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    Cats - How can I get them out of my yard?

    We have a cat trap. It works really well. It's your choice what you decided to do with what you catch, however I recommend "relocation."
  2. BC_J400

    Webjet Tours

    I know plenty of people that have been to India that would never ever go again, including people from India ! Are you sure there's nowhere else in the world you'd like to go instead???
  3. BC_J400

    Cleaning out the garage

    Sorry, missed this until now. Will text you tomorrow.
  4. BC_J400

    Cleaning out the garage

    Hello wisdom holders, I've got 2 things to get out of the garage, but I have no idea what they are worth. One is obviously worth very little and I'm open to suggestions on the other... With the Giant I'm asking what you think it's worth genuinely, because last time I sold a bike people on here told me I ripped myself off by selling it for a lot less than it was worth, with other posters saying "hey, I would have paid way more than that for it!" I want to avoid that this time. Also, the best place to sell it as I'm not a huge gumtree fan. Extreme Exercise Bike. Age unknown, condition average - good. Works well, slight surface rust. The Giant is a MY12 Carbon TCR something with Ultegra in medium. Pretty much standard all over. 2,800 genuine kms only ridden on Sundays usually. Thanks!
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    Cleaning out the garage

    The spin bike is free to a home from Clayton Vic, pickup only. I recall that a fellow trannie offloaded it to me at a low price as-new so I'm paying it forward.
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    Legal'ish advice (regarding an eBay purchase)

    I find the clientele to be far worse than that on Gumtree!
  7. BC_J400

    $1000 fine for this

    Not at all, because I use my plane to travel to events such as Triathlons and open-water swims... so as you can see, it's still relevant :-)
  8. BC_J400

    $1000 fine for this

    Arrgghh so now I have another stalker. Oops, of course I mean another valued subscriber, lol. Yes. It’s a J430. I need to make more use of my channel now that it’s monetised.
  9. BC_J400

    $1000 fine for this

    It’s a little deceptive as the camera is down low. You can see more up high. The fact that there was no collision shows that I was riding carefully. The fact that she looked my way for approximately .4 of a second before driving through the roundabout is the most concerning part. I knew she wasn’t going to stop from a good distance out. I am able to limit my road riding to around 10% of my work commute which is good, although some “riders” are quite inexperienced and regularly do dumb things on the trail.
  10. BC_J400

    $1000 fine for this

    https://youtu.be/KDhs7_rNtfQ This lady never saw me this morning.... which did make me a little unhappy. If I hadn’t braked heavily, she would have broadsided me. She said “I wasn’t speeding” though, so I guess that makes it ok. I said she was driving too aggressively and she denied it until I pointed to my GoPro at which point she became very polite and loosely apologised for her driving. She was seemingly in a rush to drop her daughter off at school.
  11. BC_J400

    $1000 fine for this

    Probably on Ice. Interesting that they threw out the other charges. I'm going to guess that it was somehow proven that the cyclist antagonised him, otherwise there are few reasons for that.
  12. BC_J400

    Solar power, cost, installation etc etc

    Don't waste your cash. I got back $17 on my last quarterly bill which was $236. Small 3br place.
  13. There's a bit of a loop-hole that's not being exploited that much it would seem... or at least the manufacturers aren't meeting that niche. 200 watts maximum power for a PUSH-BUTTON / angel gear bike is the maximum - as fast as it is capable of going on 200 watts is how fast you can go, pedal assisted or not. 250 watts for a certified pedelec with a maximum pedaling assisted speed, as per posts above of 25 kmh, however if you are strong enough you can go as fast you want however they are bloody heavy compared to a normal bike. As soon as you get to less than 25-26, the motor kicks back in again. If you were to have a pedelec of 200 watts on a hybrid or racer that isn't crazily heavy, you've got a pretty good unit for commuting or Sunday rides down beach rd and it would be perfectly legal. I commute on my E-mountain bike daily and clock up 50 kms per day and on a 400 watt battery I get a range of around 40kms. At this point in time it is my understanding that the police don't have any means of measuring the wattage of e-bikes. It would take a serious crash, injury or fatality and the confiscation of an e-bike for evidence before anything could be proven. It is also my understanding that a rider is before the courts in Adelaide over riding an over-powered e-bike, thus fines for unregistered and unlicenced riding.... in Victoria, close to $1,000 in fines. I purchased my e-bike and started riding to work rather than my racer. Within 4 weeks there were 3 more in the bike cage. At the rate their use is exploding, you're guaranteed to see a lot more soon. New Zealand is apparently trialing 32kmh and many Aussie bike dealers are pushing hard for the same speed here. Someone at my employer has a bike that would have come with a 250 watt motor, but he paid another $150 and got a 750 watt motor, capable of 60kmh+, however I'm fairly confident that will kill him one day as it's simply not the bike for those kind of speeds.
  14. BC_J400

