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  1. My inguinal hernia was obvious, like half a golf ball poking up. Would just carefully push it down and it might stay away for a bit, but back the next day. No pain or anything when running/cycling/weights etc. This went on for 2-3 months and eventually went to the GP. Saw GP and he took one look, half laughed and said hernia and to see the surgeon in the next room. Didn't have a scan or anything to check size etc.
  2. bert40

    Bike Lights

    + 1 for Exposure, definitely agree the no cables, makes it neat and tidy and easy to swap between bikes. A good range of models to choose from as well.
  3. Yeah, not cheap. I think I got mine for just under $500, on sale back in 2011. When riding with others, their lights (not cheap either, in the $200+ mark) were really only like a cheap torch on the road compared to the six pack. The best thing I like though is no external battery pack. No fiddly cables or needing to secure a battery pack somewhere. Also, with a second bracket, its quick and easy to swap between roadie and MTB. Would be curious to check what's new on the market, a few more options 8 years down the track.
  4. I have an Exposure six pack. Absolutely brilliant and lights up the road way in front. Has about 10 settings which you can set to which adjusts burn time and brightness. In each of the settings you have a high/low or high/med/low. A press of the button on the back and it cycles through the high/med/low. It has the battery in the light, so no cords to external battery pack. Very neat. I think 3 of the 10 settings have what's called reflex technology. This means if your going faster its brighter, slower it reduces brightness and saves battery power. As you go slow up a hill you see the light dim (still plenty of light) and down the other side the brightness comes back. I bought mine from Pushys, see here Exposure Six Pack Not cheap but wont regret it and nothing I've seen matches it for brightness.
  5. I go sans music. Bit like KieranR, some road noise initially then from 3k mark its waves on the beach, fish jumping or dolphins breaching (?) as you travel the breakwall and out to the ferry. Very spoilt!!!
  6. bert40

    TA Membership time

    I'd like to join the local club and do their club races but having the extra expense of having to join TNSW, pushes it to the 'not worth it' category. For many years the insurance whether in the tri or cycling world has not been worth the expense. It seems very disproportionate cost for the insurance provided. As the cost of racing creeps up, I find it harder to justify entering. Last race was 2008 Port Half, now back doing some good training and will do Port 70.3 next year, but certainly wont be entering the number of races I used. Getting to $1k for IM and the drop in value of the extras (carbo night, awards, kit bag, volunteers party etc), it gets to the not worth it or special occasion event, not each year like I used to. Will do 1 more IM to get my 10 up, but then will be some years before I back up to use the legends number. I know the actual carbo and awards dinner was probably not worth much in respect to the meal, but it contributed to IM being an event rather than just a one day race.
  7. I presume out in time to buy a copy this week at Port?
  8. Agree with Willie, if you have the right type. I have a Stronglight so can just replace the needle bearing races and the bearing surfaces. No need to press out the top and bottom frame fittings. However, I've always had to buy the whole headset as I've never been able to find just the bearings and surfaces. I think some have bearing cartridges, which probably means you can just change the cartridge.
  9. As in one of these? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Stronglight-France-Vintage-Bicycle-Headset-ISO-26-4mm-great-condition/152996958001?hash=item239f544f31:g:eZsAAOSwERRa1ucy Can usually find new ones on eBay. Shouldn't be any issue. That's all I've done to replace mine. Not sure about being a clunker though. Still have these on my two main bikes, haven't upgraded for years. Still on my 1991 Cannondale 3.0 Series Criterium frame. Have upgraded from the original 7spd downtube shifters to now 9 spd STI. Still some years behind but figure better the time/money spent on improving the engine rather than the bike..
  10. Go a disc and the Zipp disc. On the just because, an 808 is just another version of the 404 and despite all the technical mumbo jumbo, wind tunnel, but road enviro etc, the disc is the best option. My vintage, I have a pair of 440's and a Zipp 950 disc (purchased off Pauli Kiuru). Absolutely love the disc. The 440 rear is very nice, the disc is that much better again. Apart from the faster feel of the disc, there is no substitute for the sound of a disc on the road (a true disc, no wheel covers cut it). Just love having people look around as you come up behind them, you know they've heard the disc (ah, the good old days when I would/could pass people). The bit extra for the Zipp fades very quickly over time. In 1991 I spent nearly twice as much on my new Cannondale 3.0 series criterium frame instead of half the money on a Bundy frame, Avanti bike etc and I'm still riding it today and never regretted the extra money. I know if I settled for the Bundy 753, it would have been a nice bike but it was not what I really wanted. Would I still be riding it today, no I wouldn't be. My thoughts.
  11. Kens reply mentions his book. What's the title of his book? I've checked iBook's and not finding anything, will check local book store.
  12. Go a disc, worth the money. I have a retro Zipp 950, very nice sound on the road and being autographed by Pauli Kiuru (purchased from Pauli - so it knows how to go fast), Greg and Sian Welch and Wendy Ingraham, its guaranteed to be fast.
  13. bert40

    Use by date on gels

    Bonus and yes! Except probably some dodgy flavor that no one wants.
  14. All good here, no swelling and very little pain. Am taking it easy, just walking around the house. Had open with plug/mesh. Will lay low till after Christmas and then ease back into it. Been surprisingly good, haven't needed any painkillers at all. Had a spinal block which was better than a general. Will take bandage off next Tuesday and check out his handy work.
  15. Just wondering how your recovering Chuckie? All good here, open surgery yesterday morning, head home today. Getting out of bed and walking fine, so far so good.
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