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  1. Kona Counts

    Kona power meter long usage term trend 2009-2017: Balance of data in blog post: http://alex-cycle.blogspot.com.au/2017/10/kona-power-meter-usage-trends-2009-to.html
  2. Aerodynamics testing & optimisation: Bookings open.

    Just resurrecting an old thread for an update. Aerocoach Australia is alive and well and while testing dates have been a little inconsistent over the past year we've still been testing and getting good outcomes for people. I've updated the website which looks better but also includes a few things that might be of interest: Bookings can be made and paid via the website Lots of info on how it works and an FAQ section There are some cool new tools, in particular some power-speed calculators so you can see what sort of an impact to speed (or power) changes in all the various inputs have. You can adjust CdA, Crr, bike and rider weight, gradient, air density, wind speed and drivetrain efficiency values! There is also an air density calculator too. www.aerocoach.com.au Had a great session last week, testing a rider on this rig. I have to say, this was one of the best bikes to work with in terms of ease of aerobar adjustability. Very cleverly designed front end.
  3. Srm not showing power ???

    You'd think so, which means it could be something else. Hard to say. Looks like you might be checking out the new SRM service centre...
  4. Srm not showing power ???

    If you are not getting an zero offset, then you won't get power. That's most likely a battery if magnet placement isn't the issue.
  5. Housing Bubble thread.

    Nice to get a good result.
  6. Housing Bubble thread.

    Do people check actual nationality or are they assuming an Asian face = Chinese citizen?
  7. Power meter is doing weird stuff

    Borrow someone's Powertap.
  8. Power meter is doing weird stuff

    Since torque zero is not changing much, then that rules that out. So the only other factors are the trainer's resistance changing during a session and power balance changing during a session. I can open the Garmin link but it only shows summary stats. not a plot of power and speed data.
  9. Ditching Foxtel.... options?

    You can watch live TV on the Fetch mobile app but not the FTA channels, only Fetch's channels which you have subscribed to. e.g. I just quickly checked on my iphone and started to watch some college football that's currently being shown on ESPN. The Fetch mini required an aerial and a TV with an HDMI input socket. The remarkably simple remote and on screen TV guide and menu are very good.
  10. Ditching Foxtel.... options?

    Been using the Fetch for a while now - I have to say it's been great - we have two Fetch minis as well which wirelessly link to the Mighty unit and we can watch recorded programs on any unit. We have both Netflix and Stan subscriptions and the apps on the Fetch are pretty good (better than smart TV apps and it also has effectively turned the two older TVs into smart TVs). All it's missing as far as I'm concerned is Eurosport for the cycling that SBS can't cover. As for the rare program that's not on Fetch Movie and TV store or Movie box, or on Stan or Netflix, then the better half just finds it on the Apple Store.
  11. Power meter is doing weird stuff

    Stages - so the issue with variable power balance is a factor. That's an unknown and variable error that is a consequence of the type of meter and human physiology. Stages can't help you with that (except to sell you one of their newly announced bilateral side power meters). Torque zero is what you call "calibrate". I recommend checking that "calibration" regularly during a trainer ride as an experiment to see if it changes. It may or may not vary but it is good that you are at least checking/setting before each session. If you find that it does vary during a session, then you'll need to include regular breaks during indoor sessions to re-calibrate. Trainer - it's highly likely the resistance of the trainer is not consistent with the wheel's speed during a session. That's not an issue of the power meter but of the type of trainer and how it is set up. e.g. how tight the tyre is pressing against the roller, tyre pressure, type of tyre, how the temperature fluctuates during a trainer session (it can go up and down depending on what you are doing).
  12. Power meter is doing weird stuff

    What sort of power meter and what sort of trainer? Trainer resistance can vary at same wheel speed due to temperature changes in the resistance mechanism (whatever form that takes). Depending on the trainer it may get harder or easier as it warms up. Check your power meter's torque zero periodically during such a session to test whether or not it is also drifting. Torque zero drift will cause the meter's reported power to drift away from your actual power output. If the meter is unilateral, i.e. only measures one side, then it's also possible your power balance varies during a session. And it can be a combination of all of the above.
  13. Jack Bobridge charged with drug dealing

    Bobridge hasn't exactly been all sweetness and light and that's part of the reason for him being kicked along from team to team every year (nearly), but therein lies part of the issue. It's easier to move someone along than invest in effort to help them address their problems. Riders are mostly commodities.
  14. Jack Bobridge charged with drug dealing

    Yeah, that raised an eyebrow. It's not as addictive as say cocaine but it still exhibits strong indications of addiction based on the available scientific research: https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/research-reports/mdma-ecstasy-abuse/mdma-addictive The argument that there are worse things is not a valid argument IMO. It still creates a lot of collateral damage in many ways, especially as an unregulated stimulant and psychedelic.
  15. Jack Bobridge charged with drug dealing

    While there is no doubt alcohol and smoking are major public health problems (and societal for alcohol), that doesn't mean other drugs with a smaller abuse footprint should be legal/unregulated. MDMA is not exactly all sweetness and light... https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/research-reports/mdma-ecstasy-abuse/what-are-effects-mdma