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  1. rory-dognz

    Aerodynamics of Ironman Cycling

    Don't worry the posties will be out doing deliveries all day on there bikes, just in front of one of there own☺️
  2. rory-dognz

    TriEvents WA

    In the MOP/BOP where i am there is more perception that to "go round" an ironman is super human, where anyone can do a short course. I get allot more interest/comments about doing IM Aus in 13hr 40min this year than hammering myself at Sydney duathlon or Nepean. There is that status of long course created by people and race organisations alike. For me i find the short harder because it is harder to maintain the red line.
  3. rory-dognz

    Froomey banned from tour

    This was smart move by ASO, generated heaps of publicity in the week leading up to the tour, when all eyes were on the football. The mainstream media; which would have ignored the tour, now are focused on it. Joe public now knows it starts next week. Call me cynical but this was a media stunt to generate new reports, ASO would have known the ICU decision before it was released to the public. Additional ASO (and France) are now the keepers of the clean sport.
  4. rory-dognz

    Top money earners mid year.

    Yes Interesting to note how often some of the women are racing eg Laura Siddall has raced 7 times
  5. rory-dognz

    New road wheel manufacturer....

    I am thinking the other way, I won't buy a new tri bike until they are fully disk / tru axle compatible. Disc's are a bit like di2, it is a solution to no real problem, but a move with the times. I also want cross compatibility between bikes and having gone down the road bike disk option.
  6. rory-dognz

    Froomey banned from tour

    I think more ASO trying to say we are doing our bit for clean sport. But the legal guys made us let him start.
  7. rory-dognz

    Challenge Roth

    potentially english version https://www.challenge-roth.com/cockpit/index-en.html#desktop
  8. rory-dognz

    New road bike disc or not

    Ayto, my experience with Canyon (ordered mid/high end MTB for son, delivered into Rural NZ, last dec) was easy, all the done on-line, the chat was with someone in Melbourne about sizing, delivery etc. He was helpful and knowledgeable about the range and delivery etc. The value of the bike was much better than buying in Aus with a end-of-season run out pricing (range of 40% less than full rrp on an equivalent bike for a store in Aus). For NZ needed a customs clearance number which family had, but not to hard to get, not sure if required in Aus. For my next road bike will certainly consider Canyon cheers
  9. rory-dognz

    Cairns IM 2018

    Great report, just to clarify sub 13 is not BOP
  10. rory-dognz

    NZ / AUS what am I?

    Qualifying as a NZer but not living there can be difficult for popular ITU races, you only get considered if there are not enough residents wanting the spots. I think it comes down to what you want to tell your kids. As they are Australians, do you want to be different?.
  11. rory-dognz

    Plastic bag ban.....

    they are called paper bags
  12. rory-dognz

    What do I need to do - 70.3 worlds 2020

    Children be nice remember!!!
  13. rory-dognz

    New Fenix 5

    I decided to buy new wheels for the same money. This way i will look flash, and not know i am going slow.
  14. rory-dognz

    2018 Goals-what are they ?

    This being my 50th year I'm finding a number of things to justify as goals IM Aus tick lining up a marathon, maybe a open water swim,
  15. rory-dognz

    TA Membership time

    A member as get the discount on races and need to be for the local club.