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    Target CTL

    Please forgive my ignorance on this topic however....remember that CTL is an average of your TSS over 42 days (assuming your threshold paces / power etc are all accurate and you're using the default TrainingPeaks parameters.) Given this, what YOU have been able to do over the last 42 days will be different to other athletes. For example, athlete a) might have won the lottery and can train 20 hours a week, or, athlete b) might have 3 kids under 10, own their own business and can get out for 8 - 10 hours of training with their buddies each week. As far a "target CTL" goes....don't worry about it. Do the best training you can for your target race and have the best time doing it...
  2. Time will tell with the whole Ventum thing...So far all I see it a whole bunch of marketing hype. I hope they have some serious capital behind them. Oh, and BTW, non down tube frames are nothing new to the Triathlon scene. Is the Ventum the Slingshot of 2018? When this beast came on the market back in the day everyone said it was the future....a couple of years later Rebel Sport were hawking them off for basically nothing.
  3. They have to adhere to UCI regulations (double diamond frame, 3:1 tube ratio etc, etc) if they are to get any slice of the road race market. Hence the "normal" look.
  4. Crowie put a heap of time into dialling in his 2011 rig prior to Kona..... https://www.triathlete.com/2011/10/gear-tech/craig-alexanders-new-specialized-shiv_40896
  5. Defies logic that pros would jump on a new bike for the biggest race in their year that they've only seen 5 days out from the race and perhaps ridden a couple of times. I betcha there are a few robust discussions going on behind the scenes debating their contractual / sponsor obligations v what's the best for optimal race performance.
  6. If I can get a case of Corona [$50.00] for each of these I reckon it's a pretty fair deal. - Vision TT Brake Levers. These were taken off a new TT bike so they've never been on the road. Kit includes brake levers, cable INNERS [cut to length to suit 56cm TT bike - note that there are no outers however that's no real stress], adapter kit still in packaging to make these levers fit a base bar other than Vision. Price $55.00 posted Australia wide. That way I'll clear $50.00 for the case of Corona. - Specialized Toupe Saddle. Mint condition with titanium rails. White with grey carbon tips. 130mm width. Price $55.00 posted Australia wide. That way I'll clear $50.00 for the case of Corona. - EDIT: SADDLE SOLD - Vision R-Bend TEAM TT clip on bars. Mint condition. Taken off the same TT bike as the levers. Cut to 250mm length so they're a "medium" length bar. Comes with risers kit for 12.5mm or 25mm pad spacing. Will only suit a 26.0mm base bar. Note - will not fit a 31.8mm bar. Price $55.00 posted Australia wide. That way I'll clear $50.00 for the case of Corona. - EDIT: TT CLIP ONS SOLD Please PM me if you're interested in any of these. SH
  7. Keep it real simple. Standard cage on the frame and an aero bar mounted cage is perfect. Aid stations in all long course / IM events are spaced so close that you'll never need more than this. Put your sports drink in the frame bottle as it's a pain in the arse when all the sticky electrolyte drink spills on your bars. Use the aero bar bottle for water only. I used the Profile aero drink system for a while and the pain with this is that you have to grab a bottle from the aid station, fill the aero bottle then ditch it. As I said....keep it simple. Best thing about the standard cage on the frame and aero bars is the fact that they take standard bottles so there is no friggin' around when you hit the aid station. Simply piff and collect. I'd advise against running concentrates of your electrolyte / carb drink as it's just one more thing you have to think about on race day. Oh yeah....and forget the off the seat deal....so 2005.
  8. Just sorted some boxes and will include a Continental Competition 22mm tubular [excellent condition] as a spare tyre for the wheelset plus an X-Lab tubular bag that mounts the spare tubular very neatly under your seat. Considering the purchaser is getting close to $350.00 worth of tubulars / cassette, this is a killer deal. $600.00 the lot plus postage if out of Melbourne.
  9. Previous confirmed sale seems to have fallen through so these are back on the market. Please PM me if you are interested. SH SOLD
  10. I have a brand new, never ridden on set of Planet X Pro Carbon 50 wheels. These wheels are Shimano / SRAM compatible. Info from Planet X in these babies is as follows; The Pro Carbon 50 has quickly established itself as the leader in the market, with award winning reviews and hundreds of delighted riders and racers at all levels. We even have Cyclocross riders racing on them. Tough, strong, light and predictable in all conditions, this is a killer wheelset. FRONT HUB: Planet-X Superlight, black anodized, 16 hole, 100mm spacing, sealed cartridge bearings REAR HUB: Planet-X Superlight, black anodized, 24 hole, 130mm spacing, sealed cartridge bearings. RIMS: 16/24 hole 50mm structural carbon tubular, drilled for internal nipples. SPOKES: Black Pillar bladed, built radial on the front, 2-cross on both sides rear. NIPPLES: Alloy, internal. WEIGHT: Front - 634 grams Rear - 908 grams ++++ Also in the package is; - Carbon specific brake blocks for both front and rear - Cassette: Shimano CS 6600 10-speed [12 - 23] in immaculate condition - probably done 100km - Tubulars: Vittoria Corsa - EVO CX. Front is brand new / Rear has done 20km. - Quick Release Skewers - Planet X - Valve Extenders - Planet X [Red] ++++ I am selling the lot for $600.00 plus postage. I am in Melbourne so it's free delivery to Melbourne. I reckon it would be around $50.00 to get these couriered east coast. If you are GENUINELY interested, feel free to PM me and I can send photos if you need them. EDIT - SOLD
  11. HRM strap is the soft strap. Quick release kit is a bike mount and extra wrist strap so that the main head unit can be switched for either bike to wrist easily.
  12. I have a complete TT front end for sale. Aero Bar - Mistral Carbon Pro [uCI legal] with alloy S-Bend extension that have NOT been cut so you have the full range of adjustment. Brakes - SRAM TT 500 Red alloy brake levers with cable outers and brand new [non-cut] inners all plumbed. Shifters - SRAM TT 500 10-speed shifters with outers and brand new [non-cut] inners all plumbed. Stem - Specialized Comp-Set 100mm with shims to adjust stem angle. Tape - White SRAM cork tape. The cheapest I could put together this deal on ebay / Wiggle etc was $560.00. Selling for $380.00 including postage Australia wide. These bars / shifters are in absolutely immaculate condition and would suit someone looking for a new front end for their TT / Triathlon bike. The only reason I am selling is that cannot run anymore due to long term injury so I'm jumping into the world of cycling. I'd love to do triathlon again however it's not to be.
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