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  1. Mooloolaba wave starts

    You are correct, but I’ll take the earlier start with slightly less traffic and hope it is a really hot day.
  2. Mooloolaba wave starts

    Brett, 100% agree with you. They really should have run it as per TA rules. You enter the age group you are as of December 31 in the year of the race. But I am really happy racing in the 35-39 but qualifying for 40-44. I am starting a bit over an hour before. If it is really hot that is a great advantage for me.
  3. Mooloolaba wave starts

    Just start in an earlier way like I did at Husky sprint
  4. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Not sure what AG you are in but that looks around 57 points. I think when I worked it out around 64 or 65 got you in no matter what. So 57 is pretty much given.
  5. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Not that I am aware. I was at briefing and no mentioned. I always read the competitors handbook but I never saw one for this race. Anyway, competitor has full responsibility. I am just disappointed the position doesn't count for age group points. As I wasn't even starting with the age group I was trying to qualify for so no impact on the race.
  6. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    In short I had grabbed the wrong colour swim cap. The swim cap colour I had, left at my stated wave time but waves had been delayed by 10mins. So started in the wrong wave. The same thing happened to someone in Canberra and the appeal was denied. It costs $100 to do so given the Canberra outcome no hope.
  7. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Oh well, the next 6 month focus just changed after today. Happy with performance especially the run given I was still in pain just walking around this week. Unfortunately a mix up the swim caps resulted in a DQ.
  8. Port Mac bunch rides this weekend

    If you are on a rodie there is usually a couple of bunches leaving Pelton cafe at 6am doing around 80kms
  9. Port Mac bunch rides this weekend

    I am not in town this weekend. Not sure have many triathletes will be riding on Sunday as the club race is on. Which takes a few away.
  10. WTB Mazda 3 roof racks

    I have some Rhino that were on the 2010 Mazda sp23. I’ll check the info on them for you. where abouts you based?
  11. Who's trying to qualify for itu worlds?

    Rule F 3b doesn’t allow someone with a professional licence in the financial year to be selected.
  12. Training Peaks, ATL, CTL,TSB & ABC

    Did someone say that?
  13. Training Peaks, ATL, CTL,TSB & ABC

    Don’t think you need to bring personal achievements into it. My resume speaks enough for me.
  14. Training Peaks, ATL, CTL,TSB & ABC

    I always laugh when people say I don’t know what you are talking about with these sorts of things. These training tools have been around a long time now, and in order to grow in this sport you should be willing to aquire knowledge of different training and tools. I use TSB etc as a guide for tapering. I will usually try and be around 20/25. I think it is important to also look at how fast the TSB has risen. If it has gone from like -30 to +25 in a week it may be hard to wake it up on race day. My best performances have come from letting the TSB rise and then the last few days then flatten out. But it is not exact and you need to go by feel as well. Don’t worry about these things now, they are to reflect on after the race to prepare for next time. Now is the time for positive thinking and visualisation.
  15. Bike insurance

    Usually 3rd party is covered under home contents. Also if you are a member of TA or CA or even the state bike association you will be covered for 3rd party.