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  1. barchie

    IM Cairns 2017

    Saw a few trannies out there on the run course and gave some shout outs but not sure who they were. Great day for racing, much better than last year! I only entered on Friday arvo after a mechanical at IM Brazil cost me 16mins and a Kona spot two weeks ago. Managed to hold it together for a 9.26 and a KQ, bloody stoked but wouldn't recommend doing two full's in two weeks again! ?
  2. Just on my way back to oz after racing Brazil. There was tonnes of photographers on course, by far the most I have ever seen on the bike course. Also it was perfect conditions for racing, flat swim, rain and 19-20 degrees on the bike and similar for the run. Hardly any wind. Also bike course is mega fast if u dodge the giant potholes. Haven't downloaded my Garmin yet but the distances look pretty spot on
  3. 103 in the full, not a perfect build but hoping to make some amends for Cairns
  4. Frodo Kienle McMahon/Sanders/Don Rinny Ryf Pampiano/Cheetham/Mel H
  5. FULL Barchie #153 Trunkz #490 Suburban Kid #918 Sleepy #987 Stikman #1022 Iron mum #1216 Old Bull #1460 iFoz #286 HALF Mjainoz #2076 Kiwinoz #2115 Lzbones. Here for green island swim but just got time to finish the 70.3 before I fly home Sunday arvo.
  6. 0.5k done at Palm Cove today, that will be it till Sunday's race, then I'm done for sure!
  7. Racing Cairns IM so been logging some good k's in the pool. Would have liked to have a crack at 100 but got crook at the start of the month. Got a set tmoz after last long run then prob only another 4-5 before cairns so might end on 65-70kish. Had a big month, hanging for taper
  8. Might give the 100k a crack, got Cairns IM coming up...
  9. In for the full, hope to KQ
  10. Brett Archbold 1470 35-39 2nd Kona Qual @ Melb
  11. barchie

    ITU London

    Cracking race! Picked both winners and even had $20 on mola for the win :-)
  12. I'm in. Did it last year and was a great motivator! Kona training is on track except for the swim so far, need a kick in the ass
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