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  1. No way, I refuse to watch anything or anyone on that station. Obviously some people do.
  2. Good news an good riddance, unfortunately he will still be on Sky news.
  3. Agree with you on most reality TV and the Cricket. With LEGO Masters it’s a bit of fun and no bitchiness, at least not on screen.
  4. Why? I am still in disbelief that people actually watch NRL and MAFS. 😄
  5. I consider my Emonda a good no frills workhorse sort of bike, as the roads in Bathurst can be rough with lots of rolling hills and climbs and being a disc brakes can run 30cc tyres. I agree with Naut, as the only issue I’ve had was with the Bottom Bracket where I had a bearing replaced under warranty and the mechanic said he’d prefer that Trek used a threaded B.B. But Trek were easy to deal with.
  6. Hi Peter, Not sure why the price difference between the Madone and the Domane but I have the 2018 Emonda sl6 disc and really like it, also it’s geometry is not as relaxed as the Domane but not as racy as the Madone.
  7. I’m old and absolute rubbish at mountain biking and lost all confidence using clipless pedals. I went to platform pedals and Shimano gr7 mtb flats which are great. Note: I’m still rubbish at mountain biking but it’s still feels better than being clipped in.
  8. See my kids, partners and grandchildren. We also have a trip planned in September to Portugal and Morocco but at this stage not looking promising, just have to wait and see.
  9. fiftyplus


    Unfortunately Peter, it’s correct. Apparently buses have been organised from Penrith to come to Bathurst to buy up our supplies from Coles Woolworths and Harris Farm.
  10. Thanks Peter, hopefully when we are allowed, she will be shown plus when trained will do agility trials.
  11. After nearly 18 months without a dog, we now have a new German Pinscher puppy “Kira”. With all the crap that’s been going on in the world she has been a positive distraction and fantastic for us and although a lot of training to go she is fitting in really well.
  12. fiftyplus


    Any gains gone and just went down even more today.
  13. fiftyplus


    The Bathurst Cycling Classic went ahead this weekend with all precautions taken by the organisers, but their was a lot of DNS
  14. fiftyplus


    Likewise, especially when you’re retired and it’s your only income.
  15. Not sure if this is the same but myself and a few other cyclists took part in a study at Charles Sturt Uni in Bathurst. It was a couple of years ago over a 3 week period of once a week from memory. We had to do leg strength tests and weight before and after a 45 min session in 40 degree heat with and without hydration. It was very controlled and bloody hard. Plus a vo2 max test.
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