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  1. If they did that then sure why not. If they don’t then I’m not a failure. I know I only need to do another 5 IM branded races and I will have qualified. That’s only 84hr and 55min of exercise to get the invite. Play the system.
  2. rory-dognz

    The 1% stuff

    My son and I drew the line at this, me running/riding to cricket or running laps of the park while he was in the field, wearing Vibrum 5 fingers. But the wind trainer was a step to far. 😃
  3. I run 10 speed on the kickr. you need a spacer that goes on before the cassette same spacer that was needed to run some 10 speed cassettes on wheels that can take 11 speed cassettes
  4. The Duel citizen is not a path open to Kiwi's like us who move back and forth.
  5. Greyman was the last ever official finisher at Ironman Forster, from memory the following year the event moved to Port Mac
  6. In our household my wife has a BA in English Literature, and now earns in the top 10% contributing more tax a year than I earn in total. I have a BE (chemical engineering) which is professional qualification, plus 2 other professional either Industry or Uni qual. And earn allot less. Neither of us work in what we qualified in 30 years ago. But the piece off paper was handy over the years. Additionally we now are in a situation where we pay all this tax, can't vote and our kids can't access hecs. So they are have gone/going to NZ to have zero fee's for first year Uni
  7. Turns. Congrats on your finish in the 100
  8. rory-dognz

    Bike Boxes

    This is the one we have https://www.evocsports.com/products/bags/bike-travel-bag currently I don't have the road attachment but looks like the one below has those things https://www.evocsports.com/products/bags/bike-travel-bag-pro
  9. rory-dognz

    Bike Boxes

    I think the no soft bags was just Haiwai airline to Kona. Virgin and Air NZ have taken my sons and mine recently. There is also a difference between soft/cloth and padded internal frame like the evoc. Good luck getting a definitive answer from a airline 😀
  10. rory-dognz

    Get ya noodles!

    Interesting and makes sense.
  11. rory-dognz

    Bike Boxes

    I have a evoc bag. It is a padded semi rigid bag with wheels As does my son who has done at least 20 flights with it and no bike damage or bag damage in the last 16 months. Easy to pack. Disassembled can be packed under a bed etc. for a road bike trip bike you will need the internal holder.
  12. rory-dognz

    Carbon Hoka's

    Spoken like someone from marketing, using interchangeable terms to add complexity and justify increase in cost
  13. I hope it is one of those trendy vegan places so you can eat there😋
  14. For bike studio these guys are at bottom of town, and I believe good https://vbike.co.nz/ Pools are a bit harder, Pt Erin is outdoor, Newmarket is olympic indoor and has squads, not sure where you are based exactly in the CBD Running is along the waterfront, domain, or viaduct to west haven and under bridge
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