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  1. fiftyplus


    Same for me, as a 65yo I’ve witnessed a lot of bad behaviour from both male and female and I’ve even been a victim of bullying myself from a male boss which on looking back I let myself down and should have been stronger. My wife, before I met her, was living on her own at the time, and had her married boss knock on her door one night, of course he was refused entry, but as an 18yo, was made very uncomfortable at work and had to leave. If you get a chance read Richard Glover’s “The Land before Avocado” it’s about life in Australia in the 60s and 70s and also talks about the attitude towards women back then. We have made a lot of progress but obviously we still have a long way to go.
  2. fiftyplus

    Trump is the President

    I know and as I said, I feel fortunate and if you are self employed and have family and put all resources into a business it can be tough when the time comes to retire.
  3. fiftyplus

    Trump is the President

    I thought the government introduced compulsory super to hopefully lessen the burden of paying for pensions. We’ve done all the things the government wants, by selling our house in Sydney (Hornsby Heights so not multi $millions) and moved regional (Bathurst) to retire. This is also when you need a good Financial Adviser, (see other thread) I also understand their are a lot of people without any or not enough Super, so we feel fortunate, but it’s still frustrating when Trump opens his mouth and you see your savings go south.
  4. fiftyplus

    Trump is the President

    As did a lot of super funds. As self funded retirees, relying on our Super for a pension, it’s just frightening watching your hard earned money go down the drain because of what’s happening in the world with Brexit etc. But the trade war between the USA and China and Trumps general attitude to the rest of the world has frightened everyone and seems to have had the greatest impact. As they say the USA sneezes and we catch a cold.
  5. fiftyplus


    +1 and good luck with it all.
  6. fiftyplus


    Both my wife and I have worked in a neuro ward at a hospital, and it can be very confronting to see how life changing a stroke or dementia can be to not only the patient but the relatives as well. Some medication can also affect people’s personalities and you are not necessarily seeing the real person. But yes, their are a lot of people who once they get sick get deserted by friends and relatives.
  7. fiftyplus

    Trump is the President

    The media keep reporting about all the stupid things he does and says but Trump is Teflon coated and nothing seems to stick. The media also have to really lift their game and report the truth only and not play into his hands of fake news. I also think his true supporters are withheld a lot of news and told what they want to hear and in general don’t even care if he lies or says stupid things and tweets crap, it’s just noise to them and he is doing exactly what he said he would do and not play by the rules, and they love him for it.
  8. fiftyplus

    Summer Storms

    Neither do I. They always get at least one big storm a year but this is crazy and so many gum trees that come down.
  9. fiftyplus

    Safety - There are dickheads and there are dickheads.

    I agree with facing oncoming traffic when possible when running on the road, but what about shared pedestrian/cycle paths and footpaths? I think you should walk/run/ride on the left except when overtaking as per the road rules. And why won’t some pedestrians, walking and talking side by side towards you just squeeze up or go single file so you can pass? It’s just a battle for space just to go for a walk.
  10. fiftyplus

    The cost of cycling on the road...

    Good point! I also noticed that he had red Ps on his car. He looked to be in his 50s and I assumed he may have just borrowed the car and not taken them off due to being in a hurry. It does make you wonder 😏 One of those situations where I had a very patient truck driver waiting to turn right into the street that he came out of and then he does that. You’ve got to be so aware of your surroundings when out there on the bike.
  11. fiftyplus

    The cost of cycling on the road...

    Today I was riding and a driver turning from a side street on the left was on his mobile to his ear and one hand on the steering wheel. He saw me and let me pass, but I mouthed get off your phone. He obviously read my lips, because as he was passing me, he slowed down and opened his window and said that his son had just had a car accident and he had to pick up his wife to go see him. Not sure whether he was apologising or he thought he had an excuse for being on his mobile, but I felt bad for getting angry at him. Then the more I thought about it, it was a prime example when you should have a hands free phone as he was obviously in a hurry and stressed.
  12. Thanks Katz, we’ll have a break for a while before looking for another one as they aren’t that common and only a few breeders.
  13. Apologies to bring a downer to the thread but we unfortunately had to say farewell to our best walking buddy Sophie, a German Pinscher, 2 weeks ago at the age of 15yo. First time in 38years without a dog and it’s very strange.
  14. fiftyplus

    Financial planners

    Yep, Bathurst has been great and has everything we need. Lots of gyms, Tri club, Cycling and running clubs and Aquatic centre. Plenty of places to ride plus velodrome Mtb and BMX tracks , and good restaurants as well. We have family in Dubbo and Sydney, so its really convenient to both.
  15. fiftyplus

    Financial planners

    Same here, shared inheritance from parents and payed off mortgage. My wife and I were never big money earners and when the kids were old enough to move out and be independent we decided to retire. The only way for us to retire was to comit and sell up in Sydney and go regional to Bathurst. Best decision and no regrets.