortunately :-( The MRI report says "low grade P F." The physio is working regularly on the calf to stretch and to free up the ankle but it's really not helping. Ice doesn't seem to help other than to numb the area a little but wears off soon after. I could lose a kilo or two so I'll try and continue down that path. It must be fairly bad as there's no way in hell I could try running on it. It was caused by doing the Illinois agility test 3 times in a row. Very frustrating!
  3. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Most of the time when people have trouble with their chainsaw it's because it's notsharp enough. If they are sharpened properly, they generally don't get stuck, don't kick back and are easier to maneuver. You need a bench mounted sharpener to get it consistent. Don't touch the dirt or anything near the ground and it will stay sharp for ages.
  4. Utes / Pickups

    Well there's nothing stopping her heading out and spending $100,000+ on a new Land Cruiser is there eh?
  5. Utes / Pickups

    Filled up the BT-50 today. 50/50 mix of highway and city and it had burnt 8.1 lp/100. With 40,000kms on the clock I'm getting figures of less than 7.0 lp/100 at 100 kmh. With the 3.2 tonne Jayco van (pic on page 1 of this thread), I'm at 16lp100 Mel - Syd. Haven't seen over 11 lp/100 for exclusively around town. That's for the dual cab 2016 XTR with canopy. For the BT-50 owners, I fitted one of these: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Mazda-BT-50-2011-Windbooster-Throttle-Controller/121871391866?hash=item1c6019dc7a:g:mH4AAOSwyjJZvx90 Love it! It's not a "chip" for the engine, it just plug into the accelerator cable and changes the responsiveness of pressing the accelerator. Instead of pushing it half way down to get up and boogie, you press it more like 1cm. Very handy with the van or boat, much less accelerator required. Doesn't affect fuel economy, just the position of your foot. Feels much more responsive. The Ford doesn't need this quite so badly as their accelerator behaves a little more normally. The accelerator response is one of the reasons why many choose the Ranger over the BT-50... it feels faster, but technically it's not.
  6. Take the bike?

    I would take it... IF you are on your own without your partner and or kids. If you're there for any of the days on the weekend as well, then that's another plus. Keep it simple, a standard Qantas $20 bike box (or whatever they are worth, it's not much) will do the job, shove all of your gear in it so you don't fill up your bag. It's a great way to see the place up close, even if you take it slow and look around rather than go for a long fitness ride. I'm from Melbourne and took my bike to Perth (Scarborough) for a working week as it cost nothing in Business Class.... would definitely do it again. The Qantas part was easy, except that I needed a maxi taxi to get to and from the airport. Also depends on how much you like eating and drinking out after work and what time you finish up re: weather.
  7. Parenting is hard

    Such a beautiful girl, you should be so proud and also of what she's doing, which appears to be chasing a dream.
  8. Ensuite vs Extra room ?

    It's always good when the toilet is separate to the bathroom, behind a closed door. Sure it's convenient in an en-suite, but most couples don't like to be present in the ensuite when the other one is taking a dump.
  9. Ensuite vs Extra room ?

    A study sized 4th bedroom is fine... how many 4br places don't have a small 4th bedroom..? Pretty rare!
  10. Sold Or Not Sold, That Is The Q

    It's not sold until a deposit or full payment exchanges hands. BUT... HOWEVER.... the seller can still walk away and give the deposit back if he changes his mind. I sold my car once on a Sunday, the guy gave me a $500 deposit and said he'd have his finance done and dusted by Tuesday at the latest. Spoke to his finance company Tuesday arvo and they said that his loan wasn't approved. I messaged him and said bad luck and I'll give your deposit back and sold it to someone else that night. He was pretty p-issed and was threatening to come to my work and cause trouble. If it's not a contract of sale it doesn't mean anything. On another note, I once attempted to sell an aircraft to someone for $45k. He gave me a deposit for $6k in the form of a cheque and I gave him a receipt saying that I had received his non-refundable deposit. The cheque bounced. I said "What the?" and he gave lots of excuses about his family trust. He then gave me another cheque a week later. I rang his bank and they told me that there was no money in the account attached to the cheque. I rang and said "What the?" and sold it to someone else. I waited 11 months and then successfully cashed his $6k cheque. He had no legal basis to get his $6k back. He cost me several thousand so it was worth my while doing it.
  11. Would you complain about this?

    I stumbled across this yesterday. Am I not alone in thinking that it's oriented 90 degrees the wrong way so that you're crossing the bars like a cattle grid? I would have hated to come across this at night. Whilst my wheels down fall down into it, it's quite concerning.
  12. Would you complain about this?

    But FB, which way are they facing? They need to be east-west versus north south... if you get my drift (pardon the pun).
  13. Would you complain about this?

