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  1. Derby MTB. This place is great. Come back to house for lunch. Today lunch was at a pub. Also trails some of the best I have ever ridden. Another day tomorrow as well
  2. why, volunteering for IM is like volunteering to work in a Unilever factory. Both corporates
  3. Maydena MTB park day 2 5098m vertical descending, upper body and thighs hurting, and 126m vertical ascending, yes that is all
  4. Day one ridden. We flew into Hobart and picked up a rental ute. Virgin the bikes can go free as sports gear Brought some yoga mats from Kathmandu to make cheap tailgate cover. We are staying in Battery Point in the old part of town; doing tourist things as well. Maydena is about 1hr 20min west of Hobart CBD. For riding we hired a Canyon Strive 170mm travel for daughter, son rides one, and i have a 140mm travel Niner RIP 29inch. Mine was at the bottom end of required travel. We had pre booked shuttle tickets and hire, done all waviers on line so was just pick up wrist band and bike. If you don't have a long travel bike, just hire and get a smaller rental car. Coffee at base was good, in reusable cups, food at lunch was good burger, chips or some other options, bit slow but really good. The shuttles were frequent and very good. longest wait would have been 10 min, did 5 shuttles. The trails are where a Thedbo blue is a Maydena green. The trails were unbelievably great, not crowded, lots of variation in surface and challenge. I stuck to the green and blue, the main difference was some of the green were groomed, where the blue more natural. My son rode the black and really enjoyed them. Descents were (fastest form a race the day before of 11min) for us were 25min to 1hr depending on trails used. The green trails were more groomed than the blue which was often the only difference., as they sometimes ran almost side by side. I stayed on the eastern side of the park, just because it was there. There are new trails opening and one called beach babe (through Beach trees) was just opened and probably the highlight trail; not on maps yet. Great chutes and the traverse lines across to the next part. The runs flow to junction points where you can stop and take a breath, before taking the next choice with sign boards at these points. Overall I would have ridden 30-40% of the green/blur trails. There are about 3 junction points that you then can choose the next trail based on how you feel. Some of the trails were getting a bit rutted out on the brake lines, but not bad, or you could do a different trail that felt old school through trees, roots etc, that felt like what i was riding 15 years ago, except at Maydena it had significant vertical drop. There was a good mix of ages from younger teens to 60+ year olds, the park is big enough for everyone to have some space and not feel crowded, and someone else dictate your ride. Over the day I did 5 shuttle runs and had lunch, rode 3hr 15min and 4200m of descending, 205m climbing all in first run due to doing a new long track that meant we had to climb out, the other 4 runs had no climbing at all. There is also a big jump park there as well. We are back tomorrow, i am sorely tempted to hire a Strive and will see how i feel in the morning On the way out there is a Berry Farm, that were selling fresh Raspberries and had Ice-cream made with their fruit. This was well worth the stop on way back to Hobart.
  5. Think from another podcast that Laura Siddall is on. Or the before IMAUS or IMNZ over the last few years
  6. Turts Women in Tri, is a Melbourne based lady, who is profiling women in tri, has a interesting podcast that interviews female athletes but focuses more on the rest of there life and not just races. I enjoy her style. http://www.witsup.com/ Also has a number of female pro's that are developing skills in media eg Laura Siddall I realize as a male i should be offended, but i think it is a great resource and only positive for the sport and everyone involved
  7. MTB bike at Maydena near Horbart total ride 3h15min, 31km, 205m assent, 4200m decending was 5 shuttle runs. The 205m of assent was all on the first run, when we went down a trail that had to climb out off. Next 4 runs had zero climbing. My upper body and arms feel like they have been hit hard. That was some fantastic trails, Will be back for another dose on Monday, then to Derby
  8. west pymble is open 7am to 6pm except Good Friday https://www.ymcansw.org.au/centres/ku-ring-gai-fitness-aquatic-centre/ Narabbeen ocean pool or Fresh water are both worth a visit, and wetsuit practise
  9. I think the legacy is great, only way i would get there. You have the right to be there.
  10. nice brag shouldn't you be old school and speedo's that would get you on the video highlights
  11. Or has Australia finally realised that if wants a prime minister and a rugby team the it should become NZ’s West Island 🙈🙈🙈😀
  12. rory-dognz

    Worn rims

    A crude method is inflate to 150 psi, if the blow apart then there we stuffed, if the don't fail then okay. #diskbrakesrule
  13. The are faster the right way around!!☹️
  14. Same discussion about cars. my 4K car does same job as wife’s 40k+ car. A set of golf clubs for me would be a waste as never would use them When you have disposable income it doesn’t matter how you spend it.
  15. Looks like I will be able to do the short course. Need to work out accommodation (Mercure looks booked out), then staying and doing the RedBack 4 day MTB stage race. I have essentially 2 half days and 1 full day in between, what recommendations for must does does anyone have?
  16. I was there that year too, highlight was Chrissie putting a medal around my neck, the rest of the day has been removed from my memory. things like the transition being under water, the river so brown you could only see you hand pressed up against your googles, rumors of dead cows in the river, and a long walk in the dark after imploding from lack of training. 2008 was the year Michelle Jones was second to Chrissie
  17. That must have been 2008, i participated that year
  18. I agree, but I'm still running 10 speed on one bike, mainly because it has rim brakes and has my deep carbon wheels for tri's. Also trying to keep the build under wife-al (wife's budget control). Although this will be the last bike brought under country relocation cause. Will then have to resort back to dog costs to justify.
  19. I have mesh bags from IMWA 2011 that were for the bike and run, that i still use. IM went to plastic bags as a cost out option, not a save the planet option. If IM used single use PET bottles, they are 100% recyclable in Australia. The plastics industry can not get enough bottles back to recycle to meet demand for rPET at present (I work in this industry so i know the facts). The problem is not the single use PET bottle it is the lazy, dumb consumer who buys and does not recycle.
  20. I'm currently spec'ing new bike. was trying to decide between e-tap 12 speed, e-tap 11 speed or Di2 ultegra. the di2 is built proof and safe option, bike builder wants e-tap as easier to install, and was saying 11 speed due to cost and spend the balance on a power meter. Now may be e-tap 12 speed force & power meter. I will get the pricing on Monday. Going to get a Chapter2 Tere Disk frame
  21. 5 months to go on that one. Thats if boarding school doesn't come sooner (but that may be a return to mortgage)
  22. mortgage free today
  23. If you don't already have clip on aero bars then that is the only cost effective upgrade. The rest is not value for money. I have my fastest IM bike split on a well fitted road bike with clip ons, than the following 7 on a tri bike, because i did more training in for the first one on a road bike. A option if possible is join a club and you may be able to borrow some gear that will help go faster
  24. Because they have more impact on my life than the state politicians, they are more accountable to Don't know but in our family we pay a lot of tax, and then private fee as well, I'm not feeling allot of value out of either
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