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  1. Two that are most talked about in the area are Dynamic Motion at Asquith. Located opposite the train station. Physio’s have good reputation and they have an exercise physiologist on staff Northside Physio in Hornsby. Is located opposite Barker. Physio’s very knowledgeable and good reputation I know people who have been to both and they are highly recommended. Good luck to your mate.
  2. I make a heap of little frittatas in a muffin tin on the weekend and have a couple of those for breakfast during the week. I usually have sweet potato and spinach but you could do anything that took your fancy.
  3. I had some similar rules when naming my son. We ended up with Hamish which has been a great choice for him. Not many others around and not so weird that people have to ask twice what his name is. Good luck with the name and the baby ?
  4. 50.9. Up .4 but I had a birthday which I managed to celebrate all through the weekend so pretty happy with that
  5. 50.5. No change again but happy with that as hardly any exercise due to work and sickness. Think I just worked out part of my sickness is hayfever so will be forging on with exercise. Hopefully it will budge for next week.
  6. 50.5. Same as last week. Happy with that as was a bit slack. I seem to behaving one good week and then a slack week. Need to up the good weeks
  7. Oh come on! Stepping on Lego with bare feet has to be at the top of the list
  8. 50.5. Very happy with that as wasn't being completely strict with what I was eating.
  9. 51 which is no change from last week. Happy with that as had a couple of blow outs and getting complacent after last weeks loss. Back on track this week
  10. 51.0 Down 0.7. Very happy with that. Have been using the my fitness pal and finding that helps to keep on target. Have also cut out the "little" bits of rubbish food I was eating and thinking I could get away with. I've also become more focused on my training which is good.
  11. I'm in! Need some motivation to get back on track and before I become wide as I am tall. 150cm and not been on the scales for a long time!
  12. He had obviously only just met you You are a legend chick, so glad the little suckers have done their job xx
  13. How did it go Bored@? Hopefully they didn't balls it up
  14. I'm the manager for my sons U9 soccer team and we have a roster for half time fruit and jersey washing. Most of the parents don't want an after game treat so I leave it up to each parent to decide to being something or not. I've also included watermelon in the mix before as my son doesn't like oranges. The kids love the watermelon! It's gulped up quick smart with the oranges only touched once the watermelon has gone
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