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  1. Moats fails another drug test.

    The notorious Kevin Moats has failed another drug test. http://www.slowtwitch.com/News/Kevin_Moats_positive_again_8yr_ban_announces_retirement_6712.html
  2. Gomez Kona 2018

    ST have a thread on Gomez racing Kona in 2018. In an interview with a Spanish newspaper yesterday Gomez talks about his plans for racing Kona in 2018. https://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/deportes/2017/12/27/emocionante-descubrir-nuevo/0003_201712G27P42991.htm This is Googles translation. -As Nadal and Federer, you stand as an old rocker for another year at the top. -I was really looking forward to this year after losing the Rio Games due to a complicated elbow injury. The results were very good in distance Olympic and medium distance and now I decide to focus on the long. Although it is usually not easy to return to the Olympics because of the type of training you do, I do not rule it out either. -What image does he rescue from 2017? -The last 500 meters of the Chattanooga World Cup ... Down the last hill, to know that I was already winning ... It fulfilled my great goal. And I'm staying with the premiere of the Olympic distance World Cup in Abu Dhabi because it was hard to come back winning. It left me more relaxed for the rest of the year. -As it tends to link medal after medal, I do not know if at some point it has had to explain itself, as if the general public did not perceive its great campaign. -As there were some ups and downs, some people ask you if this year has not gone so well, "Mario Mola has won you in the end". But there I was runner-up in the world and that is not bad, much less, although I focused on middle distance, and I won that World Cup. Some people still ask me if I have recovered well from the injury (laughs). It is normal for some to follow your sport more than others. -David Cal in some messages "consoled" by his two silvers in Beijing. -Yes, you almost give your condolences for an Olympic silver. -For the ironman, do you learn from your mid-distance tests? -It's very different. In the ironman nutrition and hydration in a race in an extreme climate like Hawaii will be key to, regardless of the rhythms, the bike watts ... I am able to face that, train and do it well, but feeding in the race it is something newer for me. And it will be key. - See the middle distance more similar to the Olympic than the ironman. -I won my first world championship of half ironman taking only two gels throughout the race. I arrived just, but it's three hours and 40 races, more manageable, and because of the rhythms it goes fast. If you go to eight hours, it is not twice as far, it seems much more. For the first time he faces something radically different. -It's exciting to face a different challenge, a kind of career in which I do not know if I'm going to do it right. The comfortable and conservative would have been to remain the same, but I do not want to be left with the doubt of what I would have done in the long distance. -From the three sectors, by time and distance, the bicycle is the main challenge. - Yes, it is where I have to improve, in the way of training, in many things. We'll see how far I get. But if I want to win a level ironman, I have to win it in the marathon . Other big ones would win on the bike, but I have to do it running, be good enough on a bike and swim, to get on foot with options. That's the kind of race for which I'm going to train. - Just named swimming , his DNA since childhood. -It is more anecdotal and in my case I think I will be able to suppress some training a week to pass it to the bike and the race. The way of training will be very different. In an ironman runs slowly. With rhythms of 3.40 you will do the best time in the marathon, but it is about doing it after five hours of effort, feeding yourself while you compete. There I should try to improve, work long sessions at less pace than now. -The ironman requires adaptation. But know that the demand will be high from the first day. -I have no doubt that people will demand me to win Hawaii at first, but it is something that nobody has done (laughs). All the winners of Hawaii before winning that race have a baggage. with victories and important podiums, and I in the best case I will arrive with an ironman behind my back. The challenge is more complicated than many people think. The ironman is very unknown, but that gives me an extra incentive. -The vertigo is there. -Yes. A feeling of uneasiness about not knowing what you are facing or how you are going to respond. I will be happy to do it regardless of the result. If I get it wrong, I'll know that the distance is not for me, and if I get it right I will expand my capacity range to longer distances. «The ideal would be to debut between June and July» Almost as important as Kona's ironman, on October 13, will be his qualifying test: "Ideally, between June and the beginning of July. There are Nice and Frankfurt, there is Cairns ( Australia ), which could be interesting for Hawaii ... ". -In 2016 it competed almost for 11 months. It will be strange to run less, except shooting tests. - I will move less to train in a place, but I will not have a quiet season until Hawaii. I will do several 70.3 in preparation, including that World Cup, and many tests like training, maybe some Olympic distance. -He keeps his usual team, with Carlos David Prieto as coach. -Follow Carlos. And the triathlete Óscar Vicente will be with me, who is a physiotherapist and will help me in recovery, strengthening and training. -For a year and a half of his elbow fracture. - Luisa [Ibáñez, the traumatologist,] operated on me, did a great job and made it clear to me, but it was a complicated process. In three or four weeks the elbow you have it more or less well, but to make normal life or work in an office. If you demand elbow every day on the bike, in water and even running ... it takes longer and you have to do a very good rehabilitation to gain all the mobility and strength. I had trouble enough time. -Along victories, what was the emotional moment of 2017? - (thinks) It was when, after the operation, I started swimming at the rhythms of before. My left arm had always been the dominant one, and I could feel it without so much strength, it was difficult for me to stretch it and grab the water as I did. And I took time to find the good feelings. Then, when I did the times before the operation, that gave me peace of mind. And to win in January the 70.3 of Dubai in an unfavorable circuit for me, almost the most difficult, it was a very nice moment.
  3. Trannies Strava Page

