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  1. Yeah I am sure that is what was meant but given he doesn't take many cabs but 'sees' hundreds maybe not.. anyway, who cares, triathlon is dead
  2. And you can tell they're not Australian how..?
  3. pieman

    Brownlee racing IMWA

    Yep, a lot of good younger talent in the ITU now..
  4. I am leaning towards an Argon frameset as they are bloody cheap and I have all the running gear off my old bike. Could spend any money saved on buying speed elsewhere I think and surely wouldnt be giving away too much speed..
  5. pieman

    Brownlee racing IMWA

    so it is official then... ZED will definitely be getting his aforementioned erection...
  6. You'll definitely get some comments against the Giant but in terms of bang for buck they are hard to beat. Maybe only the canyon comes close and in my opinion the giant are ugly but hey.. Have you had a bike fit to see if you'll fit on these bikes and which sizes? The canyon and p2 should be similar fit as ive been recommended both but not sure of the Giant.. I thought the p2 was a good deal but just be aware it has older di2 with external battery and doesn't have shifters on base bars so could be some additional costs to get that upgrade. I have heard a few stories about difficulties with canyon not being based here but have also heard some good things so that might be case specific
  7. There's a little clip in crank and off that's engaged the other stuff shouldn't matter...
  8. I think he's riding his road bike with some serious modifications...
  9. If it's size large then definitely sell it. You should get $1200 for it... PM sent... 😋
  10. what POWER do you want to race at? I did very few group rides when training for IM as it was not specific to the demands of the event. The majority of my long rides were 'easy' 25km to the start point and then between 100 and 150km at the power I wanted to do the event at then 25 km easy back home. The reason I did this was that I had heard so many stories on here about doing 4 months worth of weekly 6 hour/130km rides then trying to do the 180km in 5 hours and wondering why that didnt pan out.. Ps my target power was straight from the 'training and racing with power meter' formula but i think rather than middle of the range I should have gone for the lower end being my first IM..
  11. pieman

    RWC I'm ready

    you gave a good summary of the last 2 rounds, but the above is a full tournament review..
  12. This is how that English guy got the TRON bike isnt it... big cheater
  13. the course could be very undulating, i dont think times are that much of a true guide to fitness.. but even walking 100km is quite a feat... I wouldnt wanna do it i am sure there was a thread on here about someone doing an ultra on no run training...and quite the argument ensued...
  14. shutting down end of November https://www.dcrainmaker.com/2019/10/virtugo-announces-its-shutting-down-whered-things-go-wrong.html?fbclid=IwAR3ofWWLc0LkYiM5imtV_LDMO3AXSYNUcRoWooCEZ5DKcqZCzmwxsEpZ_vQ
  15. Thanks!! will do the first part, but I have been doing the second part my whole career.. damn I need these GI issues sorted
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