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  1. soezetoc

    For Sale Elite Parabolic Rollers

    Elite Parabolic rollers, Hardly used as son got an ACL injury not long after purchase. This is the Mag version which means you can adjust resistance Improve your pedalling Located in Newcastle $120 Ph 0403869221
  2. soezetoc

    For Sale or Swap: Fast FWD Disc - Tubular

    PM sent
  3. Hi, Hi would like to purchase in decent condition an 11 speed compatible disc wheel. Thanks
  4. soezetoc

    speedplay zero pedals

    Hi, Just tried to Pm but get a message saying you cannot receive pm's where are you located
  5. soezetoc

    speedplay zero pedals

    Hi All, Anyone have a spare pair of these to sell. Only for a wind trainer bike so they don't have to be the bees knees. Cheers and thanks
  6. soezetoc

    adizero running shoes size UK 9.5

    Just added official pic if any one wants actuall pic i can email
  7. soezetoc

    adizero running shoes size UK 9.5

    Hi all, Adizero size UK 9.5, used absolutely once indoors for a beep test by my son....apparently they don't meet current fashion demands lol. $50. Just spent the best part of an hour trying to upload a photo. If any one wants a pic I can email or you can tell me how to post a pic I will. Cheers
  8. soezetoc

    Bike damage by jet star

    hi, If its any consolation i know a guy who had a similar situation. same airline originally denied fault but with pressure folded and paid for a new frame. (apparently pretty firm correspondence) Hope that helps some
  9. soezetoc

    One for the running experts

    Thanks guys. Coach ....no pay, one of best runners in OZ. he has made the appropriate suggestions. The bike idea was purely my "left of field' idea which i thought i would float here. appreciate the feedback cheers
  10. soezetoc

    One for the running experts

    Hi All, running coach say there is a need to improve run cadence. When training on the bike would it assist that process by training with a very hig bike cadence ie would that process add some sort of high cadence muscle memory for an improved cadence outcome whilst running Cheers and thanks in advance
  11. soezetoc

    Injinji SPorts - Altra Sale

    So is that the same as the terminology "racing Flats"
  12. soezetoc

    Injinji SPorts - Altra Sale

    hi Gunna show my experience, can you explain zero drop please
  13. soezetoc

    Injinji SPorts - Altra Sale

    Hi, Any thoughts on these altra shoes....looking at the 3 sum model which i realise is new to the market, howver what are to other models like. Cheers and thanks in advance
  14. soezetoc

    WTB 105/ultegra shifters

    Just added i need an old wheelset as well if anyone has one going real cheap
  15. soezetoc

    WTB 105/ultegra shifters

    Hi All, Have a carbon bike with a cracked frame which i wish to turn into a dedicated wind trainer bike. As initial components have been transfreed to new frame i am now looking for some cheap shifters to complement the recentltly purchased derailleurs. Sorry also added i will need an training wheel as well if anyone has one Cheers and thanks in advance