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  1. Been years since I posted on transitions! Well it's great to be back but a very sad day with Nick's passing. Nick Munting is an absolute legend who helped me with triathlon in so many ways. From the very start of triathlon for me back in 1999 and with the launch of Xterra in Australia I was so excited to race and have Nick as the RD. We had great times hanging out in Maui in 2002 when I had the chance to compete at the Xterra Worlds - what a great memory and experience - a lot of it hanging out with the great man - Nick! The half ironmans in Canberra and Yeppoon were always such great races and that was because Nick was the RD. The greatest bike course was in Canberra and Nick was the man behind driving the best course this country had. I can't wait to get to Cairns on Thursday - my Ironman comeback commences this Sunday! Will be making a tribute to Nick on race day - he will be with me. Would be great to organise something for his wife Ally as she is such an amazing lady.
  3. To be sold as a set only.... Features: 700c, Cassette from Malaysia (25/11) Shimano quality, Reynolds wheel bag, Mavic skewers, will include spare Vittoria tyre, it is TUBULAR for both front and rear. I will not sell separately. $500 for the lot (not going under this price) Please PE me if interested and I will send you the pictures. Cheers WHEEL SET HAS BEEN SOLD
  4. Price for pedals reduced to $50 now
  5. In 2009 when I had a great triathlon year, Kona was on my radar. Looking back at it the majority of the main guys were in the 51min swim bracket. Andy Potts that year smashed everyone in a low 47. Fairly sure PJ was 2nd in low 50 mins. The swim in Kona doesn't mean much to me if you are a pro that can swim at least 52 or under. Crowie was on fire that day, riding 13mins quicker than he had before and smashed everyone with an amazing run. From memory I think PJ received a drafting 4min penalty. Conditions in Kona seem to change a lot, the swim will never be a game changer, its an ocean swim that is super tough, its the world champs so if it was easy then there is something very wrong. A lot of the pro women usually hope to break 60mins, not all of them are successful doing this. The only game changer to me in Kona is how you manage the pacing in the second half of the bike & then knocking out consistent kms splits for the run, a very hard thing for some of the best to get right in the heat & wind. In saying all this it would be great if a guy like Dellow can win one day to continue the aussie domination, he seems to manage heat stress really well.
  6. MtbBoy

    New: Bar tape

    Will post both tapes for $25 (basically its 2 tapes for price of 1)
  7. Price for pedals reduced to $60 now
  8. MtbBoy

    New: Bar tape

    itsmeyd, PE was sent to you with further details, did you receive it?
  9. Both chains have been sold
  10. MtbBoy

    WTC dumps Phuket

    Phuket 70.3 was brilliant. Best 70.3 race I will ever be involved in. If I was fit I would head back over in a heart beat. WTC money hungry fuc&ers! A real shame this race won't continue. The pro field was brilliant, the age groupers very competitive, no need to change things, keep it going & why does it matter if the race has a capacity of 800 entrants? A lot of 70.3's out there would be in the same boat?
  11. Both new in box (bought a few years ago) never taken out 1. Shimano Dura-Ace 10 speed super narrow HG chain, will sell for $25 2. Shimano Ultegra 10 speed super narrow HG chain, will sell for $20 I have researched and both chains you would be lucky to purchase a 10 speed on Torpedo 7 for $40 for ultegra, the dura-ace one would be a lot more. Will post to anywhere in Oz. Super bargain if you take both $40
  12. MtbBoy

    New: Bar tape

    Both bar tapes new in box (bought a few years ago) never taken out Deda Element tape: colour is white, was around $25 Sell: $15 Fi'zi:k bar tape: colour is New Blue, was $25 Sell: $15 Both great products & will suit any roadie needing new tape. Will post to anywhere in Oz. Email me if any further questions. ** Will post both tapes for $25 **
  13. http://www.time-spor...rxs_14_m17.aspx Time Pedals - RXS First Bought new a few years ago, still in original box, they were $200 NEVER USED! A very nice pedal for your new roadie or MTB. Will post to anywhere within Oz. Price: $50 Pls PE me if any questions
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