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  1. batman

    Frodo out?

    Just read on Twitter Frodo has a stress fracture in his hip and is out of Kona. Wide open now if it’s true
  2. batman

    Changing front end of roadie from a quill stem??

    Good lights aren’t they, the Ay Ups?
  3. batman

    Changing front end of roadie from a quill stem??

    You’ll. Need a few spacers the same colour as the bars and stem probably
  4. batman

    Triathlon history

  5. batman

    March Fracture

    Anyone had a stress fracture of the toe? Just been diagnosed with a March Fracture incurred when doing exercises to fix my achilles on my OTHER leg, bloody painful having to walk on the outsidd of the foot at work. Any other sufferers? How long did it take, I’ve only heard of a couple of others, both took ages, even with a moon boot
  6. batman

    Winterfish 2018

    Weather’s not brilliant here, meant to snow tonight, pool is 21 degrees but now I’m getting sick and the old man is in hospital so I’m baybysitting him
  7. batman

    Winterfish 2018

    Well it took a month of hard swimming to get there, it started off at 17-35 first day. Lifetimebest is 15-01 but those numbers are hone forever
  8. batman

    Winterfish 2018

    50 done, nearly killed me. Fastest -km for a year or two this morning, still pathetically slow. 16-05
  9. batman

    Any benefit from strength work/lifting

    Deek didn’t always need a toilet!
  10. batman

    Winterfish 2018

    Day off for me, shoulders are rooted, havent swum this much in years
  11. batman

    Frame Replacement

    My wife and I bought 2005 Felt F22s. She still has hers, rides Zwift on it these days and won 2 World titles on it. Mine wasn’t quite so good.Right hand chsinstay broke after 11 months. Frame was replaced and I had to build it with the old parts. Thst frsme broke in slmost the same spot after 13 months, 1 month out of warranty, hiwever the importers replaced it again and haven’t had a problem since, even buying 2 more Felts,although one was recalled for a fork issue
  12. batman

    Triathlon Memorabilia

    Hey Ex, if Brendo doesn’t take the banner I’d be interested. Didn’t compete in the race but we were living up there at the time, watching a few people from home come up and go around.Mainly remember the year Allen ran down Dave Scott after a flat just out of transition, I was working at the Labrador drive in bakehouse at the time as they ran past
  13. batman

    Winterfish 2018

    No its terday, just on me way now
  14. batman

    Frame Replacement

    What model is it Flanman?
  15. batman

    Winterfish 2018

    Thanks Ex, will give it a go tomorrer