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  1. Your 1st race

    Stuart Gee from WA won that 85 race, don't think he was heard of again. Annette Ricardo was the womens winner, she lived here for a while, I was too scared to talk to her tho, she was on the magazie covers at the time
  2. Your 1st race

    1985 Royal National Park near Sydney. About 10th last out of the water yet couldn't see my bike I was so delirious, got to the top of the first hill and flatted without any spares, was dead last by this stage but the bloke manning the drinks table gave me his and I passed a few during and the first part of the 17km run before dying in the arse and walking bits of the second half. Not last but not far off. Made amends a couple of years later coming 13th, the year Moroney won. I miss that race
  3. Your 1st race

    Still have this on VHS, it was on the ABC back before the war
  4. So froome is a drug cheat

    Add Brian Cookson to the list too
  5. So froome is a drug cheat

    Listened to Stages thd other day. I think Froome is guilty as sin, along with Wiggins, the rest of the Sky team, their managers and UK anti doping
  6. What training did you do today?

    A quick 1km swim in the local dam
  7. Ultimate Callala?

    I thought the water temp was nice on the sunday, a bit rough for a country hick tho
  8. Ultimate Callala?

    I did the Xterra sprint on sat, was great. It was super windy creating a bit of a swell so they reversed the swim direction, having us swim with the wind, couldn't see the exit flag and ended up getting out 100m downstream with a few others. It was my first off road race and I have a 1997 model KonaExplosif bikewhich turned out to be out of its depth against all the modern carbon 29ers, I have zero off road skills either so plenty went past, particularly on the technical bits.Run was flat and fun, came 3rd dinosaur out if 5. Going back next year
  9. Nepean Triathlon

    I'm in, probably gunna be the slowest ever, I'm an old man
  10. Kona race day thread

    Bloody Hell, he's out too'
  11. Kona race day thread

    Can't find Nick Kastelein either, hope he hasn't dropped out as well
  12. Kona race day thread

    Anyone know where PJ is?
  13. Pick the Kona male winner & top aussie 2017

    Frodo followed by Mudgee's Nick Kastelien. Don't say you weren't told
  14. Tranny Kit! Any interest?