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  1. My training programme for 2 Oceans (Cape Town) has hill sessions. Generally in terms of time, not steepness. eg. 2km warm up, then 4 x 3 mins hills, job back. etc. 3/4/5min hills are quite long.
  2. When you share with us, we also learn and become more aware too. So you're also giving back Kieran. Thank you. Hang in there - as Katz said, you're doing great.
  3. Turtle

    Iron deficiency

    That reminded me when my mum was years ago prescribed Guinness by the doctor to help with iron and put on weight. He'd first suggested milkshakes/smoothies but as she doesn't really do milk too well, he then suggested Guinness. She was slightly mortified "what will the neighbours, people in the supermarket think!"...LOL...worked a treat though. Dad was jealous.
  4. Turtle

    Iron deficiency

    I've had low iron and went on tablets. Knew something was up when I was so tired the thought of getting off the couch to get into bed was just too much at 8.30pm. I was too tired to watch tv even. Tablets fixed it but were horrible, made me dry reach.
  5. Turtle

    Rain and Storms

    We have 40 degrees for the next three days here in Perth
  6. I'm keen on this one in Japan - meant to be stunning with the autumn leaves. https://fujisan-marathon.jp/english/
  7. Entries open today. Not sure it's sounding very organised.... THE TWO OCEANS MARATHON APOLOGISES TO RUNNERS AND SPORT24.CO.ZA The Board of Directors of the Two Oceans Marathon (TOM) NPC would like to issue a formal apology to runners as well as to Sport24.co.za, for not clearly stating how any information regarding the entry fee and process got out into the public domain in the first place. In reviewing the media statement on 13 November 2019 we realise that this was an omission. We sincerely apologise for this oversight. When engaging with an IT consultant, we learnt that while updating the back-end of ww.twooceansmarathon.org.za with suggested (but not finalised or ratified) information regarding 2020 entry fees and processes, these web pages were actually visible to the public. During this time – some visitors to our website took to social media to voice their opinions – and this led to the Sport24.co.za report, which in amongst other issues – dealt with entry fees and processes. We understand that runners are irritated, upset and agitated with the Two Oceans Marathon for a number of reasons and that this has been exacerbated by the recent mishap. We openly acknowledge that we have had a number of unexpected challenges to deal with, and trust that once we have ratification of the entry prices and processes by WPA – we can announce the date of the opening of entries. We expect that this announcement will be no later than Monday 18 November 2019. We hope that following our unreserved apology to you – we can move forward to produce an outstanding 2020 event. This requires open communication channels and we are striving to improve ours and to create more opportunities for interaction between runners and the Two Oceans Marathon brand.
  8. Medoc was SO much fun. Expect a PW not a PB!! ha ha. Lots of dress up and wine and cheese, music, bands to dance to and even games on the lawn in front of a chateau. Best aid stations ever and even Oysters with a bit of lemon at 38 or was it 40km!! It's one of those ones you need to have your fingers hovering over the keyboard ready to enter. It sells out pretty fast. Do it!!
  9. Pyongyang was an experience. I have 2-Oceans (Sth Africa), Cuba, Falkland islands and Antarctica on my hit list.
  10. Yes!!! I got 4.00.02 and I blame our pacer who stopped to wee at a fence. The start line has/had open urinals for men....EWWWwwww gross. (Of course nothing for women. We're a tough lot).
  11. Where do you work Katz? I'm up the hill in QV1.
  12. It's a good weekend. Did the double last year.
  13. Wow...I'm in shock, sadness but also in awe at the same time. To write that must have been so difficult. You are one seriously brave individual. I'm sure I'd speak with others to say I feel incredibly privileged that you have bared your soul so openly on here and you deserve so much respect. Busso will be AMAZING...whether you come first, last or in between; it'll be so much more than just a triathlon - and of course you know you'll have every single Trannie right behind you. Keep up the good fight. You're worth it. Turtle
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