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  1. Would love the new forum owner(s) to get Michelle on here to discuss this...
  2. Will your donut consumption be remaining the same as baseline or going up? I'd say if you do 12 weeks of focused training and gain weight your FTP could explode but your cycling may not get any better...
  3. Yeah you should be able to pretty much choose what your UI looks like, like setting up your data fields on a garmin... same with being completely logged out after a workout whcih then takes me another 10 minute sto log on and start up again. having to log in and see which routes you have or havent done.. they dont seem to be at all interested in fixing any of these as they have been around for years...
  4. TR you can see your average power/cadence/HR etc during an interval. this must be so easy for Zwift to do but they still wont do it. I still think that TR holds me at target power better than Zwift does but I am not sure how or why that would be the case...
  5. But now alex has gone who will help you... 😥
  6. Shows what I know..replaced belt and metallic grating sound has gone..
  7. I just went and checked on this and it works on my windows laptop. you have to go into the actual game, then menu, and under your name at the top (by your national flag) you can click edit and that is where you can change FTP and max HR (as well as height weight etc) let me know if it works
  8. You are really getting into this 'game'.... 😉
  9. I am not techie at all so I just use one of my old Garmins that GPS is stuffed on and have it set up to 1 field that shows lap power, hit lap when I want to start and again wen I want to stop (eg at each lap of zwift course), works well but obviously be better in the game itself (along with all the other improvements that people want that havent been done yet..)
  10. I think it is only possible if you are doing a workout, you can change some code or something.. some bald aussie guy does a video...
  11. So Wahoo have said this is 'most likely a belt issue'.. i am no engineer but it doesnt sound like a belt issue...
  12. 10 people at a time though isnt it....
  13. So I have sent off my issue to Wahoo but in meantime I am watching a few videos on noise etc and spindown times around 19-22 secs. My last 2 have been 46 to 47 seconds which sounds suspect (although not my noise issue above). Does anyone have a spindown result this high? it seems to indicate that I need to tighten the belt a bit to get it back in the ballpark.
  14. pieman


    1 person per lane (good) and 10 people in total.. better get there early
  15. pieman

    New bike day

    Well yes I would have gone for a brighter color for visibility..
  16. pieman

    New bike day

    Looks nice and light and with the disc brakes will be good for wet hill repeats..
  17. Kickr V2 has just gone from being pretty much silent to making this noise... @gplama any ideas? Hasnt hard a very hard life in terms of either wattage or hours so... 😂
  18. pieman

    New bike day

    Do us all a favor and ban yourself until the novelty has worn off...😊
  19. Just saw those disc ready frames look okay if you have a groupo to go on it..
  20. How much is the factor setting you back? They seem way overpriced to me..
  21. I've got a free referral for trainer road trial if you need one
  22. Maybe it's time to build that rocker plate (so I can get some ideas)... Can you connect to trainerroad? Try that to ensure it's not a hardware issue.. I amuch prefer trainerroad for workouts as i think their erg mode works much better as mentioned above The race aspect of zwift is its only draw for me and that's just to get pushed harder than I would otherwise.. not worth it for once a week though
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