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  1. pieman

    Retirement sale.

    If only you were a bit taller the Blue would be gone... 😐
  2. pieman

    Winterfish 2018

    Why? Too much wee in the drinking water...?
  3. pieman

    The good news thread

    Yeah I know there is a bit of contact in the classes over there but they have 'stock rods' here (Brisbane) which would fall apart if the bumpers were used... Every year, the poms send a team over to the teams champs (4 vs 4) where they borrow locals cars and they usually equip themselves very well. Frankie Wainman Jr has quite a following and Lee Fairhurst.. I just reckon these guys are crazy throwing round these things that nowadays cost over $100k and basically demolishing them..it's come a long way since I was a kid and most guys built cars and engines in their back shed.. Nothing tastes as good as a dirt covered hot dog either.. 😉
  4. pieman

    Winterfish 2018

    I'd head to the pre race IV tent just to be sure...
  5. pieman

    The good news thread

    I dont understand the no contact 'stockcar classes over here and in the UK... sprint cars are hard core though
  6. pieman

    Winterfish 2018

    I might aim to hit 50km in 2018..
  7. pieman

    Ironman IVs

    I think they had a testosterone supplement as a sponsor in their expo...
  8. pieman

    I don't understand.......

    Yeah narrowly avoided having to block someone...
  9. pieman

    I don't understand.......

    Okay, apologies then
  10. pieman

    I don't understand.......

    I am seriously struggling to understand what this has got to do with anything? Is this like a "they were asking for it" type comment or am I misinterpreting (hopefully)?
  11. pieman

    I Believe

    I believe: in thread derailment..
  12. pieman

    TA Membership time

    sorry I thought you meant it was a requirement to join TA if you did a certain number of races... fair enough the club wanting you to join if you are doing races run by them..
  13. pieman

    TA Membership time

    nope.. it might end up better financial decision but I think you need to do quite a few large races (long course) to make it worth while over paying for one day licences...
  14. pieman

    TA Membership time

    Can someone explain in plain english what the insurance coverage gets me that I wont already have via other insurance types?
  15. pieman

    Swim coach west Melb?

    most squads will have lanes for people like you and should scale workouts to each lane. Fast lane might do 400m reps, slow lane 200m or whatever. Dont ever feel that you are unworthy, if any coach or squad makes you feel that way then they arent worth giving your money to anyway