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    Israel Folau

    Plus there is a shit tonne more evidence that the religion they felt so deeply about IS only about tax breaks, pedophiles and fictional sky goblins than there is that gays, drunkards, adulterers etc are going to go to hell....
  2. As we can see from recent posts in the NRL thread, Queenslander's don't cheat...
  3. Everyone knows that @willie owns Wanda Corporation/IM
  4. SCOOP... Alistair will soon be seen swimming at Yeronga and doing Wednesday hill repeats... hope his worming regime is up to scratch..
  5. Have either of them done a world champs event?
  6. Yes and you have been one of the ones saying he cant handle the heat so is this the mistake you have made or is A brownlee also heat averse? Jonny also ran into a barrier on the gold coast a few years ago but not quite this bad but apart from sweating buckets as youd expect from a pom I dont recall A brownlee collapsing before?.
  7. isn't Jonny the one who has had numerous issues in the heat? ie collapsing on multiple occasions? Apart from him being a pom, is there any evidence that he cant race in the heat? I thought he'd done okay in the middle east, RIO etc? Obviously Kona is next level heat...
  8. pieman

    OT saving lives

    Couldn't they have just got their donation by wringing out stikmans park run shirt...
  9. This happened to my cervelo earlier this year. I agree with it being fascinating watching it in the mirror I was transfixed.. Insurance wouldn't pay anything that was worthwhile paying excess for..
  10. Cant answer your question but it really is interesting how these things are treated differently by different companies/situations.. I know someone who backed over their TT bike. It had bent fork and broken wheel but nothing else visible. Bike shop declared it a write off and they had a cheque for full replacement of a new bike in two days without anything back to the insurer. They then sold all parts of bike for extra money. another case of TT bike vs underground carpark and the bike shop advised cracked frame and the insurer paid the costs of a carbon frame repair ($700)...
  11. pieman

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Tell me more? I'd like to do TTs around the place but I thought most of them were limited to club members.. How many TTs are available around SEQ to do? Seems like FatPom has it so much better in this regard...
  12. Like the unqualified girl you'd spoken to who was earning $500k a year as a childcare worker..? ☺️
  13. You've said this multiple times and I'm getting more and more intrigued...
  14. pieman

    Hamilton Wheelers

    What's the end game though? Is there a crit racing world champs on a Greek Island somewhere?
  15. pieman

    Hamilton Wheelers

    Running socks... there's your problem..
  16. pieman

    TV Shows

    Its another of the most widely acclaimed shows currently... not surprisingly imfoz doesn't like it...
  17. pieman

    New bike day

    Does your wife have a sister...
  18. also see if the strava segment widget is enabled...
  19. assume youve enabled them? You can enable segment racing and prompts that alert you to approaching segments. Select Menu > Training > Segments > Segment Options > Enable/Disable > Edit Multiple. Select the segments to enable. NOTE: Prompts alerting you to approaching segments appear only for enabled segments.
  20. and why not? what is the value in joining? You can do a lot of races on one day licences before you get near the cost of membership... I've never been a member, I dont understand the point of it...
  21. so why are IMs not selling out in 5 mins anymore? Have they just opened up more spots or are people not concerned that they'll miss out anymore
  22. Presumably he means "hipster filtered" like V60 and pourover and not he aforementioned perculator? https://www.sevenmiles.com.au/editorial/the-baristas-guide-to-filter-coffee/
  23. Correctly fitting the wetsuit is crucial whether in sleeved or sleeveless and I think there is time being lost with sleeved suits that are too tight and with sleeveless that dont fit and let water in where it shouldnt be... I think if I need another wetsuit again I will look at sleeveless..
  24. Only a man would say something so insensitive...
  25. So no kona this year? Because if you did want to go you probably could have walked and still got your slot?
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