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  1. Riddos

    AFL 2019

    Whoever came up with the idea for the conferences in AFLW might be looking for a new job next year. And the good news is they'll probably get one with Super Rugby.
  2. Riddos


    You could make up a half decent team with discarded players currently, the couple you mentioned plus Melo and JR Smith off the top of my head and there's plenty of others. Send em to Seattle to get the Sonics restarted!
  3. Riddos


    Lebron plays 43 minutes and scores 28 points and the Lakers still lose to the Hawks. With a tough schedule remaining I don't reckon they'll make the playoffs. And making the playoffs at the 8th seed in the West and a first round match-up against the Warriors won't extend their season by very long anyway. The younger Celtics players enjoyed a Kyrie-free game and rolled the 76ers who've been looking strong recently.
  4. Riddos


    Yeah, Lakers saying their offers are for next week only but they'd have to get back involved in July if he's still available. Porzingis off to Dallas as Knicks clear out of the roster continues and they put everything into getting Durant and a high draft pick. NFL will be spewing, it's Super Bowl week and the front-page of USA sport websites and all the sports talk shows are all dominated by NBA trade talk.
  5. Riddos


    AD requests trade from Pelicans. Lakers the obvious target destination, they'll lack depth once the trade pieces to get AD (at least 2 of Ingram/Kuzma/Ball plus a draft pick?) are taken off the roster but AD and Lebron teaming up could be special. Celtics the main ones with trade pieces to burn but can't get him until after this season ends unless they trade Kyrie.
  6. Riddos


    We seem to have found an Aussie Test quick who bowls at the stumps! We might even get a Test quick LBW before the summer is over.
  7. Riddos

    The Politics Thread

    The trickle of Libs and Nats jumping ship to get cushy public sector and resource industry jobs rather then face the upcoming election massacre will become a flood soon I guess.
  8. Riddos

    Official Parkrun thread.

    Some seriously fast times around. At Brightwater parkrun on the Sunny Coast last weekend 14:46 got the win and you needed an 18:03 to get 20th and 20min flat for 40th!
  9. Riddos


    Crazy stat that the Aussie quicks have yet to get a wicket via LBW so far this series. Especially as two of the pitches have had variable bounce and balls keeping low from pretty early on. Since Plan A, B and C haven't worked it might be time to set a leg-side field and bowl at the stumps a bit.
  10. Riddos

    Official Parkrun thread.

    That parkrun Google Chrome extension thingy is great for tracking results and working towards various challenges and achievements. Managed to knock over 250th run and Stop-watch bingo on the same day earlier this year.
  11. Riddos


    Yep, still in the forlon quest to find Australia's answer to 2005 vintage Freddie Flintoff.
  12. Riddos


    If the MCG looks as road-like as recent years they will definitely want an all rounder option to support the main four bowlers. Only has to bowl 10 tidy overs a day, average more then Handscomb so far this series with the bat and not be a liability in the field, reckon M Marsh or Stoinis can manage that.
  13. Riddos


    There's only 6 games between 1st and 14th in the Western Conference with over a quarter of the season gone. I backed the Kings to beat their over/under of 25.5 wins for the season, so far so good.
  14. Riddos


    If we lose this by 20 runs they can go back and add 20 Ishant no-balls that weren't called. Apparently Channel 7 just showed two from his last over that were missed.
  15. Riddos


    Have found Warnie just bearable on Fox without idiots like Brayshaw and Slater egging him on like used to happen on 9, but yeah Punter would have been heaps better. The Cricket 360 end of day summary was very well done, hope they keep that up.