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  1. To be honest I don’t think about it like that. I look at it like Im giving him a chance to do something he wouldn’t normally get to do. We have a good friendship also so it’s like we’re just out having a bit of fun. The real upside is that it’s reinvigorated my Cycling a bit!
  2. It’s been a while since my last 70.3; might even have been known as a HIM back then! Long story short, I’ve been doing quite a bit of riding and bike racing with a vision impaired bloke (Dean Cameron) who loves a challenge and is quite competitive and after doing Port IM “just to get through it” we thought we’d have a go at Sunny Coast. After we had entered the 70.3 back in May and booked our accommodation in Mooloolaba Cycling Queensland released their TT series dates and RND 4 and the State Champs fell on Saturday at Kingaroy, Dean was leading the Para series so we really needed to race to take the series so we had a quick dash Saturday from Mooloolaba to Kingaroy for a 30 minute race and then a dash back to Mooloolaba to rack the bike before 4.30, making it at 4.28. Sunday dawned beautiful. We did the usual transition set up, walked down the beach and waited for our start. The swim - it’s a challenge! Dean has never been a swimmer and being blacked out completely in one eye and only 2-3% in the other eye means he has to rely totally on me as the guide and a thin strap to keep us together, and although there was only a very small swell it was obviously playing on Deans mind as he was nervous. We went off 1 minute behind the pro girls and 3 minutes before the Age Groupers....hoping to get to the first turn before we got swamped, it didn’t happen! After we waded into the water and started swimming Dean started to hyperventilate and couldn’t get a rhythm, this went on for 300-400m with frequent stoppages but we finally got going and found some clean water. For me the swim was good. Being able to see the bottom for quite a while in nice clean water was refreshing compared to either Raby Bay foreshore or the usual murky dams. Age groupers were streaming by us and it was good to finally see the white buoy indicating the beach wasnt far away and when a person in front stood up it was a great feeling to know we had made it. Swim time was 43 minutes. The bike - a quite normal transition albeit a minute or 2 extra watching a blind bloke putting on toe socks, and we were running out to the mount line. The tandem is tough to get going uphill so we took it easy heading up and over the hill and then kicked it along as we headed towards the Motorway at one stage rolling along effortlessly at over 60k/h. We were slowly picking off bikes and we caught the only other vision impaired competitor before the turnaround, the ride back was into a headwind so we again controlled the pace with the average slowly dropping. Back into town, lap 1 done in around 1h 10min. Lap 2 the wind had definitely picked up and having 2 riders catching the crosswind and an 80mm front wheel made for some interesting moments. We passed 3 riders, one laying face down beside a roadside barrier who had obviously crashed pretty badly but they had assistance already there so we kept going. Heading back from the turnaround we had a few people starting to lineup behind us trying to get a cruiser ride into the wind but once we hit the crosswind it impacted them a bit and they dropped off. Back into town and rolled into T2 feeling pretty good. Ride time was around 2h 25m. The run - this is where I let Dean down! I’ve cut my running back to nearly zero having a knee that doesn’t look normal nor function as it should and having only 3 runs since IM Aus I knew it was going to be tough. We headed up over the hill and on the descend both the quad and hamstring on my right leg locked up, tried to stretch out but didn’t work, started a shuffle and both finally freed up and we got running again. Ticking over the k’s around 5.30-5.40 we were comfortable and navigating our way through the maze of the run course 2 wide. Back towards town again there were more and more people coming onto the course and things started to get interesting with how narrow some sections were and thankfully all the other athletes were great with giving us space and offering support. Lap 2 started well, we were still holding a reasonable pace to the turnaround but things started to change. The lack of running was showing and it started to become a slower run with a bit of walking. Slowly ticking off 18,19 and then 20k it was actually good to get to the hill knowing it wasn’t far to the finish. Running down the finish chute is always good but sharing it with someone else who wouldn’t in general be able to achieve their goals is a little extra special. Run time was around 2h 3 min. Total time 5.21. Mooloolaba is a great location for a race, and the weather was pretty much spot on. The wind obviously offered up some challenges and the dust that come across Friday and Saturday added another dimension, but the beers and dinner afterwards with old and new friends is really what makes the sport what it is for a lot of us. Only downside for the para athletes is that there is no recognition by IM either for the event or qualification for Worlds. But, we’ll be back, just got to work out a way to run pain free so I can keep up with the blind bloke! 🏊‍♂️ 🚴🏻‍♂️🏃‍♂️
  3. Tomsey

    Cycle/Tri Shoes

    Cycling shoes generally won’t have the loop on the back of the shoe meaning it’s difficult to hold shoe and slip foot in while on the bike. For me, the running in and out of transition wearing your shoes is a danger more so than a time saver with tri shoes already being on your bike and there is less of a bunch up at the mount/dismount line. If you have a choice, pick the tri shoe and have them on your bike.... you don’t have to be quick to get an advantage.
  4. Tomsey

    Hamilton Wheelers

    It’ll be a red Yakima tent, there’ll be a tandem in there and a few single bikes. More than welcome, we’re a pretty easy going bunch.
  5. Tomsey

    Hamilton Wheelers

    I’ll be at the one on the 17th with a tent set up if you want to join us. I’ll also be at Kingaroy, Sunny Coast HIM have given approval for a late racking of bike Saturday evening if needed, I’m sure they’d accomodate you if you wanted to do both.
  6. https://road.cc/content/news/262531-two-test-positive-epo-new-york-gran-fondo 5 riders tested positive in 9 years....for an alleged fun event!
  7. Tomsey

