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  1. @ BB & Z... Indeed there is more to the issue than space.... I give far more cred the social infrastructure / ability to engage in a job and/or meaningful project angles than FP's generic "we are full" arguement. My wife and I spent quite some time talking about it last night and have decided to see what we, as a family can do. The list of reasons to stay on the sidelines is long and can be compelling, but for us, bowing to that logic is the easy way out and when we challanged ourselves most of the negatives we could throw up have a potential positive buried in there somewhere. Offering a place to stay is the easy bit. We have far more space than we need and sacrifice only our privacy. But that solves only the short term needs. One of the keys to long term success is helping find the balnce between intergration and retaining cultural identity especially for the kids/first generation in the new country. For that you need a community that does not become an enclave and a constructive purpose (job or otherwise). It also has to be win/win in the long run for the "new" members and "old" members of the local community. Those are the ties that bind. We are still working on it and will let you know how it goes. Cam
  2. There is more to the UK than England FP... Plenty of space up north. For the UK the number is closer to 250 / square km pretty much the same as Germany. Here in the NL its actually 500... Still lots of space to go around. I too was impacted by the picture of the child on the sand. My initial recation was like that of Plaz.... But as I refelcted on that reaction I realised that, despite not wanting to see it I needed to. I would never have activly sought out the picture I needed to be confronted with it or I would have happily stayed in my bubble. Now I have been shoved out of my bubble. Ineeded that. Thanks OP Cam
  3. Careful with the Westpac account Plaz.... Potentially lots of below the waterline costs.... I have a multicurrency accout with ABN Amro but do my forex through OZForex.... You get even sharper rates for amounts over 100K just give them a call.... I have used them for three years now and they are great. A HSBC/Oz Forex combo could save you between1 and 3%... Cam
  4. On affordability.... Here is an intersting comparison. Australia - 1.5mln (AUD) mortgage to lock your rate for 15 years 7.75%. Cost to service loan 110K per annum Holland - 1.5mln (AUD) mortgage to lock your rate for 15 years 2.25(ish)% (due to tax deductability). Cost to service loan 33K (in AUD terms) per annum There are a lot of other factors that come into play ofcourse (tax rate in NL is very high and starts low, but education is cheap) but as far as having a place to live and what it costs there is quite some difference in affordability there... To give some more perspective again between Europe and Australia on the change in affordability overall in Australia in the last 14 years read the Kids - report from AMP.NATSEM .... You get to a graph on page 20 that wraps the Australian expereince up nicely.... For Europe the lines are basically flat.... Ouch.... On absolute housiung proces in OZ.... Ive been wrong about the Aussie housing market for the last 3 years (thought it would stall but not fall). The view was based on the increasing disconnect between wages and hous prices driven by artificially created, cyclical or transient demand which basic maths and history say double didgit growth really should come to an end at some stage and allow things to catch up.... But here we are!! Not that anybody asked but... So where to?.... Rising rates are the dagger that can hurt the the Aussie housing market most. Higher rates have the double whammy effect of seeing term deposits or bonds become desireable again which will reduce demand for property, while at the same time late entrants who are highly geared will be forced out increasing supply. This would gut 20%+ out of the market in a matter of 6 to 9 monhts. The thing is I just cant see anything to drive rates up over 1% in the next 3 to 5 years unless the AUD really falls out of bed and imported inflation gets out of hand. Negative gearing if it goes will be phased out over a llloonnnggg time (10 to 20 years of small 1 or 1.5% incremental deductability decreases woud be my bet) but simply cant be shut down overnight for the reasons pointed abour above so I would not worry too much about that.... A flight of Chinese capital out of Australia is a likley scenario at some stage as credit tightens in China (think the Gold Coast post Japan bust).... It dropped the market a bit but really just saw growth evaporate for 10 or so years. That would hurt, more if it comes along with a deep and prolonged decline in commodity prices. Ahhh Economics.... The art of explaining tomorrow why the prediction you made yesterday did not come true today! All the data aside the risk to OZ prices is what is has alwyas been.... sentiment... which really defies any logical analysis, so propeller heads tend to stay away from it.... A bit of a run of negative domestic data, a shock to China and or Europe (neither of which are anyhing new) and (this is very impotant) a bored media that pick up and push the story and its on....
