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  1. Try aqua shop Or Google
  2. That bike collection is way more important than the car I drive 😁
  3. Gave whole blood on Tuesday, they had removed a chair to make more room and stayed away more. Never seen the blood donor center so empty. Staff said they has lots of cancellations. If you can give blood please do especially if you have spare time like me
  4. Most software like rouvy, zwift have free trial periods You could rotate a few of these
  5. rory-dognz


    First in NZ so different from you guys. no details on pay yet, as company still working it out. Government has package that can apply for either individually or company but don't have details. I have only been there 4 weeks so no significant leave balance. will be okay as we are financially good, will just use last years redundancy to see us through. up side is company is sound and once lockdown over has orders and will be okay
  6. rory-dognz


    Just got e-mail from work: 4 week shutdown, no pay, possible government package Going to be a long 4 weeks, especially with two young adults in house and only one kickr
  7. You could unscrew the face plate to see if any connected!, Does the house have an aerial/dish?
  8. Teaching Fergus to move number around spreadsheets. Sent this photo to boss today
  9. The power board is not plugged in. Just hasn’t been put way
  10. rory-dognz


    NZ into full lock down in 48 hours Everyone is mad scrabble to get family units together. Especially for those of us with kids at Uni. Kids are driving home from Wellington in morning, otherwise I was going to do a drive down, pick up youngest (18) and friends and drive back (19hr return) as can't stay with either parents or in-laws on way down.
  11. One upside of work from home due to covid-19
  12. I might use my eMTB for the ride. Run up and down next to the pool. Ride eMTB for the run. Or they could just do the right thing and offer the slots first to people who have done 70.3 or IM
  13. Giving away slots to the world championships on a VR platform. Ironman has finally "jumped the shark"
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