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  1. batman

    Iron deficiency

    The wife has it now and again, gets tested at work, (hospital) and straight onto tablets if it is low, which it was a few weeks ago. She usually takes 3-4 weeks for it to get back up to normal rates and mostly finds out about it with declining performances on known routes, 1 long climb in particular. I have had it twice and the tablets nearly kill me but they don’t seem to affect her at all.
  2. qualifying races announced yet< I can't find em?
  3. batman


    I’ve been a member since 2005, this is my last post, this forum now has nothing of interest for me whatsoever save the current biggest loser. Goodbye
  4. Put loctite on it if you’re worried. Had the same thing happen at Nepean last year halfway thru the ride, day over. Replaced the bolt, 1 drop of loctite on it, no problems since despite checking it regularly
  5. batman

    Tokyo Test Event

    So what happens if the conditions are the same during the Olympics?
  6. batman

    Casey Neistat

    He should be ok for roots in Europe
  7. batman

    Garmin 935

    Let me know if that pm doesnt go through Willie
  8. batman

    Garmin 935

    PM’d ya Willie
  9. batman

    Garmin 935

    Still have this?
  10. Pretty sure the 1st prize was $25,000 when Dragan won
  11. Dunno if it is still on You Tube but there is/was a video of the first Forster Ironman, 1985. Didn't compete but watched it, some good footage of Marc Dragan and Bob Telfer
  12. batman


    Welcome back, you don't know me but my wife was on stage with you at the 2009 Worlds, both winning your age. We are in Orange, they have changed the bike course from the worst road in the district to the second worst but there is little choice. If anyone is up for a challenge with a view, try the ride up Mt Canobolas, it's about 15km from town and about a 5k climb on the bike, pretty steep in a couple of parts but easily doable on a tri bike. Good luck everyone.
  13. I've bought some HOTSHOTs for the same reason, haven't used any yet, waiting for a long hot ride, has anybody used this product?. Apparently they taste revolting....but if it works..
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