  5. Dunno about that Sticks.... If I was to have a concern it would be that the " stockpile" of data exists and that there is no way to be sure its secure. The NSA or like body capturing and storing something is a bit different to some wacker from dodo.com.au doing it. Now off to veganninjashemales.com... Dang... There goes my political carear when some scumbag journo gets their hands on a hacked file and dredges it in 20 years time...
  6. Not reading that you wont be using it just reinforcing the value of quick application in terms of securing roles.... if you have the chance to use it directly then thats perfect. @BB.... I work for a large Anglo/Dutch energy company based in The Hague
  7. Hi FP, You can replace recruiter with hiring manager and if its a medium/big frim you are being pitched to (by either a niche firm or otherwise) first line HR are no different to your average recruitment type... Did a quick search on our open resourcing system of 3800 currently open roles (for full time employment) 35% list PM skills as one of the top 3 selection criteria! My pointer on applying the learning quickly via a contract role plays to being able to practice the methodology and when you go for the fill time role that you actually want have the killer answer rather than a theoretical answer to the "Tell me about a time when..." question and all the followups. Back to the OP... What should you expect? A lot of what seems like common sense packaged up and sold as a methodology. Should you do it? Only if you intend to embed it with practice or it wont be of much help come time to sell yourself to an employer. (Hence the PM contracting advice as it worked for me and many others I know). Best of luck. Cam
  8. The outfit I look after hire 30+ project managers/program managers a year. I get involved with the Program Manager selection where I tend to go for leadership & negotiation skills but at a PM level there has to be some sort of PM methodology be it P2, Six Sigma, Extreme whatever.... They are all means to the same end.... My tip do the course and try and land a BA or PM contract role ASAP. An un applied course will age (in the eyes of a recruiter) very quickly. The demand for good contract PMs is strong if you know where the work is and have some industry background.... Its not a bad gig. Hired a Program Manager last month on a full time 18 month contract at a cost 2000 EUR per day and was glad to get him! Cam
  9. www.auctionata.com is the new kid on the block.... well worth a look. Offloaded an old Piaget and picked up a Hublot Big Bang there over the past 12 months they do classic watch auctions every few months. Berlin based outfit very slick. Next luxury watch auction is 11 July... There is another Big Bang I see.... http://auctionata.com/en/o/42708/hublot-big-bang-chronograph-switzerland-around-2000 Hard to beat if you are after luxury vintage... Cam
  10. Ipad air here... Nice piece of kit. Wifey has the mini and loves it as does dad... both smaller versions wifi only with cloud accouts for extra storage.
  11. The wetsuit banning perplexes me a bit. There are plenty of bike tech bits n bobs that aid speed and thats fine. Whats the difference?
  12. Whats a set of Kayano 20's going for in OZ?.... In the shops here they are EUR 175 but from 21run.com (german running store) they are as low as EUR 90
  13. TheCam

    Charity help

    Hang in there Team Sammut. Cam
  14. TheCam

    Let's help Hiltz

    Hey Hiltz.... Glad to hear that things are on the up. Given the goals you have expressed there is a bit of good advice in most of the posts above. Perhaps you could try thinking about this journey a bit differently. AP in his way tried to say it but not in a way that is likley to resonare positively. You have been through the ringer and are back out the other side. What have you learned about yourself along the way? How has this changed how you are approaching achieving the goals you are setting yourself? Are you trying the same thing again and expecting a different outcome? My 10 cents worth...... - Break it down into doable bits, have milestoness along the way that allow you to feel success incrementally. - Listen. - Dont do it alone. Letting somebody else/others down is harder than letting yourself down. - Listen. - Choose to be happy... it is a choice... approach life with a smile and, more often than not it will smile back. - Listen. Good luck mate. Cam
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