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  1. Bullying in the Workplace

    After reading all of this I am now thankful that the government department that I work for has a zero tolerance for bullying and sexist behaviours. Sometimes it can be a good idea to find a new job as the problem can be at both ends.
  2. Tradies - do you leave them at your place

    Leave him at home with your wife. That might work out well on one hand, but cost you half of everything on the other...
  3. swimmers shoulder

    I had similar symptoms, it was bursitis and calcium in my left shoulder (I'm left handed), I couldn't swim more than 100 metres without pain that would stop me from continuing. Until this pain started, I used to swim up to about 1.5 kms on a sat morning at my local pool with no pain. I had surgery to decompress the bursar, scrape away some bone to make room for it and have the calcium sucked out. The calcium has since returned but I'm fully pain free at the 12 month mark.
  4. All right you new it was coming Ride on Mowers..

    Zero turn, without a doubt. Need a reputable engine, usually 20-30hp for the wide cutting deck. They are pretty simple really, a couple of hydraulic pumps and an engine. You do need to change the hydraulic oil occasionally and bleeding the pumps can be a little tricky - you can google how or watch it on youtube.
  5. disputed ebay sale - seller protection?

    Now that it's sorted, can you lodge a dispute because he kept the accessories, or are the potential prank 3am calls not worth it?
  6. Police Auctions stolen bikes

    A stolen iPhone 7 will get you perhaps one or two ice hits I was recently told. The crooks don't care what the bike is worth and probably got next to nothing for it. Went to court recently (for a look) and was amazed at the dumb stuff people were doing to get themselves there. Alcohol and drugs...
  7. More swimming numptiness (sorry!)

    +1 for the single arm catch-up drills. I thought I was a reasonable swimmer until I did some of these at work recently and I found that I learnt that sometimes going back to basics is important. I have a new career.... I get paid to swim :-) (amongst many other cool things)
  8. flogs

    I am happy to yell at someone being a flog, especially if it's in the interests of safety.... it's quite satisfying. I once many years ago didn't do as above and someone lost their life an hour later. I don't dwell on it (as it wasn't my fault in any way), but it was a bit crappy at the time
  9. Do we have any graphic designers here?

    I use www.fiverr.com for my graphic design requirements. You'd be surprised what you can get for 5 bucks! If you need it fast you can pay a bit more. I've used them half a dozen times to design logos for projects that I have been running.
  10. Disney California adventure park

    If you were pushed for time you wouldn't be concerned about missing either of the Disney parks - e.g. 1 day in Californian Adventure and 1 day at Universal. It would be too much to do all those in a row if that's what you were thinking. +1 for Six Flags too for adults and teens! Avoid the City sights and Universal combined tour - it's not long enough as you'd need a good 6 hours onsite at Universal at least.
  11. Disney California adventure park

    Yes and no... https://disneyland.disney.go.com/au/attractions/list/#/disney-california-adventure I consider it and extension of the magical kingdom... but as you can see, the attractions are mainly for young kids and teens but then again so is magical kingdom. You can buy combo tickets to do both parks and if it was in winter with no queues, you could do both in a long day. Disney Magical Kingdom is not known for its roller coaster and thrill rides (although it does have Space Mountain - an indoor and dark roller coaster) .... if you want those, you need to head to Six Flags Magic Mountain, the home of roller coasters.. think National Lampoons vacation - this was filmed at Six Flags. For more "adult" entertainment with lots of kids entertainment, my money is firmly on Universal Studios. There's buses that run to all of these for fair prices. I've been to Universal Hollywood 5 times, Disney LA 3 times. In Florida I've been to, Disney World Hollywood Studios x 3, Epcot x 1, Magical Kingdom x 1, Orlando Universal x 2.... After all those visits, in order of preference, I'd still go to Universal Hollywood/LA, followed by Disney World Hollywood Studios (Orlando), followed by Disney World Orlando Magical Kingdom, followed by LA Disney Magical Kingdom. My wife was 25 when I took her to Disney LA Magical Kingdom and whilst she's young at heart, she thought it was for a much younger audience. I hope this helps! (note for those reading my thread in the sand box about a career change - this was before I changed careers lol )
  12. Career Change

    Financial suicide = going from $150k or so, to $45k. (soon to be closer to $70k)
  13. Career Change

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to share this as we often see people commenting on threads about similar situations. At the age of 39 and after 20+ years in the IT industry, I was made redundant at short notice. I had been in that role for 8 years and got a reasonable payout, but certainly not one I'd be living off for more than half a year or so. At this time I applied for a role with a Government Department that was completely out of left field - nothing to do with IT at all. Luckily I picked up another IT job and started before I finished with the existing job (a little tricky for a few days :-) ! ) and was with this mob doing similar work for a period of nearly two years. The wife got promoted during this time and she's making reasonable money now which was good. Then some new owners came along to this IT company, screwed it up very quickly and ended up retrenching around 15 of 50 staff. So that was me out on the street with next to no "package." So here I was with no job, but all of a sudden the role I applied for 2 years ago came up and I stated immediately. Well what can I say.... after 20 years in IT sitting at a desk destroying my health, I have started this new role which is completely different - it's very active and I'm on my feet for perhaps 5-6 hours a day and I feel fantastic. It's a job where people actually want to work there and are happy doing so. It's financial suicide, but what's more important I say? Everyone I speak to appears to be jealous of my mid-life career change, wanting to know what it's like to get out of IT! We often "fall" into these jobs and have no way to get out of them due to financial constraints. I was somewhat forced out of it you could say, but could have got back into it if I had wanted to, but decided to give change a go and believe me... it's the best thing ever. My body is thanking me for it every day and I get loads more time to spend with the wife and kids. I don't have much else to say, except that if you are stuck in a boring dead-end job, even if it pays well, it's not necessarily the best thing for you!
  14. Bucks Weekend Ideas

    Unfortunately you can't do "beers then paintball" in that order - they are firearms after all :-)
  15. Bucks Weekend Ideas

    Vegas. End of thread. I promise you'll learn something new there :-)