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  1. Thanks Katz, we’ll have a break for a while before looking for another one as they aren’t that common and only a few breeders.
  2. Apologies to bring a downer to the thread but we unfortunately had to say farewell to our best walking buddy Sophie, a German Pinscher, 2 weeks ago at the age of 15yo. First time in 38years without a dog and it’s very strange.
  3. fiftyplus

    Financial planners

    Yep, Bathurst has been great and has everything we need. Lots of gyms, Tri club, Cycling and running clubs and Aquatic centre. Plenty of places to ride plus velodrome Mtb and BMX tracks , and good restaurants as well. We have family in Dubbo and Sydney, so its really convenient to both.
  4. fiftyplus

    Financial planners

    Same here, shared inheritance from parents and payed off mortgage. My wife and I were never big money earners and when the kids were old enough to move out and be independent we decided to retire. The only way for us to retire was to comit and sell up in Sydney and go regional to Bathurst. Best decision and no regrets.
  5. fiftyplus

    Financial planners

    Not sure why it varies from State to State, but yes in NSW we can travel all day on public transport for $2.50. Certainly beats driving, but other than the occasional discount on shows etc, no huge benefits.
  6. fiftyplus

    Financial planners

    Softy, fair enough, I agree that doing a budget of annual expenses is quite daunting plus allowing for a few surprise expenses as well. Every household is different and only you know what’s going to work for you. Good luck with it
  7. fiftyplus

    Financial planners

    Hi Softy, I hope you don’t mind me asking, but are you aiming for $60k a year for a single person or married couple? Just wondering as my wife and I are both retired and are drawing the minimum requirement of 4% (soon to be 5% for me when I turn 65) from our Super fund and living well on less than that. Note: I know living well is open to interpretation as we all live different lifestyles.
  8. fiftyplus

    enduring power of attorney

    Hi Ex-Hasbeen, I feel sorry for you. I managed to get POA and Enduring guardianship for my brother with the help of doctors letters saying he was terminal and unable to sign documents and make financial decisions. He is still now in permanent aged care. Just a bit of advice for anyone going through this is the importance of sufficient ID, especially claiming anything through Centrelink, as my brother did not have a drivers license or a recent passport and it took me over 6 months alone just to prove he existed at all, even though I had his birth certificate and was receiving invoices from the Aged Care Facility.
  9. fiftyplus

    Best kick-ass songs of all time

    I used to listen to Sparks way back. Just recently revisiting them on YouTube and they have also joined up with Franz Ferdinand and are doing concerts together as FFS.
  10. fiftyplus

    New road bike disc or not

    As my previous post, I did buy the Trek sl6 disc and it’s great. Had it now for about 6 months and no issues and has given me lot more confidence in descending and also riding in groups. And being able to run 28c tyres is also an advantage on country roads.
  11. fiftyplus

    Hello Fresh.....

    We’ve been using it for a few months for 3 meals a week, and have found it pretty good as it saves the decision and shopping process. Their is just the two of us and we both like the same things and have found some of the meals really good and some not so good. We also get a discount because of our health fund, but regularly skip weeks if we don’t like the choices on offer. We were also concerned about the packaging and recycling and they have done a pretty good job in that area. We are not sure how much longer we will continue with it as we are both now retired with a bit more time on our hands but also might look at Coles or Woolies online
  12. fiftyplus

    ANZAC day

    My father was in the airforce (not a pilot) and also in New Guinea and again didn’t talk about the war much or march on ANZAC day. Other than it being my mothers birthday, the only thing he really spoke about was the respect for the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels. He had war nerves and was short tempered and my parents were typical of the generation who grew up in the depression, where you learn to live without stuff and don’t waste money on the unnecessary.
  13. fiftyplus

    What exercise did you do today

    A bit like this, but started with an hours walk with the dog, then prepared a new garden by lifting and relaying turf and laying garden edges. Garden soil comes tomorrow, so out comes the wheelbarrow. Good exercise and something to show for your effort.
  14. fiftyplus

    Height & weight

    172cm and hover between 71-72kg. Would like to lose a couple of kgs
  15. fiftyplus

    What do you do to get away from Triathlon?

    Very nice Softy, I’m jealous. This is my latest project finished, a complete makeover of my kids old pine rocking horse for the grandchildren to play on. plus the vege garden