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  1. Rode with a mate on weekend with a Varia. He linked it up to my edge 1000. Was good to see cars approaching from behind before I could hear them. We we on rural roads a lot of the ride. Felt safer.
  2. rory-dognz

    IMNZ 2020

    Under 2 months to go, who is doing the race? My training is going well, endurance is building nicely in the swim and on bike. My run will be what it will be. So far this year all my swimming has been in the sea. Slight changes to the bike course this year which I can't see making much difference.
  3. Could possibly be electrolytes. I use them in water and fuel separately generally, use the Nuum, GU, SIS type ones I find if tired or head ache these help. I have naturally low iron, and take supplement when training lots but find the electrolytes help more on daily basis
  4. Lights I use good for being seen but would use to see with
  5. Rode to work today makes office look great
  6. Slowtwitch has a review posted a couple of days ago and they say 15 hr
  7. I run about 90 psi. Just because it is comfortable. And am around 90kg plus bike. I have run road tubeless down to 70. Psi but cornered like had a flat
  8. I'm like you and do whole blood I book next appointment as i leave from the current appointment, otherwise life gets in the way The NZ blood has an app that allows you to book so do that while waiting to leave.
  9. rory-dognz


    Hope everyone is safe We can see the haze over the sun in Auckland today
  10. Sealant may work. You could try a plug if sealant doesn’t. if the tyre is worn then maybe just save hassle and put new one on. if going the new route and diy then unfold tyre and put on rim and leave 24hr before trying to pump up. I try and get tyre to clip on and seal before putting sealant in (saves mess if have to take tyre off) you may need a high volume pump to put tyre on and seal if buying tyre from lbs get them to put it on good luck
  11. rory-dognz

    2019 totals

    Yes. That is currently the motivation. Although that ride nearly killed that. Road in best condition I have ever seen it. Just a boring as ride
  12. rory-dognz

    2019 totals

    I meet some interesting people while riding like you, does that count?
  13. If it has sealant in pump up and spin; this will spray sealant around garage so do outside. then put hole at bottom and let sealant do job. if you have damaged rim of have a cut in tyre the sealant won’t seal. if you have no sealant in tyre then either remove valve core and put some in. Then pump up and spin to seal
  14. Fergus apparently I wanted Dyson as our first Airedale was a Hoover and cleaned up anything kids dropped. Rory was a vacuum between the ears. So keeping the theme going. But no one else thinks it is a good name
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