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  1. So am I, and had so much interesting music to listen to in the 60s and 70s from folk, blues, rock, prog rock and concept. Started with And then
  2. We got given this as a farewell gift from neighbours who were having a garage sale. It’s an original painted on canvas that they picked up on a trip in NT it think. We had it reframed as the original frame did not do it justice.
  3. I did report it to Facebook on Friday, but it’s still there to be seen. They don’t even hide behind a fake name and post their pics up for all to see. I just don’t understand anymore.
  4. Our local newspaper put the news article on the gunman on their Facebook page. It received a lot of sympathy and disbelief responses, but there was also this. Quote: Give this man a medal of honour and bring him home like the hero that he is! Unbelievable but not surprising anymore.😢
  5. Yesterday Channel 7 showed an edited version of the footage of the gunman and saying how disgusting it was then followed it by a promotional ad for MKR with all the hate an bitchiness between the contestants. Sometimes they really need a filter.
  6. Yes, this is not good and still ongoing apparently.
  7. Unfortunately, I think any government that would try and get the churches to pay taxes and rates would be political suicide. Don’t they come under the so called, non profit organisation banner? Is it just Australia where they get away with it, or is it world wide?
  8. I think he’ll get a medical certificate that prevents him going to gaol and he’ll spend the rest of his days in a Catholic owned aged care facility, paid for by a government pension because priests, nuns, etc. don’t earn a wage and therefore have no superannuation.
  9. The whole panel was great including Rabbi Schmuley.
  10. Last nights Q&A.
  11. If you can, watch Q&A on ABC iview. A really good panel discussion on Pell and The Catholic Church.
  12. Or on the board of directors at some company. I don’t think any of them will struggle financially. Please excuse my cynicism.
  13. His legal costs will be astronomical and all paid for by donations from his true believers. I think they would have prayed for a better result.
  14. Here in Bathurst with the drought we’ve had to be very careful as well. They are so unpredictable and come out of nowhere and at any time of day.
  15. Yep, I know the feeling. dazaau, Just Stop. I think you will find that Paul Every has a lot more knowledge and experience in this particular subject.
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