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  1. Your right no women yet has come close with the current record of 4:12 being set in 1996 . I wouldn't say its anywhere near breaking 4mins but wouldn't say it never happened as they doubted that the 4min mile would not be broken yet Daniel Komen in 1997 did back to back sub 4min miles (2miles under 8mins) so its hard to know where the records will stop.
  2. The 4min mile is still a magical barrier especially for the women who are middle distance track runners as they are still edging there way ever so closer to it. I believe there has only been 13 Aussies to go under 4mins in Australia The mile in Australia is hardly ever raced which makes it hard for any Australian Middle distance athletes achieve this unless they are racing over season. The last Aussie I believe to break the mile barrier was a fellow club member of ours who did it over in the US indoors. I dream of breaking the 4min mile but I agree that back then the 4min mile would have made you the best in the world. If you do it now it would put in the finals in a national meet. Still a high standard but the mile record now is 3:43 A sub 3:40 seems to now be the new 4min mile
  3. While on some level I find you rude and a little obnoxious at the same time like your passion. I agree I might be limiting myself and think so many people do limit themselves. Something for me to consider, thanks for the banter. I like being pushed to question my opinions and views and has given me some food for thought for today. On a final note I congratulate anyone who proves others wrong and achieves more then what others may have said they could. I haven't read your background but sounds like you were one that achieved more then what others said you would. I congratulate anyone who puts in the hard work. While an online forum can struggle to show sincerity I am sincere and try to be when writing online. Now to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Looks like it could be a good day
  4. I guess my problem with relating one figure with another could be other aspects such as body make up. If your 85kg at 6 foot you might be able to push your body to a 15:30 5K but I think that same body might find it hard to carry it for a marathon in 2:30. The mind plays such a major role and mentally some find it easier to race shorter distances while some find it easier to do longer events. I can see that there can be some connection but there are more things that would need to be taken into consideration. Although I guess as you said Barry shorter distances is more power then endurance which is why I would question how a 800m track event could predict a performance for an Ironman
  5. Thats the great thing about forums, it allows you to share your opinion on a topic and your experience. Your experience is different to mine which is why we would have a different opinion. Again you didn't understand that attacking me and my achievements has no relation to the thread... I could attack you and what you have done then again I would be talking BS as I really wouldn't have a clue. Let's stick to what our opinions are of the topic not of the people posting it.
  6. Seems so be some assumptions being made... at no point did I say I was an expert. I don't need to say who I know or what I have achieved like your good self to make myself feel better nor do I need to give anyone else flack for that same feeling. You can not compare 12min races to 12 hour races that have more then one discipline. Simple. But your welcome to try... Those times are speculations, the fastest times around the TAN come from Field umpires not the players themselves. I have found no results of an AFL player running a sub 11min lap of the TAN nor I have I found a result for Shane running a 5K. I would be interested to see it but at the same time a little surprised. In future try and stick to the point of the thread not attacking. cheers
  7. Wow, I'm surprised how we can work out his IM time based on times from 2 laps of a track (800m). I run middle distance now after racing in every distance triathlon has to offer and the sports are completely different. If we want to compare times you could check out all the AFL players times around the TAN. The TAN which i'm sure most people on here would know has only a very select group from the AFL players to run sub 13minutes for a lap. This is a time that I would think many on here could achieve. Craig Mottrom has the record of 10:12 for a lap. If we do compare times like 800m or a lap of the TAN to work out an IM time would would Craig Mottrom do for the IM remember he also used to race triathlons including Noosa. My point is we can't compare one with the other. If he races he will do it to raise money and thats about it. I would say time would be irrelevant.
  8. The Avanti chorno 2 does look good Looks like a few different brands put together What did it set you back? What is the go with stem as it is level with the top tube?
  9. Yes however most people on here are triathletes and we look at bikes and how they perform for triathletes. As triathletes have to get off and run and Cancellara doesn't it is hard to compare. However look at the pro triathletes and what they use could really just come down to sponsorship and who has a good year. I guess only those age groupers who have been on both could only truly say however the BMC isn't even out yet for the general public so we can only comment on our general thoughts and opinions. I agree everything I have just said is a bit of waffle but in short I think both are great looking bikes and would be fun to ride. Still like hearing your thoughts on them though
  10. No, i'm not buying any of them just thought would be an interesting discussion/comparison looking at the TREK and BMC TT/TRI bikes Trek has their top of the line Speed concept with integrated fork as does BMC with the TM01 Trek also has a cheaper version without an integrated fork I believe being called the 7 series speed concept BMC has the TM02. In terms of features they are both similar in design but by Trek doing it first does it mean its better or the higher price tag of the BMC mean its better. If we are going on looks would you pick one over the other? I believe the 7 series speed concept retails for approx $8,000 while a similar packaged BMC TM02 is set to be about $2,000 more although prices have not been set in AUD as far as I can find. The 9 series speed concept is about $12,500 while a similar packaged TM01 I believe is set to retail for close to $15,000 So comparing prices for similar packaging will be about $2,500 - $3,000 more for the BMC Which in short would this mean the BMC frames are $2,500 - $3,000 better Is this seen as cheap considering the TT01 was over $18,000 just for the frameset Just interested to get your thoughts Check the trek bikes here: http://www.trekbikes.com/au/en/bikes/road/triathlon Check the BMC bikes here: http://www.bmc-racing.com/int-en/bikes/2012-preview.html
  11. Yeah agreed. However I sure Timan would agree with me that some times we just can't be bothered. Even simple words like pedals and it just seem like a waste of correcting when we know others will do it for us
  12. Yeah it is a little hard and I appreciate your concern. I however don't calling it living under a rock a call it living under a large work load. Hopefully soon I will have the luxury of time to get on the internet more and to get out from under the work load that you call a rock. Thanks again for your concern. :-)
  13. I think the benefit in the Garmin design is getting a tool at a good price. Garmin will offer bundles of the Head unit with powermeter/peddles A bike computer and peddles is an extra that athletes have to fork out anyway. If we want to go with SRM or powertap we need to either sell our crank set and then buy the new ones or build a bike up In the case of the powertap will mean buying more wheels. If we want to train and race using a power meter we will need to move it back and forth which for the cranks could be a little tricky or buy a training wheel and race wheel in the case or powertap. I think moving the peddles back and forth should be easier but of course wouldn't know without trying them I think that makes sense
  14. Hey all, so I have just found out that Garmin has now released there own powermeter the Vector this will retail for approx $1500 which will include peddles as this is how the power is measured With now a range of methods and prices I think I am right in assuming that many age groupers are starting to get there hands on one form or another What i'm curious about is if we were to test all the power meters all at once would they give us the same reading Now I know we can't measure them all at once but could test a good selection all at the same time on the same bike eg. SRM - cranks, Garmin - peddles, Cyclops/powertap - hub, ergomo - BB (liquidated), ibike -bit confused to how, quark - drive side of crank arm I believe, polar - chain What do you think the outcome would be? Do you have a power meter? how do you think Garmin will go against the others? Other thoughts...
  15. TRI TTX

    105 VS Ultegra

    slower then I thought it would take for a smart ass comment. Sorry I didn't rush into a purchase
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