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  1. 60 on my mountain e-bike and 120-130 on the racer. No less 🙂
  2. I thought anything under $250 they weren't allowed to touch with fees???
  3. I liked it how the news were interviewing people sitting in their cars travelling to work being delayed by the protesters. Many of those people could easily have been on the train, other public transport or ride a bike. Very easily. You only have to ride your bike through Melbourne on a busy day to know that cars in the CBD will be a thing of the past. It's not a matter of if, but when... They have already agreed to switch around the traffic lights. Rather than 30 seconds of pedestrians and 60 seconds of cars, it will be switched around (numbers to be confirmed). The ideal will be couriers, trucks and deliveries only in the city, with the primary means of transport to be foot, bike and trams for all others. It's close to being that way in some areas now.
  4. You must not get out much in the city. A few drinks will quickly add up to $65, especially if you like the odd coffee. 2 days at sea is all you'll do in Australia for the most part, in each direction.
  5. Sold pending if you can drop em off to my letterbox on your morning run. Pretty sure I've seen you jogging in Oakleigh? you know where I live :--) Hope they fit.
  6. Royal Caribbean strictly prohibit taking power-boards and irons on board. You have to use their laundry services. We've been on 3 cruises and are about to go on one next week without kids and again in Feb with the kids. We won't travel on P&O, ships are too small with way less facilities. Royal Caribbean and Carnival are far better. Next week we do Singapore on Voyager of the Seas for 5 nights. $700 each. Bargain. Next Feb, Carnival Splendour is $650 each with the kids. Both ships will have had $100m renovations and will be as new. Highly recommended!!
  7. I have an original non-waterproof Apple watch.. the very first series. I've been wearing it in the pool and shower for years and it's still going strong. Apple under-stated the waterproofness of it when it was released.
  8. I read somewhere legitimate, that regardless of a mans age, they prefer 20-28 years old women on average. Whereas, as women get older, they prefer older men. It's moderately scientific, it's not his fault.
  9. BC_J400

    Casey Neistat

    He's butt ugly when he takes his glasses off!
  10. I feel that you have a subacromial decompression and scrape coming your way and a tendon re-attach, with 12 weeks of immobility, followed by extensive physio thrown in, plus a couple of bouts of frozen shoulder on the way to recovery, thus requiring a couple of hydro's. Thank me later and I won't charge for that consult.
  11. Well next time a family member of yours or a friend is drowning and I swim out to rescue them and I've followed your advice because I read it here, you'd better hope that the 20 knot afternoon seabreeze that's whipping up spray off the water like nobody's business doesn't choke me, as I won't be saving anyone.
  12. I've had cameras since before dash-cam was a term. Go for it. You only need to spend $30+ Front view only is the easiest to install. Now that I'm commuting by bike I don't do much driving and not much has happened of late camera-wise so most of my issues worth capturing must have been happening on the way to and from work.
  13. If you practice regularly on one side only, you'll struggle when you hit open water and are forced to breathe on the other side. Could combat this by practicing both sides.If you practice regularly on one side only, you'll struggle when you hit open water and are forced to breathe on the other side. Could combat this by practicing both sides.
  14. There's nothing worse than when you pull on the calf's leg and it tears off, then you smell the rotten flesh. That's bad and still haunts me!
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