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  1. Ironnerd


    WA's chief health officer has advised that the WA border remain shut until Victoria's numbers improve. I think that we are fortunate that in this country the politicians are following the advice of the medical experts.
  2. Ironnerd


    I am not sure what your graph is showing. Below is a graph of the Australian population distribution. From your graph it seems that the elderly are not getting Covid as much as the other age groups, which is surprising. I would guess that Australian infection numbers are too small to provide useful infection rate data.
  3. With the move away from print to "free" online news quality is going to drop. I subscribe to one of newspaper just to support journalism. "Keeping the bastards honest" is an important role of a free and financed media.
  4. One scientist who has changed his mind is not overly significant. Poor journalism when the Australian prints the press release for a new book almost word for word.
  5. I haven't put on any weight. I have been enjoying my training more. With out a race to train for there is no pressure to do the hard sessions. I can just go out and enjoy a run or ride without constantly looking at the pace or power on my watch. Surprisingly, according to my Garmin, my VO2 max has not changed. Like you B@W I have struggled with temptation WFH. When I am away at work I do not keep any snacks in my room. Having a fully stocked kitchen at home requires will power to avoid snacking.
  6. "Mr Robert's spokesman said the Digital Transformation Agency, the government department that helped build the app, and the federal Health Department were working with Apple and Google "to understand and test" the exposure notification framework since its release to see how it could be applied in Australia. "That testing is ongoing," The spokesman said." I think that the concern is that the Apple/Google solution cuts out the government contact tracers. This is good for those concerned about the government having access to their data. However the contact tracers are able to provide advice, answer questions and potentially identify additional contacts.
  7. The ratings are now moderate to excellent.
  8. Dr Nick Coatesworth is only Australia's Deputy Chief Medical Officer and an infectious diseases specialist. What would he know about controlling a pandemic? Your technology "expert" has a 1 year diploma from TAFE. When you say "we all knew" - you mean you think that you know with no evidence.
  9. Ironnerd


    We will not know the answer to this for years. However early indications are that "excess" deaths are in the region of 15% to 25% https://www.economist.com/graphic-detail/2020/04/16/tracking-covid-19-excess-deaths-across-countries https://www.ft.com/content/a26fbf7e-48f8-11ea-aeb3-955839e06441 I suspect that the rate of excess deaths is about to greatly increase in the US as the Covid infection numbers continue to rise.
  10. Did you even bother watching the link that you posted? The expert that you bothered to listen to Ben Grubb in the SMH says the same thing " The federal government's COVIDSafe app has not identified any close contacts of a person infected with coronavirus who had not already been found through manual contact tracing". https://www.smh.com.au/politics/federal/dishonest-covidsafe-app-has-not-detected-a-case-despite-6-million-downloads-20200627-p556s7.html The second expert, Dr Nick Coatesworth, on the link that you posted said that the app is working and more people need to download it. He made the same comment that so far the app has not identified anyone that the manual tracers have not identified. He makes the comment that as the number of cases rises it is likely that the Covidsafe app will identify contacts that the manual system can not identify. I agree that the app has been poorly promoted to the public. However that does not mean that it does not work or that you should not download it.
  11. The headline is dishonest. The CovidSafe app has identified contacts. All of the contacts that it has identified were also identified manually. Which both you and Chris would know if you bothered to read the articles that you posted.
  12. Since the launch of the app 936 Covid cases have been identified in Australia. Of the 936 cases only 40 people have had the app and allowed the government to download the data. The app will only be effective when a large number of people download and run the app. It is not true to say that the app is not working either. The app has identified contacts, however the contacts it has identified the person was able to remember, so it has not identified additional contacts.
  13. As a Victorian you should download it. Pointless for the rest of Australia.
  14. Currently Hawaii has a 14 day quarantine for new arrivals. So a Kona trip will require 2 weeks quarantine in Hawaii and 2 weeks back in Australia. Of course Hawaii could change policy and follow the rest of the US, remove restrictions and allow the virus to run rampant.
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