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  1. Riddos


    If we lose this by 20 runs they can go back and add 20 Ishant no-balls that weren't called. Apparently Channel 7 just showed two from his last over that were missed.
  2. Riddos


    Have found Warnie just bearable on Fox without idiots like Brayshaw and Slater egging him on like used to happen on 9, but yeah Punter would have been heaps better. The Cricket 360 end of day summary was very well done, hope they keep that up.
  3. Riddos

    TV Shows

    Just got up to date with TWD, serious return to form so far in season 9 after a couple of years of being very average. The storytelling, concentrating on the main characters, better sets and camera shots, all heaps better.
  4. Riddos

    The Politics Thread

    LNP getting smashed in Victoria. Targeting their ever shrinking base isn't rally proving to be an election winning strategy, it will be interesting to see if they change tack before the NSW and Federal elections.
  5. Riddos

    2018 top aussie sports stars

    I seem to have said at about this time of year for the last few years 'it hasn't been a vintage year for Aussie Sports', maybe my expectations are too high. Assuming the list is based on Aussie performances on the World stage. Daniel Ricciardo robbed of a spot by his unreliable car. Domestically there wasn't really a standout in AFL, Rugby, NRL or Cricket that would demand a spot in the way that Dusty Martin did in 2017.
  6. Riddos


    It is turning into a bit of a crazy season already. Warriors at risk of imploding? Reckon they'll get it together enough to see out this season but this Knicks fan is hoping Durant gets sick of Draymond and looks to free-agency next off-season.
  7. Riddos


    Jimmy Butler traded to the 76ers. Between the 76ers, Bucks, Raptors, and Celtics the Easy East ain't looking so easy these days, even with Lebron gone to the West. Reports are that Butler will look to sign a long-term deal with Philly, potentially another free-agent off the list, going to be about 10 teams with cap space to chase the 3 or 4 big name free agents (Khawi, Durant, Davis, Boogie) next off-season.
  8. Riddos


    College hoops getting underway. This seasons Duke team are going to be fun to watch. Any tanking NBA teams would be happy to end up with any of their best three players in the draft.
  9. Riddos


    Elite Honesty has the Aussies at 3-8. Finch walked on an LBW he should have reviewed. At least those complaining this isn't on free to air don't seem to be missing much. A cast of dozens there for the Fox Sports commentary team.
  10. Riddos


    Yeah, that and only resetting the shot clock to 14 seconds on offensive rebounds, it's not long enough for a full offensive reset so these days the rebounder often just passes out to someone to take an open shot at a 3 pointer.
  11. Riddos


    Pretty crazy scoring in the League so far this season. Every game today has had both teams scoring over 100 points. As of last week there were only two teams averaging less then 100 points a game and one of those was the Celtics who you'd think will start to ramp things up shortly.
  12. Riddos


    Young South Aussie legspinner Pope took 7 wickets in the Shield yesterday. Unfortunately it probably says as much about Aussies batting vs any sort of moving ball as it does about his talent and potential.
  13. Riddos

    The Politics Thread

    Might be a few more Independents thinking of having a crack after yesterday, watch out Abbott and Dutton among others.
  14. Riddos


    Early days, but that was impressive from the Raptors. A fit and motivated Kawhi can take this team a long way.
  15. Riddos

    Sneaker heads

    Not a collector but had a pair of Jordan 5s back in the early '90s. Lasted a few seasons but eventually fell apart. Of the current models the lower-cut Lillard/Adidas line looks pretty good.