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  1. Bit of banter in the Nation's capital then haha. Missed the weekend as I have and still have tonsillitis so will try next weekend and I am sure at that point I will be struggling to keep up with any group. Ideally I wold like to train with people better than me, but initially I won't be in form in any leg so it won't matter as much. I haven't raced for over a year since my son was born, looking to do some next year. Prizna might give me someone to chase . Fui Fui I might touch base with you a bit later on for a ride if you don't mind. The best groups I had in Sydney and Perth were both like yours affiliated to a club but a smallish group of mates. Makes for better riding.
  2. Thanks everyone I might try a bilby' s ride and see how I go in the first instance. Might see you around.
  3. Hi Team The family has just moved to Canberra and finally found a place at the southern end of Curtin. Working in Barton. I have had a brief look at the triathlon clubs in Canberra and am after some advice as to which groups might suit me best and who are about the same ability level. I do a 70.3 in about 4:20 (busso) to 4:30ish (Port mac). Bike about 2:20 (busso), run about 1:27 an swim between 27-28 generally. The clubs I have seen online are the bilby's (largest), Vikings (look to be small) and Performance triathlon coaching which costs about $110 per month. I can pay the $110 if it includes swim squads which it seems to. Any thoughts on the best club for my level and location? Also any swim squad recommendations if I don't end up swimming with a tri club? Also all the saturday rides seem to be a bit short i.e. 70km, is this accurate? Thanks for the help
  4. I had Asthma as a kid and still get it both exercise induced asthma and asthma at the change of seasons now. My parents started me in swimming in part to help with my asthma as recommended by the docs. I didn't have any asthma issues for some time until I started doing endurance sport later in life. The incidence of asthma in athletes will be much higher due to both of these reasons, there are more asthmatics involved ins sport because of the beneficial effects;and endurance sport in general brings out asthma that would not be otherwise apparent to the average Joe in their daily lives. Further exercise induced asthma can be absent for years and then it can come back with a vengeance and be very difficult to get rid of, so getting a TUE one year and not using one for 2 to 3 years is not unusual. Saying all that inhalers should be sufficient if well managed and getting preventative needles like Wiggins did is going into the grey area at the very least.
  5. I wouldn't have an issue with any of those issues being made public if it was me other then maybe some of the conditions relating to your sex i.e. the Caster Semenya issue. I also think despite the uncomfortable conversations that Caster type issue should be public as well as the consequences for the rest of the field are so severe.
  6. I have just recently had a similar issue. Too much running hard into a half marathon last year and then calf issues for months then physic etc etc. about 10 months later finally found the answer. I had a stress fracture (didn't know) which healed when I stopped running for a month but then persistent inflammatory issues around the bone (periostitis). I went to a very good physio but they thought it was a calf issue. My advice is go to a sports doctor straight up. You might have to shell out for an MRI if it isn't common but you will save yourself months.
  7. miloman

    Aero roadies

    I got the version with Ultegra di2 and the integrated handlebars which was $6,500 delivered but includes some reynolds strike carbon clinchers which I will likely sell as already have some 404's. I doubt it would convert that well to a tt as the stem is not a standard round tube so not sure what you would be able to fit on it. This link ha a shot of the front end. http://roadbikeaction.com/bike-tests/bike-test-canyon-aeroad-cf-slx-8-0.
  8. miloman

    Aero roadies

    I have just received by Canyon Aeroad and I love it. Had a ride of a mates 2015 Cervelo s5 and it was very harsh. The Canyon is mush smoother than I thought it would be, the 25mm rear tyre probably helps. I love the look of the new Trek but the H2 fit is not aggressive enough for me and you can only get the H1 in the top of the line version. (more money doesn't mean you like a more aggressive fit!) The Trek I hear is also a nightmare to work on and you would have to get electronic, I would love to have a go of one though.
  9. It isn't solar berg you have to worry about it's the long one before. I did the bike in about 5hrs and used a 53/39 with a 25. I could have done with a couple extra gears on the first 1km of the long one (forgot the name but it is the main hill) There are some long slight downhills so you will want some big gears.
  10. Thanks for that. I figure my only chance is if someone finds it, connects it to the computer and tracks it back to my parents place where I started.
  11. Hello everyone Unfortunately my Christmas present Fly 6 has come off the bracket first ride somewhere around Port Macquarie / Lake Cathie / Bonny Hills. On the off chance anyone finds it or hears about someone finding one could you let me know. Has anyone else had issues with them coming out of the mount? It was secured well when I left and didn't have any movement.
  12. I am in Port Mac for the Christmas holidays to see the parentals. Does anyone know of any weekend group rides I could jump in on? I have my road bike with me and would love a decent length ride, pace shouldn't really be an issue. I have heard there is a Gordon Street Cycles ride. I am on old local but wasn't a rider when I lived here Thanks
  13. if you have 11 speed di2 brake/shifters leftover I am after one of the righthand ones. Crushed a cord to the base bar right lever and need to replace it.
  14. I haven't actually done anything about it yet. As Roxii said though I would expect the rear derailleur is just a plug in.
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