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  1. One of the guys I work with did the 70.3 this year and said that it was a cool experience.
  2. Ironnerd

    Busso 2019

    I resemble that remark! Hopefully it will be 16 x finishes in a week.
  3. Katz - 1181 Stikman - 840 Fatdog - 874 Zed - Ironnerd - 15 009 Kiwininoz - Wombattri - Nath - 1101 Youngy2 - Trunkz - KieranR - FuiFui -
  4. I have the right clothing to "enjoy" running outside in cold weather. However, not matter, what clothing you have, running a 10+ hour ultra on ice is a whole different level of crazy.
  5. Find an unusual race to do, hopefully in an exotic location. Given my work location I am tempted by Ironman Kazakhstan. There is an ultramarathon on a frozen lake here in Mongolia, but I HATE the cold.
  6. Ironnerd

    Busso 2019

    Kieran - I think that we work for the same company, having seen the logo on the front of the loco that you posted. I would appreciate it if you could put some sun, warmth and fish in an internal post bag and send it to me. In return I will send you some cold, snow and vodka. Take care mate. Do I need to pack my balaclava for Busso? Temperatures are down in the -30's this week.
  7. Normal people plan for booze and strippers for a bucks do, not an ultra!
  8. I care. I admire the mental toughness it must take to get up each day, when you are tired, sore and sun burnt and go out and push your body for 10+ hours, day after day. One day I would like to do a Ultra Ironman. However there is no way that I could physically or mentally do 3 Ironmans over 3 days. I certainly could not do 40.
  9. He is claiming an official world record for 20 and 30. So there must be some level of scrutiny/recording to ensure that the distances are legit.
  10. Rait Ratasepp has just finished 40 IM's in 40 days. The times he was doing were insane. https://raitratasepp.ee/blog/rait-ratasepp-the-fastest-man-in-the-world-to-complete-40-triathlons-in-40-days Day 1: 10:44:52; Day 2: 10:58:12; Day 3: 11:04:20; Day 4: 11:06:03; Day 5: 11:21:49; Day 6: 11:45:22; Day 7: 11:30:06; Day 8: 11:38:49; Day 9: 11:27:01; Day 10: 11:19:23; Day 11: 11:21:32; Day 12: 11:29:53; Day 13: 11:20:45; Day 14: 11:06:46; Day 15: 11:19:10; Day 16: 10:59:43; Day 17: 11:15:29; Day 18: 11:20:10; Day 19: 11:21:20; Day 20: 11:01:56; Day 21: 10:59:39; Day 22: 11:17:56; Day 23: 10:51:56; Day 24: 10:36:59, Day 25: 10:51:44; Day 26: 10:39:34; Day 27: 10:44:27; Day 28: 10:34:48, Day 29: 10:59:45, Day 30: 10:57:52, Day 31: 10:44:26; Day 32: 10:28:27; Day 33: 10:39:21; Day 34: 10:52:02; Day 35: 10:58:23, Day 36: 10:58:27, Day 37: 10:53:42; Day 38: 10:59:47; Day 39: 11:39:26; Day 40: 12:00:02 Amazing achievement.
  11. Ironnerd

    Brownlee racing IMWA

    IMWA is about 7 weeks after Kona. It does not have much prize money and under the KPR not many points. Under the new qualification system it might attract some high level pros trying to get an early Kona qualification at a race with a weak field. This would allow them to plan their season without the need to so an IM.
  12. Ironnerd

    Brownlee racing IMWA

    I think that his best finish was 3rd in 2005 at IMWA. He won the Busso Half at least 3 times.
  13. Ironnerd

    Brownlee racing IMWA

    Transitions favourite Kona winner still holds the swim record! Not sure if he was on a vegan or all meat diet at the time.
  14. My recommendation would be to go to a good bike fitter and find out which brand/model/size would suit you best. FYI I regularly swap my Assioma power pedals between my Giant road bike and Cervelo P2. I bought a set of Look pedals so if I am doing a one off ride on my road bike I do not have to swap pedals over.
  15. Well done to the best* club in Australia, North Coast Tri Club, on having the most entrants and winning the "Rally the Troops". * I may be a little biased in this assessment
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