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  1. Turtle

    Where ya been?

    I still think NK will open up in our lifetime. It's definitely worth a visit if you can. I'm still in touch with our english Guide who goes over pretty much annually. He actually just took a cycling tour through.
  2. Turtle

    Where ya been?

    I flew in and trained out. We only got a blue piece of paper and yes, you hand you passports over. (gulp).
  3. I don't know you Goughy, and I 'm so sorry to hear of your plight. Hang in there and keep talking on here. You're an amazing father.
  4. Turtle

    Where ya been?

    Australia England Scotland Wales Ireland NZ France Belgium Germany Luxembourg Liechtenstein Vatican City!! ha ha Switzerland Spain Canary Islands Morocco Portugal Netherlands Monaco Austria Poland Russia Hungary Ukraine Belarus Czech Republic Croatia Italy Jersey Greece Denmark Sweden Norway Iceland Greenland Finland Turkey United Arab Emirates USA Canada North Korea China Hong Kong Cambodia Papua New Guinea Singapore Indonesia Sth Africa Zimbabwe Zambia - although only for the day, so doesn't really count. Israel Jordan Haven't done any of Sth America but would like to as I chase 7 continents marathon club. Would like to combine Antarctica and Sth America as it's sooo expensive and time consuming to get there. It helps when you've lived in Europe for a while! and that the USSR broke up.
  5. I went a few years back and did a tour with Custom Getaways. It was terrific. You ride the stage yourself in the morning and then watch the riders come through. Meanwhile the roads are clear of cars, campers are on the hills clapping you through whilst they wait for the main event. Great atmosphere at the starts and finish lines. You realise what a huge circus it is . Especially for all the international tv crews to get their gear/vans etc. from one stage to the next when every man and his dog is trying to leave the same mountain top with only one road out!! It's worth doing once, but yes, you do see and hear more on tv.
  6. It would be nice, but how do we pay for that? Especially when there are way more degrees than ever before for jobs that didn't have degrees previously.
  7. I did it a couple of years ago through Kokoda Adventures under Charlie Lynn: https://www.kokodatreks.com/treks/trek-leaders/major-charlie-lynn-oam-ol/ Amazing experience as we had Anzac Day there and went to the Dawn Service at Bomana Cemetry. You need good and comfortable shoes, blister/lambs wool etc. for blisters - FEET health is key. And they'll take you to only take 3 pairs of socks - take one pair for every day because if you cross a river, they never dry. On our trip it rained every afternoon we got into camp and drying clothes over the fire was only so so. It's ok to put on damp clothes but damp socks would spell disaster for your feet. ps. in relation to Track or Trail - The Aussies overwhelmingly referred to it as the Track. The yanks were more inclined to say Trail (when they eventually arrived). Read lots and get the most out of it. The hiking is pretty easy if you're fit. If you're like me, it's the camping that's tough!! ha ha
  8. Turtle

    Wireless headphones

    little earbuds for running
  9. Turtle

    Wireless headphones

    Bump. Need a pair of wireless headphones. What's the latest? Any recommendations?
  10. Should vegans be allowed to call something ice cream if there's no cream in it???
  11. We are animals (mammals) and are designed to eat meat.
  12. or disadvantage? Being rather musical (ie. dancer) I find it hard to listen to music and run if I don't run in time with it! I find listening to podcasts much easier. I then kind of run through the music rather than with it.
  13. 2018 Report Card Sport: Feb: Busselton 1/2 marathon and Jetty Swim day after. Registered. TICK March: Rottnest SwimRun TICK March: Port-2-Pub Duo 1/2 TICK (Cancelled at 9km mark due to weather). November: Considering Osaka Marathon (finances/leave dependent) Changed to Jerusalem Marathon 2019. Non Sport: Don't get uptight when things don't go to plan, or people do stupid things. "Let it Go"! Getting better. Not to swear (will give $ to charity when I do) Getting better (had a swear jar at work). Not drinking during the week FAIL Accept my singledom and be happy with who I am. Happily Failed! 😉 So.... 2019 Sport: March: Jerusalem Marathon (Registered) Nothing else at this stage...will return to ballet now that my niggles are ironing out. Non Sport: ...Will keep working on these: Don't get uptight when things don't go to plan, or people do stupid things. "Let it Go"! Breathe and keep my mouth shut. Not to swear (will give $ to charity when I do). Not drinking during the week.
  14. Great read Katz. Well done. Impressed.
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