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  1. Yes undoing valve can be difficult. I use pliers frequently. I always leave bike after riding so valves can drain!. If you have no obvious signs of a leak I wouldn't street over topping up sealant.
  2. To put air in just same as with tube. To put sealant in, yes either remove valve core or unseat tire from rim. I do valve core. Top up sealant using syringe or bottle with thin nose and squeeze in. I have a small plastic tool that works okay, or use one on my multi tool. A pair of needle nose pliers works.
  3. Played hockey and squash as a teenager, early adult, then when I could afford sport and moved to near the sea, windsurfed (IMCO racing and sarloum) for a few years. Then into multi sport (run, bike, Kayak) and onto Tri. with a lot of off road running and MTBing. outside of this snowboarding is the other activity still do. I have no hand/eye coordination so ball sports are out.
  4. In Auckland here life for me is normal in that I don't have weddings or other large gatherings planned. Life under our restrictions is fairly normal to me. Some people are isolating more than others. We have had 2 family holidays cancelled; one in each lockdown. Have a 3rd holiday next week so hopefully will get to the south island. If that is cancelled will be a real tipping point. Here it is the uncertainty of what will happen tomorrow/next week. will we get locked down again. I am employed and work from home which i dislike. I liked the physical and mental separation of the two. A
  5. I use the Ruby Projects, mine are nearly 4 years old and lasted well, have two lens (poly-chromatic and clearish) Issue with inserts is if misty, can get condensation between lens, which have to stop disassemble and wipe. happy to recommend and would buy again
  6. From the reporting this is the part that annoys me the most, that it is not reported a 51 humans, as if religion matters Also the title of the tread should be "mass murdering coward", the fact he was Australian born is not in my view a reflection on Australia or typical of the Australian culture.
  7. Unfortunately being kept in isolation for his own protection
  8. This is the art often overlooked in the pursuit of justification.
  9. Yes it was within the rules, but in the spirit of the game? Memorable moments can have learning's from e.g. play to the rules, Kiwi not over until the finish line etc
  10. Sorry if i miss interpret this but the Woman is stressed over catching Covid-19. Not about lockdowns.
  11. As a NZer growing up Earliest would be All Blacks games, particularly All Blacks v Scotland 1975 (I was 8 years old) ground was flooded on TV. They had to stop if the ruck went down due to risk of downing!. Watched Wallabies v Wanganui (local Provence) play in about 1976, Wallabies won 4-3. Then the under arm bowl in 1981 I was about 13, who could forget that! Kiwi come from last at the turn to win the Melbourne cup
  12. The NZ one most likely a Chapter 2 AO. I have a C2 Tere Most major brands have a Gravel bike in the range, generally a more relaxed/endurance geometry, wider than 30mm tires, often can take 650b wheels as well as 700c wheels. Often run a 1x gear system, no suspension, somewhere similar to a cyclocross bike. Spectum is from a road racer with more tyre clearance to a hard tail MTB with tyre clearance we used in the 90’s. CycleTips had a review earlier this year on the full spectum.
  13. I was thinking you and Mr Flower were perfect for this😃
  14. I'm with Roxii on the scooter practicality on short local use, however if you are going to get a scooter then get a classic. Image is everything. And the smell of 2 stoke is almost as good as smell of coffee
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