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  1. Was this you last night? I thought you were bald and shaped like a donut eater? Good effort..
  2. Sounds like your post needed editing for accuracy.. clearly some are being tools...
  3. Mines a Gen 2 I think, and has started making a horrible sound when it freewheels (mainly when i've finished a workout) so not sure what the go is as it definitely hasn't done massive B@W type mileage... (probably much higher watts though..)
  4. HR 30 beats lower than anyone else.. wow... must have massive stroke volume
  5. @Gundy they've added a 6am slot now but too late for stage 1
  6. He's missing being able to do 3am hill repeats
  7. i have no clue what sort of batteries you are talking about so what devices/tools or whatever were being charged?
  8. Yeah the 4am starts are ridiculous and are pretty standard in most of their tours... I think all the routes can be ridden in free ride so I might try and do it over 3 days but at my own times.. just wont have 5000 in the bunch or unlock a new kit..
  9. couldnt be at more inconvenient times (for me) if they tried
  10. you're 47..? but you are racing 35-39.. you must like a challenge... 😂 hopefully you are not an accountant...
  11. Yes, the speed sensors go either on the chainstay to read off the rear wheel (old style) or the new style actually go on the rear hub so if you have a wheel on trainer it will still record speed/distance, for what it is worth...
  12. I find it very hit and miss with when it turns around. I dont think you can turn around while in events/group rides? With the app it only works if I hold the button down for a few seconds..
  13. Ive been over there for years.. this one..
  14. All far too luxurious... @FatPom can you find that pic from your other forum of the guy training in what looks like an abandoned prison toilet..
  15. Where are all the dark dingy caves...
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