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  1. DC Rainmaker has rebooted his podcast. His co host is now gplama. Worth a listen if you are interested in techy stuff.
  2. The victim impact statements are tragic. He is scum.
  3. Way, way, way too many beers!
  4. Reading between the lines I suspect that the May Busso half may not be a branded IM event next year
  5. It was Windows 99.7 after they applied the active fee.
  6. A cancelled swim would make me happy. 😀 It will be tough on the bike with rain and strong winds.
  7. Ironnerd

    TV Shows

    Foxtel Go. Get the free 10 day subscription and binge watch 7 seasons in 7 days 😀 Foxtel Go costs $25 per month. You can sign up and cancel at anytime.
  8. Most Australian banks allow you to do instant payments using PayID https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/managing-your-money/banking/instant-bank-transfers-with-payid I have set up my email address as my PayID.
  9. Amazing race by Jocelyn McCauley. A top 3 contender for Kona.
  10. Ironnerd

    Garmin 945

    My 920XT died at 96km into a 100km Ultra run. This meant that it did not upload to Strava! If it is not on Strava it did not happen.
  11. Ironnerd

    Garmin 530/830

    DC Rainmaker has his review of both up. https://www.dcrainmaker.com/
  12. My Hoka shoes wear out much faster than my NB shoes. I mainly run trail so there is a lot more wear and tear on the tread. Like Peter I recover much faster after a long run if I wear Hoka's. So I will keep replacing them.
  13. If you have an Andriod phone it is likely that Google has been tracking you. You can use this to work out the dates and times you were at the studio - creepy but useful. https://www.google.com/maps/timeline Big brother is watching you.
  14. Happy Easter. Enjoy your long weekend.
  15. Ironnerd


    I did the Great Wall marathon last year. Much, much tougher than a normal marathon. Only about 10km is on the wall. The rest is on a tough undulating route. It was a fantastic experience. If you do the race take the opportunity to tour China while you are there. It is an amazing country.
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