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  1. Let us know how you go as i find it interesting to see what size bikes people end up on based on their morphology and pad x and ys
  2. Oh I thought I had read it here before
  3. I can see that nobody has put down the HFLC as their plan yet so it is hard to pick a winner...
  4. that quote is awesome. Is it yours or should it be referenced to someone else?
  5. Bikefit studio in west end can prescribe all your coordinates and suggest bikes that fit. Costs about$500 but includes the fit once you buy the bike.. If you already have a TT bike that you're comfortable on then you can measure the pad x and y and go on this slowtwitch thread and they'll see if it'll work. https://forum.slowtwitch.com/forum/Slowtwitch_Forums_C1/Triathlon_Forum_F1/Official_FIT_ASSISTANCE_for_Canyon_Speedmax_CF_and_CF_SLX__P6798762/
  6. That's part of the problem is where people swim with their stronger partners and then draft the whole bike off them and jog to victory..
  7. Rolling starts are utter shite... I know most people arent racing for places (i am most certainly not) but I know of people who have been 1st over the line but not been slightly slower than someone starting behind them.. I guess it is a bit like that already at really big races with split wave starts base don surname but it is still crap if you ask me
  8. Totally forget about the Power2max thought they must have gone down the gurgler.. looks like not bad option for crank based and old reviews were always pretty good.. Did you get just the powermeter or get cranks etc as well
  9. Assume they matched the bikebug price as they seem the cheapest? I asked my local 99 bikes and they'd match the non discounted prices that bikebug has.. wish these franchises would have consistent policies
  10. who did they price match? did the take 5% off the price matched price?
  11. Will you be swapping it between seasons or sessions as the regularity of changing may play a part in your decision. Is your crank length and chainring size the same on both bikes? I have a stages on my roadie that works fine. I change it quite often between road bikes and is not that much of a faff but it reads way higher than anything else (not an issue really as it is consistently high)- cheap and possibly rightfully so I have a SRM on TT bike that reads more like what I would expect and even though is a crank would be able to change if required. - very pricey but got it off facebook Based on reviews here, i am looking to get favero pedals next on TT as I want to go shorter crank length and dont want to drop money on another SRM.. @willie can hook you up?
  12. nothing like having a BIG goal to get you motivated...
  13. Cant answer the question but just wanted to say good on ya for entering the race and the biggest loser in the last 2 days.. Back on track big time!!!
  14. Not an answer but why are you using webjet? I thought they'd lost their price advantage and you're better off just going to the airlines site...?
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