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    IMNZ 2020

    Under 2 months to go, who is doing the race? My training is going well, endurance is building nicely in the swim and on bike. My run will be what it will be. So far this year all my swimming has been in the sea. Slight changes to the bike course this year which I can't see making much difference.
  2. Could possibly be electrolytes. I use them in water and fuel separately generally, use the Nuum, GU, SIS type ones I find if tired or head ache these help. I have naturally low iron, and take supplement when training lots but find the electrolytes help more on daily basis
  3. Lights I use good for being seen but would use to see with
  4. Rode to work today makes office look great
  5. Slowtwitch has a review posted a couple of days ago and they say 15 hr
  6. I run about 90 psi. Just because it is comfortable. And am around 90kg plus bike. I have run road tubeless down to 70. Psi but cornered like had a flat
  7. I'm like you and do whole blood I book next appointment as i leave from the current appointment, otherwise life gets in the way The NZ blood has an app that allows you to book so do that while waiting to leave.
  8. rory-dognz


    Hope everyone is safe We can see the haze over the sun in Auckland today
  9. Sealant may work. You could try a plug if sealant doesn’t. if the tyre is worn then maybe just save hassle and put new one on. if going the new route and diy then unfold tyre and put on rim and leave 24hr before trying to pump up. I try and get tyre to clip on and seal before putting sealant in (saves mess if have to take tyre off) you may need a high volume pump to put tyre on and seal if buying tyre from lbs get them to put it on good luck
  10. rory-dognz

    2019 totals

    Yes. That is currently the motivation. Although that ride nearly killed that. Road in best condition I have ever seen it. Just a boring as ride
  11. rory-dognz

    2019 totals

    I meet some interesting people while riding like you, does that count?
  12. If it has sealant in pump up and spin; this will spray sealant around garage so do outside. then put hole at bottom and let sealant do job. if you have damaged rim of have a cut in tyre the sealant won’t seal. if you have no sealant in tyre then either remove valve core and put some in. Then pump up and spin to seal
  13. Fergus apparently I wanted Dyson as our first Airedale was a Hoover and cleaned up anything kids dropped. Rory was a vacuum between the ears. So keeping the theme going. But no one else thinks it is a good name
  14. Newest addition Airedale pup came home today. It will only be 3 years until calms down
  15. So to the average simple person what does this mean? And will it have significant impact on Australian/NZ economy?
  16. What we set with kids when in a study course then we will help, negotiated as required they always kids pay their own phone and petrol/public transport The car I own and pay rego, insurance extra as much cheaper, also i pay upkeep eg tires, servicing but they need to keep car in acceptable condition. They pay any claims excess, fines etc when they are not in study then they will pay rent/board (which we may refund when they study, as part of compulsory saving).
  17. My son when these came out spent ages looking for a Joseph eventually stood in a que for 1/2hr to get one printed, so yes they can work
  18. For me endurance sport is an escape and freedom. To reach my full potential it would have had to become the focus, the opposite to the why. Perhaps also I grew up where you job paid the way, therefore that was a key focus and sport/hobbies were something extra. Have I reached my potential probably not, but happy
  19. rory-dognz

    Peloton Ad

    I buy the kids the kitchen things, they think it is good and don't have to worry about the politics of wife or friends. Maybe it is a family thing as still remember getting a new "handpiece" (used for shearing sheep) for about my 7th birthday, because dad needed one and it was about the time of my birthday. Also got a tetanus shot on my 10th birthday.
  20. Chernobyl is on free to air TV here in NZ at present. Very compelling viewing. So interesting insights into the Russian system and way of thinking at the time. Can see the parallels with the systematic sports doping going on!
  21. Down to 84.1kg this morning, overall drop, but pretty consistent around 85kg. The drop yesterday and today is most likely dehydration from the weekends MTB riding (11hr roughly). Overall has been good to have an external tracker and chat. Need to progress downwards some more
  22. IMNZ at Taupo in the earlier days was if wet the cow shit in the road spray. There were a number of places where the cows crossed the road to milking twice a day. They have tunnels For the cows these days. Taupo again the Whaka coming onto the beach at Dawn shortly before the swim start.
  23. Diamonds, thanks for the info on St Helens where did you stay? re Maydena your bikes are pefect, that is what we rode
  24. Be keen to hear more about St Helens trails. Loved Derby All I can say about Maydena is check your brake pads and don’t be afraid to hire a longer travel bike especially for the young fella. Maydena was terrifyingly good for a old xc rider like me. My kids loved it. I’m in Rotorua at present and loving the trails here. Hope to possibly get to St Helens & Derby late Feb
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