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  1. Fair enough I’ve never lived that sought of life
  2. Just wondering, are these amounts for a single person or a couple.
  3. No. My wife and I are self funded and have roughly that amount in super between us and we are not entitled to a pension. We have shares in a couple of companies but nothing worth much. We own our home, car etc. but we don’t have any investment properties to negative gear or other income. We had to sell our house in Hornsby and move to a regional area to afford retirement.
  4. +1 including TAFE fees and Tax evasion.
  5. I know what Goughy is getting at in his post. After being made redundant at the age of 55yo and getting very little payout, and not being able to get a job in my trade, I managed to get a job in a hospital as a wards man and porter. I have seen the best and worst in human behaviour from patients and staff. I have also witnessed contempt, abuse, racism and sexism towards the lower paid staff. Cleaners, kitchen staff, wards man etc. would be earning around the $20-23 an hour and a lot of them are, like me at the time, under employed, uni students or just normal hard working people trying to pay the bills. To be told to work harder or get a better job by smug politicians, like Joe Hockey is an insult.
  6. So far the doc doesn’t seem too concerned, just getting all the tests done as a process. Im still riding and functioning as normal, but when it first happened you can’t help but think the worst. Time will tell.
  7. Sorry to hijack this post with my recent events. Went to the doctor Monday (fellow cyclist) mentioned I had suffered recently from occasional jaw clenching and more recently numbness on right side of face, feels like end stage dentist anaesthetic. Not suffering any facial droop or speech issues, just feels weird. Had full blood test, results all good. Then a Doppler ultrasound on my carotid arteries with results all good. Next a stress test at local cardiologist (fellow cyclist). We will wait and see but doctor mentioned it may be Bell’s palsy. Any one had or know anyone with this. thanks
  8. I try to be both a cautious and courteous cyclist and that has passed onto my driving with the attitude of don’t trust anyone. I live in Bathurst where we a lot of roundabouts in town and there are so many drivers who don’t indicate where they are going. Also out on the open road we have to contend with trucks, tractors going slow, horse floats, caravans and wide loads. My favourite is the car towing a car trailer that is a lot wider than the car and as Comfotably Numb said, the car misses you but you nearly get swept up by the trailer. I know it’s not cycle cool, but I have a rear vision mirror on the bike and it’s really helpful, especially out on the long stretches of open road where you can see vehicles coming from way back.
  9. This whole situation is one of my major gripes with the government. Scott Morrison goes on and on about creating jobs and this is a prime example of what some employers will do, knowing that people are desperate for employment and, especially the young, won’t even check there award or super fund thinking there employer is honest. If you say or question anything they just cut your shifts and hire someone else. I blame John Howard. I hope you get a positive outcome, good luck.
  10. I agree, and if you listen closely she says “if a labourer government is elected” The whole thing is embarrassing.
  11. It depends on your circumstances. I started cycling when I did my first Triathlon at 40 on a $200 bike (BRW at Lady Macquaries chair) and caught the bug. Prior to that I was too busy being a family man paying off a mortgage at 17% interest rate and supporting my kids sporting activities and fitted in the occasional run and surf to keep fit. Now at 65 and still cycling.
  12. Been there, the sense of relief and achievement is amazing. Yeah, except they still put their hand out once in a while or ask for advice, but at least they are discovering the responsibilities of life and they all have jobs.
  13. Can you check what colour your Trek is online as my Trek Emonda SL6 disc colour is called Matte Metallic Gunmetal. I have fixed a little stone chip with this nail polish I found in a chemist and it’s a pretty good match and costs bugger all $. The chip on your bike looks a bit bigger but might be worth a try. And yes I’m OCD about my bike.
  14. Yes, pretty scary what these guys were trying to do. It might have been filmed with a secret camera and someone pretending to be member of some fake pro gun group, but they said what they said and all caught on camera so they can’t deny it. They weren’t even bright enough to do a background check on the guy who was pretending to be the founding member of GRA, Gun Rights Australia.
  15. Thank you Paul, you are obviously a Tull historian as much as me. I’ve seen them on all but the last 2 tours, mainly because of Ian’s voice but also the absence of Martin Barre, who I consider one of the most underrated guitarists. I agree, with all of the above with his reinvention of his music and such a huge catalogue to choose from. I also think Ian Anderson would be hard to work with as he comes across as a bit of a perfectionist, but that shows in their performances. I also seem to remember you being a Yes fan as well. I’ve also seen them live and on my playlist.
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