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  1. pieman

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    Didnt you hear it rained on mt cootha last Wednesday...
  2. pieman

    Smart turbo/ Zwift and the clueless

    Nah real soldiers would be outside rain hail or shine..
  3. pieman

    Strange denizens of the office

    Flexible working arrangements were a big 'selling point' when we were moved to our new building that is all open plan, smaller workstations etc (but they decided against hot desks). However, the only ones that seem to be able to access these arrangements are senior management. The same management that have onsite or nearby carparks that make it a lot easier to get to work than the rest of us who have been moved miles away from any train or bus station...
  4. pieman

    Work place politics and millennials

    And please wear a gopro or spycam when you do it...
  5. pieman

    Ironman WC moving or a typo?

    Why the move? was this after the road rage incident a few years back where someone pulled an axe on them after knocking AP off? B@W and Peter, where were you that day..?
  6. pieman

    Ironman WC moving or a typo?

    IP spending all his time liking posts by MJK on facebook AP has his feet up getting ready for his Mt Cootha repeats tomorrow or more likely his 150km TT this weekend oh and then doing his 6 x 2km run repeats.. then stopping at bakery and getting a PJ meatpie..
  7. pieman

    Is Ironman Busso Doomed?

    Wasnt the "in the vicinity" a 1km exclusion zone? that is all fine and well in a 30km point to point swim but a 1km circle at Busso would be the whole course wouldnt it...
  8. pieman

    Ironman WC moving or a typo?

    In 10 years it will all be done on Zwift..
  9. So you're finally admitting you're abnormal...
  10. pieman

    Drugs in triathlon 1 in 7. Really?

    Ask Henry Schoeman..or Lance
  11. pieman

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Was watching the 100m last night and it South Africans came first and 2nd but I couldnt pick a disability? The guy coming 4th had to run in a blindfold and with a guide? Not sure how they are matched up..? now just seen a table tennis layer is competing in both para and able bodied tournaments?
  12. pieman

    Drugs in triathlon 1 in 7. Really?

    American article? I reckon it is rife over there.. maybe not "performance enhancing" for the sake of that but all their testosterone clinics etc it's a bigger issue than gun control
  13. pieman

    Trainingpeaks merge

    I think you need wko for that..
  14. pieman

    Swimming stroke question / discussion

    plenty of good tips in here
  15. pieman

    The Mental Health thread

    Go and check out AP's 10 Biggest Loser tips in the trigold forum.. there is some good stuff in there from some people (even AP before he went all tiger on us) about triggers etc.. http://forums.transitions.org.au/forum/9-trigold/