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  1. rory-dognz

    What purchases have you made on the back of Trannies?

    didn't you negotiate a percent of future sales/revenue?
  2. rory-dognz

    What purchases have you made on the back of Trannies?

    Brought some stuff on recommendations, eg wetsuit from Aqua Plus main ones from advertising on here: Caden wheels - sorely based on Trannies Pedal Plus is my local store anyway Trannies Hat Elete Energy races
  3. rory-dognz

    Coastal Classic, Anyone else???

    I did the first and again this year, with none in between. The board walk probably made it easier, you still couldn't pass so dependent on others. there is still allot of track that is tough (the first bush part, plus lots of rock, beaches), i don't think for a MOP it was any easier, maybe slightly lest technical (from a 9 to an 😎 It is still a great challenge, and for me was no easier, the views are still spectacular. If you are in Sydney this has to be a
  4. rory-dognz

    Blackmore's Running Festival 2008 and 2018

    That was a hard run. Weather was perfect. Ran with the 4hr pacer's although they split and i probably foolishly went with the faster one. All went well until about 33km then someone dropped a piano on me. The last 9km was hard, just kept trying to dig for something, stay positive and hope the finish line got to me before the 4hr back pacer, cos i had nothing. Kept eating and drinking (as i got that wrong in Coastal Classic). had a few concrete pills and reminded myself why i was doing it. I got home in 3:58
  5. rory-dognz

    Blackmore's Running Festival 2008 and 2018

    I’ll be hopefully hanging with the 4hr pacers for as long as possible. Wearing a nstc top and trannie cap hopefully a good day. This is another of those things to do in my 50th year
  6. Ta membership gave a link to itu website which has it live. triathlonlive tv is the website Otherwise Facebook has it I think
  7. rory-dognz

    New Mountain Bike - Recommendations?

    If for commuting on bike path, then a alloy frame, 29 inch wheels, low spec gears will start you off.
  8. rory-dognz

    It's goodnight from me..............

  9. rory-dognz

    Thoughts please .... on how to improve my life.

    Couple of things from my experience As the partner at home of a fly in Fly out spouse. It is disruptive and hard, in some ways harder than when it was the other way around. Your routine has to change in the same environment based on where your partner is there or not. being around your first child can be allot of fun and your partner may want more support. the other thing is it is only with you that the baby will pick up any Aussie terms, expressions. Can you put a case for 6 months leave of absence and try and make a go off it in Dublin?
  10. rory-dognz

    What training did you do today...

    That on a indoor trainer even a smart trainer on Zwift, you are 90% mental. Meant in best possible way
  11. rory-dognz

    Equal Pay

    In most races yes. This was championed by Erin Baker amongst others
  12. rory-dognz

    Wrist based heart rate monitor

    Pie, glad one of use can put it in simple english.
  13. rory-dognz

    Wrist based heart rate monitor

    If you have them both, does it show the two separately. With my watch the strap overrides the wrist in the recorded info.
  14. rory-dognz

    Wrist based heart rate monitor

    hi, still the same results that HR climbs on the optical and doesn't drop when stop (eg at traffic lights). Note this is on a cheaper Garmin watch. I use the strap most of the time now The newer soft strap is pretty comfortable, and for small fraction of the price of a Fenix potentially a good option
  15. rory-dognz

    70.3 World Championships in South Africa

    You have obviously never been to Taupo. This is the weather today, the ski slope just down the road is doing great.