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  1. Who is in the wrong?

    The pedestrian is clearly at fault for not checking that the road was clear of vehicles. No further correspondence should be entered into. Prince - technically you are not correct... the pedestrian was the required distance from the marked crossing. It is not an offence to cross a road away from a pedestrian crossing. Depending on the state laws, it could be 30 metres from the crossing for example.
  2. Plantar fasciitis

    Who said that I was seeing a single health care practitioner? Have seen multiple GP's (same practice), Physio, Osteo, Specialist Surgeon & additional doctor for cortisone.
  3. Plantar fasciitis

    I've had an ultrasound and an MRI and it's confirmed - low grade PF. I usually wear casual Nike's with arch orthotics plus a soft gel one on the heal. Wore my Brooks beast imports yesterday without orthotics and they were surprisingly good.
  4. Plaster cast

    It's certainly not uncommon for a cast to be applied in a less than ideal manner. A second opinion is always good.
  5. Clive Palmer rebuilding the Titanic

    Construction on the Clive Palmer Titanic didn't happen I am led to believe, due to funding. There is a different Titanic vessel to be used as a hotel.. I don't believe it is the same one. Happy to be corrected on this.
  6. Plantar fasciitis

    I was doing a series of agility tests (5) and during the third one it all went pear shaped and I couldn't finish the rest. This happened in April 2017 and is still as bad now as the day it happened, with the exception of when I had the injection.
  7. Plantar fasciitis

    I had a cortizone injection and it lasted for about 5 weeks unfortunately :-( The MRI report says "low grade P F." The physio is working regularly on the calf to stretch and to free up the ankle but it's really not helping. Ice doesn't seem to help other than to numb the area a little but wears off soon after. I could lose a kilo or two so I'll try and continue down that path. It must be fairly bad as there's no way in hell I could try running on it. It was caused by doing the Illinois agility test 3 times in a row. Very frustrating!
  8. Plantar fasciitis

    I've picked up this "condition" from an incident in the workplace early last year. It's still hanging around as painful as ever. I do physio once a week and he stretches the crap out of everything, calf etc. I am aware of what all the websites say about treatment and how to alleviate the pain, but I'm not getting a lot of benefit. Has anyone had this condition and what worked for you to *fix* it or at least reduce the pain? It's very painful, I can't run, I have pain when riding and walking around even at the local shopping centre is extremely painful.
  9. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Most of the time when people have trouble with their chainsaw it's because it's notsharp enough. If they are sharpened properly, they generally don't get stuck, don't kick back and are easier to maneuver. You need a bench mounted sharpener to get it consistent. Don't touch the dirt or anything near the ground and it will stay sharp for ages.
  10. Utes / Pickups

    Well there's nothing stopping her heading out and spending $100,000+ on a new Land Cruiser is there eh?
  11. Utes / Pickups

    Filled up the BT-50 today. 50/50 mix of highway and city and it had burnt 8.1 lp/100. With 40,000kms on the clock I'm getting figures of less than 7.0 lp/100 at 100 kmh. With the 3.2 tonne Jayco van (pic on page 1 of this thread), I'm at 16lp100 Mel - Syd. Haven't seen over 11 lp/100 for exclusively around town. That's for the dual cab 2016 XTR with canopy. For the BT-50 owners, I fitted one of these: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Mazda-BT-50-2011-Windbooster-Throttle-Controller/121871391866?hash=item1c6019dc7a:g:mH4AAOSwyjJZvx90 Love it! It's not a "chip" for the engine, it just plug into the accelerator cable and changes the responsiveness of pressing the accelerator. Instead of pushing it half way down to get up and boogie, you press it more like 1cm. Very handy with the van or boat, much less accelerator required. Doesn't affect fuel economy, just the position of your foot. Feels much more responsive. The Ford doesn't need this quite so badly as their accelerator behaves a little more normally. The accelerator response is one of the reasons why many choose the Ranger over the BT-50... it feels faster, but technically it's not.
  12. Take the bike?

    I would take it... IF you are on your own without your partner and or kids. If you're there for any of the days on the weekend as well, then that's another plus. Keep it simple, a standard Qantas $20 bike box (or whatever they are worth, it's not much) will do the job, shove all of your gear in it so you don't fill up your bag. It's a great way to see the place up close, even if you take it slow and look around rather than go for a long fitness ride. I'm from Melbourne and took my bike to Perth (Scarborough) for a working week as it cost nothing in Business Class.... would definitely do it again. The Qantas part was easy, except that I needed a maxi taxi to get to and from the airport. Also depends on how much you like eating and drinking out after work and what time you finish up re: weather.
  13. Parenting is hard

    Such a beautiful girl, you should be so proud and also of what she's doing, which appears to be chasing a dream.
  14. Ensuite vs Extra room ?

    It's always good when the toilet is separate to the bathroom, behind a closed door. Sure it's convenient in an en-suite, but most couples don't like to be present in the ensuite when the other one is taking a dump.
  15. Ensuite vs Extra room ?

    A study sized 4th bedroom is fine... how many 4br places don't have a small 4th bedroom..? Pretty rare!