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  1. BC_J400

    Bike v's car

    Quite the contrary to be honest. I generally would never speak to a driver and if it did need to happen, I never raise my voice, get abusive or swear at them. Because I’m commuting at the same time every day, I come across the same cars, pedestrians and bikes every day, so it would be silly to arc up and have to see that person every other day. You never know, they might deliberately run you over the next time! I learnt a lot when I joined the police as that guy you abuse might actually be carrying a hammer and is ready to use it on your head and is probably on bail and does not care for your life one little bit!
  2. BC_J400

    Bike v's car

    It’s not worth polluting my channel with their filth! Too many dislikes doesn’t help my YouTube income.
  3. BC_J400

    Bike v's car

    I came across two well dressed ladies mid 40’s in their active wear this morning next to the Yarra. They were walking towards me in the left lane of the bike path, head on. I rang my bell and had to stop due to oncoming traffic. I asked politely that they walk on the left side as the arrows underneath them pointed. As for their response, I’ve never heard language like it before even when working as a Police officer. I heard F, C, entitled cyclist, mad F, dumb C, d-head, etc. #lovecommuting !!
  4. BC_J400

    Bike v's car

    LOL, I’m a pilot and flying a helicopter to work every day would probably be less safe! Unless it was about a $5m one. I’ll check with my bank manager and let you know how I went. The amount of times our building owner nearly hit the top of our building in his helicopter in bad weather scared me off that long ago. Luckily my commute is only about 2kms of road and 20k+ of paths so it’s not too bad. *Most* drivers are predictable. I could also die in my car or get hit by a car walking from the train or from a terrorist related activity in Melbourne these days.
  5. BC_J400

    Bike v's car

    YouTube comments are somewhat vulgar but the real “good” ones are on Reddit.... they are absolutely no less than BRUTAL. If you want your channel to do well you post the videos on Reddit but you have to be prepared for a barrage of comments which you can’t delete on Reddit but can delete on YouTube. I had some spare time this morning and made a small collection of stupid things from my big collection. https://youtu.be/SlifGYHuloc
  6. BC_J400

    Bike v's car

    Jeez mate, you did a number on yourself with that crash. You probably don't look good afterwards, but some would argue that that Suzuki looks better than it did. I'd hate to see what damage you'd do if the car was actually moving! Here's another one of mine that worked out well. Touch-wood I've only had a few near misses over the last year of 12,000 kms of commuting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDhs7_rNtfQ
  7. BC_J400

    Bike v's car

    The joys of commuting. This happens probably once per week or two. I only travel on the road for a very short part of my commute. Despite the comments which are often negative, I am adamant that I followed the best course of action on this one. I was not going overly fast (it's downhill, could have been going way faster than 30 if I wanted to, and most other bikes usually do) and there was a car behind me so I didn't think swerving to the right was a great idea. I started braking and honestly thought I'd have plenty of room, until she stopped unexpectedly. I've seen the result of swerving at the last moment and it doesn't usually end well.
  8. Yeah it's officially hot. Or at least my 6 year old thinks so as he's been glued to it since it started.
  9. BC_J400

    Had PRP today.

    I had PRP in my tennis elbow. It was the most painful thing I have ever experienced and I went into shock each of the 3 times ! It certainly fixed it though. It was sore for over a year and a month or so after the 3 injections I became pain free and have been for 10+ years. I had the classic tennis elbow condition as confirmed by ultrasound.
  10. Don't get an upright washing machine without the vertical pole thing in the middle. We've got one without it and it literally ties my work shirts into knots!
  11. BC_J400

    New trisuit

    Whatever this guy is wearing it must be durable, as he wears it commuting to work every day on his hybrid commuter!
  12. My friend is a pilot that flies to LA weekly. He has a "scooter" over there that he uses when in town. It's a lazy 800 cc model! Surprises any car that tries to drag him off.
  13. Recently saw a car hit one and as a result it had to get towed. When cops arrived it took them 3 shots to kill it with the 40 cal Smith & Wesson.
  14. A friend had his most recent annual bloods done and whilst it was not high at all, his figure had gone up a bit. Doctor said all good, don't worry as it's low. Got a second opinion and had to have the operation... they said he would have had 6 months - it was super aggressive. Aged 60. Moral of the story - get the blood test done so at least you have a baseline to work off.
  15. Thought it was time for an update on my Bosch powered Cube e-bike. I've now clocked up around 8,000 kms. I've had to replace the rear cassette as the little tiny high speed gear wore out ($120). I've also increased the size of the front sprocket ($45), so that I'm not using the little one on the rear so much. I've also gone through 1 and 1/4 sets of brake pads ($25 a set). Pretty cheap motoring overall for the purchase price of $2,900, so 2.4 cents per km running cost for over 6 months of riding. I was driving which was costing around $45+ a day for parking, fuel and CityLink, so close to $250 per week. Issues have been that occasionally the chain will come off the front sprocket - it may be a little stretched. Happens once every 200-250 kms and I can just use my shoe to put it back on again. A little bit annoying. As you can see, it's been a great investment! I've ridden every day without fail except for a couple of days when I had an unrelated knee operation.
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