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  1. Riddos


    My annual moment of joy as the Thunder get eliminated. Thank you Damian Lillard. Bring back the Sonics!
  2. Riddos

    AFL 2019

    One of my all-time favourite Tiger wins. Missing the Big 4 plus Grigg, Houli, Short. A new Skipper, a debutant in midfield and a second gamer in the backs. On a ground where we've copped a few floggings at full strength. Bolton crumbing for Lynch could develop into a good partnership.
  3. Riddos


    First round playoff match-ups are set, biggest chance of an upset? I'd say Spurs vs Nuggets. You'd think the top four seeds in the East will get through OK.
  4. House and Gray's Anatomy, not necessarily by choice but was sharing a house with a couple of medico types so those shows were on high rotation. Band of Brothers probably the first that was my pick and I still go back and watch it at least once a year.
  5. Riddos


    Going a bit left-field in the West with the Jazz (currently matched against an injury hit Blazers in first round of the playoffs) and will go Sixers in the East on the back of Tobias Harris. Utah Jazz V Philadelphia 76ers.
  6. Smashing Pumpkins, thankfully had a free ticket. Hardly played any songs most people knew and noodled on with endless fairly rubbish guitar solos. Considering how rarely these bands get to tour Australia it's good to be able to sing along to a few of the old hits.
  7. Have managed to tick off most of the bands I'd want to see live. Nirvana at the Big Day Out in the early 90s is the one I wish I'd seen. Stoked I got to see Rage Against The Machine while they were still active. Saw Alice In Chains a few weeks ago in Brisbane, one of the best shows I've seen.
  8. Riddos

    AFL 2019

    Glad I'm not in a tipping comp, would have got 3 right right in Rd 1. GWS looked pretty good, considering they've still got Josh Kelly and Mumford and a couple of others to come into the side. And hopefully the Lions can maintain that form. Freo with Saints and Suns in next 2 Rounds have potential of a great start to the season.
  9. Riddos

    AFL 2019

    Will be interesting to see how the Tiges cover for Rance. Garthwaite is the obvious like-for-like player to come in and he'll play plenty of first team games this season, but he is coming off an achillies injury so I would maybe give him another week in the VFL. We have the Pies next whose most dangerous forwards are the smaller guys like Elliott, De Goey, Stephenson so we could play Astbury and Grimes as the key backs, Broad and Vlaustin interchange as the third talls and bring in a runner like Ellis or Markov. Depending how that goes maybe bring Garthwaite in the following week vs GWS.
  10. Of the ones I've done in SE Qld, Bunyaville, Ipswich and Sirromet would be the toughest (haven't made it up to Nambour as yet). Around Newcastle the Blackbutt one has a good climb and The Beaches can be tough on a high tide.
  11. Riddos

    AFL 2019

    One week until season 2019 gets underway. Will be very interesting to see how the rule changes go in the heat of proper games. Seeing some positives and negatives as far as the Tigers go... Positives: no runners during general play increases the importance of the experienced on-field leaders, in good stead with Riewoldt, Cotchin and Rance. Extra space for Dusty from centre bounces, he could be unstoppable at times, but so will Fyfe, Danger, etc. Negatives: Might need to play a second ruck along with Lynch which reduces the mobility and forward pressure that's been used the last few years. Extra space for kick-ins will make it harder to lock the ball in the front third, Tigers might need to be a bit more selective in attempts at goal rather then just blazing away knowing we'll likely win it straight back if it goes through for a point.
  12. Riddos


    Closing in on another March Madness, St Mary's with at least two Aussies playing (Krebs and Perry) just pulled off a fair upset to beat number 1 ranked Gonzaga and book a place in the tournament.
  13. Riddos


    His new 5 year $158 million contract with the Suns hasn't even started yet. But yeah hard not to think he'd be looking around the league at other teams currently. Think Ayton will develop well, can take a bit longer for the young bigs to make their mark and all this years Rooks look average compared to what the much more NBA ready Doncic is doing. Will be interesting to see what they can add around those two.
  14. Riddos


    Knicks win! I mean lose! Think the bottom three teams all have equal odds in the lottery this year so Suns and Knicks should both get a crack at first pick. Lakers headed for another loss, might as well shut LeBron down for the season now that he's passed Michael on all-time scorers list (in more than 100 more games and in an era where scoring is much easier).
  15. Riddos


    FFS Knicks, stop winning! As Spike Lee said at the Oscars "we're trying to tank".
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