    Request sent Mike Parrotte.
  4. Ironman Store Online

    I had the same experience as Cranky. Postage was very expensive.
  5. Taking a break

    I think that the older you get the more important it is to maintain a good level of fitness year round. As an older athlete coming back from a break is hard and likely to result in injury. After a race I ease off the training, but no complete breaks.
  6. The Expat Thread.

    The company has announced an upgrade of the gym equipment 10 x Concept II rowing machines are on their way.
  7. The Expat Thread.

    The 8000+ nationals working here would consider the food to be pretty good, It is only soft ex pats like myself who aren't so keen on the food. There is a pizza shop on site and you can buy a decent bugger at the bar for $3 Buying a cheap trainer bike and trainer is a great idea. I could bring it as part of my luggage. Will look into doing this after I finish my 3 months probation. The cost of shipping in a rowing machine to such remote location could be prohibitive. I will buy some swim stretch cords and see how I go. A trainer bike and trainer I could bring as luggage. I would never use Rio's computer network for personal stuff like Transitions. How cold is it - very @#$%ing cold.
  8. The Expat Thread.

    I have just started my first ex pat job. I am working at a mine in the south Gobi desert in Mongolia. The mine is about 80km from the Chinese border. Coming from Australia the temperature has been a shock. For 6 months of the year the temperature does not get above 0. In January the temp will get down to -40. I am starting to get used to the cold, money and food. The food is edible but not the quality and variety you would find on an Australian mine site. Not sure if I can keep doing triathlon. The nearest pool is 550km away and there are no rowing machines in the gym. The exercise bikes are the old mechanical ones. A couple of the treadmills work OK. On the bright side it is exciting to be working on such a massive mine and I am finding the work interesting and challenging.
  9. Swim Smooth Guru

    Given what happened at Busso and Taupo, stop wasting your time with swim training.
  10. Training Location

    Last week I started working FIFO in Mongolia. My first week is in the capital Ulaanbaatar. The -25C, the smog and the ice on the footpath is making training difficult. On Tuesday I fly to the mine site. Treadmills and exercise bikes are going to be my only option.
  11. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    Sometimes race day doesn’t go to plan, whether it is our bodies, our bikes or mother nature. On Sunday we had to make two hard decisions in the interests of athlete safety, which consisted of cancelling the swim after a shark was spotted near the course, and shortening the bike leg for some athletes after bushfires threatened parts of the course. We know how much you put into your training, the sacrifices you have made, and how hard you worked to get to that start line, and many of you will be disappointed not to have completed the full course, particularly our first time athletes. We understand that disappointment but encourage you to consider what a remarkable achievement it was cycling and running those distances in that heat – what a tough day that was! To encourage you to continue to chase your IRONMAN dream, be it your first, 10th or hundredth event, IRONMAN Oceania would like to offer you a $200 discount on entry to one of our 2018 full distance IRONMAN races in Australia or New Zealand. You will receive an email from ACTIVE in the next 48 hours with a personalised link allowing you to choose the event you'd like to apply this discount to (please ensure you check your junk folder). You'll have until 11.59pm on February 2, 2018 to make your choice. Once you have made your selection you'll receive another email within 10 business days with details on completing your registration to your chosen event. Once registered, normal race rules and T&Cs will apply. All the best over the coming weeks with your recovery, and we look forward to seeing you on the start line of one of our events soon. Kind Regards, Ben Herbert - Race Director
  12. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    I was told that once they shortened the bike course they pulled all of the TO's off the course. There were no officials in the penalty tent when I went passed it. Is this correct and if so why?
  13. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    It was 36 degrees. One aid station ran out of ice. Two aid stations were rationing the ice. This meant that the Endura was warm and I could not drink it. The last two aid stations ran out of water bottles. You had to stop your bike and the volunteers would fill your drink bottles with a jug. Mentally it was hard. I kept thinking this is not an Ironman so what is the point in killing my self to finish it.
  14. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    It was a PB for me, however it was my slowest marathon and if I had done the full ride it would have been my slowest bike. No swim due to a shark, a 168.4 km cycle due to a bush fire and a 42 km run/stagger/shuffle. A volunteer told me that there were 400+ DNF's. Well done to every one who finished.
  15. IMWA 2017

    I think that he will break 4 hours on the bike. I have found the course distance to be accurate, last year my Garmin had the bike at 179.8km with a massive 176m of elevation.