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  1. rory-dognz

    Winter Gloves

    Big fan of the ground effect winter gloves. Online orders designed for Christchurch winters. Wore mine on Sat MTBing, those gloves, 2 thermal layers on top, wool socks. Fingers good, toes cold
  2. rory-dognz


    Triggered by 5G rollout. 😄😄😛
  3. rory-dognz


    Living in Auckland. As someone whose life is back to normal after what we have up go keep the country free off community transmission. I don't see any rush to open the borders. Especially to countries that were not a hard on lockdown. Yes my job does not depend on tourist dollars and my benefit from NZers staying at home and spending there money here. NZ also has an election coming up that opening the borders will be a key issue. Current Gov't keep closed, opposition open them for economic benefit.
  4. rory-dognz


    I ride tubeless on my road bike. Had a sidewall cut that couldn't seal on Sunday. Very messy with sealant getting a tube in. But first puncture in 7 months on that bike. My TT bike build for IMNZ was 4 punctures in 2 months.
  5. Don't feel bad. You have done more than most of the general public.
  6. rory-dognz


    NZ only letting in citizens and permanent residents. And the odd essentials. Can't see a triathlete qualifying. Better to stay in Europe or USA and race there. Konami will only happen if Hawaii opens its borders and that will depend on the domestic USA tourist economy
  7. Here in Auckland first race this Sunday. Off road running series starts. Some cycling clubs have been racing for a couple of weeks. The smaller organizers are back running events. The multi national organizers will be slow to come back I think.
  8. additionally should be buying local to support local and domestic businesses. At present I buy everything from my LBS as i want them there to service my bike and for when i need urgent things like more tubes/tires.
  9. rory-dognz

    Floor tiling

    WE have the Bamboo as well, great product They just went over the top of the existing tiles
  10. Age groups, Pft, when you are that high in the rankings you only look at the overall😏 I thought AWA was a loyality so ranking was based on number off events not performance
  11. I've just gone to the next level and brought a bike one with an internal gearbox. No derailleur issues now
  12. As the person with the 860th fastest Ironman time world wide in 2020, I think they should cancel every race this year. My ego enjoys this status
  13. Di2 is one battery in frame, all parts are connected via cables. this is charged via a charging cable into the junction box (generally on bars). The system is hard wired together. SRAM AXS has batteries in all 4 components, the batteries on the derailleur’s have a separate rechargeable battery on each. There are no cables for the shifting on the bike. The system is wireless hence easier to install. The shifter batteries are as you say. The derailleur batteries you remove and put into a charging cradle to charge.
  14. The charging, I just do as if didn’t do routine would just run till flat; which is not a huge problem as can just swap battles over so rear delieur has power as does most of the shifting. I could set up so that SRAM talks to Garmin or phone and then would show me battery life, but a step to far for this simple old guy.
  15. I would fly with, just book extra bag. Cost will depend on your airline. for AirNZ https://www.airnewzealand.co.nz/prepaid-extra-bags
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