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  1. Femoroacetabular Impingement (my hip is stuffed)

    From my discussion with the hip surgeon when they rebuilt mine after a bad dislocation, nearly 3 years ago. A replacement will last 15 - 20 years. So you dont want to be looking at a second one in your 80's as you may not recover well. They can do it but your physical recovery will be slow.
  2. What exercise did you do today

    This is interesting. I exercise as i enjoy exercise, to no real set plan. Sessions are about how i feel mainly time based and run, cycle to feel. Don't go out with a stuctured plan. These are generally runs or rides, not walk the dog which i don't keep track of but are important for his (rory) wellbeing. But i also race. So is my exercise training or exercise?
  3. Who's hi-jacked Bored@'s Account?

    It's great to have some positive and inspiring comments on here.
  4. Geelong 70.3 race day. Women's finish

    Paramedics are not allowed to run as it causes panic in the crowd
  5. USA shootings and gun laws

  6. Height & weight

    186cm and about 90kg Need to drop 5kg if want to go abit better. But I'm a lifestyle athlete so this is fun not ultimate performance
  7. New Busso swim course - shark friendly

    For those that want a interesting and challenging course go to Wanaka. Cheaper than WA for those on the Eastern side of Australia.
  8. Trannies Strava Page

    My is saying not logging anything for 3 days now. Or maybe i just haven't done anything. Where is the truth?
  9. WTB AS Ankle Brace - small

    where in sydney? a few of us live here. If close by i could do the pick-up post thing
  10. complete newb - needs advice

    Basically a seat post that you can lower the height of while riding. Most modern one have a lever on the left side of the bars. Means you can lower your seat height for descending. For a XC bike 75mm is fine, for a all mountain/enduro bike 125mm is common. I would rate the dropper seat post as the best advance in MTBing in the last 5 years.
  11. What training did you do today?

    Day 3 of the Snowy Mountains MTB Festive. 45km XC race 3 laps around Lake Crackenback resort. Solid riding with constant undulations. 3hr
  12. Trannies Strava Page

    Currently in top ten for the first time. And some segment 1st places with Trannies on the trails today. May have the 500th fastest time this year but first trannie.
  13. What training did you do today?

    Day two at Jindabyne. Today's race started with a mass start 18km uphill mtb ride up the Tredbo Valley trail. About 20min in i decided to back off as my HR was in the 160s and has been there a while. Then a pie, caramel slice and coffee (sport nutrition be dammed) then chairlift up mountain with a traverse across to the to of stage 2. Time trial start every 30s. Down the all mountain trail. on XC bikes this is like driving a soft roader at speed down a rutted 4wd track. 5km of hang on and ride. Very exciting to decend as speed at the limit of my skill. Stage 3 was down the Tredbo Valley trail which we rode up. Much faster and more fun. But again riding right on the limit. Firmly cemented my pace as bop in the old guys.
  14. What training did you do today?

    Down at Jindabyne. Started with 1hr 24min run of 10km along lakefront trials to the dam and back. Started pre dawn. Beautiful way to start the day. Total of 5 runs of the Tredbo flow trail and one of the all mountain trail. Total ride time of about 3hr. Considering on the flow trail not peddling had an average HR of 144 for 17 minutes. Must be the adrenalin. Then a 5.5km mtb time trial as the first stage of the Snowy Mountain MTB festival. I did 21min for the time trial which was not the fastest.
  15. Trannies Strava Page

    I'm in Thredbo to ride tomorrow. Do i have to stop my Garmin when on the lift going up and restart for the downhill runs. Or can i leave it running. Has a ski mode which sparates the lift from the skiing. but no gravity bike mode
  16. complete newb - needs advice

    depending on your height I'm 186cm and use a 29er, love it. But I would recommend a 27.5 to most people, lighter, more manageable, also you kids will grow into it and you can then upgrade. Also if you all end up with 27.5 then less spares, just easier. Both my kids have 27.5 bikes. Including my son 18 who is riding enduro, he wanted a new 27.5 when he got one in Dec
  17. Park Run

    yes you can use the same email address, my son and i used the same one
  18. complete newb - needs advice

    Spec shimano slx = 105 Suspension 120-130mm travel is the sweet spot for a do everything bike. If going 1x on the front then need at least 11 on the back. Preferably 30 on the front otherwise the gears will be to big to climb short sharp slopes Hydraulic disc are a must (cable disc are a waste of time). Don't be afraid of second hand. This may allow you to get a dual suspension bike for the same price. Alloy is the way to go for mtb frames.
  19. Marathon times

    I think FB stats are a good illustration of the fact that semi elite running (under 3 hr) is not progressing. The number is not increasing as there is only a small number who have the talent and will do the work to achieve the under 3hr. It is the combination of talent and training that is required. I could show a stat that NZ elete woman's is going slower due to the amazing performance of Alison Roe and Erin Baker in the 80's and 90's. That the current elete's are not achieving.
  20. Marathon times

    I think this is part of the change. People who did marathons were from running clubs, so were active in the sport for a while. Marathons were seen as something the more serious did (not necessarily the fastest). Now a marathon is what everyone can do, with the right prep it is an achievable goal, hence the growth in numbers. And the slowing down of average time. There is another factor that for some just doing one is enough, so doing 6-12 year is the target. Of this maybe one is the A race so do your best, the rest can be with others at a slower pace. I have a friend who does this will run 4hr in her A race and do 5 1/2+ for another 8 marathons a year supporting others who a 5 1/2 hr marathon is there best effort. This way she does 9 marathons a year. Me i can't be bothered with a run around at someone else's pace so each to there own. Hence i do 1 maybe 2 a year. Neither of us has a better method, just different.
  21. Workplace smackdowns

    Mention that the are merely sprint races and you are a long course athlete. You are merely doing as interesting training day and you will probably ride to the start and run home.
  22. Are you a meal prepper?

    If she is anything like my 16 year old daughter, just mention cooking for herself and the fad may go away before dinner. either that of mention bacon
  23. What training did you do today?

    with the family away this weekend was about having some fun in the best of North Sydney Friday night trail run on Perimeter Track at Terrey Hills. Combination of trail and fire trial for 40min in 36 Deg heat Sat 3km swim at Narrabeen ocean pool. longest swim for a while, just beautiful spot, followed by 2hr ride down the beaches and up around North Head Sunday up to Ourimba for 2hr on the MTB, great cross country circuit, that certainly spiked the heartrate Just having fun and enjoying being fit enough to do these things
  24. Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    thanks, while i like my gadgets, i can't see it when running as don't run in reading glasses.
  25. Running faster by running slower. Tips please

    Would you class slow as holding a proper conversation?, I have slowed my running down, but not to Sammy's leave and found it helps, but is the above the non gadget guide?