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  1. Alex Simmons

    Wind Trainer Reccomendation

    I'd be surprised if it provided anywhere near the air flow required. It's maximum air flow rating is 1/8th of my pedestal fan.
  2. Alex Simmons

    Wind Trainer Reccomendation

    That said, years ago in another house with timber floorboards, if I rode my normally silent rollers it would set up some form of wildly loud audible standing wave and make an almighty racket that could be heard from well up the street, a bit like a Fokker taking off. Bearers and joists must have just been the right length and boards the right thickness and density. Tried all sort of things to dampen it but gave up using them at home. Noisy Fokkers.
  3. Alex Simmons

    Wind Trainer Reccomendation

    I can't hear anything over the large industrial fan I use for cooling anyway so not sure making the already quiet trainer quieter is going to make much difference. But if moving the high volume of air required for cooling could be made quiet, that'd be an achievement.
  4. Alex Simmons

    Aus Road Nationals Start Tonight

    Yeah, I wasn't defending it, simply pointing to the policy. I get the general sentiment of the policy but it's not a good look when the policy results in the possibility of the national champion not being given the opportunity to mix it with the world tour squads, especially when he is clearly in cracking form. It's also not the first time MF has been at the wrong end of the selection/high performance unit stick. Back then being the world track champion was not sufficient to make the national squad.
  5. Alex Simmons

    Aus Road Nationals Start Tonight

    It's a CA selection policy which would take too long to explain. In essence a spot for the National Champ is not guaranteed. There's plenty of info online, CA released a statement on it.
  6. Alex Simmons

    Aus Road Nationals Start Tonight

    I was driving the Commissaire vehicle watching the men's road race finale unfold right in front of me. It was great to watch, Michael Freiburg is a friend and we used to coach him (back when he won the World Omnium title). I made a call in the car that the leading pair were likely to play cat and mouse too early and they had to be careful.
  7. Alex Simmons

    Oval chainrings and Power Meters

    https://wattmatters.blog/home/2015/01/the-sin-of-crank-velocity.html https://wattmatters.blog/home/2015/01/accelerating-sins-crank-velocity.html Many power meters (at the crank, spider or pedal) assume the average rotational velocity is constant throughout a pedal stroke. Use of non-circular chainrings violates this assumption. The fundamental issue with accurate measurement of power (from a power meter mounted on the pedals, crank or spider of a bike with non-circular chain rings) is it requires reliable measurement of the instantaneous rotational velocity of the crank, rather than the average rotational velocity measured once per revolution (which is the standard). I'm yet to see any power meter provide reliable high frequency data on crank rotational velocity. Dan Connelly summed it up in mathematical terms in this post http://djconnel.blogspot.com/2013/09/simulation-of-power-error-from-constant.html Tom Anhalt being the engineering experimentalist he is did an experiment: http://bikeblather.blogspot.com/2013/01/whats-up-with-those-funky-rings.html
  8. Alex Simmons

    The pool thread

    Salt was sitting at ~5500ppm, so after more than a year of not putting salt in, 3 x $6 bags was plenty. My own meter said 5050ppm. I've had to turn my new chlorinator setting right down as chlorine levels are very high. Setting options range from from zero (off) to 8. I had dropped it to 5, then 4 but still way too high. I've now set it to lowest setting 1 and will see how that goes.
  9. Alex Simmons

    Power Meter Recommendations

    The Wattbike can't tell you which leg is dominant. It can only parse the information based on crank position, not on which leg is providing what proportion of power. It's a pseudo-power balance. That's because it measures net power downstream of the bottom bracket. It may be you resist less with one leg on the upstroke than the other and it will show the same split. Indeed it's possible for you to actually be right leg dominant while a pseudo-balance meter shows the opposite.
  10. Alex Simmons

    The pool thread

    Yeah I have the CX20 and it's pretty much the same, does a great job. Yeah, it's also on my list. It's still cleaning well with the standard 200 micron filter but I'll be interested to see the results when I do get the 100 micron filter.
  11. Alex Simmons

