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  1. The Mental Health thread

    I think there's truth to that. I'm a bit news obsessed. Like to know what's going on, always read the letters to the editor etc. But gee it's nice to be blissfully ignorant and just live my life and not be worried about the woes of the world. It's more peaceful.
  2. Cost of events

    Out of interest, what's the cost of your average trail run?
  3. Truce

    ...and the cyclists are always "lycra clad" but they never mention what the drivers are wearing...
  4. 2018 Goals-what are they ?

    2017 Sport: Feb: Busselton 1/2 marathon - cancelled March: King Island Imperial (32km) - tick April: Pyongyang Marathon - tick September: (maybe) Medoc Marathon, Bordeaux - tick Non Sport: Don't get uptight when things don't go to plan, or people do stupid things. "Let it Go"! - not so tick Not to swear (will give $ to charity when I do).- fail Not drinking during the week...yikes. - Fail 2018 Sport: Feb: Busselton 1/2 marathon and Jetty Swim day after. Registered. March: Rottnest SwimRun (although Partner has pulled out...) March: Port-2-Pub Duo November: Considering Osaka Marathon (finances/leave dependent) Non Sport: ...Let's try these again! Don't get uptight when things don't go to plan, or people do stupid things. "Let it Go"! Not to swear (will give $ to charity when I do) Not drinking during the week Accept my singledom and be happy with who I am.
  5. Helmets - Should we have to wear them

    So does the car/person with runaway dog/person crossing road with head stuck in iphone etc. that hits you know that you're only going for milk and not on a training ride??
  6. SwimRun

    Thanks guys. Will keep investigating. Would still like to try on those saucony's amphib. I disinclined to buy online unless i know them well so I really would prefer to try shoes on.
  7. SwimRun

    Hi all, Has any one done SwimRun and got recommendations for shoes? I'm also trying to find a pair of S-LAB XA AMPHIB,. to try. Does anyone know if there are any stocked in Australia? cheers Turtle
  8. what the one event in the world you would like to do

    Did it a couple of weeks ago. Awesome fun!!! My only tri on the list is Norseman. Organising all the support logistics puts me off a bit though.
  9. Drug & Alcohol Tests

    I think my name says it all... if I was on anything, it definitely aint working!
  10. Norseman

    have you got a link?
  11. The Mental Health thread

    Happy Mental Health Day +1 and Happy Mental Health Week to all Trannies and their loved ones.
  12. Drug & Alcohol Tests

    I've just got back from a work, random D&A... I'm normally pretty bad but I've just taken just under 5 hrs and 7 attempts to do my wee test. Ie. I can run a marathon faster than that. Does anyone have the same problem? or, more importantly, any good tips (don't say drink water/coffee etc. as I can't dilute the sample).
  13. Swimrun Australia

    Info night on Wednesday night, here in Perth: Rottnest SwimRun - Info Night
  14. Obesity being classified as a disease

    Yep - Portion explosion. Everything we order now is bigger than a couple of decades ago: slices of pizza, size of cup of coffee, cuts of meat, etc. Also - if you look at the size of your dinner plate at home to that of your grandmother's ..pretty much the size of their whole plate is the size of the inside/flat section of ours. We then of course fill our plates and therefore eat more, day in day out.
  15. USA shootings and gun laws

    Yet every year on Sept 11, they stop and name the 2000+ victims..but these 11,500 seem to die in vain? and if you read, in most recent years there are 33,000 plus deaths due to guns in the US. If 33,000 died driving on a particular road, or using a home kettle, or eating a certain food, they'd do something about it. 11,500 deaths due to guns in 9 months.... and...nothing.