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  1. —attributed to Socrates, from Plato, Apology The Dunning-Kruger effect is often what gets people into trouble.
  2. The pool thread

    Pic of my pool area taken earlier this morning. It's a bit old fashioned (I guess a late 80's or 1990s addition). We plan to at least update the daggy garden and I'll need to give those pavers a high pressure water hosing I think, spuce them up a bit. My salt water auto chlorinator isn't working properly, so have been doing it old skool just staying on top of pH with a little acid every few days, chlorine via powder every couple of days and checking alkalinity levels, with occasional check of other stuff via pool shop tests. A full chlorinator system replacement is $1750. I could gamble and just replace the cell in my existing system for ~$500 but that may not be the answer and it can't be used with the replacement system. Ouch. The floating skimmer works OK, the water has looked really good and it definitely reduces the leaf load reaching the pool floor.
  3. Coffs Harbour riding

    Yes. In 2007 I had a crash while out riding one morning and after hospitalisation and surgery on the broken leg, various complications meant we had to amputate my lower left leg about 8 weeks later. I got back to riding and racing and went as well as I did before but effectively I retired from racing after 2011 season. I thought I'd transition to riding for exercise and enjoyment but soon realised that was near impossible in Sydney - the cumulative trauma of the daily abuse and near misses by drivers of motor vehicles just did my head in (something I was able to push back when focused on training for goals) and so when the opportunity in life presented itself to move away to somewhere nicer, I did. I have started to ride a few times since moving here and love every single minute of it. But my prosthesis has not been fitting me so well of late (last year or so really) and so riding once again has had to stop. Currently walking is painful, indeed just having the thing on hurts. I use a walking stick at the moment to help. Hence my disappointment at my new leg not being ready. It's now over 6 months since I started the process to replace it and it will be at least 7 months by the time I have it. Then I need to go through the process of getting it set up for cycling (to ride I unscrew the walking leg part and screw on the bike leg part, inspector gadget style). Looking forward to getting out once again and enjoying the great riding we have here. I'm not so looking forward to the first weeks of seriously bad fitness as that makes it a bit harder to enjoy but provided I can stick with it and the leg behaves, I'll be doing all the rides I mentioned and more within a year I reckon. I also love riding the track and previously went there once a week for a bit of fixed wheel fun, so hope to restart that.
  4. Training Peaks, ATL, CTL,TSB & ABC

    I use WKO4, which is a one off licence fee and the free Training Peaks for data sync. Golden Cheetah is cheapest option $ wise since it is freeware. There will be a time cost of course.
  5. Housing Bubble thread.

    Doesn't seem to have affected our deputy PM
  6. Coffs Harbour riding

    Part of the reason I chose to move here. When I was doing my research and reccy trips I spent days driving all the back roads around various towns to get a sense of what it was like for cycling as well as do my due diligence on planned roadworks and their impact (positive/negative). I ruled quite a few locations out due to them being lousy for cycling. Plus there is a local outdoor velodrome (and crit circuit) at Toormina (near Sawtell) so I can get my fixed gear fix whenever I so desire. If you like MTB, well there is a national park and lots of other forest areas here with 100s of km of tracks and a park ranger that's keen to get more MTB action happening. Unfortunately my new leg fit was a fail today (wasn't made correctly), so it'll be another month at least before that gets sorted.
  7. Coffs Harbour riding

    I've not ridden since August, my leg has been crap and I'm a lard arse at present. Tomorrow is new leg day though, so it's fingers crossed it resolves my problems and I can contemplate riding a bike again. Just being able to stand and walk without pain would be nice. It'll be a year at least before I'm anywhere near close to riding more than a few hours. I ran a cycling tour here last year and will be doing same again this year in latter part of August. I need to change base venue and ride routes though due to the bridge closure. https://www.tourdebello.com/ The opportunity for great riding was one of the features I was looking for when considering where to live after Sydney. I knew the opening of the new freeway and retention of old hwy for local use was going to open up some excellent ride options. Everywhere I go I mentally note roads for their suitability for riding. I have a good mate coming up next week to stay for 4-5 days just so he can get a break from the M7 and Centennial Park, which are about the only places he feels OK to ride anymore.
  8. Training Peaks, ATL, CTL,TSB & ABC

