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  1. First time in a bloody long time I've been on! A good topic and one that I have a lot of 'self talk' about. Being a spritely 46 yo and pretty serious about my chosen sport(s), the following are my golden rules to staying within a healthy weight range, injury free (let's not include bike crashes in this !), enjoying and even evolving or 're-inventing' how you train as you age. My base line fitness is to be '1/2 Ironman ready'. ie- If I had the yearning to race a 70.3, I could easily tweak my training and be race ready within a few weeks. Base line means a minimum of - swimming a few times a week, running every 2nd day and riding 3 x a week - one long and a few shorter, harder rides. This is a minimum all year round. Sleep.... One thing I have found as I get older is increased tiredness. Don't fight it - be rigid with your sleeping times, I go to bed at 9:20pm and get up at 4:20am to train. Obviously Friday and Saturday nights can play havoc with this, so modify training to get the sleep in. Train with good mates and younger blokes as well. It keeps your enthusiasm up, the young fellas are great for a laugh and their turn of speed on the bike will take your riding to the next level, an added benefit is if you're tired and can't be stuffed in the morning, the sh1t hanging you cop is not worth the no show ! Strengthen, strengthen, strengthen. Work your core - everything you do in this sport is driven from this part of your body. Neglect it and injury, lesser power outputs, lower back issues, shortening of stride length etc will haunt you. Cheers (and time for bed !), Matty
  2. Matty

    Ballarat 70.3

    Hey SCD, surely you aren't serious ?? Are you taking the p155 or what ??
  3. Not quite right Blair, numbers & quality of field will dictate what events are run on the night. There is a plan but it IS subject to change ie: no use planning an A grade 80 lap motorpace if only 6 turn up. Jabbs, Tony whoever, when you are down, let Pete, Peter or myself know - we all race at DISC and it would be nice to give you a Mexican work over. Until then......
  4. Matty

    CYCLING: Paris Nice

    Nah mate, specifically made aero helmet used predominantly for the track but also for TT's. Have a look at it here (although no info is available). It's also legal. http://www.kaskhelmets.com/Products/Cycling
  5. Matty

    Alpine Classic 2012

    What an enjoyable day! No better bang for your buck than the Audax Alpine Classic! Rode the 250km & rattled out a lazy 8hrs34mins. This is go to whoah timing as I don't stop my Garmin at all. My stats for the day were: Distance: 249.5km Ave HR: 144 bpm Ave speed: 29km/h (82km/h max) Ave wattage: 250 watts (Powermeter) Max watts : 843 watts My training tips are ride heaps! Since Christmas i've clocked up more than 2800km's. No other reason for doing that amount than I love riding & had holidays. I did alternate between hills & flats and only missed a few days of riding. The flat days were lower intensity, the hilly days high intensity. It is amazing at how strong you get by the end of the 'training block'.
  6. Great piece of improvisation by WSTC at their race today. Pete must've took notes from his IMNZ 2006 trip on 'how to avoid a pre race crisis due to inclement conditons'. The race flowed seamlessly despite an e.coli reading that was in the millions, a few road cross overs from glazed athletes, water across the road and Greymans luminous Asics Forster gel Tri runners circa 2005 (these join the Red Disc in Binnsy folklore). Well done Pete, Woody and team on a great race today.
  7. Matty

    Ironman Melbourne

    All the chickens have come home to roost. Looks as though there will be a lot of crowing going on as well.
  8. Team Europcar - Wildcard entry, time in yellow, best young rider, riders hanging on up the tough climbs. All this on one of the lowest team budgets (€6.5M) v's the bigger budget teams (€15.0M)
  9. Well done CEM, great answers from a great fella who gives a lot back to the sporting community and local community (as Max Walker mentioned). BTW - who is this Matty Lewis punk you speak of ?? All the best mate.
  10. This topic has been done to death, although a recent experience - Canberra 1/2 IM just a few days back, has brought this to the forefront of my Xmas party induced alcohol frazzled mind. On the 2nd lap of the bike I copped a rear puncture on my brand new clincher tyre. Cool, no worries pull over and simply change it. I put a new tube in and off I go. Near the top of the dam I get a 2nd puncture, strewth, ok pull over and change it. I only have 2 x spare tubes. Jump back on and start shitting myself that Murphy is looking at me, laughing. 2 km up the road the back goes down. Bugger - helmet off, shoes off and hoof it for 6 - 7 km's back to the Transition area for my first ever long course dnf. Later inspection reveals that I copped the rear puncture in the exact same area on the rear tubes despite taking my time and checking for embedded glass/debris in the rotten f##ken clincher tyre. This is the 2nd time I have ever punctured in a race, both times on clinchers. I have run tubs for every other race, over 9 IM's and countless 1/2's and never punctured on them. You won't make a simple mistake like that on tubs. I'll be going back to tubs.
  11. Matty


    Yeah mate, that bike is BS fast. I picked it up Friday night and didn't even know how the gears worked (SRAM return to centre things). My knees were smashing into the elbow pads, my 'boot' lid detached and I had no speedo. Still I can't complain, a ride time of 2hrs 11mins - 2:13ish with transitions got me an average over 40km/h. Can't wait until I get it sorted over the next few weeks and hopefully all my injuries will be right for a solid hit out at Canberra 1/2. Look out for the Rapido Cycles jersey to flash by again
  12. I saddled up for the TT only, I stayed well clear of Saturday's event due to the GF (Pies supporter), and the road race, which is Monday (tomorrow) interfered with work. I'm spewing about this as I know the course quite well after competing in the Vic Clubs TTT a few months back around the Miners Rest circuit and my road form is not too bad at the moment. As Jabs has said in the past, "Masters racing is where it starts", this was evident by some of the times by some 'old hacks'. Some of the times / average speeds over the 20 km course were incredible. I'm sure I saw a 23:30 in there which gives an average of approx. 51 km/h. Jabs did a low 25 min from memory which puts him in the 47.5km/h category - Unbelievable ! Myself, I fired up the rattley hip and churned out a paltry 27:45 for a low 43km/h average. That time wouldn't have got me on the podium for the 55 - 60 age group The best thing about the day was checking out the bling, jeez there was some money kickin round in bikes and wheels alone. Good to catch up with The Customer, Pete, Bourne, Dalai and a quick g'day to Jabs before he fired his tin hip up. Matty
  13. Matty

    Victorian ITT's 2010

    Dalai, What grade are you racing? I'm slotting into 'B', I'll see you out there, I'll be on my Q Roo Lucero with Zipp disc and 808 front (a kind loan from GSP) wearing Rapido team gear (red, black and a splash of white). I should stick to the 808 although have a Bontrager 6.5 and Easton 90SL at my disposal should it be way blowie. This will be the last outing of the Roo before the arrival of my new BEAST. Will be sad to see it pensioned off to an easier life.
  14. Not too sure of the legalities of your young fella racing the Tri Vic series, BigKev can certainly help here. Check out Western Suburbs Tri club as they have a kids race towards the end of the Du season. I'm sure Pete or Peter may be able to clarify the clubs under age policy as well, they're usually lurking pretty close.
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