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  1. Stikman

    AFL 2019

    We had a pretty good start to the season last year too. We were 3-2 after round 5 and 6-7 at our season break. If we play that style of footy every week we'll scare a few of the better teams but can't see us making the eight this year. If we finish just out with a percentage >100 I'll consider it a good season for where we are at with development.
  2. Didn't Fishboy say that the Stackhat tested rather well?
  3. You act like people's lives don't revolve around triathlon! I don't wander, I run (or what I call running.)
  4. Look, it was one sports bra and tri suit and I told you I'll replace them. 😒
  5. Well unless the manager was responsible for the bank signing up to the contract I'm not sure how they bear any responsibility for the actions forced by it.
  6. Sounds like an excuse. You just didn't want it enough. I also didn't want it enough (and she got the jump on me.)
  7. Does anybody know a good housekeeper with perfectionist tendencies? Mine has just quit.
  8. Whenever someone cuts the course they make that the new official course. Mark Robson visited this one twice.
  9. Over here in WA Whitford Nodes has one m#therf*#&ing monster of a hill about two thirds of the way through. Okay it's only a 15m gain but in less than 100m and just at that part of the run when you're starting to work a little harder. Would be a much easier run when you know the course unlike us when we did it. Albany parkrun is also a doozy, with a steady climb of 40m for the first kilometer and then undulating to the turn-around, for a total climb of about 100m. The scenery is well and truly worth it though.
  10. At best there's only three things there that justify being beaten other than through simply not being good enough. In my experience people who go on to succeed don't make excuses, they make improvements. I am not one of those people.
  11. We ran a bike skills session with the club on Saturday. In under two hours we had the most nervous rider riding with their arm around someone else beside them. It's not that hard to get comfortable with contact, it just takes a gradual approach and a safe environment. A spinning wheel doesn't want to fall over, you have to do something to make it.
  12. Stikman


    You promised you wouldn't tell... 😥
  13. And in international politics, how about that darling of the left Justin Trudeau? I had thought he was all show and no go but it appears I was terribly wrong.
  14. Pill testing wouldn't have done much in any of the festival drug deaths that I've read about. The dose seems to be the culprit in most cases.
  15. Stikman

    LA still a WINNER

    Which one is sixty-five? To the left or the right of the fifty year old bloke?
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