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  1. If you would rather spend $25 I can highly recommend Fiski googles. They do not leak, do not fog up, they fit without the straps being tight so that you do not get goggle eyes. https://fiski.com.au/?v=fdd13832cd81
  2. I have the 530 and luv it. I find the maps really useful when I am riding in an area I am not familiar with. I am no power guru. However when I am in the TT position I have the cycling dynamics page open on the 530. It helps me to concentrate on smooth pedaling and increasing the power phase of each revolution. https://www8.garmin.com/manuals/webhelp/edge520/EN-US/GUID-AEA5BC72-9B27-4F4A-8E44-68E24DDC57D0.html
  3. Ironnerd

    IMWA 2020

    A lot of people will have accomodation booked for that weekend. There will probably be a number of tri clubs and training groups doing a training camp down there on that weekend.
  4. Ironnerd

    IMWA 2020

    Second greatest 😃
  5. Minimum specs for a Windows laptop: Intel I5 or AMD R5 8GB RAM SSD Hard Drive (at least for the operating system) Super fast wifi so that you can waste most of your day on Transitions.
  6. Ironnerd

    IMWA 2020

    Sadly no. I am going back to work next week. So will be away for the half. It is a pity as I am in the best run and cycle shape that I have been in for 10+ years. Are you doing the Half?
  7. Ironnerd

    IMWA 2020

    I am going to roll my IMWA over to 2021. I have taken a credit for UTA. Until there is a vaccine, I will not be entering any races early.
  8. UTA and IMWA for me. I will take the credits and use them when racing returns in 2021.
  9. It is hardly vanilla. It is the only IM where you get to swim with the sharks 🦈. Instead of vanilla I can highly recommend Simmo's banoffee pie or the mango when you come and do Busso. 🍦
  10. Ironnerd

    Maths Quiz

    My apologies. I know that it is against the sand box rules for two people to agree with each other. 😃
  11. Ironnerd

    Maths Quiz

    Mathematics is the language of science and studying it is never a waste of time! (As a guy who completed a mathematics degree back in the dark ages I may be biased)
  12. Ironnerd

    Maths Quiz

    I think that it is 64. 4 digit combinations = 4x3x2x1 3 digit combinations = 4x3x2 2 digit combinations = 4x3 1 digit combinations = 4
  13. We hope this email finds you safe and well.No doubt you’ve been closely monitoring the situation here in Australia and Western Australia over the past few months and wondering if IRONMAN Western Australia will take place as planned on 6 December 2020, so we wanted to give you an update with the information we have right now.While the situation continues to be highly changeable, and we’ve faced enormous challenges over the past few months, I want to reassure you that our team, with the support of our stakeholders, is doing everything we can to ensure the event has the best possible chance to ta
  14. Sounds like fun Steve. I am a little disappointed that the run does not go through Mongolia. Though you have been there, done that. 😃
  15. As the video that you posted showed the Victorian contact tracers did not use the app data at the start of the second wave. They have now started using the data again. As the video that you posted showed NSW contact tracers have identified hundreds of contacts using the app data. The more people who download the app the more effective it will be. You can either continue to achieve nothing by criticising it or you can help make it more effective by downloading it.
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