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  1. Ironnerd

    Aero Helmet

    Yes Cranky I did buy the Giro Air Attack. It was cool enough to use at Kona and IMWA. Unfortunately it no longer fits my head now that I am a Kona finisher.😀 I don't use the visor, I find it cooler with sunnies.
  2. Ironnerd

    2019 totals

    Not bad for a guy who spends 4 weeks out of 6 in a place with no swimming pool, a shitty exercise bike (so the km's do not count) and arctic running conditions for 6 months of the year.
  3. After a 2+ year construction project and months of planning and testing we moved into our new high tech Mine Control room.
  4. Ironnerd

    TV Shows

    I watched the first episode of Unbelievable on the plane. I found it really slow moving. After all these recommendations I will have to watch the second episode to see if it is any better. After 12 months of no Dr Who I am looking forward to seeing the new series. I will have to find a way to VPN to watch it or binge watch it when I get back to Oz in late January.
  5. Podcasts. Start with "My Dad Wrote a Porno". You're welcome.
  6. Ironnerd

    Bucket list races

    The bad news is that I got to the top of the UTA 100 wait list.😀 The good news is that I have plenty of cold weather running gear and a frigid Mongolian winter to train in.😰
  7. Its OK Kieran. I will work Christmas and New Year in the @#$%ing cold so that the share price for our company continuers to go up while you are enjoying the sun, sea and fishing.😋 Have a great holiday.
  8. I didn't charge my kids board, paid for car rego and phone while they were at Uni. They just paid for their petrol. I think that this was a mistake as they are not very responsible with money. Depending on what course they are doing at Uni it can be very time consuming. You do not want them to be working 20+ hours to pay board and having this negatively impact on their study and results. However you do want them to learn financial responsibility and budgeting. If you are going to charge board it needs to be an amount that does not require them to compromise their Uni studies. Perhaps only charge them board over the long summer vacation when they have the time to do extra work.
  9. You will pay about $1100 for them in Aus at the moment.
  10. Clever training have a big sale on at the moment 20% off with the code HOLIDAY20. You can get the dual side Favera Assioma for about $800 AUD, including delivery. https://www.clevertraining.com/assioma-pedal-based-cycling-power-meter
  11. Ironnerd

    taren in kona

    Traditional media - TV, newspapers, magazines are required to disclose if they are being paid for an endorsement. With "new" media - podcasts, videos, photos, Facebook, etc there is no requirement for disclosure. Unless Taren has won lotto he is being paid as a social media influencer
  12. Ironnerd

    taren in kona

    Taren has about 100 000 Youtube followers. Based on estimated social media influencer income with a similar number of subscribers he is likely to be earning: $500 for an insta post $775 for an insta video $800 for a youtube video $243 for a Facbook post It is likely that he is receiving both free products and being paid for posts.
  13. According to an interview with Shayna Jack she had not been taking any supplements for two months before the test. She is going to use the "kiss cocaine case" defence. "There was a case in the past called the 'kiss cocaine case' where someone had taken cocaine and then the partner, who was an athlete, kissed that person and they were contaminated because they had contact with something someone else had taken." https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-12-16/shayna-jack-uses-kiss-cocaine-case-as-defence/11802296
  14. Ironnerd

    Hoka One One

    I have been trail running in the Hoka Torrent shoes for about 6 weeks. They are not as spongy as the Hoka Bondi shoes that I also use. So far I have found the grip really good, they have coped well with the small amount of snow and ice we have had so far this winter. The sole on the Torrent shoes seems much tougher than the Bondi shoes and looks as though it will last much longer.
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