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  1. I’ve not watched the documentary but I am pretty much the same as Go Easy in his thinking. I was a vegetarian in my late teens and early 20s and then after meeting my wife started eating fish, chicken, and red meat occasionally. Probably ate more meat when we had the kids at home (Spaghetti Bolognaise etc), but now that we are only cooking for ourselves, eat majority plant based with occasional meat products. We eat dairy - full cream milk, yoghurt and cheese and I love honey, so could not be a Vegan. We don’t eat pork or any processed meat of any kind, and if we are out for dinner and in doubt of what to eat I will go the vegetarian option. We saw a show on TV about different diets and our eating habits was classed as Flexitarian, and luckily for me my wife is a great cook. Also don’t understand the fake meat trend.
  2. fiftyplus

    Trek owners

    Mine has never creaked, just a very slight play laterally. I have read quite a few article on the BB90 issues but didn’t know it was just an Emonda problem. Neither will mine.
  3. fiftyplus

    Trek owners

    Hi all, I been having some issues with my bb90 bottom bracket on my 2018 Emonda roadie. The B.B. has been serviced twice in the last six months after finding a very slight lateral movement, but no grinding noise. After measuring the bearing and shell the LBS has now put a warrant claim in for the original bearing to be replaced with an oversized bearing. Has anyone had any issues with the theirs and what was the outcome?
  4. Joint accounts and been like that for 40+ years. My wife has an aunty that is given a monthly allowance by her husband. He is a retired accountant. (PS nothing against accountants)
  5. No probs, we had a pair at Hornsby Heights, they would come back every year to the same branch and make a nest and have chicks. They hunt at night.
  6. Sri Lanka (early 70s surfing) Tasmania (surfing once and other times as tourist) Guam (work trip) Norfolk Island Amsterdam to Budapest (river cruise) Fiji New Zealand (East Coast cruise) Just got back from tour from Darwin to Broome
  7. True, but hopefully in a little less luxury.
  8. As I said before. If he gets off the taxpayer will fund his retirement.
  9. Thanks Jon, a great post. Running was my strongest but not great discipline and always had to try and catch-up to everyone who overtook me on the bike leg. I don’t run anymore due to herniated disc that plays up,and just have to accept it, though the temptation to try again is still there.
  10. Sorry, forgot to mention all ends well.
  11. Sort of on subject, but this made my day. Not your average ride but you never know when your skills might be needed.
  12. Me, off the stormwater pipe at Maroubra. There used to be a lot of kneelos back then.
  13. I’ve worked as a porter in an orthopaedic ward at a rehab hospital and have seen plenty of patients with hip replacements. My understanding is that each orthopaedic surgeon has their preferred method of operating (posterior or anterior) but I think the quickest recovery was from anterior as it’s less invasive. As above from goughy https://www.arthritis-health.com/surgery/hip-surgery/anterior-vs-posterior-hip-replacement-surgeries And after what I just saw on the news make sure they do the correct hip.😳
  14. I thought it was crowd funding by supporters. My concern is he’ll get off and end up with a tax payer funded pension.😡
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