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  1. Eric McCrum. He's the father of one of my club mates. If you can get more details I can try and pass them on to him.
  2. Almost on Monday. Almost on Tuesday. Almost on Wednesday...
  3. I'm more confused than Caitlyn Jenner. I'm pro-SSM and anti-Israel (at least of the things they do in Palestine), anti-Catholic (the church, not the followers), anti-gun, anti-union (but not always) and pro-business. I'm not sure you'll find any less hypocrisy on the extreme right or the moderate middles though. That's just people being people.
  4. Can't be your report. I see the word "fat" in there a few times.
  5. Stikman

    Tokyo Test Event

    You can bet on absolutely anything in this day and age. You just have to know who will take your money.
  6. See you're confusing why women might be victims rather than why the violence is perpetrated. We've already established that violence of men against men is far more prevalent than violence of men against women. If the "power balance" and sexual elements were significant drivers then surely it would make sense that women would be over-represented as victims? Men aren't as highly represented as victims of rape primarily because most rapists are men and don't want to have sex with other men. I think most of the psychological literature is pretty clear that sexual violence has little to do with sex and that it's about power. That is where the primary driver of violence likely lies, it's a way to exert control. That's why it's far more common from populations that feel they have less control in their lives. The poor, the neglected, the disenfranchised. What might you suggest would be the reason for this? Have we finally found something we can all agree that men can do better than women? A little black humour there for those outraged.
  7. Misogyinist!!! And that, my friend, is the important point. The victim should be valued equally, whether male, female or non-binary, black, white, Catholic, muslim. Male violence is male violence and the causes of male violence against women are mostly the same as the causes of male violence against males. You won't reduce one without reducing the other so let's focus on that. Of course the problem with that is that many of the characteristics that can make a male violent are what we want to see when it's used for our protection. If you took out the context from most action movies the hero is not somebody we would want in our society but that's okay because they are always justified or compelled into their actions. Speak to most perpetrators of violent crime and they will tell you they were too, they just have a different line in the sand and that's what we need to understand.
  8. I'm not particularly making a claim, just an observation that there are many things that aren't captured with raw statistics and some of it is utterly tragic. I'm not aware of data but I am aware of a number of specific cases where suicide is directly as a result of the loss of connection with children through vexatious ex-partners and frustration at an unbalanced legal system. First post: Didn't feel that my thoughts on Jones were relevant to the message. The point being that the hard left achieve very little because they only ever take a superficial view and treat anything they don't like as if it were a naughty child. Post 2: Was in response to Parky's accusation that his listeners didn't look past their own lifetimes (i.e. they were selfish.) Just providing a more sympathetic option as to why that may be the case, if indeed it is. As do I. But why do we find it more abhorrent than when he has said similar things about male individuals? Why do we not find Clementine Ford's more graphic anti-male comments equally abhorrent as a society? My argument is that by not applying consistent standards (a sign of integrity) and making implied excuses for some but not others then all we do is offer permission for it to continue, because everyone thinks their circumstances are special cases.
  9. It seems I'm being misconstrued as defending Jones and what he says. I'm not but I guess it's yet another example of people hearing what they want to hear. What I'm suggesting is that dismissing his influence based on the size of his listening audience and what you believe their motivations are is short-sighted and foolish. When you dismiss without understanding you lose the chance to capture the underlying problem and make change. Standing on either side of a fence and shouting at each other is never going to work. I think that's true in a certain context but it's not the whole truth. If you only consider physical violence male-on-female vs female-on-male almost certainly that's the case, if you further consider psychological abuse then probably still true but the picture becomes a lot more fuzzy. How many of the 2,349 male suicides in 2017 had vindictive family disputes as a major factor for example? Then of course if you look at death by domestic violence as a whole men are more likely to be victims than women by a ratio of two-to-one, but that's mostly blokes killing blokes so I guess we don't need to worry about that... Domestic violence is a huge issue, if you consider that only to be men abusing women you are missing too much of the big picture that's needed to make real change. Here's some stats from 2019 from an advocacy group for women, horrible reading on all fronts but we generally only concern ourselves with women. http://www.impactforwomen.org.au/australias-death-toll-2019.html Again though it doesn't diminish the need to call out threats by males against women. Jones should, and has to some extent, been put under pressure because of it. When he or anyone else makes comments of violence against anyone, male or female, we should do the same.
  10. I don't particularly like boxes. There are obscenely wealthy and devastatingly poor on both sides of the political divide. There are those whose self-interest would lie on one side but choose to align themselves on the opposite. There are also many who think they are on thing but their words and deeds are more akin to their foe than they would like to believe. Most of us just spend time vascillating at varying distances from the centre depending on the issue. There would be very few people who you could describe fully with a categorisation of left or right wing. Parky is the one who labelled Jones' audience as politically right, I think it's far more nuanced and it seems we don't do nuance. I don't like violent imagery against women. Almost every person I've ever loved in my life has been a woman. That doesn't mean that if someone makes a statement of hatred against a woman they must be labeled a misogynist, I mean they might just hate that woman for a particular (and perhaps legitimate) reason. Does Jones target only women or just people he dislikes, some of whom are naturally going to be women? I stand to be corrected but nobody in this topic seems to be an avid listener of the chap, so how do we know what bile he spews at who and in what ratio by sex? Based on what you hear from other media? Seems to me that it's far more likely to get into the general news-sphere if it's against a woman because we consider it more outrageous. Is that sexist? Maybe but it's true. If he'd said the exact same words about the president of Fiji would you even know it, let alone be talking about it? If you genuinely think the answer to that is yes then it's only you you're kidding.
  11. The suggestion that Jones' influence is based on his limited listenership is a pretty narrow view. Rightly or wrongly his voice is heard much wider when he makes a fuss. If this wasn't the case nobody much would care what he said about anyone but many of you feel so strongly about it that you want him forcibly removed. It's really not what he says or where he says it that scares politicians and the like, it's the scrutiny it might bring. Personally I think he's a bit of a scumbag but I don't greatly concern myself with his ramblings. By which of course you mean that they haven't yet managed to become as enlightened as your fine self. Many of them have probably spent their entire lives not being able to look past their next pay, let alone their lifetime. It's amazing how sanctimonious one can become if you lose sight of just how privileged your life really is.
  12. And this topic is a great illustration of why "the left" continually fails to do anything but foster their own smugness. Jones and the right wing media/politicians/organisations don't don't create this , they just feed off of it and provide a focus. Like it or not, Jones is on air because people listen. Instead of trying to shut him down people should be asking why? And if the answer you come up with is that the people listening are in some way morally inferior to you then you are part of the problem.
  13. A balanced stroke is what matters and in my limited experience single-sided breathing tends to work against developing a balanced stroke. Or perhaps it's more correct to say that bilateral breathing is a very useful tool to improve balance that can be used as part of virtually every training stroke you take. I'm not sure that there are many, if any, events a triathlete would swim in where lack of oxygen is a limiting factor. I'm far from a good swimmer but in a race I will breathe every 2, 3, 4, 5 and occasionally 6 strokes at various stages with the main determinants being comfort and what's happening around me. In a pool 3 is just automatic now.
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