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  1. Frognastie

    Men’s Tri suit

    Ironman 2 piece tri-suit brand new, has not been worn. Tags & labels still attached- $150 including delivery (Australia)
  2. Frognastie

    Ironman Store Online

    I need to return an item. Followed the return policy instructions, but still not contact?
  3. Frognastie

    Ironman Store Online

    Customer Service is lacking, placed an order in the beginning of November, still no response?
  4. Frognastie

    Ironman Store Online

    Has anyone had any issues with ordering gear through IM?
  5. Frognastie

    WTS- Fast Forward Wheels

  6. Frognastie

    WTS- Fast Forward Wheels

    Brand New, execellent condition, 45mm Carbon clinchers wheels $700 + postage http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/mawson-lakes/bicycles/fast-forward-carbon-wheels-60mm/1108878067
  7. Frognastie

    Garmin HR monitor issues

    Had the issue a while ago, brought a new strap. I found that there was slight corrosion in the pinpoints where the sensor clips into the strap, causing a break in the circuit (doesn't have to be a lot of corrosion).
  8. Frognastie

    Need a 2nd hand tt helmet

    have you got this sorted yet? I have one for sale?
  9. Frognastie

    How much sugar should one eat?

    i would recommend you watch "That Sugar Movie" its on Foxtel this week. Sugar in fruit is different that processed sugar, due to the natural fibre which will tell your brain you are full, and lesson the over eating factor. Effectively for endurance athletes, you want to move towards a Fat adaptation diet, Tri-Specific have a load of information on this.
  10. Frognastie

    Jay bird BlueBudsX headphones

    Wireless head phones, Camo colour, As new condition with original box. $180.00
  11. Frognastie

    WTS - Gamin Forerunner 405

    Garmin GPS watch, with chest band and USB charger. $120. SOLD
  12. Frognastie

    Adelaide Gatti Sports Duathlon

    Hi All, Not that it has been made very clear, tomorrow's event 27/9/2015 has been cancelled Please Check the web site http://gattisports.com.au/2015-duathlon-series/
  13. Frognastie

    FS- Garneau TT Helmet

    bump, updated location.
  14. Frognastie

    Crowies running technique

    very good, thank you.
  15. Frognastie

    FS - Stero Seat

    Bump…. Still for sale.