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  1. Stikman

    Draft Legal certified

    Run skills for draft legal???
  2. Stikman

    Shoes for crossfit

    Surely Vibrams are compulsory?
  3. Stikman


    What an offensive thing to say about the role that women play in raising children.
  4. Stikman


    The ad isn't bad and I really can't see why anyone is taking offense with what it says or how it says it. What I see is Gillette being used as a specific target for the popular idea that men as a whole are responsible for the existence of "toxic masculinity." To me toxic masculinity is an oxymoron. Males in all traditional cultures and animal species are, first and foremost, protectors. If there is a trait that characterises masculinity then that's it. "Toxic masculinity" isn't masculinity at all, it's a backlash against insecurity and lack of control. It's trying to create feelings of power as a compensation mechanism. The last thing that is going to improve that situation is telling these men who feel this way that they are weak and defective. I don't think this ad does that, I think it tries to show men that you can be masculine simply by standing up for the right thing. Boys aren't raised solely by men. My thoughts and attitudes about what masculinity is have been influenced more by the women in my life as I was growing up than they were by the men. The women in my life bestowed in me an ideal of what being a man meant, the men in my life just exhibited those behaviours because that's what was expected of them. To do anything else would have been unmanly.
  5. Stikman

    The Politics Thread

    If Clive wants to waste his money sending me text messages then he's more than welcome to. I'd prefer he used it to pay some of the workers entitlements he dodged but I suspect that wouldn't be his second option anyway. The joke's on him anyway. Even if his party does get a couple of seats the next parliament is likely to be so fragmented that they'll have no bargaining power anyway.
  6. Stikman

    The Politics Thread

    We got through the GFC better because most of our good conditions were from industries tied to China, who also got through the GFC virtually unscathed. Our trade with China grew almost 16% in the space of a couple of years after the GFC and it was already our largest trading partner. Our second largest, Japan, also continued to grow pretty much throughout the period too as they had learned a lot of lessons from the Asian crisis of the 90s. It had little to do with the surplus we had built up, the stimulus package or good economic management by us. It was primarily good luck and good circumstances. Neither side of politics deserves too much praise. China also stimulated the f*@k out of their economy but did so with major infrastructure projects which they continue to benefit from, arguably negating the oft-made justification that the Australian government had to throw cash around on short-term objectives because time was of the essence. Would we have fallen into a hole without this? Well I guess it's possible but considering that around 25% of our international trade was with China and Japan then at very least the blow would have been greatly softened.
  7. Stikman

    Ironman WA (Busso) 2018

    Cheers. I should probably have mentioned in the post above that Simone is @Katz. Oops.
  8. Stikman

    Trump is the President

    Oh rubbish. Obama was the one president in living memory who spoke about the need for real gun control. He was always resigned to the fact it would never happen though. Perhaps his "thoughts and prayers" were simply delivered in a mocking manner rather than pretending it mattered?
  9. Stikman

    Demand answers.

    Of everything. Always.
  10. Stikman

    Trump is the President

    What's really impressive is that there are only two cities in that top 50 which aren't in north or south America.
  11. Stikman

    The Mental Health thread

    I don't know if you push them, all I know is what I see on FB but I also know that that doesn't necessarily show real life. Your own personal satisfaction seems to be tied to your success or failure. When you show most pride (publicly at least) in the girls seems to be tied to theirs. Perhaps Lily measures herself in the same way and that's why she's not happy? Whether she's more or less driven than her sister might give you a clue. Kids see everything and then try to understand it through the lens of their own self-centred viewpoint. We parents aren't always the best examples of normal. Of the pediatrician is being that direct about it though then it's certainly worth exploring, they are normally a bit more delicate unless they really feel the need is there for the child. Nobody likes an interfering outsider when it comes to raising our kids.
  12. Stikman

    The Mental Health thread

    No offence intended Cranky and I hope you take this in the right way. From what I've seen your girls get a lot of praise for doing well at things and they are certainly aware of your own achievement mindset. I'm not suggesting that they don't get praise for just being normal, good kids either and I think it's great that you encourage them so much but perhaps Lily is getting the wrong end of the stick?
  13. Stikman

    Shimano 11 speed 11-32 on standard cage? help!

    Rear cassette size is less important than the total take-up required. Take-up = (large ring - small ring) + (large cog - small cog) With this set-up you have (50-34)+(32-11)=37 tooth, this is right on the maximum for a medium cage (GS) Shimano but should be okay.
  14. Stikman

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    Especially when she won by fifteen minutes. Even my first morning one doesn't take that long.
  15. Stikman

    Family fun day event at St Kilda beach

    Well look at the audience of those programs, of course many are in support. Not entirely sure how a protest in St Kilda is relevant to his constituents in Queensland. Perhaps the 19 people who actually voted for him, albeit as a representative of a party he left pretty much immediately he took his parliamentary seat, but not the entirety of Queensland. As far as unwise expenditure of taxpayers money by a pollie this one is pretty low on the scales though. If it promotes to the wider community what his values and ideals are so that they can get a better idea of whether they want to vote for him next time then I'm sure it's served his purpose. The kerfuffle that people are making about it will no doubt bring a whole bunch of reactionary votes to him. He'd likely just fade into obscurity if everyone just shut up.