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  1. Riddos


    Heath and fitness issues of those two aside it'll come down to how they fill out the rest of the roster, need some 3 & D guys that don't cost too much.
  2. Riddos


    Sounds like the Lakers have locked in a deal to get AD, they couldn't afford to muck around after missing out on PG and Kawhi in recent off-seasons. Need to make the most of Lebron asap. Chasing Kemba Walker as well? Pelicans will be fun to watch with Zion, Ball, and Ingram. Reckon they might trade the #4 pick to get some experienced role players to team up with the youngsters.
  3. Riddos


    Well done Toronto, took a chance on Kawhi and it's paid off big time even if that's his last game for them. What was already going to be a crazy off-season just got even more unpredictable with Durant and Thompson's long term injuries. Time is now for all the contenders in the West, just as the East had been catching up talent-wise. Hope the Knicks don't go crazy chasing free-agents, just draft at pick 3, keep building the roster and keeping cap space free and they've still got a bunch more 1st round picks over the next few years after the Porzingis trade.
  4. Riddos


    Some thought the Warriors would be short on depth in this series with KD out, but their bench has been very impressive. Iggy had a big game 2, was barely required in game 3. Dame nursing sore ribs, hard to see Blazers finding a way back into this one.
  5. Riddos


    Pelicans get the Number 1 pick in the lottery. Wonder if AD is having second thoughts about wanting out? Working with Zion and David Griffen is a more attractive option then many around the League. Knicks pick 3rd and should get Ja Morant or RJ Barrett to team up with whichever free agents they can attract.
  6. Riddos


    Phew, only a calf strain the Warriors are saying. But out for the rest of tonights game, Rockets need to capitalize.
  7. Riddos


    KD goes off injured, reports of an achillies injury which could be big news beyond this immediate play-off series into the off-season free-agency moves. Hopefully it's not as bad as that.
  8. Have enjoyed past Baku GPs but it's a shemozzle here in FP1. A drain cover (meant to be welded down) has been dislodged and wrecked the underside of the passing Williams of George Russell. The low-loader truck taking the damaged car back to the pits has had it's crane hit a bridge over the track and now oil from the hydraulics is spilling over the car.
  9. Riddos


    My annual moment of joy as the Thunder get eliminated. Thank you Damian Lillard. Bring back the Sonics!
  10. Riddos

    AFL 2019

    One of my all-time favourite Tiger wins. Missing the Big 4 plus Grigg, Houli, Short. A new Skipper, a debutant in midfield and a second gamer in the backs. On a ground where we've copped a few floggings at full strength. Bolton crumbing for Lynch could develop into a good partnership.
  11. Riddos


    First round playoff match-ups are set, biggest chance of an upset? I'd say Spurs vs Nuggets. You'd think the top four seeds in the East will get through OK.
  12. House and Gray's Anatomy, not necessarily by choice but was sharing a house with a couple of medico types so those shows were on high rotation. Band of Brothers probably the first that was my pick and I still go back and watch it at least once a year.
  13. Riddos


    Going a bit left-field in the West with the Jazz (currently matched against an injury hit Blazers in first round of the playoffs) and will go Sixers in the East on the back of Tobias Harris. Utah Jazz V Philadelphia 76ers.
  14. Smashing Pumpkins, thankfully had a free ticket. Hardly played any songs most people knew and noodled on with endless fairly rubbish guitar solos. Considering how rarely these bands get to tour Australia it's good to be able to sing along to a few of the old hits.
  15. Have managed to tick off most of the bands I'd want to see live. Nirvana at the Big Day Out in the early 90s is the one I wish I'd seen. Stoked I got to see Rage Against The Machine while they were still active. Saw Alice In Chains a few weeks ago in Brisbane, one of the best shows I've seen.
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