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  1. As we end the 1st Quarter looks like 2 of the first section are ticked off, on the sport side haven't joined gym yet IM not happening Snowy Mountains MTB festival done Nepean will do if still in Sydney Run Larapinta & Red Back MTB races going to force issue on redundancy timing, work may get a shock that it is less important than this trip Long bike may be Convict MTB race, which while only 100km is 7hr from me (on a good day) Snow board long run, this is going to be timing specific, may be Feb 2020
  2. Have a Asko T784hp heat pump drier which is very good. Wife is a big fan. Me me I prefer, have covered deck so does 95% of the drying
  3. Specifically in the case of Christchurch, this individual was not defending NZ culture. This was simply race based murder. I just hope that there is not retribution against NZ / Australian citizens in the recognition of the ANZAC landings this April.
  4. Fit is the most important, my head shape means some are uncomfortable. Second is colour has to match bike. Mips and the new Bontrager helmets are about reducing brain damage, beyond what a normal helmet will do, it is in the slowing the rotational inertia. Ventilation can be important in warmer climates (FP doesn't have to worry about this) I have a Kask and a Bell that fit really well, the Bell with mips, but is the wrong colour so mainly relegated to the mtb. Also need to be Aus standards approved
  5. 50 people died, numerous are in hospital. Do not try and normalise this or shift blame.
  6. I have never owned a record Had cassettes, cd's etc but never vinyl feel like i missed out on something
  7. I've lent wheels and some other gear to friends / club mates over the years My wife would sign my gear up quickly if she ever found out about this, to get some money back on the investment
  8. new entry portal, cut Active out, and now charge 15% for the privilege of entering.
  9. For me. Between 10 and 14 hr in the 12 weeks prior and average 8 hr across the year i am a mop/bop who is in it for a lifestyle. Best time 11hr 20 min self coached. With 9 IM completed over 13 years.
  10. Yes muppets parked under bridge across all lanes stopping everyone else.
  11. Ride after work. Went from 28 degrees to hail in 25 minuets. And bike broke so a 6km walk in the hail back to car. Accidently deleted file so didn’t happen. But have photo so does that count
  12. welcome back, and keeping us real😎
  13. I got over that ego thing in my first race (after leaving a boys only school)😉 that was 30+ years ago
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