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  1. Does this mean we'd only be 25/70% as 'hated' as the cycos?
  2. Yeah I find even the shorter intervals I spend a long time watching the time left counting down. I had to stop doing that and would end up going okay this is a 10 minute interval, so I wont look at the time left until the end of the 3rd song.. or something to distract me
  3. Session 1: 105% FTP- Week 1: 6x 4 mins 2 mins rest Week 2: 4 x 6 mins 2mins rest Week 3: 3 x 8 mins 2 mins rest week 4: 3 x 10 mins 2 mins rest Then do another FTP test and start again the next month. Session 2: Longer intervals at 84-92% FTP Increase length of intervals or decrease rest over the month until get to at least 2 x 20 min on 2 mins rest, 2 x 30 mins even better.. Session 3: Longer ride with efforts Longer aerobic ride with some race pace intervals included. If you are doing all this on trainer you could put more of the sweet spot in place of this aerobic ride
  4. You havent changed your name to include "VEGAN POWER!!!!" yet...
  5. hard hilly ride for 140 watts? unless there was also a shiteload of downhills with 0 watts then that cant be right?
  6. How concentrated is the tailwind? IOW, how many carbs per hour would you be getting from that, vs gels?
  7. Focus on the first few months (years) of your twins lives...
  8. 1.9km swim (cold) 90km bike (rough roads) 21.1km run.. (including trails) In paradise...
  9. Well technically so do those who are going to the itu aquabike held in Kazakhstan but doesn't mean much if it's only cos they're ther only ones ski can afford the 30k travel
  10. They could charge 3 times that and it'd still sell out to people who want to say they've been to a WC.. it's like the CEO category at kona where people who'll never qualify for a WC pay for the honour... .
  11. Get the mrs to do it.. you don't need to be hauling that extra bulk up your Everest challenge... 😁
  12. so you would still have a 10 minute headstart on the first OD wave. even the ones swimming under 20 mins are coming out a fair way behind you, but a swimmer that slow will probably have a very slow T1 and a slow bike as well so they would probably get caught...
  13. Not bad... I guess there are some benefits to living in a cold locale...
  14. pieman

    Garmin 920 Problem

    Yeah my phone connects and transfers to watch via bluetooth. As soon as I save activity it goes to garmin connect and ive set it so it gets sent to strava and training peaks from there
  15. pieman

    Garmin 920 Problem

    Isn't the 920 bluetooth capable? Are you able to upload to a garmin connect app on a smartphone..?
  16. It says on their event program that the sprint starts 6:35 and age group tri starts at 6:50. so a decent but not insurmountable gap, especially if there are some real slow coaches in the sprint.. usually the opens go at 6.35 dont they cos my premium mates go at about 6:45 so I am not happy to be pushed backwards. if they still start the opens off at 6.35 it will be carnage..
  17. Yep. nothing to induce faux outrage or get the pitchforks out..
  18. I swear the people who stick up for him must have him on block so they can't see what he actually posts...?
  19. I was just going to suggest he asks one of your extensive list of IM contacts to look after the bike while he is travelling...
  20. and he won HOTW again yesterday for the 97th time... 1st of 1 albeit a cracking time...
  21. pieman


    So you have seen "many many" instances of this but did and said nothing and the only reason it was remediated was because a customer " raised the alarm"? How is that a good story about how CBA, oops I mean banks are not doing the wrong things...?
  22. pieman

    Advice for first 70.3

    I'd love to see this.. but I wouldn't call that simplification of the process bu any means...
  23. pieman


    Yeah we should be looking at implementing most of it...
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