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  1. Fortunately I can be a not very good Engineer and still find work.😉 Having worked FIFO for 25 years I have worked far to many Sundays, Christmas, Easter, etc.
  2. Psychology has one of the worst employment rates for full time work for Uni graduates ~ 60% https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-01-11/australian-job-prospects-for-university-graduates/10706216 http://www.graduatecareers.com.au/research/researchreports/gradstats/
  3. Ironnerd


    Enjoy your trip. The terracotta warriors, great wall, forbidden city, etc are amazing. I used my phone with wifi without any problems. I used Google translate at lot.
  4. People who rack up ~ $20,000 of HECS fees studying subjects such as "Event Management" and "International Relations" and then are surprised when they can't find a job in their field.
  5. I subscribe to Choice and always read the reviews before a purchase. Choice reviewed washer/dryer combo's. Models from Samsung, Bosch and LG were rated highly. Even if you are not a member I think that you can just buy a single report. Might be a good investment if you are going to drop $1000-$2000 on a machine.
  6. Interesting that they continue to use Facebook for race streaming. Facebook is banned/blocked in China. They are a Chinese company and are trying to grow the Chinese market. Their target growth market will not be able to watch the race. I am annoyed also. Facebook is blocked at work. I used to be able to have the race on in the background when they streamed it on their own website. First world problems!
  7. Most of the bike manufactures have a fit calculator or fit diagram on their web sites. It shows what size frame will fit your height. Competitive Cyclist have a fit calculator. You enter various measurements - leg length, truck length, arm length, etc and it gives you the the frame size to buy. https://www.competitivecyclist.com/Store/catalog/fitCalculatorBike.jsp#measures Both of these methods will let you know if the fit is close and worth pursuing.
  8. There are 175 Legacy spots for Kona 2019. If people can not take them, they are offered to the next person in the queue. So 7% of the starters are Legacy athletes.
  9. Like you I do not understand this point of view. The US has one of the highest gun ownership rates in the world. Yet shooting and mass shootings are a daily occurrence in the US.
  10. NZ PM has confirmed 40 dead. A terrible nightmare.
  11. Scott Morrison has confirmed that an Australian born citizen is in custody after the shootings in NZ. A terrible, tragic day.
  12. I bought my 920XT from the US two years ago at a 50% discount to the price in Oz. Like the 935, it does not have maps. It works perfectly in Oz. I have not had any problems with it, so can not comment on warranty. I couldn't resist the $399 deal on the 935. Unlike the 920, I can wear my 935 as my everyday watch. I have just ordered a Samsung tablet, direct import, from Kogan. The model I ordered is not available in Oz. Kogan have a section on their about direct imports and warranty. https://www.kogan.com/au/direct-import/ I am looking forward to trying out the Aftershokz headphones that I ordered from Willie, when I get back to Oz in a couple of weeks.
  13. In my dealings with the Legacy team I have found them really helpful and flexible.
  14. I was originally advised 2019. In 2018 in June I was offered a 2018 spot. I contacted IM and was able to decline the 2018 spot and keep the 2019 spot.
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