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  1. Stikman

    Collins Cup

    I'd say that the only real value that the pros hold for race organisers is that it helps get local authorities and government sponsors on board. I'm not sure what it is like in other countries but there wouldn't be too many that could bring in enough extra AGers with their presence to pay the appearance fee. Even if they did, most don't confirm they're racing until a couple of weeks before anyway and who is deciding that late? Let's face it, most pros are dull as dishwater anyway and involved in a sport that's unwatchable. If you want to flog product you're better off spending your money on someone like Taren.
  2. That's my point. All they need to justify it is nothing other than a few more inst-followers. When an athlete is very unlikely to get caught and faced with the decision to do it or disappear into obscurity after years, if not decades, of hard work behind hundreds of others that they "know" are doping you would have to have a very high level of integrity to say no. Yet here, we sit believing marginal gains and work ethic can be responsible for literally unbelievable performance after unbelievable performance...
  3. Plenty of rich white kids dope too. For a citizen of the third world it would be almost inconceivable to not dope if it was even going to give you a remote chance of getting out. So why do we still like to believe in miracles?
  4. Insurance comes under the sphere of personal responsibility. Honestly, if you have chosen to forego insurance cover for a type of event which is reasonable possible (let alone probable or likely) and it happens then as far as I'm concerned you're on your own beyond what everyone else who had cover is getting. You see a lot of people who don't take out cover because it is too expensive but that's part of the cost of living where/how you do, just the same as local rates or strata fees are. If the expense is high then it means that the risk is high and/or costly, insurance works on statistics. Insurance isn't cover for what you expect, it's for what you don't.
  5. Sugar is sucrose - glucose and fructose. Gels are mostly glucose, fructose and water. The biggest issue is that you'd need about five sugar cubes to replace each gel which is hardly convenient. Hardly an exclusive club. 😛
  6. Ironman is a WADA signatory and his retirement is a little way off.
  7. Can you ask if his thingy really is shaped like a turnip?
  8. Stage one complete. Fun if you're into masochism.
  9. And look what they picked... You couldn't say they really bought themselves a super-star cycling roster or even ones with obviously superior potential. Having a 50% better support team is maybe gong to give you a few percent advantage over the average. That can give you a decent boost in probability of winning which in a season of many contests multiplies out to be a good advantage. It doesn't allow you to blow the doors off the competition virtually every time. Besides which, that's just another version of the marginal gains line which every piece of evidence coming out is revealing to be a load of bollocks.
  10. But we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, because they are getting caught, that there are also-ran and never-was cyclists that aren't even in the picture at the grand tours. Yet Sky can dominate and have multiple cyclists over multiple years not just be the best but by a considerable margin? It is simply not credible. Sadly, doping is part of the culture of cycling. It is broadly accepted as a fact of the sport and in some areas expected. I don't believe that running is significantly different in terms of culture and off the top of my head I can't come up with a sport where doping wouldn't give a major advantage if done correctly. Unfortunately I know I will always be a pessimistic sceptic, it doesn't stop me from enjoying the entertainment.
  11. Sky promised transparency. Sky promised they would be cleaner than clean. Sky promised a hell of a lot of things that have since proved to be nothing more than lip service. The only thing they've delivered on is results against others who are still doping, even though evidence from dopers tells us that the benefit it provides is insurmountable without it. If people choose not to join the dots that's fine. It's Sergeant Schultz level willful ignorance, but it's fine.
  12. Stikman

    2019 totals

    Not without me she can't.
  13. From what I've seen it's more local concerns (read whinging) reducing the amount of prescribed burning. Can't burn X days or Y areas because smoke will blow towards residents. Sorry folks, the stuff is going to burn one way or the other. This is the other, slightly less convenient you'd think?
  14. Let's see, how many obvious lies and things that don't marry up with the stated Sky philosophy of marginal gains can were find in Froome's autobiography? “In my head I am sure Contador and Nibali and my other rivals are out there training just as hard as I am. So some days I add in intervals or do more specific training or more intensity and tell myself they’d never think to ride like this — this is where I get my advantage.” “Pain is still the friend that always tells me the truth. Training is still an addiction. For sure there are days when the pain is overwhelming, where I push into the red so far that I wonder if I will come back.” “I don’t count calories or know the values of most things; I just let my instinct guide me as to what is the right amount to eat. My instinct always says the right amount is less than I feel like eating. In a previous life I think my instinct lived in a remote monastery.” “I am not a student of Lance Armstrong or that period in cycling. He doesn’t interest me and that era doesn’t interest me.” Then: “The Col de la Madone de Gorbio is a fallen woman. Her name is tainted by the sins of her former lover. I live nearby and have to admit there is some dark attraction in her notoriety … The Col de la Madone was Lance Armstrong’s test mountain. He loved her so much he named a bike after her. He talked about her so much that riders still want to test themselves up her slopes. We know the Col is blameless and beautiful.” So in a team whose whole explanation for why it consistently produced winners was measuring and controlling everything he was training harder and more on the fly and eating whatever he wanted. He has no interest in Armstrong but seems to know plenty about where and how he trained. It's all just variations on the same bullshit quotes the world heard from Lance for years. It's very clear already that the story of Sky's marginal gains don't match the reality of what was actually done (we're going to ship mattresses around France but we won't keep records of medication taken?) Extraordinary performance in sport requires extraordinary explanation, and that many TDF wins against known dopers is definitely extraordinary. Some people believed Armstrong right up until he was sitting opposite Oprah too.
  15. You are, of course, correct. I must have imagined the ever increasing number of free trade agreements between nations and the WTO... In this instance though we're should probably make an exception as it not only disadvantages or economy it also worsens emissions overall. Unless you just care about feeling smug and virtue signalling, but that would never be the case for people who advocate for such schemes would it.
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