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  1. And is it really stealing if the hotel hasn't supplied enough toilet paper anyway?
  2. Analyses changes in voting, could be a 10% swing to the Coalition but still 60% voting Labor or vice-versa. For those that follow statistics an R-value of that order is an indication that the relationship is fairly insignificant.
  3. IJ it's pretty clear. If you have actual knowledge on a subject, particularly from experience, you are ineligible to discuss it or provide insight as it will just get in the way of ideology. That's how the ALP select their policy team.
  4. I think what we can clearly establish is that whether you are rich, well off, comfortable, struggling or poor nobody likes to be told that the way they are living their life is something that they should be ashamed of. Most of us are simply trying to do the best we can for ourselves and our families and nobody wants to be told they should feel guilty for that. The unpredicted results that we have seen in the U.S. and now Australian elections is a sign of this, the private thoughts are no longer spoken because of the simplistic labels used to belittle them.
  5. I would think more hypocritical perhaps if they are from the social left. Extreme intolerence of intolerance is a funny way to campaign for people to be more tolerant.
  6. Likewise for the other great Bob of Australian politics with his party had he not died long ago. Even Howard is probably ashamed.
  7. Wong? Not even close. Sold her principles on a carbon tax and same-sex-marriage without so much as a whimper to toe the party line. Plibersek likewise compromised her principles on SSM and also with respect to Israel in her foreign affairs portfolio. Not an ounce.
  8. I doubt there is a single person in the parliamentary ALP that has one ounce of the conviction and integrity that Hawkey had in his little finger and certainly there isn't on with the remotest hint of his charisma. Like him or loathe him you were compelled to respect him. RIP Bob.
  9. If I thought about it too much I would probably have another ten candidates for top five and the order would change even if the list was the same so I just had to go with my initial thoughts. In order: It's A Wonderful Life Vertigo The Princess Bride The Philadelphia Story The Little Death
  10. I had a girl come to the office earlier this week taking collections for the local pool. I gave her a glass of water.
  11. Stikman

    Hamilton Wheelers

    We need an intervention for Cranky. Anyone using comic sans as the font on their phone isn't right in the head.
  12. @dazaau this is not intended as a troll, it's a genuine question because it puzzles me with all religious followers. Do you ever worry that what you are saying is true but that you've picked (or more likely inherited) the wrong religion or even just the wrong form of Christianity? I mean, it seems that to have faith you have to have faith in a hell of a lot of things being just so.
  13. Nah, the Egyptians worshiped 😺 millennia ago.
  14. Well there is new life after death. You are the new life, the point if you like, of all of your ancestors. Not to suggest that those who don't procreate have no point to their existence but broadly speaking your afterlife is lived by others. No need for imagined resurrections or the like. The use of religion as a motivation for harming others is just an expression of this. We are here to help our tribe, our DNA, win the great struggle for life over that which is different. The human brain is build on the ancestral brain. It hasn't, generally speaking, discarded the now useless parts and functions it has simply added to it. The prefrontal cortex moderates our more animalistic functions. Unless you believe in divine creation in it's most literal form and use "mysterious ways" to dispute evidence to the contrary then it's rather undeniable that we are just another animal motivated at our core by the same instincts. Savagery should really come as no surprise. In any event, if there is a god then you can strike off all the religions that have had tragedy or misfortune strike them I guess. Either that or else they are not benevolent, not omnipotent or both. Maybe there is a god and they don't follow the Gospel according to Katz (i.e. they're a bit of an arsehole.)
  15. 50 entrants, 48 finishers. Easier than a half ironman. 😂
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