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  1. What you still run wires, wireless etap is where it is at
  2. Watched the doco last night, very compelling presentation. Mirrors what The China Study book covered about plant based diet being better. What i didn't understand from the Game Changers doco was why so much of what they are was fake meat, eg hamburger patties, cheese. Seem to have the mindset that if you can confuse the brain into thinking it is original food then good to eat.
  3. My son went for a couple of years 16-18. He enjoyed it and it was a good focus for him and a few mates. i would take him, if he enjoys it and wants to go alone, could be a win. If he enjoys it and then talks supplements then encourage him to learn about the body and nutrition
  4. My experience which is limited to kid’s going through vegetarian phases is the meat substitutes are crap. Either taste bad or so full of chemical flavour, stabilisers and preservatives that you are better off avoiding. Child numbers two is currently trying Vegetarian for sports performance. Certainly cleaned up his eating which is only a good thing.
  5. Down 800g. After a solid 3 day’s on the MTB. Potentially some dehydration as food intake was solid and big. Nothing like a post ride pizza
  6. I used Speedgoats on Larapinta. They were comfortable and provided good grip on the rocks. Also comfortable enough to back up days. will try in the mud soon as in NZ now
  7. Just finished free trial enjoyed the video more than Zwift, also riding real course like Roth was good. will probably sign up next week
  8. First run in. A couple of weeks after ankle strain. Went slow with minimal discomfort. legs sore and tired now
  9. Currently use Ahari wide which are equivalent to Ascis 2000 series Clifton 5 Speedgoats 2 off-road I wanted extra cushion initially to train for 100km ultra, after broken hip. They work for me. The Ahari are a bit of a plank but surprisingly comfortable at the end of a run. The Speedgoats are too light for big mileage on road and will wear out quickly. Clifton are my main go to pair when running. i buy from the Hoka Australia web site but the clearance section as just getting last year’s latest and greatest.
  10. Ring Ben and Pedals Plus in Sydney, he was on here as PeePee. Does a install most days of the week
  11. wouldn't you be better off with a ebike!😏 Piss take above
  12. Like my Cadens, had them a year and no issues, just in process of upgrading the to a xdr driver to run 12 speed I have the deCadene rims which are slightly lighter,
  13. 86.5. Which is down 100g so same really. happy as started desk job so min amount of walking and doing stuff during day. Been trying to make sure walking in the evening.
  14. Roxii try sleeping with a pillow between your legs. This was how i was told to do it after my hip dislocation, it reduced the risk of the hip popping out if you moved wrong.
  15. move to the burb's we were in Gordon and public transport worked to the city, riding was great and IronmanFoz and Mr Flower rode with the NSTC club I am now in Auckland where it just rains
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