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Most of the QLD clubs now have Open Restricted races which means any club can attend, includes Elimbah and Pinkemba. CQ are also running a 4 RND series, next one is North Arm 6 July where you can use a non UCI bike (you get a finish time but aren’t recognised for placings). RND 3 TBA 17 August and RND 4 (QLD State Championships) TBA 7 September.
  8. Tomsey

    Spring Classics

    They had 3 in Melbourne and 3 in Brissie. Next year with Bear and Louise involved I reckon we’ll see all 6 days in Brissie. I’m not a massive fan of spectating but was absolutely sold on how they run the 6 days with DJ and lights plus atmosphere (and beers).
  9. I’ll need to be blind before I start knowing how my knee will be after Sunday 😂
  10. I’m actually going around this year with a blind bloke! Can we do it tethered? We’ll both drink and both run.
  11. Our team kit is Craft, has lasted really well and is comfortable. We went for the top level chamois though so can't comment on the comfort of the standard chamois. Jersey are a great fit and cut is close fitting so no flapping at 70-80k. Craft also have some great specials at different times of the year.
  12. Tomsey

    Your 1st race

    1989, local club race. 30 odd k ride in old skool sluggos....not a good outcome. Obviously had something going for it though.
  13. Have sent a request Roxxi
  14. Dropped my Garmin and shattered the screen, has anyone had to replace their screen, if so who did you go through and how much was it? Thought of doing the eBay thing but concerned with waterproofing.
  15. You've got an ex banker managing a "service provider" organisation, what else do we think would happen? In the last 4 years since the MD has been in place he has culled 60% of the middle and senior managers and replaced them (in an attempt to change to the culture) with other ex bankers from NAB and Citi plus a handful of o/s imports. You hear heaps of comments in the media about Post losing money on "letters" but again its creative accountancy because there isn't really any profit on letters but certainly not the losses being highlighted. Its going to be an interesting journey over the next 10 years for those left still in the organisation
  16. Tomsey

    Broken foot :(

    Same injury a few years back, painful but not confirmed broken for 2 weeks (went to different GP and had x-rays). Was put in a cast for only 2 weeks, back into it straight away...so 4 weeks from injury date. If you can get away without a cast do it. A stiff soled well fitting shoe will still allow you to do a bit. Bike shoes should be ok within a week or so. But, if you're not going to get what you want out of the 70.3 I suggest not racing and let it recover and pick another race where you can train correctly as you want and achieve the outcome you want.
  17. Yere, can do the Sharks (Brisbane) if you want. Give me a buzz 0433 382900.
  18. Tomsey

    Ultraman Australia

    The $1800 plus it not being continuous is a drawback. Starting the run on the 3rd day after a break would be hard on my legs and knees...prefer to keep going. In saying that I'll throw in an entry and see what happens...still haven't paid for Port Mac yet!
  19. Transitions.org, the one Transition where you can take your time.
  20. Given you have till November I think it is smart that you are building the base! Being your first HIM and your background I agree with prizna that speed isnt the essential element that you need; more so some endurance. Of your 3 run sessions I'd add 1k per week until you get to 12km for 2 of them and for the 3rd till you get to 21k (currently doing 21k per week, next would be 24, 27, 30, 33, 36, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45). Keep it slowish to minimise injury. Once you've achieve 45k per week and you are feeling good and injury free you can then decide if you want to do specific training for the run...taking into account the outcome you're after at your race. Build the engine first before you try and and improve performance. This is a very basic build and one that should be achievable with limitted fuss. Reaching the 21k distance is a milestone only and when reached drop back if you wish. If you have the ability for someone to view your running style it would be an advantage early so that you don't get into bad habits like some of us! Disclaimer - I'm not a runner but have to run in tri!
  21. I'm keen to participate, havent swum since Port Mac...really need to get back in the pool just need some motivation.
  22. Check out myshopping.com.au and search bicycle lubricants, if you're not confused now!!! You can even search for Finish Line Lubricants and do a price comparison against the stockists on the site if you wish.
  23. I clock up up 10 hours a week commuting on the bike, plus, depending on what I'm doing another 3-6 hours. Swim 2 hours, peak at 4hours a week, run 2 hours peak at 5-6. I never do 25 hours in a week as indicated if you add these all up! During a prep I'll drop some commuting to concentrate on specific training and my totals build over the duration of the plan. I also train because I enjoy it...chat with friends, coffee, beer etc. If I don't enjoy it I dont do it.
  24. Customs knowledge base is extensive and like most people they take pride in their jobs, if they feel someone is trying to pull the wool over their eyes they will take a vested interested in examining the product a lot closer. If it is a new piece of equipment chances are they will know the approx value and determine relatively quickly that the importer is trying to exploit the import laws hence they will delve deeper. For those that say they got something through without issue there are just as many that have issues. Oompa Loompa could give some good examples I'm thinking of various items that have been detected because the customs officer is aware of said items...and its amazing how many people are into cycling these days and the demographics that they represent. If it were I and I had an opportunity to have a third party forward the item after either changing for used tyres and chain etc i think that would be the option...unless I paid the import tax.
  25. Bennett is contracted to Tinkler and not the Knights I believe. Read something that if Tinkler either pulled the pin on the Knights or he relinguished ownership than Bennett could walk. Would he go back to the Dragons, I don't know! In relation to McGregor, I also dont think its a good thing to keep the "Old Boys" involved in a coaching role without having been a success at another club as a 1st grade coach. I agree with Sheens...and if Stuart ever gets anywhere near the Dragons I'll be burning all my gear.
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