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  1. BC_J400

    Experience with Prostrate Cancer

    A friend had his most recent annual bloods done and whilst it was not high at all, his figure had gone up a bit. Doctor said all good, don't worry as it's low. Got a second opinion and had to have the operation... they said he would have had 6 months - it was super aggressive. Aged 60. Moral of the story - get the blood test done so at least you have a baseline to work off.
  2. BC_J400

    New Mountain Bike - Recommendations?

    Thought it was time for an update on my Bosch powered Cube e-bike. I've now clocked up around 8,000 kms. I've had to replace the rear cassette as the little tiny high speed gear wore out ($120). I've also increased the size of the front sprocket ($45), so that I'm not using the little one on the rear so much. I've also gone through 1 and 1/4 sets of brake pads ($25 a set). Pretty cheap motoring overall for the purchase price of $2,900, so 2.4 cents per km running cost for over 6 months of riding. I was driving which was costing around $45+ a day for parking, fuel and CityLink, so close to $250 per week. Issues have been that occasionally the chain will come off the front sprocket - it may be a little stretched. Happens once every 200-250 kms and I can just use my shoe to put it back on again. A little bit annoying. As you can see, it's been a great investment! I've ridden every day without fail except for a couple of days when I had an unrelated knee operation.
  3. BC_J400

    Cats - How can I get them out of my yard?

    We have a cat trap. It works really well. It's your choice what you decided to do with what you catch, however I recommend "relocation."
  4. BC_J400

    Webjet Tours

    I know plenty of people that have been to India that would never ever go again, including people from India ! Are you sure there's nowhere else in the world you'd like to go instead???
  5. BC_J400

    Cleaning out the garage

    Sorry, missed this until now. Will text you tomorrow.
  6. BC_J400

    Cleaning out the garage

    The spin bike is free to a home from Clayton Vic, pickup only. I recall that a fellow trannie offloaded it to me at a low price as-new so I'm paying it forward.
  7. BC_J400

    Cleaning out the garage

    Hello wisdom holders, I've got 2 things to get out of the garage, but I have no idea what they are worth. One is obviously worth very little and I'm open to suggestions on the other... With the Giant I'm asking what you think it's worth genuinely, because last time I sold a bike people on here told me I ripped myself off by selling it for a lot less than it was worth, with other posters saying "hey, I would have paid way more than that for it!" I want to avoid that this time. Also, the best place to sell it as I'm not a huge gumtree fan. Extreme Exercise Bike. Age unknown, condition average - good. Works well, slight surface rust. The Giant is a MY12 Carbon TCR something with Ultegra in medium. Pretty much standard all over. 2,800 genuine kms only ridden on Sundays usually. Thanks!
  8. BC_J400

    Legal'ish advice (regarding an eBay purchase)

    I find the clientele to be far worse than that on Gumtree!
  9. BC_J400

    $1000 fine for this

    Not at all, because I use my plane to travel to events such as Triathlons and open-water swims... so as you can see, it's still relevant :-)
  10. BC_J400

    $1000 fine for this

    Arrgghh so now I have another stalker. Oops, of course I mean another valued subscriber, lol. Yes. It’s a J430. I need to make more use of my channel now that it’s monetised.
  11. BC_J400

    $1000 fine for this

    It’s a little deceptive as the camera is down low. You can see more up high. The fact that there was no collision shows that I was riding carefully. The fact that she looked my way for approximately .4 of a second before driving through the roundabout is the most concerning part. I knew she wasn’t going to stop from a good distance out. I am able to limit my road riding to around 10% of my work commute which is good, although some “riders” are quite inexperienced and regularly do dumb things on the trail.
  12. BC_J400

    $1000 fine for this

    https://youtu.be/KDhs7_rNtfQ This lady never saw me this morning.... which did make me a little unhappy. If I hadn’t braked heavily, she would have broadsided me. She said “I wasn’t speeding” though, so I guess that makes it ok. I said she was driving too aggressively and she denied it until I pointed to my GoPro at which point she became very polite and loosely apologised for her driving. She was seemingly in a rush to drop her daughter off at school.
  13. BC_J400

    $1000 fine for this

    Probably on Ice. Interesting that they threw out the other charges. I'm going to guess that it was somehow proven that the cyclist antagonised him, otherwise there are few reasons for that.
  14. BC_J400

    Solar power, cost, installation etc etc

    Don't waste your cash. I got back $17 on my last quarterly bill which was $236. Small 3br place.
  15. There's a bit of a loop-hole that's not being exploited that much it would seem... or at least the manufacturers aren't meeting that niche. 200 watts maximum power for a PUSH-BUTTON / angel gear bike is the maximum - as fast as it is capable of going on 200 watts is how fast you can go, pedal assisted or not. 250 watts for a certified pedelec with a maximum pedaling assisted speed, as per posts above of 25 kmh, however if you are strong enough you can go as fast you want however they are bloody heavy compared to a normal bike. As soon as you get to less than 25-26, the motor kicks back in again. If you were to have a pedelec of 200 watts on a hybrid or racer that isn't crazily heavy, you've got a pretty good unit for commuting or Sunday rides down beach rd and it would be perfectly legal. I commute on my E-mountain bike daily and clock up 50 kms per day and on a 400 watt battery I get a range of around 40kms. At this point in time it is my understanding that the police don't have any means of measuring the wattage of e-bikes. It would take a serious crash, injury or fatality and the confiscation of an e-bike for evidence before anything could be proven. It is also my understanding that a rider is before the courts in Adelaide over riding an over-powered e-bike, thus fines for unregistered and unlicenced riding.... in Victoria, close to $1,000 in fines. I purchased my e-bike and started riding to work rather than my racer. Within 4 weeks there were 3 more in the bike cage. At the rate their use is exploding, you're guaranteed to see a lot more soon. New Zealand is apparently trialing 32kmh and many Aussie bike dealers are pushing hard for the same speed here. Someone at my employer has a bike that would have come with a 250 watt motor, but he paid another $150 and got a 750 watt motor, capable of 60kmh+, however I'm fairly confident that will kill him one day as it's simply not the bike for those kind of speeds.