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  1. Good thinking.. I have one of those from their dvd.. might try it as well
  2. Im just starting back from 4 months off so am interested in how you approach this
  3. pieman

    Zwift Roll Call

    The link I saw said it was available only on 21st July and they had 5 or 6 starting times with the last one this morning at 10am... there was no mention of catch ups or anything..? 5+ hour ride not a great idea as a comeback ride anyway I'd think..?
  4. pieman

    OT saving lives

    You make a very good case for switching to plasma...
  5. I honestly thought she had retired...
  6. pieman

    Israel Folau

    Israel may be a douche but after her performance in the netball world cup, Maria gets big kudos from me... this should have been the second world cup NZ have won in 2 weeks... oh well..
  7. pieman

    Zwift Roll Call

    Yeah im picking I'll be slower than that so maybe I'll see what other times are available
  8. pieman

    Zwift Roll Call

    If I do it I will probably do the crazy 2am version as can't neglectfamily for half a weekend.. just wondering if anyone else is and how long they think it'll take...
  9. pieman

    Zwift Roll Call

    Anyone doing the l'etape de tour? 126km on the "uber pretzel" finishing on the alpe de zwift...? Good start to Roth 2020 training.... 😁
  10. pieman

    TV Shows

    Tidying with Marie Kondo: life changing
  11. pieman


    What cholesterol numbers are high? the good one or the bad one? I think that often the basic HDL/LDL testing is not as important as the LDL particle analysis which is a more detailed and not the basic cholesterol test that is done.. Diet.. but which diet is a whole other kettle of fish... Does fat cause high cholesterol or is it carbs? etc..
  12. pieman

    Challenge Roth 2020

    What's a decade between friends...
  13. pieman

    Challenge Roth 2020

    Been going since 1991 or something and was an IM up till 2011. Been run by the same family the whole time who upon being shafted by IM wanted to keep it going. The experience here looks like it'd beat most other branded events and is backed up by most who've done it. The HJ vs maccas applies to where challenge have taken over a local race and used the same organizers that in some cases were probably on life support anyway..
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