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  1. I think I did most of the ride with you Cranky and congratulated you in T2 for racing clean You managed to extract yourself from a bunch of wheel suckers at some point ... Question for you ...why climbing the hill on your bar ? Actually it's a general question. Apart from 1 guy who powered through on his aerobar, it looks like just sitting and spinning was way more efficient...at least to me. Being on the bar at less than 20k/h without head wind ..any good reason ? Great race but quite different from my first last year ... 10min slower as well mostly on the swim. But loved the bike (despite an other speed wobble !! On a different bike) and the run. Will try to come back next year !
  2. my only complaint about this premium wave is that the wave order for AG are not yet out ( if it is please disregard the rest of the post ) ... It sounds like : we are not going to disclose the wave until we finish to sell the premium wave ... Because quite frankly if you are going to leave anyway 15 min after the pro there is no reason to pay 50$ to leave just couple of minutes before ?? I think it would be a good idea if EliteEnergy was giving all the fact to the AG before asking them if they want to pay extra to leave earlier ... But that would mean that this is not only about the $$
  3. I am yet to see a race with a massive difference between 2 waves of the same AG ?? Most of the time they are split by few minutes where the conditions should have limited impact especially if you assume that nobody is drafting I think even Noosa is not putting too much difference betweent he same AG
  4. thanks for the 2015 waves ...I was looking for that So being a 35-39 Males I am likely to start late. I remember sipping a beer before 12pm in 2012 in front of my house ( at the Uturn of the sprint) and giving a bit to Spot Anderson while he was overheating It was pretty damn good This being said I didn't remember there were 2 transitions meaning that when you start at 8:40am you can really sleep an extra 2 hours And my wife has a chance to be at the swim finish with my sons ... My friends from QLD prefer the heat and leave as late as possible ( no wetsuit for them) ... so I guess I will let the chance and Emo decide at what time I will be leaving !
  5. Hi all i'm up for my 4th Husky and I was wondering if it was a good idea to go in the premium wave to be sure to race early and with couple of mate who are in age group below ... Do we already know the wave number ?? I couldn't find anything on the website ... cheers
  6. I think you are misled by the brand name like Look or Time ... I'm sure you have heard of them They are definitely french and making some awesome bike Adrien .. .reply sent.
  7. Name Number Goal Jono B 299 low 9's Cape_Horn 390 13h00m01s... swim25 (Gayle) 1420 TheAntiSport 1129 1. Thoroughly enjoy the day/night. 2. <15h30 Duncs 438 Would love to go sub 13 but will take just having a good day! Mike P (Ironnerd) 1529 To finish Stikman 560 Ideally sub-12, Niseko 856 Sub 4.40 bike split TenPints 989 Sub 13. Sub 6 on bike. iFoz 1475 Top Ten in AG Since I failed miserably in IMM(14th) Katz 1137 Faster than last year humdrum 797 PB by more than 45 seconds Badds 1429 First IM at Busso. This will be #15 overall. Around 10:30. Thomo 1551 1st One at Busso : 8th One Overall JohnP 433 Faster than last year Zed 1015 High 10s, 55m swim and have a jolly good time at the after party Ruley 446 CarpeDiem 146 Finish in one piece Scott1985 160 Sub 9:30 Trunkz 1682 PB Rough Rider 687 First IMWA, see what the day throws at me Nicoloco 693 IMWA number 3 .. aiming at 10:30ish
  8. I actually checked IMWA last year and all the male are doing less than 55min ... which is at least for me more reasonnable for a pro as it is 10 min faster than me at least Which actually brings me to an otehr question ... is IMWA swim short ? People tell me 3.6 instead of 3.8 ? It would make sense actually for my time
  9. nicoloco

    Orthotics Sydney

    got mine 4 years ago from Andrew Bull http://www.sydneysportsmed.com.au/andrew.html Pretty happy about it... It was supposed to last 2 years but last time he checked they were still good to go. No problem since I am using them ( one leg was 6mm longer than the other with extra pressure on the long leg hips + over pronation)
  10. Well I know a euro pro racing next week end and he will easily compete with any Aussie pro I am a bit surprised that a pro would do that ...that's what I do and I won't be able to do less than 1h15 without wetsuit. All the pro are below 1h and most of them below 55min ...even in Europe
  11. that's my swim in 2011 : http://connect.garmin.com/activity/132941404 Start from the right ... I think it is a better option in term of distance. Not entirely sure in term of space and fight This being said I thought I was way stronger in the swim than in 2010 and I did exactly the same time Next week I will start again from the right
  12. Enjoy the race ... did it last race and the bike course is really nice ( just be careful ...)
  13. to hire a bike in Nice : http://www.larouelibre.fr/location/
  14. If you look for a triathlon forum in France ( in case you want to hire a bike) ... check out onlinetri Otherwise I have seen a guy using these bike for Nice last year http://www.velobleu.org/. He did actually finish the bike leg The bike shop over there should be culture-velo, they might rent bike too. I am racing almost every year in France and I think that next time I will try to hire a bike. Such a pain to take the bike on the plane to Paris, then the train to Nice and then in the car and then in the plane again ...
  15. that's a big debate especially since Gilles Simon arrived in the board of tennismen player. He is complaining about the prize money in the GS. The answer from Serena ( Or Sharapova ?) was basically : 1/ fine to play 5 sets ( I don't think that all of the top 128 female player could play 5 set ... actually I am sure they couldn't.) 2/ people prefer to come to see her ( it should be Sharapova then ) than him ( Gilles Simon is one of the most boring man to see with extra long rally and not winner. And I have first seen him when he was 12 ... he hasn't changed !) But as mentioned by Prizna, it depends on the tournament ranking. For instance Brisbane is only an ATP250 for the men.
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