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  1. Latex tubes, worth the faff?

    I switched to latex on race wheels a few years back as they're the cheapestspeed you can find.. when i first installed i popped one but been careful since to ensure seated properly (given their lurid color you can see if they're hanging out).. Take normal tubes in spares pack so easy to change over. I have no Zen feeling with bike shop i can't feel any difference to normal rubber but thats not why i got them..
  2. Ironman Hamburg 2017 Lachie a 9:02

    Presumably everything that came before GG and Team Aeromax didn't count...
  3. Ironman Hamburg 2017 Lachie a 9:02

    riding a Dimond it could have been anything....
  4. The Mental Health thread

    When you first posted about this issue I feared that you would end up in a situation where your own health was severely compromised so I am happy that you have made this decision.. On a bright note, there will be no more shower related 'injuries' disrupting your training...
  5. Things to do in Sydney

    thanks TP but i was only in for a short stay so had one run... and considering the price i paid for a schooner i couldn't afford to live up to your name...
  6. Things to do in Sydney

    Tried that but botanic gardens didn't open until 7am so ended up going via domain and around the chair (boring).. That pool looks pretty good but is it closed for winter?
  7. Warning dinosaur on the loose...
  8. Things to do in Sydney

    Anyone got any good running routes in CBD (<8km). Based in O'connell street so was just going to head to botanic gardens but what else have you got?
  9. Things to do in Sydney

    https://cyclery.com.au/ http://www.kingstreetcyclery.com.au/ http://www.atelierdevelo.com/ etc...
  10. Rotorua half (or should it be Taupo)

    I think you get a bucket of heineken at the finish line... gold
  11. Things to do in Sydney

    Go and see their State of Origin trophy collection...?
  12. Gentle beats Duffy to win at Montreal

    Great effort Well done. hope this is the first step.. What happened to the great white mens hope though...? ?
  13. KQ questions

    She's only 35 to 39 so must have looked crap... ?
  14. KQ questions

    I was going to put my Slowtwitch hat on and post a similar response as these would be the first suggestions over there along with get in a wind tunnel, do the BarryP run plan and swim more...