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  1. Loved your report. Your day two description is so true. Only difference is I was blown away by the scenery so didn’t mind the walk.
  2. Thanks, implemented that today. The problem up here in Alice Springs is that any crash generally involves rocks. None of the nice soft dirt to land in. Still beats working
  3. Day 3 or Redback MTB stage race in Alice Springs, so racing MTB this morning. The body it starting to hurt from the impact of crashing, Today could be a long slow day with the back of the field But beats sitting at a desk #redbackmtbrace #livingthedream
  4. when i did a 100km, i was very focused on avoiding injury or mental fatigue my longest run was 35km Most weeks topped out at about 80km I did allot of double run days, run to work 13km, run home 13km with backpack to practice carrying gear, maybe once or twice a week. I learn to check ego in and run slow and walk hills. Would run jog about 40 seconds/km slower than my normal long run cruising speed for some runs. I did 1 100km week only because i really wanted to and it nearly killed me. Longest run that week was about 16km, but 3 double run days, and 2 days off, two single run days. Used my bike as a recovery tool, and to initially do some longer sessions. After a run would then walk with family to spend more time on my feet. Found the most comfortable shoes i could to run in for training Had days off if mentally toast
  5. Sitting by the pool at the Mercure in Alice Springs. Having done stage 1 of the Redback MTB race this morning and have stage 2 at 4.40pm #livingthedream. #redbackmtbrace
  6. it is under 12 months old and from rebel so will go back to rebel when i am in a town with one. I am in Alice Springs for another 10 days and was hopping for a fix if fixable.
  7. Thanks, tried a couple but no response
  8. okay my 935 has gone blank, charged and stays blank. Thankfully the day after Run Larapinta I will take it back to Rebel when i get to a store. Any suggestions for how to reset, get it to power up as racing MTB tomorrow
  9. Back in Alice Springs now. It was everything Lawman promised. I will try and write something when on computer.
  10. Some photos of the first 2 stages
  11. Go out to the reef ( no you can’t drive incase someone mentions it)
  12. Thanks Tim. If your wife is in the same age group I’ll pass the compliment on
  13. Registration done and a beautiful day mans a photo from this morning at Simpsons Gap where the long course start tomorrow
  14. Finished work last Friday. All my sports gear packed to go back to NZ. Except gear needed for Run Larapinta and Redback. Weather forecast is for 31 degC in Alice Springs so looks great.
  15. Lesmack I love the heat. Rather be hot than cold. I saw the 31 degC for Sunday. Then 0 degC overnight in a tent. I’m really looking forward to the experience of the whole event. Main thing is to drink lots and drink early. I’m pretty much packed and waiting to fly Thursday.
  16. simple answer is no, although the giant may be better value compare the components. Alternative is higher spec second hand
  17. Bored thanks. I rate my caden wheels and will go on the new bike
  18. model is TERE then it is the green aqua limited addition more specifically https://www.chapter2bikes.com/green-aqua-limited-edition-tere.html it is a Large, disk brake option
  19. It's a Chapter2 Tere frame https://au.chapter2bikes.com/tere-range.html/ limited addition colour, they do runs in a colour then when sold that is it for the colour This is the bike company sponsoring Bigla woman's cycling team Yes, played a factor in my choice
  20. After a month how is the etap going?, smooth, battery life, any issues This arrived yesterday and now want to finalize the build, and interested in your thoughts on the etap force 12 speed Thanks
  21. From stalking on the competitor list, we are in the same age group so you are still young,
  22. Lawman thanks for the water tip for day 4. May have to break my rule about buying water.
  23. Lesmack, will see you there, I'm in for the experience and scenery This will be first Larapinta, but have done multi day races in past, so generic advise I will flavor water in bladder (using old style camelbak rather than new style vest with bottles) either with electrolyte or GU style salt tablets. For this will use water supplied at water stops, and hope flavoring will make it taste okay. recover after each stage is important, especially hydration/salts. Planning on buying lunch at at cafe's at end of stage, or having a few bar's fruit in bag that organizers will transport from start to end (assuming this will happen) pack compulsory gear into clear ziplock bags (squash air out and seal) so easy to inspect and move around, also make day to day organisation easier. Taking lots of compeded? blister strips to address any foot issues asap. Fresh socks each day, using same shoes as flying in as part of 6 week holiday (and bike for Redback MTB race 3 days later) Essentially it will be no different than doing back to back training days (I don't run consecutive days so will be interesting how my body goes). Sitting around afterward will be more restful than going to the office/work I am taking my own coffee but hoping to find a good local supply to get some for traveling I'll take my tranny hat richard
  24. I think i could have pre dislocated hip. (based on 100km in 13hr 45min Tarawea Ultra in 2015) Now almost certainly not, this is more based on the ability to train to get the physical conditioning. My strategy would have been to start at a comfortable pace, knowing will fade walk the hill on the first 3 laps to get a taste of how hard, then make decision on walk hill strategy after that minimize stationary time at transition. basically eat moving and only stop for sock/shoe changes, grabbing food. Focus on food intake for the first 8hr (daylight when body is used to eating) while 8km/hr sounds easy, if you spend 5 min each lap stationary at the transition/base that is 8km/55min of moving time (8.7km/hr) Good luck
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