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  1. rory-dognz

    TA Memberships

    Had a call from TA today, asking about fact I hadn't renewed membership. Reason I'm leaving Australia as the only reason. Was good to see follow up on no renewals
  2. Decided to start work late 8.30am, so on bike at 7am. Rode about 1hr on M7 bikepath, Garmin says a high of 3 degC and a low of 0 degC. My toes are still numb Beautiful morning out, and 2 coffee's and 3 donuts; celebrating one of my co-workers new contract and another's birthday, later planning on sleeping the rest of the work day
  3. Good week with family away. I have 4 bikes and got to use them all Wed: aero road/TT bike on trainer with Zwift watching Giro Rosa highlights Friday: XC MTB on firetrails on a night ride, testing out new battery for light Sat am: road ride with Bunch on road bike Sat pm: Trail MTB at Hornsby bike park for a bash around the trails Today used XC MTB again on fire trails 3 runs as well, two off road
  4. Had my end date at work: with redundancy payout, confirmed today. All set to go and do Run Larapinta in Aug, before 5 weeks travel in Aus before going back to NZ to live
  5. Isn’t Pro part of Shimano?
  6. Would a tubeless have a lower ver than a tire and latex tube?. Eg gp5000 comes in both tube and tubeless options
  7. happened on stage 4 as well Great racing though, i'm watching the 1hr highlights of the Giro Rosa over the TdF
  8. well i certainly f@#k that up didn't I🤡
  9. fixed it for you
  10. Outlet track at Wanaka. 17km During the run though of ComfortlyNumb and fishing in the Cluta. Here is a photo for you. This is part of the run leg for Challenge Wanaka
  11. Great plant based nutrition high fructose corn syrup and soy brought to you by the USA farm subsidies
  12. Sorry, disagree strongly, there are lines drawn over what is acceptable and what is unacceptable. As time changes this line moves, it is refined by the part of society we are in. If a work colleague put a poster of the Folau post in your work lunchroom would that be okay?
  13. I didn't mention the newspaper that was for you to get your politics from (looked like the telegraph), or we just buying it to go home and light the fire, burning renewable energy instead of fossil fuels
  14. How do you rate the etap?
  15. I meet IronmanFoz today He was wearing a green shirt so i assume he is a left leaning greenie, although it was in the north shore conservative bubble great to meet him
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