    Yes, the rest of the sporting world is catching up. These concepts were implemented using cycling power data 15 years ago.
  9. Coffs Harbour riding

    The only challenge to some of these routes will be from about April/May this year when the Raleigh Bridge (Keevers Dr / Old Pacific Hwy) over the Bellinger River will be closed for ~12 months for remedial works by the RMS.
  10. Coffs Harbour riding

    Several options which vary depending on day of week, time of day. Easiest option you can do just about anytime without having to think much is simply to follow the old highway (Pine Creek Way and Giinagay Way) south from Coffs (via Sawtell) south to Nambucca turn off and return. From Sawtell to Nambucca Heads turn off (Link Rd) and return is 80+km with no stops. Toss in the odd side road out/back or loop and you can easily rack up 120km without stopping. Yellow Rock Rd loop, Mylestom Rd, Hungry Head Rd-Urunga, Butlers Rd / Glennifer Rd and others at Bonville. Bugger all traffic, mostly excellent roads and some glorious country to ride through. Now the Macksville freeway bypass is in, the extended option south is to continue past the Nambucca Heads turn off and take the Old Coast Rd/WirrimbiRd/Rodeo Dr/Wilson Rd for a loop through Bowraville, Macksville and back via the the other side of the river. That's 130km easy from Sawtell. Add those other loops and you are 160+km without a traffic light in sight. On the north side there is the climb up to the Orara State forest (Bruxner Park Rd and Central Bucca Rd), perhaps out to Nana Glen or for a flatter ride take the Solitary Islands Way to Woolgoolga. Just have to put up with the little bit of main road conditions exiting Coffs past the Big Banana. There is also a loop around Bellingen (not Waterfall Way) via North Bank Rd, Bowraville Rd and South Arm Rds. Road can be a little rough in places and it's lumpy terrain. Also the road out to the Promised Land is a delight (until you hit the end of the bitumen).
  11. Getting wifi into shed???

    My place is 3 phase. I even have a couple of 3 phase power outlets in the shed.
  12. Training Peaks, ATL, CTL,TSB & ABC

    Today's TSB = Yesterday's CTL - yesterday's ATL Those are very high ATL and CTL values. A CTL beyond 140 is not normally sustainable for long. If the training is not all that hard, it's quite possible/probably your TSS values are being inflated (perhaps threshold is set too low).
  13. Getting wifi into shed???

    My cable is running through conduit. I was a little luckier in that the work to bury the cable wasn't quite as onerous a task as yours. The buried section was grass and "garden", and had to go under one set of paver steps. Still a job and I had a sparky do it (the difficult bits were inside the house) but it's done now. Some things I just prefer to have done by a pro. Could you use your mobile phone as a local wifi hotspot? Then it's a matter of the data requirements and your phone plan. I use my phone all the time this way when travelling with laptop since motel wifis are usually so crap they are not worth bothering with. And I use phone to stream internet radio or music when on long trips.
  14. Getting wifi into shed???

    I had an ethernet cable + wall outlets installed from house to the shed and added a wifi router in the shed and set it up to replicate the house network, same wifi name, same passcode. Hard to beat an ethernet cable for speed and reliability.
  15. Training Peaks, ATL, CTL,TSB & ABC

    I posted to Wattage forum and am learning a bit more, as I know there are some smart people who will both enlighten and correct me where my understanding is lacking. Ale Martinez pointed out he attempted to back calculate K but used an exponential function to simulate it to fit a curve, and not a power function, hence his estimated value for K is not the exponent Stryd are using. I'd have thought it wouldn't be all that hard to work out given values for Power, CP, RSS and duration.