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  1. raccoon

    Hoka vanquish = ?

    I can't tell you what it is...... I can sure tell you what it ISN'T! Vanquish 3 NO! is firmer thru the midsole and the upper is completely different. ELEVON - NO! this is allegedly the successor to the Vanquish 2 but I aint seeing it. It's firmer than the Vanquish 3. The upper fit feels closer to the Vanquish 2 than the 3 was though. I jumped into the HOKA's 18 months ago to hep me get some run miles in while recovering from a leg fracture, lucked out and loved the Vanquish 2's that I picked up CHEAP to try, loved them. I'm using both of the above shoes in rotation but neither of them are floating my boat like the 2's did.
  2. I can't believe I'm reading this, terrible news and condolences to Ali and the girls. Nick played such a huge role in the growth and success of our sport in this country, a terrible loss.
  3. and that's the problem with it all really. We have the solution but I don't think any of it will be implemented under the new IM ownership structure as it is a unique proposition for our marketplace and is unlikely to be replicated anywhere else globally. IM as a brand has become a victim of it's own success/popularity. Anything non branded struggles to gain traction despite often better courses/atmosphere/price although even that is less the case now too. Want to add that I don't think IM was tougher back in the day just that everybody was more excited about it. It was your once a year shot here in Oz and everyone hoped they'd get the day right and maybe jag a spot, hell, I reckon Roll Down used to be more exciting that the pre-race build up is now! Combined with some big name pros who were always accessible and relatable and it was a very special place. It was our Grand Final and we need to get that sense of occasion back.....I reckon I'd even dust the dunlop volleys off and drag myself around again.
  4. It would appear from the dwindling numbers that the allure of the IM is fading a little from the bucket list crowd so maybe time to rekindle some of the magic and for the sport in NSW at least and to restructure the calendar to have IMOZ back as the centre piece of the season and to bring long course and IM back to being a sport for triathletes. There doesn't seem to be a 'tri' season anymore, it's year round and people are getting burnt out. I used to LOVE IM week, now it's really lost the sparkle and what the races/events have become just isn't enough to convince me to toe the line again. I loved the hype and the excitement, the Expo, carbo, meltdown, it was a fantastic week. Lets kick start the qualification process again for IMOZ, make it a bit special and will also motivate those training thru winter with a half IM series of qualifiers to kick start the prep. People will be able to gauge their fitness/prep and adjust. Nepean and a series at Kurnell will keep the Sydney crowd fit and pumped with EMO's races added into the mix as solid training weekends in the build. Port back to early April. Finish the 'season' with club champs which was always a low key but hard (if you wanted it to be) hitout with your mates......I loved the arvo Nelson Bay race. Cairns in Jun is the mid winter blues buster and you don't need to qualify to enter. Keep it for people who want to get a jump on next season and for the Kona qualifiers to have a hit out in the half or do the full with time to back up for the truly hard. IMOZ should be the Asia Pacific Champs, used to be a who's who of big name pro's, the qualifying points system has destroyed one of the sports oldest events. The quality of the fields and the fact that most people there had been preparing for six months was what made it tough. If you wanted to do well you had to prep. Bringing back qualifying for this event will rebuild prestige.
  5. BUMP! Hey IP, thought it time for a bit of an update from you on the Canyon. Anything you've found so far that's annoying you? Were the fit coordinates you used on your order form correct when it arrived? How is it going to be to travel with? Front end easy to pack/unpack? Thinking about pulling the trigger on one, love your feedback
  6. Crossbars are sold. Have the fork mount bike rack left, looking for $100.
  7. Hi Trannies, These bars will not fit on our new car so I am selling a set of Thule rail mount (RT 757) wing bar roof racks with a 561 fork mount bike carrier. Bars will suit a mid sized wagon with rails. We had them on a VW Passatt. Both bars and rack are key matched and in excellent condition, make me an offer! I'm on the Northern Beaches, message me for pics. cheers Raccoon
  8. No idea what he's doing now but still think his "you think I could have won any of these medals against those blokes clean?" spray was one of the best of all time and highlights the murky world of elite sport and results for livelihood and the pressure to perform.
  9. raccoon

    Cranky Update

    Cranky, buy the AYUPS, use them until you have finished with them and sell them on here. The money you will 'lose' selling the used AYUPS will be less than it will cost you for a cheaper light....used AYUPS always sell very quickly.
  10. raccoon


    A question abut the situation? Because it was in the final km, if he'd toppled off his bike while he was standing in the gutter by definition would that have been classified as a fall and he'd have received the same time as the peloton?
  11. Just another example of a newer athlete to the sport having a poor experience and after spending a lot of time, effort, enthusiasm and energy to get to the start line......... way to grow your business.
  12. A fearsome and tenacious athlete but a wonderfully warm person happy to give of her time and expertise. Sad, sad news this morning. Our love and best wishes to those she has left behind. R.I.P.
  13. Check to make sure the tick isn't still in there. I got both of mine quickly but we missed one in one of our sons heads and he had similar symptoms to you. The little ones this year are nasty.
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