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  1. gregb

    Commonwealth games chat.

    ABC are still showing it. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-04-15/comm-games-organisers-criticised-over-marathon-runners-collapse/9660742
  2. gregb

    Yay me! I got all the old topics back!

    We talk that much crap?!?
  3. gregb

    New TT/TRI bike from Wilier

    More sort of don't need it that much.
  4. gregb

    Work place politics and millennials

    When you're done there if you could cure cancer and fix world hunger, that'd be great.
  5. gregb

    Robson the Serial WA cheat at it again

    Hell no! I grin and tell 'em it is some of my finest work to date. Haven't tried fist pumping/victory salute as I emerge yet, but it is on the list.
  6. gregb

    To ice or not to ice

    I can still have ice in my gin and tonic, right?
  7. gregb

    TA time gap between races

    Didn't know there was one for adults. I have raced sprint Saturday, long course Sunday. I have also raced Olympic in the morning and Enticer in the afternoon.
  8. gregb

    Ultimate Callala?

    Quite clear, not much weed at all. Raced Saturday arvo in the Xterra - that was fun. Then backed up on Sunday morning for the club distance event, a good hit out on tired legs.
  9. gregb

    Ultimate Callala?

    XTerra off road tri on the Saturday and the Club Distance on Sunday.
  10. gregb

    Nike Vaporfly 4% Shoe

    I'm going to get up half an hour before I go to bed.
  11. gregb

    Advice on Running a Marathon (Video)

    One way to avoid the dreaded knob chafe.
  12. gregb

    Trusty steeds - what do you ride?

    HT Polygon Entiat 27.5 Plus. 1x11 Deore XT
  13. gregb

    Alternative therapies

    I was working on the same principle with rum!
  14. gregb

    Dyma disc covers?

    Could we get some with the Trannies logo on 'em?
  15. gregb

    Coastal Classic, Anyone else???

    Couple of schooners and a bag of salted peanuts to get the electrolyte balance back in order.