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  1. Stikman

    Chongqing 70.3 Cancelled Again

    Show up at roll-down for them to do a head count and then hand over your credit card is the usual procedure. The romance of a holiday in France might encourage a few more with partners to show up but it would surprise me if you couldn't get a spot.
  2. Stikman

    In the news thread.

    Ay, there's the rub. Serena's most notable features bear some similarity to the caricatures that I grew up seeing in Cole's Funny Picture Book designed to depict black people as ignorant, lazy savages. If you view it in that context then interpreting it as racist requires no giant leap, if you remove the context it simply looks like Serena acting like a spoiled child. The viewpoint of the receiver is more important than the image/article/statement in subjective assessments like this. Do I think it's a racist depiction of Serena? Not especially but I'm capable of seeing why it might be considered so. Did Mark Knight intend it to be racist? Only he would know. Similarly is the reprinting of the cartoon on the front page of the paper an attempt to fight back against censorship and unbridled political correctness or an attempt to cash in on the notoriety? Both could be true at once if the Herald Sun and Mark have different ideas. Welcome to pluralism.
  3. Stikman

    In the news thread.

    Depending on the context of the viewer, yes I can see how it would easily be construed as racist. Caricaturists deliberately accentuate features and characteristics as part of their art and when those are viewed as being aimed at her race rather than her personal appearance there's no doubt that it could be seen to be racist. Of course if you wish to be offended it's very easy to find something to be offended at in almost anything regardless of your background. Personally I think one of the more racist aspects of the cartoon is the depiction of her opponent Naomi Osaka as a light skinned blonde girl.
  4. Stikman

    Juggling life training

    When the half is over don't forget that it isn't long course or quit the sport. Sprints, Olys or even enticers are just as valid if that's all you have time to train for a performance you'd be happy with while still doing all of the really important things in your life.
  5. Stikman

    The Politics Thread

    That looks like some of Trey Parker and Matt Stone's best work.
  6. Stikman

    The Politics Thread

    Well if we had 100 arrive here then there were 100 leaving, seem fair? So either they're no longer leaving, they're landing somewhere that's not Australia (and where else would they want to go) or they're sinking. If the people smugglers were selling a passage to Australia and their only product has been taken off the shelf how do you think business would be going? There are no doubt more visa over-stayers but they're more difficult to find I guess. When they are found though they are still deported but you don't have the issue of where to send them because their country of origin is fairly clear as are the risks to them.
  7. Stikman

    The Politics Thread

    Well we don't have bodies washing up on shore anywhere so we can probably be well assured that there aren't 100 boats aren't sinking at sea every year
  8. Stikman

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    @Katzand I each had a small tub of her favourite ice-cream in the freezer and though I thought I had not eaten much of mine, or indeed any for a few days, she has assured me that I seem to have polished it off somehow while I was at work. While it was my goal to not eat the ice-cream and others are telling me that I did indeed fail at that goal I refuse to believe my haterz. I will pick myself up from this minor setback and knowing that the children are there for me, just as I am always there for ice-cream, I will purchase another tub that is not Katz' favourite and I will continue on my journey. I love you all, haterz and followers alike. We are all one people when ice-cream and children are concerned. Peace out.
  9. Stikman

    The Politics Thread

    The only way Labor are not winning the next election is if the whole party is revealed to be a cult of baby eaters, even then a loss would be unlikely if Dutton is at the helm of the Coalition. Sadly though I think we are likely to see both parties try and outspend each other, the Libs in desperation and Labs in fear of losing the impossible, which will be a bad outcome for the country in general. Those in safer conservative seats would no longer be looking at who the next leader is but the one after that.
  10. Stikman

    New IMWA swim course = chaos?

    In one fell swoop they've taken away the two distinctive things about the race: the swim around the jetty; and the mass start. What on earth would bring you to Busselton now if you weren't a local? Not dissimilar to Cairns. I don't think it causes much of a problem from people getting lapped, even with the rolling start. 1500 might be a bit optimistic though, depends on how they separate the half distance athletes. I am interested in how it affects water safety though. Somebody being rescued from the offshore leg potentially needs to be carted 500m before they hit shore or more to get them to what will be a presumably central first aid area. I can't imagine they'd send motorised equipment through the onshore leg.
  11. Stikman

    Mobile plans - which one?

    Well there goes my "FTTP as essential to life and a basic human right" argument.
  12. Stikman

    AFL 2018

    At least Carlton aren't letting me down. LOL
  13. Stikman

    Ryf World Record at Gdynia 70.3, Poland

    Well of course he is. Armstrong didn't have to contend with debilitating asthma.
  14. Stikman

    Let it go or no?

    It was 2013.
  15. Stikman

    Let it go or no?

    In the original photo you can see a yellow cap under the red one.