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  1. Go to Trainer sessions

    There was a thread on this last week
  2. Aero Helmet

    Cos they have been superseded aerowise and are ugly as sin, and you know its all about how good you look
  3. $500 can save you 2.4 watts

    Havent you been listening Turts? these high achievers that AP knows dont need sleep and can fit 36 hours into a standard 24 hour day and still be CEOs, Spouse/Parent of the Year, volunteer for UNICEF, study for MBAs and qualify for Kona...
  4. is training sterile for the IM these days

    The only thing that Mark Allen was on was Shamanism right...?
  5. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    Sorry? So PJ had a mechanical? Good info if it is true just havent seen it anywhere else...
  6. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    might be a lightly used BMC up on triathlon marketplace soon....
  7. Kona Counts

    I think the yanks who are a majority here support their "locals" and ride more cervelo trek and specialized... not many yanks on giants, boardman, bmc etc...
  8. Kona Counts

    Dimond 31... So 31 mechanical dnfs then... 😂
  9. Kona race day thread

    Slowtwtchs man takes the lead...
  10. Facebook, I dont like it!

    To be honest yeah it does sound like you have a problem... i am a massive introvert and think along the same lines as you but still go as it's important to my kids and wife. Often ill stand by myself watch tv or on phone but kids are rapt just to have me there..
  11. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    He looks like he is heading towards Tom Hanks in Philadelphia in that interview...
  12. Jacobs will win kona apparently

    I agree and I dont think anybody has ever said anything different...
  13. Another Beam Bike

    it's never too late to become a dentist.... ps- i want enough discretionary income to have a repco trainer bike...
  14. Sparkie? Cant get on the Ergon gravy train?
  15. Where are you based?