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  1. Rotto swim canned - shark...

    How could he possibly have been caught up then? He must have been towing his support boat I guess, considering what a gun swimmer he is.
  2. What training did you do today?

    Not half as much as yesterday's training though.
  3. Height & weight

    If you're going to be a cyclist then shouldn't you just wait until you have the upper body of an anorexic eight year old girl then look to drop a couple more kilos to reach race weight?
  4. New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    I understand that "adults" is generally defined as 5m and above. They also say there are multiples of that number as juveniles. Those figures are extremely misleading if taken as an indication of the prevalence of potentially dangerous specimens. Having said that I still believe the reaction is about perception, not reality.
  5. New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    They won't give a shit if you're heading to one of their other races instead. Fewer races with the same number of athletes means bigger profits. Tell them you're looking for a race that's a real Challenge.
  6. New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    That is totally f*#$ed!!! They did this in 2012 and from an athlete perspective it was a disaster. The jetty faces north so you are swimming directly east into the sun and can't see jack. Also swimming in shallower water made sea conditions have greater effect, with a mild swell resulting in many, many people throwing up in the water. I was tossing up whether to enter this year, I am now decided. At least by swimming in the other direction first there's a chance that the sun might have risen enough for navigation to be easier but not much if it's two laps. Probably a good excuse to switch it to a rolling start too. It's taking away the single greatest (some may say only) reason for doing this race in preference to others. For 22 years they've had over 2000 people swim around the thing without issues, what exactly is the reason for this change? I suspect they may have just signed its death warrant for when this contract runs out.
  7. Training Peaks, ATL, CTL,TSB & ABC

    Try today's CTL - yesterday's ATL.
  8. The Mental Health thread

    Jess, if you met him on the day of your "forever alone" post you've known him for all of 18 days. Way too early to be unable to see him with her in three months time. If you can't slow yourself down, steer clear of men for a while. Otherwise you're going to destroy yourself with heartache.
  9. Perth driver stabs cyclist in kings park

    Good job that never happened to Lloyd Rayney. Can't see him having been so restrained.
  10. Marathon times

    So what's the predicted slow-down per additional kg of weight? Not only are people more obese on average than they were forty years ago they're also taller and therefore heavier. Unless you control for these factors you can't really draw any conclusions, least of all about the effect of sports tech.
  11. Robson racing again...

    STS knew full well about his ban by TA and the blatant manner in which is was done yet when interviewed about the latest incident was falling over herself to try and say what a wonderful guy he was and that this was so far out of character that she couldn't understand it. It wouldn't surprise me if she kicked others out of the squad for siding against him. People believe what they want to and then act accordingly. Reality has nothing to do with it.
  12. Robson racing again...

    And I really don't expect TA or TWA to take a different approach either because nowadays sport is run by administrators who don't have the ethics or balls to stand up for what's right. It's my intention to bring the issue up at the club presidents' meeting in a couple of weeks time. I can't wait for the non-committal response...
  13. Australian Bachelorette

    Is TenPints carrying a portable urinal under his arm?
  14. Well we know not to trust sporting bodies who have only their own interests at heart. We also know that there is no transparency to give us confidence as to why a positive test result without a TUE should result in no AAF.
  15. It makes no sense either. He tested positive. He wrote it on the form. He didn't have a TUE and didn't get a retrospective one. How has he been cleared? If the B sample cleared then just say that, otherwise this needs an explanation