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  1. Riddos

    AFL 2018

    Had fun watching Jack kick 10 at Metricon on Saturday arvo. Article on AFL website says Fiorini dominated Cotchin, doesn't bother to mention Cotchin was only on the field for 53% of game time, nice easy arvo for the skipper.
  2. Riddos

    AFL 2018

    Yeah, Dan Rioli took ruck duties a few time last week, and we didn't even nominate a ruck a few times.
  3. Riddos

    AFL 2018

    One of the craziest stats I've seen in sport from the Tiges vs Pies game, which was a close contest for much of the game. Metres gained by handball, Tigers +519m, Pies -7m. You'd think the Pies would have some type of Moneyball stats boffin who'd pipe up at halftime and say it might be something to work on evening out? Should be a good last few rounds of the regular season, potential for some big games in Rd23 inc Swans vs Hawks. Been to a few Lions games in recent months, think they have turned the corner and should be pretty good to watch in the coming years. They would be looking to pick up a hard running half bank flanker in a trade or the draft, they've got plenty of young key position talent and some decent inside mids.
  4. Riddos


    It's only Summer League and only the Hawks but signs of life for the Knicks. Knox looks solid and we might have got the steal of the draft with Mitchell Robinson, didn't play College ball so must have dropped off the radar of many teams and fell to pick 36. 7+ foot athletic centre, Fizdale the perfect coach to help his development.
  5. Riddos


    Aussie Ryan Broekhoff signs with the Mavs for two years, has a good 3-point shot and 5 years experience in Europe. Hopefully fits into the NBA pretty well. Yeah pretty crazy re the Warriors/Boogie, guess they were the team that could afford to not worry if it takes him half a season to get back to playing regularly. And he gets a few months late in the season to audition for the teams with cap space next summer.
  6. Riddos


    Don't poke the bear, Warriors sign Boogie Cousins. NBA twitter lighting up.
  7. Riddos


    Lebron to the Lakers, now to see who else they can get in to team up with him. Cavs no longer a threat in the East, Celtics and 76ers the teams to beat for the next few years.
  8. Riddos


    Pretty much drama-free draft night, hopefully free agency spices things up a bit. No Aussies drafted but a few invited to Summer League.
  9. Riddos


    Some crazy happenings in the NBA at the moment, this as good as any of them... https://www.theringer.com/nba/2018/5/29/17406750/bryan-colangelo-philadelphia-76ers-twitter-joel-embiid-anonymous-markelle-fultz
  10. Riddos


    Suns finally nab a number 1 draft pick. Knicks picking at #9, without Porzingis we'll be rubbish again next season, would be tempted to shop this years pick to the likes of Blazers/Jazz/Pelicans for 1st and 2nd rounders next year. Then could go into 2019 draft with high and mid 1st round and high and mid 2nd round picks (to either use or trade), buy out the remainder of Yoakim Noah's ridiculous contract and things could finally be looking up.
  11. Riddos


    So cool seeing Joe Ingles getting wraps from the US basketball press and fans. He is the new hero for all the Seattle-based anti-Thunder folk, hopefully the Jazz can finish them off after going up 3-1 in the series today. Simmons and the 76ers back at it tomorrow.
  12. Riddos


    Test coverage needed a shake-up. Fox Sports should do OK with whatever they cover. I think they'll struggle to recreate what 10 did with the Big Bash, Howie, Punter, Gilly, Flem and the crew and the general commentary style worked so well, they should look to get a few of those lads on board. Hopefully ABC Grandstand keeps radio rights to the Tests.
  13. Riddos


    Feels like there's a more equal spread of talent this year between teams 1 to 8 in both Conference finals groups, will see how it plays out. A bit of fun banter between Rookie of the Year hopefuls Ben Simmons and Donovan Mitchell. Didn't think anyone would get near Ben but the bits I've seen of Mitchell he's been very impressive, saw him compared to a young Wade with a 3 point shot the other day, couldn't argue with that. And the fact that it's not just individual efforts from them both but being part of quality team efforts is good to see.
  14. Riddos

    Australian Music

    The Gen X-er type Aussie bands that I spent my late teens/early 20's seeing, You Am I, Grinspoon, Powderfinger, Something For Kate, Silverchair, etc, will draw a crowd for a few years yet (if/when they reform for a some of them). But yeah, most are probably not mainstream enough to play Opera House forecourt or anything like that.
  15. Riddos


    March Freakin Madness. Had never heard of UMBC Retrievers an hour ago, now watching them complete the biggest upset in tournament history over Virginia. First ever win for a 16 seed over a 1 seed. And a winable game coming up vs 9 seed Kansas State for a spot in the Sweet 16.