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  1. Alex Simmons

    Financial planners

    My guy is excellent. Doesn't get commissions from anyone. I pay the fees for his service and the advice and assistance we've received has been and will continue to be invaluable. Financial advice and investment strategy is really just one part of the service, it's more about lifestyle planning and support. Like having a coach, consultant and advocate in your corner. Helps with all the financial strategies of course, planning the big picture life things (like our home relocation), dealing with important tactical matters (shit this has happened and we need help to sort it), dealing with government agencies and so on. Talk through ideas and get objective advice on what's sound, what's possible and what alternatives there might be. It's very much an evolving and long term relationship. If your focus is only on the money side of things, or you are only thinking short term, or you just want to get rich quick, then it's not for you. No doubt there are plenty of sharks out there. And for this reason alone the ability to make the leap of faith and work with someone is pretty hard to do. I really don't know how you best choose one. Mine was via personal referral and was also already known to me personally.
  2. Alex Simmons


    Good to hear from you Tony.
  3. Alex Simmons

    Where to place your bottles? Some aero data.

    Yes, and as said the information is there to help people quantify one aspect of the various considerations relevant for them. No point choosing a location you won't use.
  4. Alex Simmons

    Where to place your bottles? Some aero data.

    For sure, but the impact of bidon placement applies irrespective of whether you can hold an aero position or not. Unless there is some strange form of bidon that causes people not to be able to maintain a position on their bike? IOW there is no harm in choosing to relocate a bidon on your bike while also working on your ability to ride in a good position. These are not mutually exclusive options.
  5. Alex Simmons

    Where to place your bottles? Some aero data.

    With aerodynamics I've learned over the years to not rely on a guess. But if pushed to guess, then if your position is nicely aero then behind the saddle would be better.
  6. Alex Simmons

    Where to place your bottles? Some aero data.

    As with all these things, it's simply extra data to make an informed decision. It is more helpful to quantify the differences so one can make a better informed decision on the net impact of all the factors that matter for that particular item. These are not either/or scenarios but rather ways to help people make a choice that is sensible for them. At least if you have the data you are making a decision based on that rather than guessing. Another example is choice of helmet. A particular helmet may be the most aerodynamic choice for your particular set up but it might also be less comfortable, hotter or impact vision in some way that means there are trade offs to be made and using a more comfortable but less aero helmet is a better choice overall.
  7. Alex Simmons

    Where to place your bottles? Some aero data.

    It all adds up but I suppose it's a matter of weighting the outcome based on the time taken to drink v time spent not drinking.
  8. This item from my colleagues in the UK may be of interest: https://www.aero-coach.co.uk/aero-testing-services/aero-testing-data
  9. Alex Simmons

    Solar power, cost, installation etc etc

    The one bummer in all this is the nonsense going on with the current Federal Government and their idiotic inability to deliver a sensible energy and climate policy. ScoMo claims he wants to focus on driving energy prices down, yet all their leadership bullshit has done is result in prices on such systems increase substantially. In the time from before the leadership spill/ditching of NEG to after it, the STC price fell sharply which means my system price goes up by about $800. It's a shame we don't have real muppets running the show. I'd rate them far about the bunch of clowns we have at the moment.
  10. Alex Simmons

    Solar power, cost, installation etc etc

    So I'm somewhat further down the track now and have chosen my preferred supplier. All I need to do now is sort out how I'm paying for it. As I had expected, the solutions put forward were actually quite different and it's been interesting to pull them apart to understand the nuances. I'll end up with an 11kW array and a Fronius 3 phase inverter. The battery solution for future is a bit newer and installs between the solar array and the inverter, rather than on the grid side of the inverter. It's pretty nifty and means I don't need to set up with a more expensive hybrid inverter. One solution I'm not going with was the use of micro inverters (Enphase) which was quite appealing for my situation and works pretty well with the 3-phase. However the future battery solution is not so great for a 3-phase set up. There is a modular battery solution for use with the micro inverters but their power output is so low you would struggle to use the stored energy during the evening peak period, which is exactly when you can benefit most from having stored energy - and so limits any advantage from of time of day electricity pricing. Another company I think oversized the system a little but more importantly they struggled to come up with a solution suitable for adding battery later for use over 3-phase, but did so after I talked it through with them. But if I have to tell them what tech solution they need given the briefing already provided, that's a sign they are focussed on a solution more right for them than me. But it did provide a useful price check point. The mob who will get the business have been very helpful in thinking it through, doing extra research and being creative in investigating the various options and came up with a solution that keeps initial outlay down while also being battery ready for future. As to batteries, at the moment they are still too expensive at well over $1k per kWh rated storage for their warrantied life. So they need to drop in price and after a year or two I'll also have much better time of day power usage data from the smart monitoring system so I can better model the cost/benefit. As for future support, my preferred supplier is also based in the local region and have been around for some time now. And as it turns out, their price is also better.
  11. Alex Simmons

    Wrist based heart rate monitor

    Wrist based devices in general don't have a good track record for accuracy. There have been a range of studies, here's one summary: https://www.acc.org/about-acc/press-releases/2017/03/08/14/02/wrist-worn-heart-rate-monitors-less-accurate-than-standard-chest-strap The primary problem is wrist monitors are not picking up the electrical signals from the heart (which can be done quite reliably by a chest strap) but rather are attempting to measure blood flow at the wrist with an optical device which is a far less reliable method and subject to much greater inconsistency in detecting the pulse.
  12. Alex Simmons

    Drafting, cheating or penalty?

    If the distance is reduced, then the power difference between staying in line and sustaining a passing manoeuvre is even greater.
  13. Alex Simmons

    Drafting, cheating or penalty?

    The rules don't account for the reality of physics and physiology. The extra 30 watts required to be sustained after passing is more than the passer can sustain and they end up slowing down and screwing up the passed rider. The passed rider may well slow down only to find they are now forced to go even slower than when they were in front. Too many people on course in a time trial non-draft event is always going to be a fustercluck.
  14. Alex Simmons

    Drafting, cheating or penalty?

    Problem is, at 12 metres the aerodynamic benefit is still significant. We are talking 20-30W, which is the difference between being able to ride OK while in the draft but being unable to overtake and then sustain the pace required to not then screw up those you are passing.
  15. Alex Simmons

    Home Security Cameras

    No need, just curious.