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  1. Hi trannies I'm looking for a decent second hand 24" MTB for my 9 year old. Im in Sydney and can collect Thanks
  2. Price drop $250. Any lower, I might as well keep it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Pics added! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. As the topic says. Size small/tall Suit in as new condition. Used 3 times and presents perfectly. $900 retail $300 ono Kellyville NSW - pickup or buyer pays postage Pics to follow! http://www.2xu.com/au/p/v%3A2-velocity-wetsuit/MW1826c.html?lang=en_AU
  5. Roxii if this is available, I could be keen. Though I'm conscious of trickle wanting it and don't want to cut his grass, so to speak. I've got four boys aged almost 8 down to 1 and the eldest two are getting into tris and cycling. Something like this would get years of use as they could all give it a go and decide if they like it or not. Let me know
  6. Hi all, Looking for some cheap but operational STI 10 speed shifters. I'm not fussed about cosmetics, i just want them to be in good working condition.
  7. Looking to sell my well maintained HED Jet 9s. They are in excellent condition and come with almost brand new Schwalbe Ultremo tyres, tubes and valve extenders. Might throw 10 speed cassette in, too. $900 ono. Located in Sydney Can provide pics on request.
  8. Everyone at a hack level like us is coachable. It's just a question of trust and attitude. If you trust and respect your coach and the program you'll stick to the program. If you don't respect the coach and the program, that's when you go off doing more because you think you have to. If you don't have time to do the sets and it continually doesn't fir with your lifestyle, the coach is wasting your time and it's time to move on
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