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  1. I’m not saying they shouldn’t get government funding (they don’t get funding in the UK) but it’s the inequality of the funding. My understanding is the Federal Government funds private schools but allocates money/budget to the States and Territories to fund State/Public schools. Unfortunately, the States/Territories redirect that that money onto other projects (like a new sports stadium in NSW) and the schools miss out. I just think it’s wrong that the Church of England and Catholic schools get as much funding as they do when they don’t pay taxes and they could well afford to fu
  2. And the Federal Government continues to fund these very wealthy schools who don’t pay tax with our taxes. As has been stated, not all the kids are like this nor is it just a private/religious school or public school problem but the parents also have to take some responsibility instilling some respect into their kids.
  3. I have my opinions on Trump but if any on here get a chance to watch last Monday’s Q&A on IView, which was very equally balanced on both sides. It highlighted the confusion and divisiveness in the whole debate, with former Republican staff anti Trump and former Democrat staff pro Trump.
  4. We went to the Men’s triathlon and Handball, which was amazing and not a sport that’s played much in Australia.
  5. I’ve never purposely smoked in my life but grew up in a household of smokers plus like many my age, before it was banned, worked with smokers plus it was allowed on public transport and it used to make your clothes smell. I used to work with a lady who would only smoke at work but not at home or even when on holidays because her husband hated it. I could never understand the attraction of it.
  6. On weekends I can ride in in a bunch with anything from 6 to 20. We all take our turn up the front and ride within our limits. It took me a while to get to know others riding style and abilities and I have even avoided some riders if I don’t feel comfortable. Personally I think both hand signals and verbal communication are important in a bunch situation. One of the first rides I did with them was to Chifley Dam and return and it’s still one of my favourites with great scenery and a mix of terrain. And of course coffee at the end. During the week I ride solo.
  7. Bathurst and other regional areas have been Clovid free for a long time so it’s been a lot easier than living in the city, especially doing exercise and going for nice long rides. Being retired, work has not been an issue but I really feel for all those affected, and like everywhere, a lot of local businesses have struggled without the tourism and Council has had to make tough decisions on some sporting groups coming to town especially the Bathurst 1000 which at this stage going ahead but with restrictions. Luckily our kids, both city and regional are all employed so that’s not been
  8. fiftyplus

    Le Tour 2020

    Good to see some guy from Bathurst on the couch sharing the commentary.
  9. I used to Surf (knee boarder) and probably still would if I lived near the beach. Also did some Ice Skating for a while and have also done dog Obedience trials and other dog related activities. At the moment walking the dog and also wouldn’t mind joining a bush walking club. Not really a sport, but keeps you moving.
  10. The 50km of the 2020 Bathurst Cycling Classic (used to be the B2B or Blayney to Bathurst) which we were lucky enough to do before Covid really hit. The new courses were 100km or 50km and were pretty tough with a lot of climbing and they were designed by Mark Renshaw who has moved back here after his retirement.
  11. I was made redundant at 55 yo after 22 years of service doing magazine design and layout and workflow managing for the Australian branch of a US owned international IT publishing company. I had a feeling that it was coming when the US accountants were here going through the books. I was offered the bare minimum that they were obligated to pay (federal award) but what I found insulting was that I was offered two redundancy contracts. One was the legal amount and another with a less amount if I was to fight it in court plus I was also asked to train 3 other people how to do my job. Fin
  12. I wasn’t sure, but after some research on Wikipedia it was the “Close to the Edge” tour in March 1973 at the Hordern Pavilion. I saw so many great shows there.
  13. Another Yes fan here. Lucky enough to see them on their first Australian tour.
  14. Same here with Tull but haven’t bothered the last couple of tours due to his voice. I’ve seen Tull and Roxy in their prime and both great concerts.
  15. Wow, I remember having that album. Eddie Jobson went on to play with Roxy Music who I saw at The Horden Pavilion and Jethro Tull. Two of my favourite bands.
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