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  1. The Politics Thread

    Baaaarnaby's been pulling the wool over our eyes for 13 years. Sounds like they are having some fun with it in question time.
  2. The Politics Thread

    Haha, Pistol and Boo will be having a little chuckle.
  3. Sharks vs Broncos

    No monthly bonus for whoever scheduled Bunnies vs Dogs for tonight at ANZ Stadium, both teams been dire, at least a decent weather forecast might help get a crowd above 5000.
  4. BitCoin - future or fad?

    I bought 1 x Ethereum coin just to see what the go is. Might get a few more. It might be a bit like the old gold rush days where the folk that got richest were those that sold the picks and shovels. You'd be making a mint selling processors, computers, power, bandwidth, etc to the coin miners at the moment.
  5. Rhinestone Cowboy Rides into the Sunset

    My first exposure to his work.
  6. Things to do in Sydney

    The Quarantine Station at North Head is pretty cool and fits in with the First Fleet theme but might take a bit much time out of your day. http://www.quarantinestation.com.au/
  7. The Politics Thread

    Haha, Australian of the Year nomination for Mrs Canavan.
  8. The Politics Thread

    Canadians seem to have their politics together better then we do, maybe we need more Canadian citizens in Parliament not less.
  9. The Politics Thread

    According to Antony Green a recount and seat offered to number 3 on WA Green ticket. Kiwis seem to have their politics together better then we do, maybe we need more Kiwi citizens in Parliament not less.
  10. NBA

    NBA Summer League. Lonzo Ball ditches his own brand Big Baller sneakers for a pair of Nikes, scores 36 points, 11 assists, 8 rebounds, 5 steals.
  11. NBA

    The most Knicks move ever, paying a fortune to bring back a player they'd drafted then traded away. Welcome back Tim Hardaway Jr, assuming the Hawks don't match the Knicks offer, which is unlikely.
  12. Cricket

    Sounds like most of the nations professional cricketers are a few hours away from being uncontracted/unemployed. Interesting to see how/if it gets resolved. Cricket Australia would be concerned Channel 10 aren't going to be able to bid for new Big Bash coverage meaning Ch9 get it cheap. Ch9 commentators would ruin Big Bash as a viewing option.
  13. NBA

    Big day in the NBA and free agency is still two days away! Good riddance Phil, earned USD$60million for three years work and the remarkable achievement of making the Knicks even more dysfunctional then before he arrived. Hopefully the Knicks are on the phone to David Griffin who recently left the Cavs. CP3 departs the Clippers to team up with Harden at the Rockets. Do Clippers commit to injury prone free agent Blake Griffin long term? Can Rockets land a PG13 type as well to compete with GSW? The Banana Boat crew of Lebron, CP3, Melo and Wade are currently all free-agents after next season, will they orchestrate a move to team up somewhere? They aren't getting any younger.
  14. NBA

    Jonah Bolden drafted at Pick 36 by the 76ers to team up with fellow Aussie Ben Simmons. Overall the T-Wolves the big improvers on the night getting Jimmy Butler without having to give up too much.
  15. Comm Games Tickets

    Just wanted one lousy little Mountain Biking ticket, didn't get it. Stuff 'em, I'll go for a ride at Gap Creek instead.