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  1. ashley_s

    Mobile plans - which one?

    As another example Belong Mobile only uses Telstra's 4G network not its faster and better 4GX.
  2. ashley_s

    enduring power of attorney

    Do you require it no. Does $330 for 15 of your time sounds about right. It isn't 15 of the solicitor's time, it is the years of knowledge built up that you are paying for.
  3. ashley_s

    Tracing a cheque

    made out to cash or to her personally?
  4. ashley_s

    920xt elevation stuff up

    Not over anyalsing, I use the same principles as you in measuring training performance. That is set a test train and then repeat that test and see if the training has had an impact. This is what you did in your example. I just simply pointed out due to your willingness to try and use modern training technology your test results are very likely wasting your time testing (other than getting a good workout). Funny we are having this conversation as today my Garmin bike computer had a issue loading, so took the watch out. I was just out riding for the sake of riding and thought I would tinkle around at 200 watts for 2:30 hours. Guess what I rode 198 watts. That is using the correct tools, understanding how to use them and have an understanding of my body. But that comes from nearly 20 years of racing, training and learning all at various levels.
  5. ashley_s

    920xt elevation stuff up

    In running indoors on a stationary trainer it would be very very minute. I am not aware of anyone running indoors on a manual treadmill any more. But yes tempture would have an impact on that type of treadmill. Bigger impact would be weight of shoes however. A fluid trainers power curve can very signicantly from session to session based on those outputs I mentioned before. So if there are tools to eliminate these variables it is prudent to use them.
  6. ashley_s

    920xt elevation stuff up

    I agree with your statement to use both brain and tools. Sometime RPE is misleading, if I load my self up with caffeine my RPE is typically lower. Does that mean I am going easier or harder? However I am pointing out in your situation your failure to use tools (gadgets as your call them) has left you in a situation where you are guessing that you have improved. But in fact you may have done worse and may therefore need to adjust training. When on a trainer if everything is not exactly the same from tyre wear to tempture etc it has a significant impact on the amount of watts (ie effort) you are doing. If you rode with a power meter on a trainer you would likely notice that for the same power in the same gear you will need to adjust your cadence as the tyre and trainer warms up. You can’t just tell this from cadence and gearing only.
  7. ashley_s

    920xt elevation stuff up

    So how did you determine you improved on this bike effort? You measured cadence only so how did you account for the variables. Was the wheel clamped on the same? Was the tire pressure the same? Was the wear on the rear tyre the same? Was the tempture of the tyre same? What you did was a similar session but you actually have no idea if you have actually improved.
  8. ashley_s

    920xt elevation stuff up

    Training stress is a way of determining the amount of work done. This should be looked at with reference heart rate and RPE. heart rate can be too variable as it can be effected by heat, dehydration, fatigue.
  9. ashley_s

    920xt elevation stuff up

    It does matter if you are tracking rTSS (approx run training stress). Because part of the formula for NGP and in turn rTSS uses gradient. For example running 6 kms in 30 mins on a flat track is not the same effort as running 6 kms up a hill in 30 mins with a 3% gradient. From training peaks website. "Normalized Graded Pace (NGP) is the adjusted pace reported from a global positioning system (GPS), or other speed/distance device, that reflects the changes in grade and intensity that contribute to the physiological cost of running on varied terrain".
  10. ashley_s

    TA being sued for race crash

    The ‘any’ vs ‘own’ you refer to is generally in reference to Total and permanent disablement (TPD), not income protection. I say generally because there are a few policies that have an ‘any’ occupation for income protection but you wouldn’t go anywhere near them unless you are forced to. These tend to be those provided as default cover within someone’s superannuation or those ones where where you get rung up out of the blue to sell you some insurance. There are some occupations (painters, brickies etc) where some insurers will say after 3 years you need to not be able to work ‘any’ occupation you are suited rather than you ‘own’.
  11. ashley_s

    TA being sued for race crash

    No income protection replaces a % of lost income. So if she can work a little bit they make up the difference. It is also possible if she is earning 1/5 of her pre disability income she could receive all of her income protection payments on top of her work income.
  12. ashley_s

    TA being sued for race crash

    I get the suing over loss of a ability to enjoy family activities etc. however the loss of income really should be minimal as I would hope that she would have adequate income protection and trauma insurance to cover herself. This is your own responability in life, although I do understand that some people may not be eligible due to health history. But if she wasn’t entitled to income protection due to health she could have obtained accident only income protection.
  13. ashley_s

    FTP & Ironman power

    But we don’t know what is NP was. This chart only refers to NP and TSS. If he rode an VI of say 1.18 as in rory-dognz situation than his NP would be an IF of around 0.65. so for someone slightly less than 6 hours this is in a normal range. Just look at the run and see how even it was to get some feedback.
  14. ashley_s

    FTP & Ironman power

    What was the NP?
  15. ashley_s

    2020 70.3 World Championship

    Ok, this has got me a little excited about tris again.