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  1. https://www.facebook.com/pg/TRIBUZZwithMUZZ/posts/
  2. pieman

    All things NRL

    They said yesterday he has their full backing so expect he'll be gone by tomorrows news cycle..
  3. Are you using a smart trainer? if not, then your trainer % wont be a thing....
  4. Hope it goes as 'badly' as the other one... 🤞
  5. Bargains... what wheels did you put on propel in the end? Retirement sale? Funding a surfboard?
  6. Looks sweet... hope its structural integrity is improved on your recent experiences..
  7. pieman

    Wurf watch

    Isn't Andrew #1 #1 anyway..?
  8. I was listening to a podcast the other day that went into this, I cant recall which one it was but I think it was one of the 'scientific triathlon' ones, @lachie94 might know if he is still here.. They were talking about his as one of the big mistakes they see with people trying to spread out intensity and therefore, minimizing recovery. They talked about the option of doing hard bike/run on same days and then very easy/nothing the next day to actually recover. Your second workout may be 95% rather than 100% but with the pre fatigue, the overall benefit and specificity may actually be better.. I think your routine would be a pretty popular template though, and i am sure you would get to where you wanted to but just need to ensure recovery is a focus
  9. define cheap? if you are happy with them then why change? I got some Bellwether bibs from 99 bikes and they've been pretty good (but they were >$100.) I want to get some cheaper ones to try on the trainer so might look at the 80-90 ones at 99 bikes..
  10. Yep and they usually have a decent sale on as well.. if i need something realy urgently I will get a 99 Bikes to "%% price beat" the pushys price and get it in store..
  11. Some people make it in to a longer event by volunteering, having a chat with people afterwards, or even going out afterwards for coffee or brunch... You should try it some time..
  12. QFES? I think post covid there'll be a lot of people angling for minimum face time in office..
  13. @Tyno got a job sorted there or doing the Bombay Express back to Brisbane until you find something.. Wish I had the balls to do this and move to Mooloolaba..
  14. Training for anything or just avoiding your housemates?
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