    There's another one about 50 metres before it that spans the entire left lane in the same direction. I was too scared to actually even ride over it. It's not that my tires go a little into a dip as I hit it, it's that there are so many in a row. It can't end well I'm certain!
  14. Open Water Swimming

    Oh, you're in WA, that explains a lot! Everyone knows statistically what happens more in WA than elsewhere. If you're up north though, say around Scarborough you're a lot safer but down Rockingham way... hmmm...
  15. Perth driver stabs cyclist in kings park

    I mentioned this a few days ago... this is what happens when you confront people unfortunately!
  16. Driver fined for throwing drink at Cyclist

    You (Joe Citizen) need to witness the rubbish being thrown out and preferably be able to provide a description of the offender. You don't need a photo, just the rego and vehicle type. If you don't have the vehicle type, you can get it from Vicroads on their website if you're in Vic. It's all on the premise that you may need to go to court if the offender arcs up. I've never been called to court. As I said above, the only issue I've had is someone arcing up saying that they weren't at that place at that time, however that was quickly dis-proven.
  17. Swim Skins

    I wouldn't think I would overheat in mine, it's not thick enough. I thought I was moderately safe from jelly fish, however you're heading straight towards them with bare shoulders. I hit one off Scarborough WA heading out to that yellow marker off shore. I had a perfect line on me near my shoulder where the suit sat and all of the exposed skin was in a rash.
  18. Driver fined for throwing drink at Cyclist

    A member of the public does not need any evidence of the offence being committed, which makes it nice and easy. It is good to have a description of the driver though or even better if you can safely snap a photo. The offender does not find out who you are unless it goes to court. Personally, I've never attempted to confront an offender at the time as I feel that they then have an excuse for the offence and to say that they got in an argument with me or something silly and that I lodged the report for revenge / spite. The last thing you want as an officer of the law or a similar profession, is false complaints from your "customers." I've lodged perhaps 20 of these total whilst off and on duty. I've only had two kick back at me when the rego number didn't match the vehicle type. That got chased up from "another angle" and "sorted" out :-) The other was where the driver falsely declared that they weren't on that road at that specific time, however I was able to provide evidence with a time-stamped geo-referenced iPhone photo. That would amount to perjury if it were to be followed up. Desperate people use desperate measures. I find that the number of cigarette butt offenders vehicles being un-registered is disproportionate to normal non-littering drivers. Maybe their ciggies cost so much they can't afford to pay their rego. Makes their quick ciggie an expensive one.
  19. Swim Skins

    I've got one of these in the men's version. https://www.bikebling.com/2XU-Women-s-Elite-LD-Swim-Skin-p/2xu-elite-ld-swimskin-women.htm Only paid $40 for it when they had a sale a few years back. It looks a bit like a westuit and smells like a wetsuit, it's just a heck of a lot thinner. Touch wood I haven't torn it or damaged it yet. It's easy to put on, you don't really have to worry about puncturing it, it hasn't stretched (or I've got fatter, I'm not sure which), it takes reasonable punishment well (if I forget to take it out of my bag when it's in there wet for a week) and overall I love it. It's warmer than basic briefs, but not hot, and it gives a feeling of extra buoyancy, despite the fact that it gives only a tiny amount compared to a wetsuit. I'd suggest that other brands would yield similar feelings and results.
  20. To ice or not to ice

    My physio and osteo always tell me to ice when I've injured myself. I never do. I always get better regardless :-)
  21. Holiday Hawaii - 7 days June/July

    Pearl Harbour + Missouri battleship (Missouri not included in standard memorial visit), hire a car for a day and drive around the island visiting the north shore as noted above, do a Luau, visit the Polynesian cultural centre, Alama Moama mall, hire a surfboard, have a long swim coz you can on Waikiki trying not to get hit by a surfer, visit the Army museum if you like that sort of thing, it's down the end near the marina. Maui is good, bit different to Oahu though - more like driving down the NSW coast rather than staying in a hotel on the gold coast. Very nice to drive around with great scenery as noted looking like Jurassic park, but not hustle and bustle. You can drive up to the 10,000ft volcano and walk around there to try work on your high altitude training too. Accommodation in Maui is fairly expensive, it would be probably around a $2-3k side-trip to go there for 4 days. Most of the Waikiki hotels are good enough and not too far from the main street, you can't go too far wrong. I've stated in Waikiki Gateway (since renamed), also the Waikiki Joy, Waikiki Circle and the Hilton. Circle was really cheap and cheerful, but good for kids at the beach with sandy feet when you get back. Speaking of Jurasisc park, you can do a tour on Kauai and possibly Oahu to see where they filmed parts of Jurassic park.
  22. Driver fined for throwing drink at Cyclist

    RS, not a good idea... just report them and they will be hundreds of dollars out of pocket and they will learn their lesson... hopefully! When I say not a good idea... it's a very bad idea to confront someone you don't know, particularly in a motor vehicle. There's a lot of bad people out there... a LOT, you've got no idea. The stuff you see on crime-stoppers is simply the tip of the iceberg, trust me! So many people carry weapons in their cars these days, and dare I say that the type of person that carelessly throws out their cigarette butt is more likely to be one of these people. Look after yourselves, because ultimately nobody else cares about you (other than your family and friends).
  23. Driver fined for throwing drink at Cyclist

    It's a bog-standard assault charge and possibly reckless damage to property, intentional at a stretch. If no action was taken, you'd be escalating to the station Snr Sgt.
  24. hong kong - stuff to do

    Hong Kong Disneyland :-)
  25. Cycling kits. What's yours and why

    I shop top of the line only. $39 delivered for a top and bottom on ebay in the latest racing designs. Surely they must be the legit stuff eh, would be illegal to copy the proper ones?