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  1. I have the same issues with a Fenix 5, absolute shit for a high end device, Garmin advised reinstaling firmware and a factory reset, I'm not holding my breath.
  2. Just been told I have the Epstien Barrs Virus 12 weeks out from IM WA, dont remember getting Glandular Fever but was told I had contracted it in the past year. Doctor has advised I give triathlon away but not really keen to do that, does anyone have any experience / advise on this condition, I dont feel ill and thought feeling tired after a big block of training was normal......TIA
  3. I have a brand new spare if interested
  4. Looking to buy a visor for my tardiz helmet, found some on amazon but never used them, any experiences good or bad.
  5. andytubb


    my two cents worth. I think its sad that our kids dont have any sporting (cycling) heroes anymore, there are no great cyclists just thin junkies with a passion to win at any cost. I think im glad my son gave up riding his road bike and wanting to be a pro cyclist, the sport seems doomed if Contador, the Schlecks and all the others are proved cheats. I hope were all wrong.
  6. Wheres Bassso. Been stuck on a minesite for 2 weeks at a time I tend to miss the news, why did'nt Basso start the Tour.
  7. 1st endurance shipped mine today as well, Ill have it by friday.
  8. andytubb

    spinergy rev x

    400 bucks i thought about doing busso on them, but thanks for all the feedback.
  9. Anyone know why Simon Gerrans was not inclued in the cervelos team.
  10. andytubb

    spinergy rev x

    anyone know any thing about spinergy rev x wheels, been offered a set cheap.
  11. andytubb

    Garmin 310 XT

    just ordered mine from 1st endurance rol on 15th july.
  12. andytubb

    Garmin 310 XT

    Does anyone know if their are any garmin dealers in Perth who will stock the new 310xt or any reliable mail order companys in oz
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