    New Mountain Bike - Recommendations?

    7 weeks ago I purchased a Cube Reaction Mountain Bike with mid-drive Bosch Performance Line CX series motor and 29'ers. It's as heavy as hell, but it doesn't matter as it's electric. LOVE IT! Highly recommended, or any similar e-bike. The Bosch motor is the good one. Others are Shimano Steps, Bafang and Giant make their own one. Ride times down from 58 minutes to 42-45 on average (for 23 kms each way) and I've ridden it every day since I got it, rain, hail or shine. 1700 kms in 7 weeks roughly. $2900 + $130 for a charger to keep at work. Riding range around 40 kms. (For $500 more I could have got just over 50kms). The payback period for me is 12 weeks of riding. I can confidently ride it every day without issue, no tiredness and my health has definitely improved. You still need to spin reasonably fast, but don't apply anywhere near as much pedal pressure, so you arrive at your destination as fresh as when you left. I still find my heart rate will average around 130-140, but it's just low intensity spinning.
  15. BC_J400

    Skin checks

    I had a suspect dark spot removed by the skin cancer guy on the day of the check. Seemed like a good idea at the time, but ended up with a Keeloyd which is very annoying as it rubs on my backpack and clothes. Not sure how to avoid this happening as apparently it's more likely to happen to some people.
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    They are all under-cover.
  17. BC_J400

    Sickness in the Workplace

    You only need to see someone vaping whilst walking down the street to see where their infected breath can end up!
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    Stay in the casino and gamble some cash. During the day the city is full of unemployed bums and ferals, so you're not missing much there. Just don't play-up in the casino or the security guards will tackle you and cause you significant harm and injury. The city has turned into a Police city. Since the Bourke St rammings (murders) by that nutter, there are police everywhere. The CIRT team's Counter Terrorist unit do blockies in multiple vehicles 24x7 complete with their new sub-machine guns and itchy trigger fingers. People are on-edge crossing roads for fear of being hit by a lunatic driver, or accosted and fined by the Police for illegally crossing the road. Then you've got the cops on push-bikes lane-splitting up Flinders St looking for people on their mobile phones whilst driving and meanwhile police on horses wander the streets with their horses crapping on the road. Next week, 23 on Tuesday with a howling northerly wind and 17 on Wednesday. Melbourne needs the howling northerlies to get past 15 degrees at this time of the year. Staying at home with the kids isn't sounding so bad after all, is it? Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy working in there every day. I'm on Exhibition St. If you like Asian foods, 90% of the food is Asian, but the plus is that means it's cheaper to eat. I use the Capital City trail and Gardiners Ck trails to get home on me e-mountain bike. The e-bike gets me out of the city quicker, lol.
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    Calf extension

    Has anyone had one of these done...? for want of a better name, where they do the incision up high on the calf muscle to release pressure down at the Plantar Fasciia in front of the heal. Surgeon is saying 80-90% chance of reduction in symptoms for Plantar Fasciitis. Currently can't run, walk long distances or stand for along time. It's coming up to 1.5 years since I injured it at work.
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    Home Security Cameras

