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  1. Pyongyang was an experience. I have 2-Oceans (Sth Africa), Cuba, Falkland islands and Antarctica on my hit list.
  2. Yes!!! I got 4.00.02 and I blame our pacer who stopped to wee at a fence. The start line has/had open urinals for men....EWWWwwww gross. (Of course nothing for women. We're a tough lot).
  3. Where do you work Katz? I'm up the hill in QV1.
  4. It's a good weekend. Did the double last year.
  5. Wow...I'm in shock, sadness but also in awe at the same time. To write that must have been so difficult. You are one seriously brave individual. I'm sure I'd speak with others to say I feel incredibly privileged that you have bared your soul so openly on here and you deserve so much respect. Busso will be AMAZING...whether you come first, last or in between; it'll be so much more than just a triathlon - and of course you know you'll have every single Trannie right behind you. Keep up the good fight. You're worth it. Turtle
  6. But how was the yacht made?
  7. What SS said. They are all the main things. SOCKS, SOCKS and SOCKS (even though they tell you to only take 3 pair...take 7!! and KEEP THEM DRY). You'll have an amazing experience on many different levels/themes. Enjoy
  8. Do you take off with your left foot pushing down first? and surf goofy?
  9. Ask the Birdman who often speaks on the ABC radio (Perth)
  10. Turtle

    Nice 70.3

    Did he go to CREIPAC? I'm thinking of going there for a 2 week immersion next year and would love to know what it's like, if it's value for money etc.
  11. Turtle

    Where ya been?

    I still think NK will open up in our lifetime. It's definitely worth a visit if you can. I'm still in touch with our english Guide who goes over pretty much annually. He actually just took a cycling tour through.
  12. Turtle

    Where ya been?

    I flew in and trained out. We only got a blue piece of paper and yes, you hand you passports over. (gulp).
  13. I don't know you Goughy, and I 'm so sorry to hear of your plight. Hang in there and keep talking on here. You're an amazing father.
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