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  1. BC_J400

    Had PRP today.

    I had PRP in my tennis elbow. It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced and I went into shock each of the 3 times ! It certainly fixed it though. It was sore for over a year and a month or so after the 3 injections I became pain free and have been for 10+ years. I had the classic tennis elbow condition as confirmed by ultrasound.
  2. Don't get an upright washing machine without the vertical pole thing in the middle. We've got one without it and it literally ties my work shirts into knots!
  3. BC_J400

    New trisuit

    Whatever this guy is wearing it must be durable, as he wears it commuting to work every day on his hybrid commuter!
  4. My friend is a pilot that flies to LA weekly. He has a "scooter" over there that he uses when in town. It's a lazy 800 cc model! Surprises any car that tries to drag him off.
  5. Recently saw a car hit one and as a result it had to get towed. When cops arrived it took them 3 shots to kill it with the 40 cal Smith & Wesson.
  6. A friend had his most recent annual bloods done and whilst it was not high at all, his figure had gone up a bit. Doctor said all good, don't worry as it's low. Got a second opinion and had to have the operation... they said he would have had 6 months - it was super aggressive. Aged 60. Moral of the story - get the blood test done so at least you have a baseline to work off.
  7. Thought it was time for an update on my Bosch powered Cube e-bike. I've now clocked up around 8,000 kms. I've had to replace the rear cassette as the little tiny high speed gear wore out ($120). I've also increased the size of the front sprocket ($45), so that I'm not using the little one on the rear so much. I've also gone through 1 and 1/4 sets of brake pads ($25 a set). Pretty cheap motoring overall for the purchase price of $2,900, so 2.4 cents per km running cost for over 6 months of riding. I was driving which was costing around $45+ a day for parking, fuel and CityLink, so close to $250 per week. Issues have been that occasionally the chain will come off the front sprocket - it may be a little stretched. Happens once every 200-250 kms and I can just use my shoe to put it back on again. A little bit annoying. As you can see, it's been a great investment! I've ridden every day without fail except for a couple of days when I had an unrelated knee operation.
  8. We have a cat trap. It works really well. It's your choice what you decided to do with what you catch, however I recommend "relocation."
  9. I know plenty of people that have been to India that would never ever go again, including people from India ! Are you sure there's nowhere else in the world you'd like to go instead???
  10. Sorry, missed this until now. Will text you tomorrow.
  11. The spin bike is free to a home from Clayton Vic, pickup only. I recall that a fellow trannie offloaded it to me at a low price as-new so I'm paying it forward.
  12. Hello wisdom holders, I've got 2 things to get out of the garage, but I have no idea what they are worth. One is obviously worth very little and I'm open to suggestions on the other... With the Giant I'm asking what you think it's worth genuinely, because last time I sold a bike people on here told me I ripped myself off by selling it for a lot less than it was worth, with other posters saying "hey, I would have paid way more than that for it!" I want to avoid that this time. Also, the best place to sell it as I'm not a huge gumtree fan. Extreme Exercise Bike. Age unknown, condition average - good. Works well, slight surface rust. The Giant is a MY12 Carbon TCR something with Ultegra in medium. Pretty much standard all over. 2,800 genuine kms only ridden on Sundays usually. Thanks!
  13. I find the clientele to be far worse than that on Gumtree!
  14. Not at all, because I use my plane to travel to events such as Triathlons and open-water swims... so as you can see, it's still relevant :-)
  15. Arrgghh so now I have another stalker. Oops, of course I mean another valued subscriber, lol. Yes. It’s a J430. I need to make more use of my channel now that it’s monetised.
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