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  1. I probably wont renew for 20/21. Loved the Club scene in 19/20 and will miss that but who knows when it will resume. Once that's known will look at signing up but given it will still probably be the full amount, not likely. If there is the discount post January 1, will reconsider as maybe bulk of club races will be in the second half given the inevitable delay to the season kick off. As I've mentioned elsewhere, happy to pay the local club $$'s but really see little value in the TNSW component. The insurance coverage and shop discounts offered are no value to me.
  2. The swim course at Port is still nice to swim in, getting a couple of swims each week. Should be good all winter I think, ready for September.
  3. I've used Polar since day one, first the Edge, then XTrainer, a 625X and now the V800. Next will be the Vantage V. If you want a more basic version, the Vantage M has all the features plus there are plenty of other Polar models with a variety of features.
  4. It's always bugged me having to join TriNSW (or Cycling NSW in years past) re the insurance etc. Would far prefer to pay the whole $240 annual fee to the local club (rather than just the $90?) and enjoy the club scene. Really don't see any value for money coming from TriNSW. I'm sure clubs could source public liability insurance themselves ($800/yr for the classic motorcycle club I'm with, 80+ members). Wouldn't take too many members in a club to cover that from the $150 component that typically goes to TriNSW each year. Might not be all over the total $$'s scene or what goes into TriNSW, but my personal experience this season is the local club races are very well organised, a great hit out and a heap of fun. I guess the sanctioning by TriNSW gives the insurance coverage for the club races but as above, this can be sourced separately.
  5. In NSW, train as per normal, rides 20k+ from home and runs 10k+. I hear the local radio talk of 1hr of exercise allowed but not seeing any mention of a time limit in the Dept of Health material nor in the Public Health Order 2020 under the Public Health Act 2010. So training as usual.
  6. I use a spibelt with the two zip pockets for the shorter longer runs. My route has water bubblers so only carrying gels/phone. For the longer runs I have the Salomon 5L vest which has the 2 x 500ml flasks on front and room for a 1.5L bladder in the back plus numerous pockets for gels/phone etc. Like others, the Salomon running vest is great. I find they are a small size though, I have the largest and its a tight fit on me (80kg).
  7. My second year of tri's, having done Coffs Harbour in '89 and again in '90. Went to enter IM in 91 but left it too late, so went up and watched. In those days had to enter well before Christmas to get in before entries filled up.
  8. bert40

    Retro Tri gear

    That's my current setup on my Cannondale TT bike, Zefal HPx4. Bought the pump in 1991 when I got the bike. Pretty sure pump was from Bike Barn in Parramatta when I got my front Zipp 440 (rear 440 with 7 spd screw cluster on Mavic 501 hub from Bundy Cycles). Still have the Mavic 501 front hub on my roadie straight laced 18H to a Velocity Deep V rim. Bike was from The Edge Cyclery in Sydney (southish??). Still have the Sport+ drink bottle as well to go with the High5 one other bike (and a second on my desk at work).
  9. bert40

    Do you do weights?

    Definitely, as the years race by (now 55) its needed. Only do upper body, 4-5 times as figure legs get enough but will introduce some squats and deadlifts. Have all the gear, benches, free weights/bars, multi station gym, squat rack etc at home so its easy to do bits and pieces at all hours of the day. I go to hang out the washing and 'disappear' for 20mins and do some bench press or chin ups etc. If I had to find time to go to a gym 3-4 times a week, it wouldn't happen. Over the years, off Gumtree, garage sales and a few shop specials have accumulated more than enough gear so I dont need to swap plates around too often.
  10. 2007 was my last (2008 for last half IM), sitting on 9 for IM Oz. Getting closer to heading back for No 10, particularly now that I swim/ride/run sections of the course every day.
  11. bert40

    Biddon Replacement

    I've still got my High 5 bidons from IM Forster years ago, not sure what year.. They can get mouldy in the lid, I just use Milton to soak them in overnight and good for another year 😀.
  12. Wavelength Transformer wetsuit and Headway helmet and Hot Designs tri suit at '92 Forster IM. Wetsuit still in use for club triathlons and bike (Cannondale 3.0 Series Criterium frame) and ZIPP 440 wheels still current Tri bike. Have upgraded from the Ultegra 7 speed to (drum roll!!), Dura-Ace 9 speed 😀. I wouldn't of thought bike and wetsuit would be still part of the scene 28 years later. I've a long sleeve wettie but am finding the sleeveless bit more comfortable, so it's my main one, except for the few winter months in the river. Like the tri watch Roxii, my wife still has a yellow version. I wish I still had the Cateye Mity 2 that was my first bike 'computer'. Think I still have my Polar Edge, first HR monitor.
  13. Pretty sure I still had my old Headway somewhere. A little bit battered as my boys used it for a few years when they were learning to ride, so I think got thrown on the ground a few times. Might try it at a club tri for a retro day. No sign of the visor that velcroid to the front though. Dont have any of my Hot Designs fluoro stuff anymore unfortunately.
  14. My wavelength transformer is alive and well, use it for club races, just two weeks ago. First outing in it was Coffs Harbour tri in 1990. Also had a Headway helmet, the 701 and then a Headway aero (702?) with the visor that velcroed on. Had plenty of Hot Designs clothing and Cannibal and still have Velocity rims (Deep V) on my '96 Cannondale Caad 3 roadie. A great thread reliving all the gear from the 90's.
  15. bert40

    cervelo help

    Me too. I wonder if you take cranks off, chain rings off and bottom bracket out. Ensure all bolts/threads have a light coating of lube and re-assemble. Quite often you get a creaking sound if things are tightened properly. If doing one at a time, I'd start with removing the chainrings, clean bolts, lube and re-assemble/tighten. Then move to cranks and then bottom bracket if cracking noise persists.
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