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  1. pieman

    What's this Cervelo P2C worth?

    I was going to sell my similar one that's been upgraded to 11 so and an older dura ace srm for 1k so maybe I should increase that....?
  2. pieman

    Help for the direction challenged

    In garmin connect, cant you click on Courses/Import then find the gpx file from the ride you did and upload it?
  3. pieman

    Focus Paralane 2017 Alloy Disc

    Sorry my eyes are crap so cant make out the size in that picture?
  4. pieman

    Demand answers.

    Why are males singled out as the only ones who'd wash their crotch? Or are you saying females do it but their crotches are hygienic? #equalopportunitytowashsweatycrotches
  5. pieman

    What training did you do today...

    I have never heard anyone say that...
  6. pieman

    All things IM NZ

    This..if you have 7-10 days after the race do the upper North Island, i.e Coromandel and Bay of Islands. Spectacular beaches, historic sites, etc.. trying to cram the South Island on after Taupo means you will probably only not even scratch the surface.. okay if this is a recon for a later trip though..
  7. pieman

    Big Husky 2019

    PJ might be making his comeback here. Go you good thing!!
  8. pieman

    Good Brisbane Physio

    Have booked with Dolph Lundgren at QSMC. Have printed off FBs strength program he sent me ages ago(printing is the first step right...) I will be back in no time...
  9. pieman

    Good Brisbane Physio

    I could answer that but you won't like the answer...
  10. pieman

    Good Brisbane Physio

    Yeah thanks I have used them before but was hoping for something more convenient (and now that big Fev is gone... etc etc) 😃
  11. pieman

    Good Brisbane Physio

    Need recommendations for good physio in Brisbane to get me back to running from ongoing knee issue. Prefer CBD or Northside. Cheers MRI reveals no damage to cartilage, ligaments or tendons but some chondromalacia and a few other big words..
  12. pieman

    Official Zwift Group RIde

    Theres no risk of going too hard... the similar stage took me 1hr 40 during the Tour de Oz and I was much fitter then than now (from unfit to sedentary)...
  13. pieman

    Official Zwift Group RIde

    stage 6 description says to plan for 1 hour to 1 and a half hours of climbing... ouch,, think I am pulling the pin now
  14. pieman

    Trump is the President

    I think you've caught syphilis or something through your lack of toilet hygiene and have lost the plot...?
  15. pieman

    Is drafting cheating or other?

    What club?