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  1. Done. Cough.... signature......
  2. Still am yet to see a deal that comes close to this absurd value...... Reid Falco Hit up PBK for the clip on bars/pedals/helmet/shoes etc and you won't spend a cent over $1500 (and probably heaps less than that)
  3. You are obviously talking about me. As I resigned my mod access prior to the creation of your barry bevan account, you are obviously a reincarnation or alternate. What is your usual or previous account name?
  4. The chinese rip off have ben on the market long enough now to pretty much make everything you posted above obsolete Gilligia. They are actually extremely good value and good quality. For the record I ride a French bike these days but have had a couple of the rip offs in the past. Both of them I sold and are still going strong under their new owners.
  5. On topic, the sexist/objectifying comments ARE a problem and have been complained about quite a bit directly to moderators in the past by a number of people. This specific topic was decided to be treated as a zero tolerance measure and anything was to be immediately removed. The only people who I have ever seen complain about removal are those who have been edited. You would not stand in the line up before a swim start and say half the shit that gets posted here directly to females, and if that is the case don't post it. It's pretty simple.
  6. If you could read some of the hate mail I received via pm you would see that it is not something that you would want. Without bullshitting, some of the people who post here are legitimalely unstable. I am half expecting a few to come knocking on my door with a gun one day. Most concerning is who these people are in the real world. edit.. which I might add, while I have my critique hat on, the current moderators do nothing to stamp out. As I have pointed out behind the scences, if someone was litigious in nature, some people could be in for a very rude shock with what is allowed to remain on this site.
  7. Which also touches on another point, content. I think that if I had to categorise myself, I would say I am a cyclist more than a triathlete. The recent forum feel has been pointing towards a cycling forum. We have the sand box for random stuff and I feel that there should be a cycling specific forum added to allow some segregation of topics. That said, I expect I am barking up the wrong tree as the admin/mod starts a weekly topic listing all the local Sydney cycle club races as some 'event' notification. Again, a demonstration of personal bias influencing the forum content. You have got to be consistent.
  8. Exactly. The current mod/admin alows personal relationsips/friendships to dictate who and what receives various censorship.
  9. Macca is a Rock Star, Crowie is a Choir boy. I know which one I would rather go see perform.
  10. Winners compare their achievements with their goals, while losers compare their achievements with those of other people.
  11. Dubai ticks all those. Look at Malaysian and Royal Bruneui for flights. Stay at the Westin or Le Meredian.
  12. Sorry chief, not good enough. As you and others have been f-king the thread up with your howls against anything that is not backed up by studies and facts, if you are going to make outlandish statements like the above about discs you better pony up some verifiable facts. Let's see them right away thanks.
  13. This is priceless. I can't believe I am actually reading this. How about you show us some proof of that?
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