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  1. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    I passed someone at Bribie with a BBT croc squad uniform and Crank on her ass... Surely there aren't two of you... 😐
  2. Beth McKenzie IM Cairns

    sounds better than looking after 2 kids.. where do I sign up
  3. Beth McKenzie IM Cairns

    Yeah I was just trying to find it on her blog. I thought she'd said she was now retired forever as couldnt ever come back...
  4. Mooloolaba Tri transition area....gone

    Thats even better for my walk from my accommodation....
  5. April and May Races

    I will be back for the 7th year in a row. Love the race despite these issues... has been 36km every year and then one year it was 34 (after the rifle incident). 2017 was 40km though so that was good (although no more PBs...)
  6. Guilty by association?

    Yeah happened to Lance a few times....
  7. April and May Races

    Byron Bay Olympic in May... Good if you like Saturday afternoon starts, potholes, dodging unauthorised cars on the course and last minute bike course changes due to a local threatening to shoot riders if they come past a certain point of the road... Probably more than 5 hrs from Sydney though.. no idea
  8. Mooloolaba wave starts

    "Just worry about your own square metre..." I am off with the premium mates again as am sick of starting at 8 and finishing at 11... All you fasties starting at 7.45 will still pass me...
  9. Beth McKenzie IM Cairns

    Rocket Salad can ask her over a morning latte....
  10. Plantar fasciitis

    Not sure which of these did the job but something got rid of it... Freezing a water bottle and rolling it under my arch and heel Sleeping in a Strassburg sock- nightmare of a thing
  11. Garmin 935. Wow

    actual pace is a PITA and will lead to your run being way too stochastic (thanks Coggan and co) as you try and chase the right number. I have lap pace (1km autolap or interval length) and average pace on different screens and depending what I am doing (intervals, LSD), will depend on what I focus on. Often if I want to run a set pace I will set up a workout or alert that is 10s/km higher and lower than that so it beeps if not near it...
  12. My Fitness PAL

    Found it good if you eat largely the same stuff each week as setting up meals etc can be time consuming (except as has been mentioned if you can just scan the barcode (or input it from the Donut King website)). As FP said, if you are monitoring energy balance then you'll want to use a powermeter to determine calories burnt as MFP gives you 1000 per hour for twiddling thumbs...
  13. Everyone's entitled to a shocker

    Looks like you got your hands on AP's book then....
  14. Trannies Strava Page

    7 min abs 7 mins water running 8 mins water running? Desperate much? You'll be logging your toilet breaks and naps soon...
  15. Test dummies required...

    Bought into Maccas hype...
  16. Geelong 70.3 race day. Women's finish

    comments from her indicate there was contact.... https://triathlonworld.com/races/nina-derron-gets-line-just-ahead-grace-thek-144359
  17. Test dummies required...

    Good stuff. I was meaning to ask willie for some background on them as I have never heard of them before and Chia gels sound interesting. I also have a few so will try some out in a few workouts coming up and maybe at Bribie on Sunday..
  18. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Is it too late to lauch a slowtWITCH hunt...
  19. What should bike Zone 1 be?

    And we wonder why qld school results are falling...
  20. What training did you do today?

    More importantly, how did the Garmin go? For sale yet...? 😂
  21. What should bike Zone 1 be?

    You need a kickr then you can't drop below... surely dazz can justify that
  22. Settings Advanced Web notifications (enable) Then add transitions to the list
  23. Raby Bay Brisbane Riding

    Look forward to your comparison of Brisvegas vs Radelaide drivers
  24. Raby Bay Brisbane Riding

    Crit racing only on weekends i think cos not civilized enough for daylight savings up here..
  25. Housing Bubble thread.

    Currently doing the weekly open home circuit and getting a bit tired of agents justifying prices of shitholes based on the suburb median price... Are medians the best indicator of values or what else should we be considering? Any comebacks for these greasy high school drop outs when they make such claims?