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  1. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    If the All Blacks lose on Saturday i'm going to blame the fact that NZ has allowed SSM. If they win then I going to claim they are better because SSM is allowed in NZ. This is all to do with religion as The All Blacks are a religion to themselves. And Australian citizen ship fights of you elected members are distracting the public focus from the above fact.
  2. The Politics Thread

    Perhaps this will make it easier for those of us who add value and pay a shit load of tax to get equal rights here, I'm talking citizen ship not marriage equality.
  3. Same Sex Marriage Vote. How would you vote?

    i'm not allowed to vote in Australia no matter how long i live here. I don't see why your elected members of parliament don't vote, why waste my tax payer money on something that has little impact on the country as a whole.
  4. City Joggers are Rude

    I do this, but last week running on the M7 path a cyclist told me i should be running on same side as the cyclists in there direction. Some days you can't win
  5. Recycling.....

    I can give some info on PET plastic (clear water/juice/milk type bottles) recycling re-usage; because i now work for a bottle manufacturer. The demand for bottles with recycled PET (r-PET) is very low, There is only one brand of water out there that is made from 100% r-PET bottles, a few more that will have 30 to 50% r-PET. The r-PET makes the bottles slightly cloudy and not that clear shinny bottle that consumers want. Our monthly usage of r-PET is approx 5-10% of resin. The key to getting more recycling is getting more usage for recycled components. When you buy a water bottle, buy the one with the recycling claim. This will then send a message to the supplier and they will create demand on us for the bottles with r-PET in them. Personally I rarely buy water, don't take supermarket bags; and those we do get used to pick up after the dog. We tend to put more in the recycling on the off chance that it can be recycled, rather than it go straight to the tip.
  6. Rotorua half (or should it be Taupo)

    definitely TT bike, not huge hills, more steady climbing/decending. The roads are open so there will be traffic. Taupo is on semi closed roads, will have that corporate feel. If you are taking family, Rotorua has more for them to do especially if they don't want to watch race. It is based out at one of the lakes so not allot for them to do while you are racing; other than swim in the lake and a bush walk.
  7. Things to do in Sydney

    this is what i recommend visitors or take them on. the museum in the bridge tower (city end) is great and has the best view, and very cheap if they don't want the zoo then do ferry to Manly if you want to see a beach
  8. Rotorua half (or should it be Taupo)

    the Rotorua half is very old school feel, almost club style. Professional but don't expect the 70.3 hype. I did it a few years ago the course has hills, and rough roads, the run is off road. The race course goes past some thermal areas but the smell can vary dependent on the wind, didn't affect me. The race director is a true character and will answer any questions with the blunt truth. other options for NZ are Auckland in March, and i think Napier has one to that is new
  9. WC Selection Races Distribution, Fair?

    World Masters Games the above sports were all on the roster and it was country representation. Personally i think it is great that the ITU holds AG worlds as how many other federations/governing bodies provide the opportunity for they grass roots members to play against similar minded and aged people. It don't recall cricket, football, rugby etc (or any team sport), looking after its members like this.
  10. Gelatin

    then if you dissolve in hot water and drink, tastes like vomit Not been a highlight of the morning for the last week, but hasn't killed me. Also don't drop an efficient tablet into your full cup of hot water and gelatin: that makes a mess and there is no way to stop that chemical reaction
  11. Caps and Visors. Come and get 'em.

    I used mine on the second run of the Sydney duathlon on the weekend and ran faster with it on than off. Was 6sec/km faster with it on therefore scientifically proven to enhance your performance
  12. Official "Where I've ridden" thread

    Rode in the Hornsby trails on the weekend. About 5 min ride from the train station and have been reopened after the m1/m2 work. There is only about 3km of trail and a BMX style track. The tracks were great and challenging to ride well, I did about 10km in the hour i had of climb/descend over great flowing stuff. Lots of repeating the same tracks but by taking different options could make each little loop slightly different. The trails are on the side of a hill so lots of up and down on the side of what i think was a quarry. There is plans to reopen some more and extend the trails. I really enjoy the ride and will certainly go back when i have to kill an hour or two in Hornsby (got to be better than the mall, or awaiting for kids sport to start).
  13. the 2017/18 financial year cost of pool swimming

    West Pymble was $6.80 i think last time i swam. Great pool choice of indoor or outdoor Can be cheaper with a concession i think, but i don't swim often so happy with pay by the swim
  14. Sydney Duathlon

    Great morning out. The sun shining and heating up to a great warm day The course was fun, runs lots of minor hills to keep entertaining. The ride was flat and straight for a majority, with 90 or 180 degree turns. At the MOP end of the field not congested, no draft packs. I used the TT bike as wanted to use my deep wheels solely because they look great. It was the right choice as suited the course. I had a nice relaxed first run, enjoyed the ride then redlined the second run which was the plan. No sheep stations on the line for me.
  15. Clothing for cycling in the cold

    I like Cranky's style must buy something for $16, then have to make it up to $100 to save freight