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  1. So froome is a drug cheat

    It wasn't me, I swear!
  2. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    It's safety in numbers, not helmets:
  3. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    The issue isn't so much about the efficacy of helmets in an individual incident but the mandatory wearing of them and the impacts such legislation has on overall health and safety. Helmets are compulsory in racing, and if you are a CA member at least, also in training. In such scenarios helmet use being mandatory does make sense. But riding the cruiser at the beach? Immediately following introduction of MHL cycling participation rates more than halved, and since then fatality rates per km cycled have not improved. Indeed in the first decade on the 2000s they got worse. For cycling safety, MHLs don't even make the top 10 list of things governments and communities can do. Indeed this legislation has probably resulted in a net increase in cycling deaths per km cycled. What makes the biggest difference are strategies that increase cycling participation rates.
  4. The pool thread

  5. Things which are just wrong with the world today

    Caffeine and beetroot juice sounds like a nice legal ergogenic aid.
  6. Disc wheels - yes/no?

    Could always go homebrew...
  7. The pool thread

    On another pool cleaning matter - I was interested in surface skimmer options as I do get plenty of leaves and the manual skimmer is a bit tedious. Brought into focus today as my leg is playing up again and walking/standing sucks dogs' balls. I found a few options, main ones I can see are: Floating Pool Cleaners, that attach to hose and skimmer basket and move around the pool. Seem to be 2 types - one that need to be attached to a floor cleaner and one that don't need that. Venturi effect units that attach to the pump outlet and are statically positioned Independent Robots Of those above, I think this one probably suits my set up: https://www.dragonfly.biz/dragonfly-floating-pool-cleaner/ Anyone have one of these or something similar?
  8. The pool thread

    Don't know and didn't know I had a choice! There is nothing in the manual specifications that tells me what the filter sieve size is nor that there is an option. So I looked up a bit more about it and it looks like the standard filter is 200 micron so I assume that's the one I have. Thanks for the leading question Replacements are $89 and there are 200 and 100 micron options same price. There's no indication after a year of use that any parts need replacement. I commented earlier that when there is a bit of algae growth the robot tend to cloud the water and I figure the chemicals are needed to deal with micro organisms. When the pool chemistry is right then I don't get any clouding of the water with the robot. Nevertheless the finer filter sounds like it might be useful to have for occasional use. I just put the robot on when I think it needs it. Often that overlaps the times the filter is on but it's not a strategy I specifically follow.
  9. The pool thread

    I was away for a few days and when i got back there was a bit of leaf litter on the pool floor, so I popped the robot in last night. It collected it all - here's a pic of the robot's filter basket after a run.
  10. The pool thread

    I should add, that if you have algae on the pool floor, then these robots will simply spread the algae through the water as the organisims are smaller than the filter material in the robot. The water will cloud up. They're designed for collecting quite fine particles to larger items (leaves etc) but not micro organisms. That's what the chlorine is for. If pool algae is bad, then a vacuum to waste is probably best bet.
  11. The pool thread

    Yes, they are separate units, mine runs off main power - there is a long power cord that runs to the robot from a control box which in turn is plugged into mains power. It's excellent. Since getting it (a year now) I've used the vacuum just once and I'll doubt I'll need it much now I'm better at managing the water quality. There are a number of different brands and various features. This was one of the cheaper options I could find and it really seems to do a great job. Drop it in, let it sink and turn it on at the control box. It'll do the floors an walls right past the waterline. Pop out a couple of hours later to pull it up, empty the basket, maybe a quick hose off and put away until next time. That's it.
  12. The pool thread

    I get a few thin palm leaves that are 20-40cm long - palm all round the pool, including one right next to it. It seems to collect them OK but hard to know if it would work for you. If there were a lot I'd expect it to struggle as there is only so much room in the filter basket and large leaves may not be as readily sucked up. It might depend on how long the leaf was in the water as to how easily it can pick it up. It's a pretty powerful sucker though. I have a lot of all sorts of leaves that blow onto the pool. On my first use of it, there was quite a lot of leaves on the floor - it got most of them in the first run but the filter basket was clearly full and not collecting any more. Emptied it and dropped it in for second sweep and ever since I've never had to do two sweeps. By comparison I reckon I'd have needed to empty the skimmer basket several times if doing old school vacuuming. I'm looking at the various plants and trees that surround our pool - that's another project as we gradually overhaul our gardens. The palm set right next to the pool drops stack of tiny flower petals or something similar from the fruit fronds which does drive me nuts - I'll need to do some chopping to remove the offending fronds.
  13. The pool thread

    lol Apologies, I can't help myself! I think what this little bit of post-hoc backyard science is telling me is the pool shop recommended the right pump and the right settings for the pump for our pool. They did give me other options and explained the practical differences. I've had good experience with them so far, so I count myself lucky given the comments suggesting there's plenty of pool sharks out there. When I get into things I like to dive deep down to understand the details but the purpose is ultimately to recognise what are the basics that matter most.
  14. The pool thread

    The pump I have pumps at 180 l/min per 1000rpm, and you can program the rpm settings for each of high, medium and low. It's set to go high @ 3000rpm for an initial 5-min, then drops back to 1800rpm for the balance of the pump cycle. I don't know what my pool's total dynamic head is - the pump is not overly far from the pool and the skimmer to pump height differential is not large, so I guess about 8 metres for TDH. The pump specs suggest I'll get ~150-200 l/min. So on my low setting of 1800 rpm over 8 hours is 72,000- 96,000 litres per day or in the range of 1.4 - 1.9 times the pool volume. Man, fluid physics, chemistry. Didn't realise how much fun this would be...
  15. The pool thread

    That was sort of me until the auto chlorinator stopped working as well as it needs to - I think these units make up for a lot of our lack of chemical care sins. I suspect (but I don't know for sure) not having the basics like pH correctly maintained and having enough stabiliser (cyanuric acid) probably reduces the life of the chlorinator cell as it has to work a lot harder to keep up the free chlorine levels. Indeed I think with this stuff in good order probably means I can shave a bit of time off the pump cycle. So in a way, the unit not working so well has been a good opportunity as it's prompted me to learn more about this stuff and be able to manage the pool chemistry better. The water really is looking very good, and when the service guys came to do a filter repair they commented they'd never seen it look this good (they've been servicing this pool for former owners for over a decade). My incentive is high at the moment as this Christmas I'll have various family members staying here including young kids so I want to have the pool in tip top shape for them. About a year and a bit ago, after a period of heavy rain I thought the salt could possibly use a top up (chlorinator unit wasn't saying much), so I went to the pool shop to get the water tested and it had zero salt. Along with everything else it needed, I loaded up the back of the car with about 150kg of various chemicals and felt like Walter White