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  1. After missing out this year, i was lucky enough to get a spot for 2020. In your situation I would take the spot but then defer it to 2021. This saves the uncertainty of the lottery.
  2. Race competition rules: "2.6. A competitor must wear the swim cap if provided by the Race Director on the outside of all other swim caps. For aquathlons or other multi-swim events the wearing of the swim cap if provided is compulsory for the first swim leg and optional in subsequent swim legs." So if the race director is not providing the cap, this could easily be interpreted as you don't need to wear a cap.
  3. There is a review of Veet hair removal cream on Amazon.
  4. 0:56 need to learn that one for my commute rides.
  5. Or is that because of all the sh!t that gets posted on social media?
  6. But is does make you feel better. It is also fun to watch someone seethe that you are doing it.
  7. No particular order: Zombieland Kickass Team America The Mummy (1999 Brendan Fraser) Shaun of the dead
  8. I just do not get that there are weirdos out there that don't like sultanas.
  9. Oly. Will have a Trannies hat.
  10. Race day vollie. Conditions didn't seem too bad, but I didn't have to run anywhere. I didn't see CA finish ( I was busy else where) but they interviewed him moments later and he did not sound like he had had to push too hard.
  11. https://www.bikebug.com/tyres-tubes-valve-extenders-c-180_667.html
  12. Would a spare tube with valve stem short enough for the disc and a valve extender suitable for the deep front be suitable?
  13. And they're not wearing pants.
  14. gregb

    Friday Funny

    Just remember that the abbreviation of Valentines Day is VD!
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