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  1. Buy a top of the line Ventum and get an automatic slot. You will still need to pay for the slot and active fee.
  2. Did Erin Baker win this race?
  3. Reading that 2nd article. Why would Bridge, Angling and Billiards sign up to the IOC. Is this a long term position to be included in the Olympics? People think Cycling is dirty, 1 in 10 Anglers caught with illegal substances.
  4. ashley_s

    LA still a WINNER

    So is also forgetting to take your worming tablets. 🤣
  5. ashley_s

    LA still a WINNER

    3:02 not what he was hoping for. Although a month out he was using the old pulled hamstring exuse. That is simply page 1 in the triathlete book of excuses. He could have got more creative.
  6. West Pymble would also be fairly close.
  7. Good response overall. But I really dislike the comments around roads being paid from general taxation. But they then say that many bike riders also own cars which pay rego. This is a silly argument as it is paid from general taxation or not. It also opens the argument around those that own multiple cars or cars and motorbikes having to paying multiple rego.
  8. It is a 10 year bike I would expect to have changed over all the components serveral times. With the exception of the cranks which would only needed chainrings. You would need to consider where in the life the current components are however. Chains and cassettes need to be changed regularly and aren’t expensive.
  9. Yep that looks like a 2008 model, it is the model that Chrissy Won her frist Kona on. It is old but it really I still ride mine and have no issues laying down quick bike times. The question really is what do they want from the bike? Group rides etc or a bike that they can race longer distance triathalons with.
  10. @trinube what does this comment mean? “If you can't pass someone, especially when they're required to sit up and let you by, then you have no business attempting the pass - you're just drafting” I am not sure I understand the bit where you say sit up and let them by. Until they have their wheel infront I would be continuing to push. Nothing stopping the person in front accelerating.
  11. I never said that riding into the draft zone to pass and actually making the pass was drafting either. But if you fail to make the pass in the required time it is drafting which is a violation. Which is my whole point. “Drafting” by definition can happen under many circumstances. “Drafting” in not cheating it is a rule violation. The intention is what makes the rule violation morally wrong.
  12. Maybe I am duluded but I believe there is a difference between someone intentionally drafting compared to someone unintentionally drafting. If all drafting is cheating as you say then every triathlete I have ever met I believe is a cheater.
  13. My point is that if you have riders on bikes you potentially open up options for those that may want to be a TO if this is an option. I would love nothing more than riding around the Ironman course waiting for a pack to go by in either direction. I keep hearing about how these monster packs swallow people up and they have no other option but to hang legally off the back or join in. If you have riders riding or even waiting on the side of the road when a large bunch has form you can ride along side and start to have them break up. What the aim is to try and get them to separate not necessarily start handing out cards. It is the large packs which seems to create the most angst. With these additional types of TOs i believe it would help to break these pack up. If you ever ride in these packs it is very common for riders to communicate when they hear/see a moto coming and then and only then break up. These packs only tend to try to sought themselves out when they hear a motor bike coming from 100+ meters away.
  14. FF The half that do know that they dropped stuff, cheating or ruling violating? Both make a consensus decision to not obey by the rules, in my mind they are both rule violations. A significant amount of people at a triathlon, including Ironman, have no idea what the drafting rules are. Some do know the rules and violate, some don't know the rules and violate. It is the premeditation and the concuss decision making which is the issue . The actual act is a rule violation. Let me provide a little bit of context to my thinking with a personal example. I started an Oly race last year accidentally in the wave prior to my age group. Despite completing the course 2nd fastest I was DQ for not starting with my age group. Now me starting in the prior age group had no impact on my race or that of my competitors. However it is a rule violation and therefore a DQ resulted. My action was a rule violation, but I certainly don't believe I was cheating. However, if my intention was to start a wave earlier to reduce my time or otherwise obtain an advantage then yes I was cheating , but the actual physical action of starting in previous wave just like drafting is a rule violation. I really would not know of anyone who has completed an Ironman/70.3 that has not technically drafted.
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