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  1. rory-dognz


    Totally agree and that possibly is what is annoying about the add. It is telling some of us that we don’t know how to act like we do act.
  2. rory-dognz


    You should not feel responsible for this. not telling you how to raise your son. But provide the best you can around him. Eg take him to your 70.3, he will see women wearing not much more, but proud of what they can achieve. He will also see you as positive role model compared other people, using sport positively. Then he may follow your actions.
  3. rory-dognz

    Splitting a long run

    Split run days are great, i wouldn't add to the time as the second run is done more fatigued than if did it all together. If running to beach swim run home makes it more enjoyable then it is better for you. Have some fun in this type of training. Brick session for a Breka type event
  4. rory-dognz


    More seriously drawing a comparison with treating other around you every day with respect, and your sample above?.
  5. rory-dognz


    Ex- Totally agree (as i said earlier) sender not from a "credible" source but the message is correct. Sometimes the message is more important than the delivery mechanism. This is my justification for growing a beard that the shaving company is sexist, I'll report back how the wife responds!
  6. rory-dognz


    So i should stop trying there is no hope that i am going to be successful. O wait i have what i have today from my physical appearance. Back to the topic, I think the message is appropriate and timely. The more the message is repeated in the main stream the sooner a shift will happen.
  7. rory-dognz

    Help for the direction challenged

    the Garmin edge 1000 (now 1020) has turn by turn navigation from preloaded route. shown on map a number of the garmin don't have map but have turn by turn from preloaded route, the 935 does, i think the 910 even did as i have followed a route loaded mtbing before
  8. rory-dognz


    One thing that gets me is it is "corporate" telling me to be a good citizen. When there corporate is not all that much of a good citizen. The overall message in the add is timely and positive,
  9. rory-dognz

    decisions on which bike

    I don't think wider rim maters much, generally with XC you run narrower tyre's 2 v 2.4 inch. It is the hub that has changed (650b is boost which is the current new standard!!) The key difference between slx and eagle is gear range. Unless you are doing allot of climbing it would not be an issue I think the 650b would be a more fun bike to ride over a wider range of trails, the 29 a bit more serious and race orientated.
  10. rory-dognz

    decisions on which bike

    I would prioritize dropper suspension travel eagle tire size rim width if the 650b has eagle then would be my choice. This would be the most versatile bike and most fun on everything https://www.giant-bicycles.com/gb/anthem-2
  11. rory-dognz

    MTB Tasmania Trip

    Thanks will join them
  12. rory-dognz

    All things IM NZ

    if you are taking family/supporters would go 2 mile bay as on the run course. Race can be cold/wet so take extra gear to NZ Go to the welcome ceremony as worth it Be at swim start at dawn for the Whaka to come in, and Maori welcome. Encourage spectators to watch swim start from cliff to, not by start as spectacular
  13. rory-dognz

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    So drug taking, you could say the same thing, organisations failing to police, Simple to police, have test, then be allowed to start race. Just need more resources yes above is extreme view but there are individuals who use the same rational to justify actions. My view is blantant drafting is an individual decision not to play within the rules
  14. rory-dognz

    MTB Tasmania Trip

    At Derby, do you just ride Derby or is Blue Tier worth going out to?. We have 3 days staying in Derby I think. If reasonably fit do the shuttles make sense or are the climbs reasonable on a longer travel bike?
  15. rory-dognz

    MTB Tasmania Trip

    Heading down to Tasmania over Easter with family, which is 3 MTBers (myself, 19 year old son Advanced level, 17 year old Daughter Intermediate) For anyone who has been what bike would you recommend for Maydena?. My daughter has a 120mm travel bike, will this be enough or should we hire a 160mm? Thanks, there will more questions soon