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  1. It's about making habits the norm rather than the exception. Like everything new that is introduced some people refuse to adapt regardless of the argument presented to them, others easily adapt and there are those that are eventually converted. In 12 months times there won't be a discussion about it. The new trial laws in Queensland were demonstration of that. The safe passing distance is considered normal behaviour now. There are still d-heads who don't adher to it but they still know the rules. They are never going to introduce a licensing system for cyclists. Well not in this lifetime anyway. The costs far outweigh the potential benefits/revenue. So the next best cost effective thing is asking people to produce ID. All students who enter high school regardless of their state etc. get a photo ID and they need to have this on them at all times when catching public transport, borrowing library books etc. so the age debate is no argument. Carrying some form of ID on you at all times whether you are a pedestrian, a cyclist or a driver shouldn't be a hard thing to do. It's up to the individual to decide if it's in the too hard basket or not. If authorities say that a copy of any photo ID is acceptable to have on the bike then go and photocopy your drivers licence/school or uni ID, laminate it, put it in your saddle bag and forget about it. Chances are you're never going to be asked to produce the ID unless police actually witness you running a red light etc., or you have an accident when you're out by yourself and there's no-one to vouch for you.
  2. I've been told by the police that I can use it as a form of ID but not when driving or trying to enter licenced premises. I've still got my older licence before that that has my maiden name on it as it's the only photo ID I have left with it on and sometimes need it to collect mail etc. It's yet to be confiscated.
  3. In Queensland you can renew your driver's licence online, they send you a new one in the mail, and you don't need to surrender the old one. I take the expired one with me riding as it's fine to use given it has all my details and contains a photo. Authorities consider this to be an acceptable form of ID provided all the details on the expired licence (except the expiry date) remain correct.
  4. I always carry my old licence with me when I go riding. It's more likely to be used if I'm out riding by myself and I have an accident than getting pulled over by the cops. I'm not about to breaking road rules and I have no issues giving my information to Police if requested anyway. No-one is about to start badgering law abiding cyclists - emergency services waste unnecessary time trying to identify people who are out by themselves and have no ID on them. Just recently a gentleman who was out running had a heart attack on the riverloop in inner city Brisbane. For over 12 hours they couldn't identify who he was or notify his next of kin.
  5. Definitely notice a difference in the majority of cars giving cyclists a wider berth and being a little bit more patient in Queensland. There are still d-heads who don't and will continue to scare the bejeezus out of cyclists. As it's a tough one to enforce by the police unless they see it first hand or someone gives them footage - I would be interested in knowing how many drivers have been actually been issued with fines or get a talking too. Overall though I think the positive impact on driver behaviour by most far outweighs the number of d-heads who still haven't got the message.
  6. It's classed as icky. And yes it is just shit manners but still gross.
  7. People who chew with their mouth open, or chew loudly especially with gum in their mouth.
  8. Thanks Downesy. Have increased the cycling and have just started giving track a go. It's a good distraction until I can get a workable solution for my stupid foot.
  9. Let me know how you go with this.
  10. I have the opposite - super high arches. I have quite a high pain threshold so what feels like a dull ache to me is probably quite painful for someone else. Have tried orthotics over time but it actually is creating more problems such as hot feet etc. The podiatrist is of the thinking that we need to reduce/eliminate the inflammation before trying again.
  11. I would have thought just walking the 5km would have been a better look than a cab.
  12. It hurts to do almost everything. It's a constant pain when weight bearing and it aches when not weight bearing. At the end of the day the ache intensity is worse as is the first few steps when getting up. When I rotate or flex my foot the pain is sharper. Ice doesn't seem to help.
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