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  1. Yeah seems a bit stupid... Where is the motor meant to be??? The crank arm isn't turning.
  2. Luist


    Was going to start a new thread on similar topic but found this one. I've got a few questions around interval structure as well as was after feedback. For some background, I'm currently training for Roth in July, and incorporate 1 interval session/week. I'm an average runner (~40min/10km). My current interval sessions are between 800m-1200m of interval work, with a 45s walk/45s jog rest. I aim to do about 6km of on intervals (so 8x800m, 6x1km, 5x1200m etc...). Lately these have been done on the treadmill as I'm living in Germany and the weather has been pretty poor. So my questions: - How 'hard' should the intervals be? Currently my HR is getting pretty high (95% of max), especially towards the end of the last interval, but I don't feel like I'm running absolutely flat out - At what point should I move up in pace? And by how much. - Should I be doing shorter intervals as well? - If struggling during the set, is it better to decrease pace, or increase the rest interval (or both?) - What adjustment should I make to pace when moving outside? - How long should the rest interval be? Interested in any input... Cheers, LuisT
  3. Running Dynamics Avg Run Cadence: 182 spm Max Run Cadence: 205 spm Avg Vertical Oscillation: 7.7 cm Avg Ground Contact Time: 237 ms Avg Stride Length: 1.14 m My last longish run above. I don't use the fields at all, but I did notice that on the treadmill my numbers differ (get worse): Running Dynamics Avg Run Cadence: 173 spm Max Run Cadence: 183 spm Avg Vertical Oscillation: 8.8 cm Avg Ground Contact Time: 252 ms Avg Stride Length: 1.19 m
  4. Luist


    How accurate is the instantaneous pace on these? The pace on my 620 can be absolutely terrible. For example sometimes I'll do intervals for a 1km in 3.50, and pace never drops below about 4.15, even though the average pace is correct (even shows this way in Garmin Connect). Pretty much have to rely on the lap pace which can be frustrating.
  5. Luist

    Garmin 920 v 910

    I've got the 620 which also has vo2 max and race predictor, and I've found it nowhere near accurate. According to the watch I should be able to do a ~36 minute 10k and I'm just below 40, and a 1:21 half mara and last week I did Amsterdam in 1:29. Had the watch for nearly 6 months so I would think that would be enough data. Might be better for others though.
  6. Bump. Dropped price on PTs. Also added serfas hard case.
  7. Used the wireless pt in the race, but used the wired one a few times in the lead up in training.
  8. Both pt's are built into mavic open pro rims. 32h I think but I'll double check and confirm.
  9. The SL+ is from 2011 and the wired from 2010. Neither have been used since Busso 2012.
  10. Back in town for a few weeks so bumping this again. Open to offers on anything left.
  11. Photos of Guru added to the photo page: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/102936878428749159678/albums/5949361057382684081
  12. Hi All. Will take some more pics and get them up tomorrow. Luis
  13. S80's are gone...
  14. Hi All, Sorry I missed the S80's the pics - they can be found here: https://plus.google.com/photos/102936878428749159678/albums/posts Tyres and cassette are not included, but qr's are included. Thanks, Luis
  15. Hi All, PMs replied to and pics are posted here: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/102936878428749159678/albums/5949361057382684081 Cheers
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