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  1. Its basically like saying the most stolen item is a motel pen/notepad...
  2. pieman

    Hamilton Wheelers

    I live nearby now, when is this happening, I need to go and watch....
  3. pieman

    The 1% stuff

    You should write a book...
  4. pieman

    The 1% stuff

    Hahahahaha parenting gold straight from the Ironman is life manual...
  5. Was the ex fiance a knowing accomplice or just driving him from crime to crime?
  6. Apparently he posted something about gays, drunks, adulterers and fornicators going to hell on his insta account.. #istandwithizzy
  7. Thanks for the report on a great race. also good for a bit of background on how you managed/balanced things as looking at your training on Strava I was curious..
  8. pieman

    TV Shows

    Anyone who was weighing up whether to watch GoT or not, after this season id say give up before you get disappointed
  9. Most universities would have the ability to put someone through such a test and at a much reduced rate to in the 'real world'...
  10. They should just work harder..
  11. He does.. he's the top end of town...
  12. pieman

    Bike Boxes

    Sounds like an awful problem to have....
  13. pieman

    Bike Boxes

    Yep.. those envirobike ones are just glorified more expensive versions.. pick up a cardboard box each time in Sydney and then buy a scion back in UK for actual traveling
  14. So you can add him to the list of bags to misplace...?
  15. Going at a lower effort for longer may be easier than a 70.3 or Olympic at max effort...?
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