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  1. So jelly. Good luck, I hope you smash it.
  2. Would the knee be ok with an e-Bike ?
  3. $135.00 - Club Champs. Was planning a day trip by car, no flights, no accom. Due to fires and floods, not 'rona, Six Foot track was cancelled on me refund paid. SwimRun was cancelled and a refund paid. I was lucky that I was holding off on entries until after SFT.
  4. gregb


    Must have gone a little bit too low ball with the offer.
  5. Tempting. very tempting Canyon Dude.
  6. Drafting the swim; best thing I learned at a tri focused swim squad.
  7. Especially when in the wasted resources you include two good kidneys, heart/lungs, liver, corneas, a few square feet of skin and a couple of litres of blood that could all save lives.
  8. Dysons outfield catch in 1982. https://youtu.be/ow9u1rbFvpM
  9. Similar, "Which religion, if any, got it right?" To know God exists removes the need for faith, and without faith God is nothing. God promptly disappears in a puff of logic.* * Ripped off from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. I CBF looking up the exact quote. It is about the babel fish.
  10. gregb


    Hey, does this mean we can snootily slam our borders to those 'rona infested northerners up in Qld?
  11. Nah. If you like the good stuff, want the good stuff, will enjoy using the good stuff and can afford the good stuff have it. Be aware however that you can only buy so much speed, the rest is down to effort etc.
  12. Rumored to have been the French. Linky
  13. No medals and towels at all, or just not given to the sweaty athletes at the finish line?
  14. Husky Festival February/March 2020. On the day/ day before entries for sprint Saturday and Long Course Sunday, after Six Foot Track marathon got cancelled earlier that week. Given the mass of cancellations since then, I am really glad that I did do it at the last minute.
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