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  1. Turtle

    Wireless headphones

    little earbuds for running
  2. Turtle

    Wireless headphones

    Bump. Need a pair of wireless headphones. What's the latest? Any recommendations?
  3. Should vegans be allowed to call something ice cream if there's no cream in it???
  4. We are animals (mammals) and are designed to eat meat.
  5. or disadvantage? Being rather musical (ie. dancer) I find it hard to listen to music and run if I don't run in time with it! I find listening to podcasts much easier. I then kind of run through the music rather than with it.
  6. 2018 Report Card Sport: Feb: Busselton 1/2 marathon and Jetty Swim day after. Registered. TICK March: Rottnest SwimRun TICK March: Port-2-Pub Duo 1/2 TICK (Cancelled at 9km mark due to weather). November: Considering Osaka Marathon (finances/leave dependent) Changed to Jerusalem Marathon 2019. Non Sport: Don't get uptight when things don't go to plan, or people do stupid things. "Let it Go"! Getting better. Not to swear (will give $ to charity when I do) Getting better (had a swear jar at work). Not drinking during the week FAIL Accept my singledom and be happy with who I am. Happily Failed! 😉 So.... 2019 Sport: March: Jerusalem Marathon (Registered) Nothing else at this stage...will return to ballet now that my niggles are ironing out. Non Sport: ...Will keep working on these: Don't get uptight when things don't go to plan, or people do stupid things. "Let it Go"! Breathe and keep my mouth shut. Not to swear (will give $ to charity when I do). Not drinking during the week.
  7. Great read Katz. Well done. Impressed.
  8. Some guy was talking about this on Sunrise yesterday. Saying taping your mouth shut is beneficial for a host of reasons: keeping your airways moist, better O2 exchange, better overall rhythm for your body...and therefore better sleep. Better sleep equals better health etc.
  9. no -- not cool. Lanes 1 and 2 of the track need to be protected more than the others.
  10. Hi peeps, Has anyone done, or know anyone who's done the Jerusalem marathon? Thinking of signing up for March next year. Turtle
  11. They can - but your dog isn't competing at the Olympics. That's the point here.
  12. Coogee NSW or Coogee WA???
  13. Same here. I use public transport to/from work. To stop in to the shops on the way home I now can't pick much up. Will have to learn to bring a shopping bag with me. Personally, I'm somewhat cynical about the bag ban. I'm all for helping the environment but I think this is a token gesture and somewhat falsified (as people will now buy bags...which are the heavier, less environmentally friendly ones) so I wish I'd bought shares in Glad. I will now unwrap the plastic packaging from the herbs, fruit and veg, etc. and leave it at the counter on the way out... I'm also confused. if we go back to paper, as some suggest, isn't that just leading to an increase in the felling of trees? which is why we went so anti paper a number of years back??
  14. I get advice from my Podiatrist who is in the loop re: different shoes and has no bias towards any brand.
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