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  1. What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Samoan safety shoes to the fore.... #earsaremoreimportantthantoes
  2. What training did you do today?

    1 hour Trainer road VO2 session. felt pretty good
  3. What training did you do today?

    Nah I think he has left..
  4. Hand back your Pro Card

    Now you've done it....
  5. What training did you do today?

    and did you have your recovery nutrition after and your training nutrition during...
  6. Cervelo P3C 2010?

    Good price for a pair of 404s..
  7. Ultraman WC

    Someone that you dont even know on an interweb forum... dont waste your time or energy
  8. Ultraman WC

    Seems like B@W is taking the piss out of the guy but it does sound like you are pissy.
  9. Board Games

    Didn't know where North Turramurra was but now that it's clear that inbreeding is rife I wont look it up for a visit...
  10. (elective) plastic surgery and normal don't go together...
  11. What training did you do today?

    I hope the 'dedication' doesnt come back and bite her... not knowing what is wrong with her, but havent we all heard the stories of athletes training through sickness ending up with heart issues... Cranky is making it sound like the worst thing ever having 2 days off training .. FFS... maybe it is but maybe she NEEDS it and more...
  12. What training did you do today?

    why? seriously, I cant do a 10km ride after having a few nights of less than 6 hours..
  13. Imwa race day. Swim cancelled

    Can you imagine the bruhaha if someone did get snacked on though? I am sure that persons family and friends would be fine with an organisers decision to continue on after seeing a clear and present danger...? Not saying I agree with it but can see both sides..
  14. Kingscliff Tri Hill

    Any reports? Sharks? Bushfires? Local vigilantes dropping tacks on road?