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  1. felt

    Compression Socks

    Need help. Raced a marathon on the weekend and saw another runner in a blue pair of compression socks but have not been able to find the company that makes them after som searching. Anyone know who makes them and where I might e able to find them would be helpful. This is not a debate about compression socks
  2. felt

    Zipp 808 front

    Hi, I am very interested in this wheel. If you want to email me at the following we can further discuss payment and postage. scragg.michael @gmail.com Cheers
  3. Hi I am very interested in purchasing. Can you contact on the following 0421 508 553 Michael
  4. Hi, Do you still have the zipp wheels? If you do would you prepared to split them? As I already have a disc but am looking for and 808 front. How much would you want for it? Cheers
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