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  1. Alex Simmons

    Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    Interesting given the forces involved in big gear cycling are really very low relative to even submaximal gym resistance training. Usually it's a function of poor bike fit and/or attempting to do too much and/or do it too quickly. Pre-existing conditions don't help either.
  2. Alex Simmons

    Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    In the published research on what exercise is best for BMD, nothing is as effective as jogging/running and other related sports or activities that create a non-injury level of jarring to the skeletal system. Weight bearing exercise alone isn't anywhere nearly as effective. I'd say most triathletes are going to get more than sufficient work in their run training for BMD.
  3. Alex Simmons

    NBN Options

    This is disappointing. I was getting about 45mbps on mine but it seems to have dropped back to about 20mbps lately. I'm going to be in contact with my ISP to see what's going on. I'm supposed to be on the 50mbps service with minimum 25mbps.
  4. Alex Simmons

    Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    Not many of the supplemental exercises proposed here are actually strength* exercises. Which is part of the problem with these debates. Strength means different things to different people. I'd call most of them a form of resistance training and for the most part they are conditioning exercises, not strength exercises. * Strength in a specific exercise physiology sense.
  5. Alex Simmons

    Password Managers

    Yes, I got that message. It does work on their phone app though. Since installing Dashlane and getting through the initial teething problems, it all seems to be working OK. All my devices are synchronised making life a lot easier to access stuff. The odd glitch here and there when I have a couple of log ins saved for the same account, but eventually they get cleaned up. The worst was Apple and iCloud. Next was email with my various accounts. I got there eventually. I'm having a strange thing happen on my Macbook when I open Safari. The password manager seems to take over the browser and I can't always wrestle control back. I don't use Safari much but I'll have to look into what's going on there.
  6. Alex Simmons

    Road bike v Time trial bike

    It depends mostly on: i. whether you are looking to simply add clip on aero bars onto your standard road bike bars, or replace the road bike bars with a TT specific bar set up, and ii. the type of tubing design on your road bike. Using TT bar set up will be much more aerodynamic than clips-ons and it also enables gear changes while staying in an aero position and for many modern road frames with aerodynamically designed tubes, the difference with a dedicated TT bike will be relatively small (if fitting is done well). But if you are talking about adding clip-ons and/or a round tubed frame, then it will be slower than a dedicated TT bike. Whether that speed difference matters though depends entirely on your objectives. If it's to participate and enjoy racing and have fun, then it's no big deal. Get out there and have fun and save some money for other more important things in life. If you really need to find those precious minutes and seconds in order to qualify for higher honours, get a contract, make a living etc, then it will matter a great deal more. Many are somewhere in between and simply like to be as quick as they can be. How important that is is individually variable.
  7. Alex Simmons

    PerfproStudio anyone?

  8. Alex Simmons

    Zwift doping

    Putting in a vanity weight is amateur hour. The real action is providing a data stream without actually riding a bike.
  9. Alex Simmons

    Prince of Bahrain caught cheating. Oh dear

    Erlang for IM!
  10. Alex Simmons

    Commonwealth games chat.

    I volunteer about a month per year to the sport of cycling. Specialist support in a risky role. I made the mistake of including the CG on my list of events this year. The money I ended up having to spend for supporting one day of competition now means I'll likely need to curtail all my other volunteer work for at least 12 months. It was ridiculous.
  11. Alex Simmons

    Commonwealth games chat.

    His twitter feed about stadiums in Sydney is vomit inducing. Just another rent seeking muppet.
  12. Alex Simmons

    Commonwealth games chat.

    An elite marathon runner is generating several hundred more watts in heat output than your average punter and the warmer and more humid the ambient air, the more difficult it is to dissipate excess waste heat. In any case, fatigue is multifactoral and complex.
  13. Alex Simmons

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Even then it's not the same - e.g. a congenital limb deficiency compared with an amputation acquired through trauma. Then there is access to equipment and so on. I just got a new walking leg and it cost $5.5k. In cycling the high end legs can cost $35-50k.
  14. Alex Simmons


    That means after this summer I will no longer be watching limited over cricket. I won't be alone in that. That said, the arrangement is a breach of the anti-syphoning laws.
  15. Alex Simmons

    Commonwealth games chat.

    It’s part of the lottery of life I’m afraid. When I raced Para I had a competitor who I would beat. Then he was reclassified and went from nowhere to multiple world and Paralympic champion. I think it’s fantastic - he’s a nice young guy and humble. But yes there is gaming of the system now as paras have become more marketable. And the system loves and fawns over the ones who are gold medal chances but doesn’t give a rats left testicle about any one else trying to give the sport a crack. If anything it’s set up to actively dissuade them from continuing and I’ve seen plenty give it away as a result. Some of it is pretty disgraceful. It’s the focus on gold medals which has priority over helping people lead productive lives and gain access to opportunities.