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  1. Yeh, with probably a few people getting calendar clashes. Already NSW Tri Club Champs has been rescheduled to the same weekend as Sydney running festival.
  2. gregb


    Do the snakes read it?
  3. gregb


    So Gin and Tonic for sundowners then?
  4. gregb

    BIG Husky 2020

    I was a late entry after Six Foot Track Marathon got cancelled mid-week. Sprint Saturday and Ultimate on Sunday. I was riding my road bike. I kicked the pedals and just sent it over the speed bump.
  5. gregb

    Do you do weights?

    Two strength/stretch sessions each week.
  6. IMOZ May 2017. Wont rule out another, but for now I am content with short course and half iron distance.
  7. gregb


    Personal favorite Tarantino is still From Dusk till Dawn.
  8. One of my morning coffee shops has a can with the name of the establishment on it. On closer inspection it is a sticker, so there is probably some latitude for personalisation/customisation. Name on the bottle can would not be a primary driver of purchasing decision.
  9. Like that three pages where we debated how to hang out the washing.
  10. After missing out this year, i was lucky enough to get a spot for 2020. In your situation I would take the spot but then defer it to 2021. This saves the uncertainty of the lottery.
  11. Race competition rules: "2.6. A competitor must wear the swim cap if provided by the Race Director on the outside of all other swim caps. For aquathlons or other multi-swim events the wearing of the swim cap if provided is compulsory for the first swim leg and optional in subsequent swim legs." So if the race director is not providing the cap, this could easily be interpreted as you don't need to wear a cap.
  12. There is a review of Veet hair removal cream on Amazon.
  13. 0:56 need to learn that one for my commute rides.
  14. Or is that because of all the sh!t that gets posted on social media?
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