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    Show us your Steeds!

    Polygon Helios C. Humble and faithful steed.
  2. It might. Send it to them, the worst they can do is knock you back. Who knows, you might just be rolling around this summer in a grey stripe.
  3. When Garmin comes back up, will Strava and TrainingPeaks fall over as a squillion files come crashing through the door?
  4. Same work around as Ex above.
  5. gregb

    Cycling in Victoria

    Back in March when we were locked down in NSW I had a think and came up with the idea that if I remained in my local government area (Hornsby Shire) I could raise a reasonable argument that I was still local to home. With that logic I could ride both sides of Galston Gorge, both sides of Berowra Ferry, Brooklyn and the MC side of Bobbo. So not such a hardship. As Toolish states above, though a hard number from the government would be easier all around. Also is that distance by road or straight line on the map.
  6. gregb


    Just sniff the hand sanitizer. Most of that is 60 odd percent alcohol.
  7. gregb


    With a side of eye of newt?
  8. gregb


    Why not? Did for smallpox; right vaccine, administered to all. Mix in a bit of political will from all sides. Suitable rona vaccine may be a while off. Assorted anti-vax lobby groups may mess with it. Can be done, may not be easy.
  9. gregb


    <Yorkshire accent>Luxury</Yorkshire accent> Campsite in Yerranderie.
  10. From the strava segment https://www.strava.com/segments/612665 Gain is 182m per lap so about 49 laps should cover it.
  11. gregb


    I can see his point. If the employer tells all staff to head back to the office, and then there is an outbreak the employer may have a hard time defending that they met their duty of care. eg: Employee is told to head back into the office, then gets rona. Employee could argue that if they had stayed WFH like they asked to they would not have caught rona. Employees nana gets rona maybe or maybe not off the employee and dies. Well, have fun with that in court.
  12. I've often joked it would be entertaining if there were a 'dirty league'. Sign your waiver, take your pills, take your chances and see if you can get up Alpe d'Huez in under twenty five minutes.
  13. Nah, crocs got 'em.
  14. gregb


    Of course, if you are going somewhere formal. You have just described my work from home wear for the cooler months.
  15. gregb


    You can do it Barry. We believe in you.
  16. So we can get it on PBS then?
  17. Yeah, don't you hate that.
  18. gregb


    Get ready for the second wave then.
  19. gregb

    New bike day

    I need one because I don't have one.
  20. Been doing it for years. Phone them up, "Hi my name is Joe Public, my phone number is 2222 2222 and I'd like to book a table for 6 at 7 on the 8th". They scribble it in the book, and there it stays till that book is chucked.
  21. gregb

    42km in 42 hours

    15 kays yesterday and 5 to finish off this morning.
  22. Bullet proof yeah, but, never said anything about drought proof.
  23. gregb

    42km in 42 hours

    Run 1 done. 22.3 kays.
  24. gregb

    42km in 42 hours

    Any thoughts on how you will break it up Nealo? Or just get stuck in and smash out the 42 in one go? I was thinking I'd go for 21+Km on Friday night and then two shorter runs Saturday and Sunday.
  25. gregb


    Aren't all explosions necessary?
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