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  1. Stikman


    I, of course, am the dirty one. No surprises there I guess. It wouldn't be so bad but as we walk out of the shopping centre she points at me and shouts "unclean, unclean..." to all the other shoppers.
  2. Stikman


    Lots of things discussed above. Lots of good answers here: https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/03/covid-recovery-virologist-answers-questions-and-other-top-stories-of-the-week/
  3. Stikman


    No, I completely agree. We value life too greatly in the west, and yet not enough.
  4. Stikman


    Probably not much comparatively. The ones most likely to succumb will have been long dead from things that we don't even have to contemplate in the western world. Both those countries have a life expectancy under 60 years. Look at the bulk of people dying and even just fifty years ago their deaths from some other cause wouldn't have been unexpected at all.
  5. Stikman


    Oh goody then. What's the internal temperature of the human body? 🤦‍♂️ (oops, shouldn't be touching my face.)
  6. Young, fit AFL and NRL players will be fine catching it if they do. They just need to be kept separated from the rest of the population so they don't spread it. Looks like a win-win to me.
  7. Stikman


    I daresay that has nothing to do with COVID-19 and is probably not recent footage. Not enough people in there and not buying ridiculous quantities of stuff for a start. Looks like the Diagou syndicate buying of baby formula to get around the limit on purchasing quantities for sending to China.
  8. Stikman


    I'm pretty sure the "calm the f*** down" message is being directed at those exhibiting the "we're all going to die" mindset that's making life harder for everyone. There's a happy (and safe) medium between the two extremes.
  9. Stikman


    Are you saying I'm in trouble? 😨
  10. Stikman


    What does it taste like? Hope it's alcohol based.
  11. Stikman


    I only ever plagiarise the most brilliant of work.
  12. Stikman


    Using the U.S. numbers you posted: 150 million infected 20% of those infected show symptoms = 30 million 3.8% of those showing symptoms die = 1.14 million As I say, the Korean numbers indicate the mortality rate is actually around 0.7%. For what it's worth, the annual mortality rate for being Australian is around 0.6% so you have only slightly more to fear from COVID than you do from being Aussie.
  13. Stikman


    No. Statistics are crap if you don't know the context. The 3.8% is the percentage of those who have tested positive. The vast majority (around 80%) who do have the virus are never tested, so they don't go into the population considered as having COVID-19. Okay, here's a quick example for you: 1000 people have the virus 200 people show symptoms so they're tested and register positive 800 are never tested so don't register positive 7 people die The official statistics will say that 7 out of 200 infected (3.5%) die from the virus The reality is that 7 out of 1000 (0.7%) with the virus have died This marries up with the testing in Korea is showing a 0.7% mortality rate, because they are testing pretty much everyone and not just those with symptoms. Most people who have the virus don't even find out they do because they have no symptoms so unless they were tested how could they possibly be counted amongst the infections?
  14. Stikman


    Again, the mortality rate is not 3.8%!!! The mortality rate of people who have tested positive for the virus is 3.8% (or whatever they are reporting now) but only a small fraction of the people with the virus are being tested, or for that matter even aware that they should because they are lacking symptoms. The only place that I am aware of that is doing widespread testing of the general population is Korea and from that they are getting a mortality rate of around 0.7%. If you want real numbers go to the WHO Sit-Rep page and download the latest report and follow the RoK numbers, they are the closest thing to a meaningful statistic. This is not ebola. Most people at high risk of dying from Coronavirus are also at risk of dying from catching the common cold. My parents are in their seventies and are probably in some form of higher risk category but they also are with about a million other things. People quoting these stats are hysterical, ignorant and lack critical reasoning skills. So yeah, I can and do laugh it off.
  15. Stikman


    That's not the reality though. It's killed 3.4% of people that have tested positive but most countries are still only testing those with more severe symptoms and as testing broadens out the rate of deaths is dropping pretty rapidly. If everyone was tested you'd likely find that many, many people have it with few or no symptoms.
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