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  1. Hmm...bummer. I dare say some nerds probably got it figured out...somewhere
  2. It should show what file format it's in when you go into explorer? How big is the file?
  3. What format is the video file in?
  4. can't wait until this is on the Utube...missed it for whitegoods shopping (ah the post ironman blues)
  5. lobsha

    Bike kit free

    Thanks a lot! Would live to have a look at some of the kit. Cheers!
  6. Where are you based bulldog? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. gawd, that Hell Hath No Fury one is pleasant torture....
  8. ice bath straight after big/hard sessions during intense weeks. Lots of compression during recovery week. works a treat
  9. are these compatible with any car? or is it only for Holdens?
  10. lobsha

    Lower Back Injury

    About 2.5 weeks ago I was doing a big spring clean of the house. Long story short I went to lift the bed to put some storage away and I strained my lower back. It was sore straight after but not too bad. Then as the night wore on I could not move. The whole next day I couldn't move. Now, with the help of panadol (as instructed by physio), I am still in bad pain. She said it sounds like a bulged disc - but my other physio friend said its not a bulged disc? I've been given exercises to do and stretches, but nothing seems to be relieveing the twinging pain. Anyone know whats going on? How long's recovery time? When the right time is to get an MRI is? Will acupuncture / massage make a difference? Cheers.
  11. lobsha

    Tyre change cycle

    Sup, I have been noticing my tyres becoming fking slippery. Even in dry conditions, if i brake suddenly or hit downhill corners too fast (and admittedly in a lazy downhill position), i would get mild slippage, causing my an*s to lodge itself in my throat for approximately 0.43 seconds. Going down each of the 3 Gorges on a wet Sunday this weekend was possibly my pansiest downhill effort of all time, but I didnt wanna risk it. Anyway, so my question is: How do you tell it is time for a change in tyres? I dont think they are that old (maybe 1 year MAX), and maybe it was conincidental conditions. I've got spareys I can chuck on now, but want to 'sweat the assets' a bit due to them being heinously expensive. And I dont really trust the LBS, as they have a sales agenda, which is cool, but yeah, I want to know myself. Lobsha out
  12. 100km Three Gorges ride from St Ives. Hope this weather f***s off!
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