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  1. pieman

    Bike computer options

    I just used to use one of these when cycling with a Garmin watch. It basically increases the size of the handlebar so its more wrist sized.. No good for a triathlon race though unless you want a 5 min transition.. https://www.chainreactioncycles.com/mobile/au/en/polar-bike-mount-set/rp-prod37673?mx101=n
  2. pieman

    Bike computer options

    Rebel sport forerunner 935? $399
  3. pieman

    HFLC ruined my life......

    I was riding to work this morning and was drafting this exact response.. a smoothie would be much better than your banana and as Kieran said you shouldnt need a snack after that if it has enough fat in it...
  4. pieman

    HFLC ruined my life......

    Much lower carb than the average standard dietary intake so should be seeing some benefits from it. Actual carb intake would depend on what's in/on the salad, cheese, chicken stuffing and spices and pasta sauce.. you could always try adding it all to an app to get the nutritional breakdowns but that's a ballache.. What's the idea of a tablespoon of pasta? I find i need more fat in each meal to keep me satiated but if it's working for you then who's to say otherwise
  5. pieman

    Wurf watch

    Me too.. watt and wurf are unrelated entities... Sounds like watt is rethinking the coaching caper based on that cupcake podcast (questioning his commitment, athletes leaving etc) so not be keen to go for a long trip..
  6. pieman

    Busso 2018

    I have a modified version of this table and it only has a IM in min/km but that was plagiarised/bastardized by a coach so yeah....
  7. pieman

    Busso 2018

    Are you looking at Vdot line of 64 or 46? Because I think the column for IM times is the min per km pace so your 3.04 would be 4:22ish and so equates to a pretty slow (for you) 10km and 5km doesnt it?
  8. pieman

    There are some sick people out there:

    Not sure if anyone is following the recent case up here with the advocate who was killed last week. Their was a letter he'd written with a number of police reports and the outcomes which were frankly scary.. police stating they don't agree with passing law so won't try and uphold it. Despite having footage saying there is no case to answer etc..
  9. pieman

    Busso 2018

    I dont want to sound like FB but can you water run? by now the endurance should be built and water running might help just keep some aerobic fitness and similar running movement... I'd probably just rest myself..
  10. pieman

    What training did you do today...

    Grimseys have lunchtime squads everyday at 12-1 at QUT pool, you should try and do that occasionally...
  11. pieman

    Noosa 2019

    Congrats mate... good luck having a nice holiday or a decent race with a 6 month old... 😁
  12. pieman

    Callum Millward (Get the Popcorn)

    Um yeah.. lets go with that...
  13. pieman

    Long course bike setups (storage)

    I was told to tape across the 'perforated' section that you tear off so you can just grab it and open it in one movment.. might work with thicker gels but i just ended up dumping a perfectly good (runny) isotonic gel all over the road... Ive never done it since then and rather would put them into a gel flask or similar instead..
  14. pieman

    Sad news from Noosa Tri

    Tim Horan...?