    The best ones within a reasonable price range are the HikVision ones, around $90 from China (or $200 from an Aussie retailer). Bullet cameras for outside, 4mm or 6mm. I am running them on my website at Temora Aviation Museum, Wangaratta airfield and Portland airfield (see here - www.auswebcams.com) The HiKVisions are Powered over Ethernet and require a Cat 5 ethernet cable and a switch/hub that powers POE cameras, or you have to buy an adapter. Add a PC with hard drive space and you have a very good set-up with remote access capable. The rest of the cameras on there are just 1mp WIFI cameras at $38 from ebay. They take snaps every 5 minutes, but with a recording unit they will record full time. They need a power source which can be an issue for many. I'm running a motion-sensing unit at the in-laws and it's a Dahua camera which is WIFI, but I'm not overly happy with the video and motion detect, so it would be better off recording full time for the best results, so you'd need a PC turned on all the time or a dedicated DVR unit with 1TB drive for 1-2 months recording over 3 or 4 cameras. It's an excellent high quality image, however the motion detect isn't ideal. I'm not happy with Arlo's personally, the battery life is poor if they are getting near the max wifi range and the biggest issue with them people are stealing them from the outside (and inside) of houses. The other problem is that many of the crooks use balaclava's and you sometimes get nothing from cameras... that's if they are still in your house afterwards and the crooks haven't ripped them off the wall !! I own approximately 120 security cameras and run what is possibly the biggest collection of publicly available cameras in Australia and am aiming for 300 by mid next year.
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    swim buoy, anyone use one?

    I would HIGHLY recommend you use one of these if you're out swimming in open water. At the end of summer I was coming in slowly in my small boat in past the Cerberus wreck when I spotted one of these buoys. I was going very slowly but there was some chop and the swimmers were almost impossible to see. Once I saw the one buoy, I then spotted a number of other swimmers. The guy doing breast-stroke with no swim cap was the worst. Could have easily been disaster in a different boat with less visibility.
  22. BC_J400

    Electric bikes

    I'm crossing to the dark side and I've decided I need an electric bike, mainly for commuting. Does anyone know much about these, namely removing the 25kmh "governor?" As far as I can tell, they *generally* come with Bosch, Shimano or Boefang motors, with the mid-drive models being the longer lasting better quality option with the rear wheel drive not ideal in comparison. Battery life appears to be fine for what I need. I've got a Giant TCR advanced now and whilst I'm a competent and experienced rider, I simply can't ride to work more than 2 times a week, or 3 at best due to the distance which is 25kms each way into the city. Yeah yeah, I know it's not that far, but to ride in and be at work for 9-10 hours and to ride home is simply too much for me. My dilemma is though, that on the Giant, I average 27kmh or thereabouts, with speeds of up to 40+kmh on the Gardiners creek trail and a mix of roads. Therein lies the problem... these electrics are limited to 25 kmh for "legal reasons" and the problem is that they are so darn heavy, some 23 kg's or similar, that to go faster than the 25 takes a hell of an effort. The electric is affordable, around $1,800 is the best I've seen for a hybrid model in a quality frame which makes it well and truly economically viable. I don't need 50kmh, I pretty much need 30kmh roughly. I can't see why they are limiting them when you can buy cars that can do 300kmh and I could be using this bike on private property for all they know. What are my options here... does anyone have any suggestions that I haven't thought of, or do any of you know how to "upgrade" these motors through the software?
  23. BC_J400

    Electric bikes

    I took the plunge for a commuter and purchased a mountain bike, good brand, Bosch motor, hydraulic disc brakes, I never thought I'd buy a mountain bike, but it's really great! No stress of running off the edge of the bike path. Performance is amazing, with battery life around 40 kms. Best $3k I've ever spent. It will pay for itself very quickly as it was costing me near $50 a day in Melbourne to drive in, park and citylink. I've never been able to ride more than a few days a week as it's 25 kms each way and it's simply too much to ride and work all day, however in my first week I rode 5 times in a row. My ride time is down from 58 minutes to 40.
  24. BC_J400


    I've tried about 10 of them and they never last. Some last a while, others don't, but I've never had one long term. It's probably the heat that gets to them in the end. Garmin and similar make good ones, just don't spend a fortune. Not really necessary to have one with speed and GPS. Don't be worried about having masses of storage as they usually just have a 2 minute loop and you leave it running all the time whilst driving. If something happens, you just press the stop button and unplug the camera.
  25. BC_J400

    Mobile plans - which one?

    Telstra $30 or $40 plans. The data on the $30 plans has recently been raised to 2.5gb per month.