    The pool thread

    Only really need it if you have a *lot* of rain or need to replace a lot of water for some reason. Put it this way, I hadn't put salt in for over a year as there was no point given the chlorinator wasn't working and I was doing it old skool style with added chlorine granules. The pool guy tested it and it was down to about 2500ppm. It needs to be about 4000-6000ppm for my pool. He put 3 bags in and it's cranking along just fine. Next time I head into Coffs I'll take a water sample for the pool shop to do a test and see if I could use a little more. The salt is automatically regenerated in a circular chemical process - it isn't used up. Else it might be a bag or three a year I guess. And it's cheap like $5 for a 20kg bag or something like that. My controller has a low salt warning, so that's a sign. Some modern controllers show you the salt level. You can also get a salt measurement device. I have a cheap one but I'm not convinced it's reliable. The thing I'd like to add is an automated pH control unit - having pH in a tight range really helps the chlorine do its job. Aside from chlorine - it's probably the most important thing to keep on top of. I'd also like a better salt meter and cyanuric acid test kit.
  12. Alex Simmons

    The pool thread

    I have to say the people from my local Poolwerx crew I've had do my pool stuff have been really good. They do what they say they will, turn up when they say they will, we agree in advance on what to do and costs, and they suggest alternatives to consider. Always happy to answer questions and take the time to explain things about the system or how a new bit of kit works. I've not had a pool built of course, I can imagine that's a different set of headaches. I've been using it a bit lately, it's been good for me to do the gentle shoulder exercises I need to do for my rehab. And it's most relaxing just floating, like a meditation.
  13. Alex Simmons

    The pool thread

    I finally got around to replacing the auto chlorinator cell and it's pumping out the chlorine like it's nobody's business. So glad to get that one done, and glad it was just the cell and not the control unit. Water is looking great, just a little acid each week and it's good to go. Indeed I've needed to drop the chlorinator setting right down as it's working a bit too well. Also fitted a replacement pool light, the original never worked since we arrived but I never bothered with it, until it came away from its housing - not a good look have a wire loose in the pool when with family coming at Christmas (even though it's safe), so figured I may as well do that too. Worked fine with the existing transformer. I got one of those remote power switches so I can turn it on/off wirelessly. I switches between white, green and blue light. Look out Disco Duck. Since I got solar PV system fitted, I've adjusted the timing of the pumps to daytime running only. The floating skimmer is working well, and the robot floor cleaner also still going strong. The former has reduced the workload of the latter.
  14. Alex Simmons

    Watt bike

    Keep in mind the Wattbike does not independently measure left and right side forces or power. It is measures the net force applied by both legs (the strain gauge is located on the internal chain/drivebelt) and it then splits this data into two values depending on which crank arm is forward of the bottom brocket. This is also what it uses for generating all its polar pedal force/power charts. As such it is a pseudo-balance reading and as a result you can't know what contribution of your left (or right) side value comes from which leg. e.g. +100:0, +110:-10, and +90:+10 relative contributions from the left and right legs will all give the same value for "left side" power despite representing significantly different pedal balance.
  15. Alex Simmons

    There are some sick people out there:

    What concerns me about many of the comments here is the solution proposed is to not ride at all on the roads. Yet the #1 factor in making cycling safer is increasing the number and frequency of cyclists drivers encounter on the roads. Safety in numbers is what leads to greater awareness of and familiarity by other road users and results in better driver behaviour. 30 years ago when driving you would expect to see children on bikes in the 'burbs. Now people are not tuned into the possibility as much, so the best way forward is to have more people on bikes out there. e-bikes will play a role in this. This is the exact experience in forward thinking cities which are now heavily promoting cycling - the rest of the community is getting used to it and familiarity has improved their overall attitudes and driving behaviours. To do just the opposite (i.e. promote getting off the roads) simply reinforces the car centricity of our society. To hear it from others who cycle just tells me how far we have fallen in our attitudes. No one is suggesting cyclists ride on inappropriate roads or at times of day when it causes more hassle. But to simply say get off the roads altogether, well we may as well kill ourselves now because what's the point?