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  1. batman

    Being Proud and Humble

    We met Gabby at a cycling event earlier this year, she told us her story, lent us her pump, what a positive person, hope to see her again!
  2. batman

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    My kid worked for that Mick Aplin kid for a couple of yrs landscaping. Mick had a mtg stack 6 months ago and is lucky to be alive and walking, had a halo on for 6 months, it came off last week. I have the results of every Orange race, but they are down in the garden shed, can look old stuff up if you need it. There was an official Orange Triathlon, which was won by Tony Unicomb and a few other luminaries, the race won by Metters was one of several put on by a group of local race promoters. BTW Aplin went on to beat Crowie by 5 or 10 mins in a later race, he now lives a block away
  3. batman

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    That was the last Canobolas Tri Roxi so the Jabbs record still stands as does his 57 min bike split
  4. batman

    How long have you been doing tri's for?

    SInce 1985, never done an Ironman snd looks like I never will!
  5. batman

    Forbes triathlon - who is in?

    I'm in for the 1 30 7. Don't know of any others but we are fairly local. no mention of prizes or presentation in the blurb.
  6. batman

    WTB Garmin 310XT

    Got One!!
  7. batman

    WTB Garmin 310XT

    Don't suppose anyone has a spare Garmin 310XT kicking about, mine jumped out of its bike mount yesterday and disappeared. Thanks in advance.
  8. batman

    Is triathlon dead in Sydney?

    Thanks Paul, forgot about the Bundeena Be There race, only did it once, drove down from Orange arriving at 4am or so, it rained the whole race, the surf was huge for a country kid, Unicomb was leading but hot a flat and had to walk back down the long steep hill, everyone had fun then we all drove home. Great days
  9. batman

    Is triathlon dead in Sydney?

    I'm really old but I remember the Royal National Park Tri, Wollongong Tri, The Sydney Tri, Triple M Tri,Macquarie Towns, Leppington Duathlon, Penrith ride n stride duathlon series, Parramatta Park duathlon series, Sydney ITU race, equations under the Harbour bridge, Penrith Lakes long course, and there are others I'll think of when I'm nearly asleep probably, so yes it isn"t dead but they"re about to turn the machine off
  10. batman

    Frodo out?

    Just read on Twitter Frodo has a stress fracture in his hip and is out of Kona. Wide open now if it’s true
  11. batman

    Changing front end of roadie from a quill stem??

    Good lights aren’t they, the Ay Ups?
  12. batman

    Changing front end of roadie from a quill stem??

    You’ll. Need a few spacers the same colour as the bars and stem probably
  13. batman

    Triathlon history

  14. batman

    March Fracture

    Anyone had a stress fracture of the toe? Just been diagnosed with a March Fracture incurred when doing exercises to fix my achilles on my OTHER leg, bloody painful having to walk on the outsidd of the foot at work. Any other sufferers? How long did it take, I’ve only heard of a couple of others, both took ages, even with a moon boot
  15. batman

    Winterfish 2018

    Weather’s not brilliant here, meant to snow tonight, pool is 21 degrees but now I’m getting sick and the old man is in hospital so I’m baybysitting him