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  1. You mean like the TA eight week trial that gets credited off an annual membership if you take it up?
  2. What gets on my quince....

    I know this wasn't aimed at me and my DNF but I'll be the first to admit I went into Busso with a shitty attitude towards training and the race thinking I could bluff my way through. When things didn't fall the way I wanted I dropped my bundle and quit. I deserve every dig that comes my way no matter how disappointed in myself I might feel. What gets on my quince is that they didn't call the finishers across the line with "You are an Ironman". Conditions were abnormally tough and it wasn't their fault that they forked out $900 and were provided with less than the advertised product. One would almost think that it was designed to get them to sign up for another...
  3. So I'm hearing Busso Ironman is the last one

    First place I'd make savings is by cutting drones and helicopters so we can swim for a change.
  4. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    Not at this stage. I need to get some love back for training before I decide to sign up for another IM. When I do if Port is in the right window it will be the one that I choose. Want to tick that box and not just do easy races with measly 15% DNF rates and no swim.
  5. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    That's why I pulled the pin. Body was okay but I knew that no matter what I did I couldn't get another Ironman finish that day. I could see the suffering ahead and it simply wasn't worth it for a hollow finish.
  6. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    DNF for this little black duck. Went in poorly trained (nothing new in that and I've been in worse shape before) and not particularly motivated to race at all. Spent the last few weeks waiting for the inspiration to come but add the race week milestones ticked over and still nothing it didn't look great. Even race morning I wasn't excited and then when they cancelled the swim I was flatter than the bike course. Having a "special friend" show up unexpectedly on the beach as we waited an hour in the sun to start was the best kind of distraction but or on the hot course it all just became too tough for me. In the end I thought if it's good enough for Pete Jacobs it's good enough for me and pulled the pin to go spectate my friends and club mates. It was a great decision but still not enough to inspire me to want to race this distance again any time soon. Time to hang up the boots, temporarily at least. In the spirit of the race yesterday, today at 12pm we will be holding the beer 3/4 mile. It will be beer+run x 3 with a beer to finish. All welcome but the weather isn't great for it today.
  7. IMWA 2017

    "Coach's instructions" if you ask most of them.
  8. IMWA 2017

    Beer Mile at 12pm for a 12:30 start on Monday. Meet at the shore end of the thing you swam around. BYO full strength cans.
  9. So I'm hearing Busso Ironman is the last one

    Take 500 people's money and leave it in a bank for six months before cancelling and offer them a transfer to another race. Unless it was 100% definitely off why wouldn't they do this?
  10. The good news thread

    Who is Katz?
  11. IMWA 2017

    That was the year Ironman jacked up the prices for the vendors so ridiculously that they banded together and hired out some shop space up the street.
  12. The Hollywood Abuse Scandals

    They never did really get specific on the manner of strife he used to get into. Definite cover up.
  13. The Hollywood Abuse Scandals

    Cowards and people with zero moral compass. There should be a way to charge them for aiding and abetting.
  14. Cricket

    Who is this "handy" attack you are talking about? The NSW attack is playing in Brisbane, what's left are over the hill at best.
  15. Do yourself a favour. Cameron wurf

    I thought it was half an hour. I should be safe...just.