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  1. My rear hub in the 440 is the 217 hub. https://www.zipp.com/support/maintenance/model217 Not seeing it making the 2019 ZIPP Spare Parts list, guess its a bit old being a late 90's version. When I eventually upgrade to 11 spd will probably look at machining the 11 spd back a bit to fit on the freehub.
  2. Interesting Slunnie, wasn't aware it was different for various model hubs. I have a ZIPP 950 disc and a rear ZIPP440 with a ZIPP carbon hub from late 90's (originally 8spd I think but fine with a 9 spd and the 10spd, with spacer). Maybe one day I'll get to an 11spd group set and then need to work out how I get my wheels to 11spd as well.
  3. bert40

    Shifting issues?

    Agree with Turts. Could be derailleurs just need a clean or pull cables right out and put some grease at top of outer cable and smear more as you slide the inner cable through.
  4. Can't you just buy an 11spd freehub? Screw off the 10spd freehub from the hub body and replace with the 11spd one. Then you'd be right for any 11spd cassette without having to machine each cassette you buy.
  5. bert40

    Shifting issues?

    Seems to me a bit odd that its happening to both and therefore the fault being in the levers. Might be coincidence that both levers playing up at same time - could be age related. Given the problem is shifting from big ring to little ring and shifting down on cassette (I'm assuming down you mean from say the 18T to a 17T or smaller). If this is the case, I've found in the past the cables running under the bottom bracket have been full of road grime and dirt (also sticky from leaky water bottle brews) thus making them tight through the cable guide under the bottom bracket, and the springs in the front and rear derailleurs cant overcome the increased friction. Solution - take cables out and clean the guide out and degrease the cable sections in the bottom bracket area. Hopefully an easy fix for you whatever the problem turns out to be.
  6. Hello all, I've broken an old quill style stem in my tri bike 😮. The bars kept slipping and I've been bit heavy handed on the bolt tightening and split the alloy on the front bolt. Guess it pays to look at what your doing rather than just inserting the allen key and turning it 🤔. The current one is a 3T Motus style. Just seeing if anyone in Trannie land has an old quill style stem (any brand) in a spares box in the garage. Would prefer one that is either hinged or has two or more bolts so I dont have to take the levers and bar tape off and thread the bars through (bit lazy and fiddly to do that). Current length is 130mm, so will need to be that or close to. I know I can go a quill adapter and get an ahead style stem but figured this might look a bit untidy. When I'm up for a whole upgrade, my 91 model Cannondale 3.0 Series Criterium frame will get the whole treatment, re-spray, carbon fork, aheadset, Di2 etc. It will be my modern retro. I'm swapping the quill stem over from my equally retro roadie ('96 CAAD 3) to get me by for the time being. Thanks Richard
  7. bert40

    Polar Watches

    I've got the Polar V800 which does everything I need it to do. Haven't had a Garmin so cant compare the two. I know Polar have a new model out which is the Vantage in a V or M version. These have moved to wrist based HR but I think a lot of the features are comparable to my V800 (the V version) or the M4?? models' for the Vantage M version. I can do triathlon splits easy enough, so have swim, T1, bike, T2, run data. Can see separate data for all three legs which is nice.I borrowed a Garmin years back which had the external bezel which you swiped to select screens (I think), it seemed very fiddly but gather things have moved on a lot since then. The Polar software also gives me all the info I need. I think a lot comes down to personal preference as to which way you go.
  8. Very limited experience myself, but I encounter small stretches of sand riding up to Point Plomer. Agree, dont fight it to hold a straight line but I found going to a really small gear and keeping the cadence up helped with being stable at a slower speed. I kept tyre pressures up (60+) as I'm also on the hard packed stuff as well.
  9. bert40

    Magpies ?

    No magpies yet but I regularly get a pee wee tap me on the head coming past the old Woolies car park near the wharf at Port. I never remember him/her earlier until they get me.
  10. G'day Willie, just checking on progress? Would be interested in some of your workouts for improving pace. I'm not looking at anything too fancy or complicated but just one or two best bang for buck/time speed workouts to get my times down for the 5k park run. I did 21:55 two weeks ago and will aim for next Saturday for another go (going every 2-3 weeks). Aiming for sub 20 by end of year. Have found the race pace function on my V800 so will use that to help with pacing.
  11. bert40

    VO2 Max

    Found them; 48 - 29/12/2015, 45 - 21/02/2016, 41 - 14/08/2017 and now 60. Certainly the trends matches my fitness. Started good training and better eating mid 2017 to now.
  12. bert40

    VO2 Max

    I've got a Polar V800 and can do a fitness test with it. Haven't religiously done the tests but seeing this thread prompted me to do one. Says estimated VO2 max is 60. Will see if I can find in Polar Flow where previous tests results are stored.
  13. Will be interesting to follow your progress and the workouts to get the speed back. I've dropped from 104kg to 80kg over the last 12+ months and have gone from 1:30 for 9k walk/run to 45mins. Not a lot of speed work in that training so hoping to get my Park run time down to sub 20 (fastest now is 22:21). Drop a few more kilos and some speed work I should make it. At age 54, still plenty of fast runners in the older age groups so happy its achievable for me. Your already doing 20:ss for 98kg, that's motoring at that weight, so thinking your target of 15's is certainly doable as more kg's come off and training builds.
  14. I swim on the Port IM course 1-2 times a week. Dont have to check lane availability, its free but might dodge the odd boat and pelican every know and then though. A doggie on a house boat gets a bit excited at times as we swim past. Always wonder if he'll jump in after us.
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