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  1. Stikman

    The Mental Health thread

    I'm lucky I haven't had to go through this with mine yet, though I'm sure I will. For what it's worth (which is less than the usual 2c) I think this needs to be considered as a chance to foster some resilience in Jas. Having others whether they be parents, teachers or employers step in can also work against her in that if it doesn't work out she may think that it is out of her hands and feel helpless because of it. Getting help shouldn't be seen as a sign of weakness but feeling that your happiness depends on something outside of your control can be debilitating. Setting her up to be able to deal with these situations in her adult life, where fairness and help may be hard to come by, is important.
  2. What utter bullsh*t. Long course athletes have been giving up when out of contention for years so that they can back up somewhere they can make a quid, this is no different.
  3. Stikman

    Robson racing again...

    He will have done this one. That's the ridiculous thing about his cheating, he does actually have the ability to do these things albeit not comparatively fast. I think the CSA shows him as the third slowest crossing that is yet to be approved.
  4. Stikman

    Chainless Bike

    So, 49% less friction than a normal chain which has <1% power loss. At 400w that's a 2w saving so it would want to be at very least cost neutral if one were being rational. Given the normal triathlete's thinking though I think it will make a mint if ever released.
  5. Stikman

    TA Membership time

    You could sue the coach if it was due to something they did and take advantage of their professional indemnity insurance. It would be tough to prove though (and a dick move if it really had nothing to do with them.)
  6. Stikman

    Aerodynamics of Ironman Cycling

    Did they take that arrangement from Ironman Texas?
  7. Stikman

    TA Membership time

    Ask any club administrator, the Active system is a total P.O.S. that makes life difficult for everyone. You'd wonder why TA thought it was worth over $80,000 a year to use if it wasn't for the fact that they aren't the ones paying for it.
  8. Stikman

    Plastic bag ban.....

    13 "reusable" plastic bags will add less than $2 to your weekly shop and make you feel good that you are doing something to help the environment. Next shop you invariably forget your bags, berate yourself and pay another $2. It will reduce the issue a little as people don't take bags for one or two item shops but the reality is that the people who actually care enough about the issue were undoubtedly already using reusable bags. $2 a week is not enough incentive to change behaviour. Numerous studies have shown that when people do something that makes them feel good they are more likely to do something bad in the same field because it is already offset by the previous action. It's one of the reasons why a day of dieting often ends in a food based treat and why people who pay extra for renewable energy are far less likely to make any attempt to cut their power usage in spite of the fact that the higher price makes it more rewarding to do so.
  9. Stikman

    Froomey banned from tour (and then not banned)

    From nothing particularly outstanding to the greatest of his generation by some margin. The man with a team of domestiques that appear to be superior to most of the GC contenders. Regular allegations met with claims of transparency that never happen. Absolutely right, I can't see why anyone would draw parallels.
  10. Stikman

    TriEvents WA

    1) They had a seven (?) race series that were undoubtedly the best supported events on the calendar as well as being race directors for the TWA owned half Ironman in May. There are lots of WA triathletes that probably haven't raced in a non-Trievents race. It's a big hole and a bit of a shock for some but there are plenty of other events on the calendar. 2) Several clubs have open races but none do a series. 3) It may be part of it but sharks aren't the only reason swims have been cancelled. It's certainly played a part in the reduced participation this last season or two. 4) Yes, confidence in the economy is improving but hasn't quite turned the corner yet. What has brought about their downfall is being sold to 7West Media. When you're part of a bigger organisation that answers to shareholders it's not enough that you just make a profit, it has to be more than their alternative investments. I don't know why they didn't consider selling it off or if they did nobody that I know seems to have heard anything about it, though like the announcement discussions would have been commercial-in-confidence but whispers normally get out.
  11. Stikman

    TriEvents WA

    Short course (i.e. sprint) is still an hour and a half for the average punter though, way beyond the true average Joe or Joelene (i.e. not Cranky.) A 400/10/2 enticer is way more approachable for someone that wants a life beyond work and training yet many of us (previously me included) would mock someone beyond their first year doing one.
  12. Stikman

    Froomey banned from tour (and then not banned)

    The UCI aren't even trying to pretend they're not corrupt any more, are they?
  13. Stikman

    TriEvents WA

    Not even close. Lots of club run events, the All Bar None series plus a number of independent races around. They ran good races that were all very much the same as each other and tended to dominate the market. While their loss is sad it creates a hole in the market that will hopefully end up being filled by grass roots races. The sport needs to change from an achievement focus to one where participation at any level is acceptable. People shouldn't be made to feel second class if they drop down to enticers for a few seasons because they can only train a couple of times a week.
  14. Stikman

    Training solo

    Generally trained in groups...
  15. Stikman

    TA Membership time

    You just have to be engaged in a training activity, not for anything specific nor does it need to be organised training. Your safest bet is to get a diary and before you go off and do anything write what you're going to do. It gives strong evidence if it is ever in dispute.