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  1. All the best with it Goughy. If you want to ask me anything, send me an email. alex at cyclecoach dot com I'm signing off from the forum and doubt I'll be back. Aside from a few bright spots like this thread, it's an unhealthy environment.
  2. Alex Simmons


    As a rule of thumb, people are either alive or dead. Sure there is a bit of a short duration transition in state at end of life but for the most part people are either alive or dead. Whether one is alive or dead is not a fact which is all that hard to establish and verify for a well respective public figure who has served this nation well. Saying someone is dead when they are not can cause significant distress which is not necessary and could be easily avoided by doing the most basic of fact checking.
  3. Alex Simmons


    You're not entitled to your own facts though.
  4. Decision makers are dealing with lag indicators. It's a bit like driving while only being able to see the rear view mirror.
  5. Alex Simmons


    When it comes to things that matter, you know, like whether someone is alive or dead, or health information and advice, then yes it does matter. Posting nonsense can do harm.
  6. Yeah, rushed publication of research findings isn't always helpful, and at worst can be dangerous. Meanwhile our very own Trumpty Numpty Clive Palmer's full page ad: For the record, there is no evidence this stuff is a suitable treatment for COVID-19, while early research (to be considered with due care) indicates it may do more harm than good. There is further research underway but clinical trials take a long time, need replication and validation. Rushing science and lowering research and publication standards isn't the way forward. The addition of idiots like Palmer just exacerbates the problem and we end up wasting the time and energy of real experts who are diverted from what's important to instead deal with this nonsense.
  7. Alex Simmons


    Is there something wrong with asking people to check their facts before posting nonsense / made up bullshit?
  8. I don't see it as a risk. This is the sort of supply management that might occur a few times a year. In SA where renewables are beginning to approach 60% of supply. As for the rest of the NEM (Tassie aside), we are still quite a long way from that (i.e. closer to 25%). Firming will certainly help though, and grid scale through community scale storage will be most useful. It doesn't need much.
  9. Alex Simmons


    Mike Kelly is alive. He has resigned due to poor health (chronic kidney damage amongst other things) mostly as a result of his lengthy time spent in the armed services and severe dehydration experienced when on active duty in the Middle East and Africa. He's had multiple operations in recent times. I wish him well, he's one the good ones and will be a loss to the Parliament. He is also a member of the opposition, so the government has no pressing need to win the seat (although they wouldn't knock it back). It is and has been for a long time a marginal seat and very hard to win and maintain. Glad the temporary housing has arrived, and I agree the manner of the announcement by Barilaro was pretty bloody ordinary and overshadowing the good (only for him to pull out of his candidacy a couple of days later). I hope they help some families in desperate need.
  10. That sucks. Focus on moving as many discretionary loads to daytime as you can. That would most likely be a smart meter device as that's required to enable the inverter to know how to manage its output. Which should come with a bonus of having a lot more data about your consumption. $0.50/W is a pretty amazing price. Electric HW would be a great way to make use of the export clipped energy. A bit depends on the expected life left in the existing HW tank. If it's going to need replacing, then that's the time to make the switch. While eliminating one gas appliance to make good use of otherwise wasted solar PV output is a good move, it still leaves other gas appliances connected which means you still have to fork out for the daily gas connection service fee. So it might be a longer term plan to wean off gas altogether, replacing items when their time is up. Split reverse cycle air con systems are pretty efficient heaters, but it's a different kind of heating to a gas heater. Some like it, others don't. Batteries are an obvious way to deal with the wasted energy, however they are still too expensive. Unless you are paying well over 50c/kWh for your power during times when sun is down, it will be hard to justify. And if you are paying that much I suggest changing retail plans.
  11. Transmission of the plague is mostly via a controllable vector (fleas) and plague is treatable with antibiotics. While a vaccine exists its generally only used for those expecting to be exposed (e.g. health care workers in outbreak areas). With have neither a vaccine nor a treatment for COVID-19 while the controllable vector is human proximity and intermingling. Measles is as you say due to herd immunity because we have an effective vaccine and vaccination program, while for the flu we have a combination of factors (vaccines which need to change each year provide a level of herd protection, while not perfect it prevents many many deaths), and the varieties of flu we are familiar with have a far far lower case fatality rate than COVID-19. We still get occasional pocket outbreaks of measles, mostly in communities where the vaccination rate has fallen. I've had the measles as an adult (immunity falls away over the years) and it is a really nasty disease, completely different experience to childhood infection. I was close to committing suicide - a week of being in a delusional state with high fever, uncontrollable convulsions and no sleep can do that.
  12. Eradication doesn't mean what you think it means. Eradication of viral diseases is pretty rare thing to achieve and for some it's impossible. We (and by that I mean the collective knowledge of real experts in infectious diseases, not you, I or the general public) simply do not know enough about SARS-CoV-2 yet to know whether it is such a candidate but given viral eradication is pretty rare and this sucker is a species jumper, it's highly unlikely we'll ever eradicate it. Some discussion on eradication of infectious diseases: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3341977/
  13. It's not me I'm concerned about, but others who may pop in and chance upon a fictional post or statement which goes unchallenged.
  14. From you, yes we do. The fact we are talking about stuff on the internet strengthens the need for verification. If it's so easy to find, then post it.
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