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  1. pieman


    Natasha is physically okay.... but clearly mentally disturbed to be involved with this fellow...
  2. https://www.accc.gov.au/focus-areas/inquiries-ongoing/northern-australia-insurance-inquiry
  3. I was going quite well (drafting my ass off) but started having power meter drop outs with about 10km to go and ended up going up the climb at about 3kph so rather than waste over an hour just to complete it I pulled the pin... Need to resolve the issue before the next one as it also finishes with a 7km climb..
  4. Making Trannies Great Again
  5. Ironjimbo purchased the forum. Onwards to the future of Transitions.org.au
  6. Anybody doing the tour de zwift? I have grand ambitions but no doubt will do one of the short versions of a flat stage and then recover for rest of the month
  7. https://www.mustdobrisbane.com/outdoors-beaches-city-pools/enoggera-dam-gap I think @Ex-Hasbeen has a 2km lap that he does out there (about 20 times).. https://www.grimseysadultswimfit.com/open-water-sessions/
  8. pieman

    Aero Helmet

    How is that possible when you have both been to Kona....?
  9. I know. By awareness I meant the experience of being in a tt position that isn't locked on a trainer..
  10. Disagree... agree with Alex below.. if I didn't use trainer my volume would be much lower and I reckon doing a few outdoor rides occasionally and more frequently as race approaches is fine for building skills and positional awareness..
  11. I couldn't give a flying **** about politics and hence I rarely if ever get to the politics or trump threads.. it is getting crap when you can't read a thread about the golden globes without it turning to a political 'rational debate'.. next I'll be accused of being a labor voter for asking about a speed concept or told the only way to raise my FTP is vote liberal and go Pentecostal..
  12. Bad for skills is probably right, and it is not reflective of a true position in a non static/outdoor ride but thats why it is important to at least do some aerobar sessions outside i reckon... wont be selling my kickr just yet though...
  13. pieman

    2019 totals

    Maybe if the thread was titled 2019 race results?
  14. Nice. Yeah I have a DI2 groupset from my roadie that will be transplanted so I will need to buy the tt stuff for that but shouldn't be too much of a $$ impact. There are a tonne of DI2 parts on FB at the moment but bad timing if your wallet is still recovering..
  15. Have you given it much saddle time? How are you finding it?
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