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  1. Riddos

    AFL 2019

    Hawks picking up Scully very cheaply seems a decent bit of business. Last day of the trade period tomorrow, a few deals still in the works, hope the Lions can hold onto Beams.
  2. Riddos


    Guessing you mean Joe Burns at opener? If they really wanted to punish Smith and Warner they should have sent therm over to play in this series instead of them chilling out playing hit and giggle grade cricket in Sydney.
  3. Riddos

    MLB Playoffs

    Best day of the year for Baseball fans tomorrow, 4 x Division Series games back-to-back inc Yankees vs Red Sox, bring it on.
  4. Riddos

    All things NRL

    Much more dangerous to the public then the Bulldogs Mad Monday shenanigans, a minimum $250,000 fine coming from the NRL?
  5. Riddos

    AFL 2019

    Big similarities between 2018 Bucks/Pies and 2017 Dimma/Tigs on and off the field. Being willing to be less controlling, trusting the players and other coaching staff more.
  6. Riddos

    All things NRL

    The game I'm looking forward to on Sunday is the NRL State Championship, Canterbury vs Redcliffe, a team combining Doggies forwards and Dolphins backs would be NRL 1st grade standard. Although coming a week after their state grand final wins it might come down to who spent less of the last week on the booze.
  7. Riddos

    All things NRL

    I hear Sonny Bill is looking to get back into League now that shoulder charges are back.
  8. Riddos

    The Politics Thread

    Whoever is advising this PM should probably advise him not to make the Australia Day debate the lasting memory of his short time in office.
  9. Riddos

    AFL 2019

    Guessing Eddie will be a bit quieter about the unfairness of AFL finals fixturing this week.
  10. Riddos

    The Politics Thread

    The line from that Fatman Scoop song they should have used was the bit about the train going off the track. As disappointing as Turnbull was, time is going to show how much of his time and effort had to be spent trying to make it look like there was some semblance of a coherent government running this country.
  11. Riddos


    I don't think Triple M have the cricket anymore. Skull is with the Fox Cricket team which looks pretty good except for Warne. Others on Fox inc Gilly, Junior, AB, BJ, Mike Hussey. Unfortunately Ch7 got Punter who is quality, but also got Slater and Brayshaw who I try to avoid.
  12. Riddos

    9 year old takes a knee

    What's going on at Primary Schools in the middle of September that requires the singing of the National Anthem? Can't remember singing it more then a couple of times a year way back in my day.
  13. Riddos

    WSL Surfing 2016

    Wasn't convinced taking the WSL to the Kelly Slater wave pool for a round was a good thing but it's pretty good knowing you can tune in and there will be live action and no lay day for no swell. Keen to see what Medina and Toledo can do, they seem to be the main ones who are doing the aerials thing, oh and Jordy Smith who just landed a worldy.
  14. Riddos


    WNBA Finals tipping off at 11am this morning on ESPN2. Should be good. Go Storm. Sue Bird is a champ and this is a good read... https://www.theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/sue-bird-seattle-storm
  15. Riddos

    All things NRL

    Most players sign contracts for multiple years, a clubs ability to sign or retain a player by being able to offer a larger the permitted amount over the course of their contract has a big influence. Just because they are deemed to be OK for one of the three years doesn't mean they weren't still advantaged in 2016.