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  1. I've found the same thing. There is a course I live on, 23km loop with a 9 min hill in the middle, tried the 28mm gp4000 thing with varying pressures etc, complete disaster Doing it for 4 or 5 weeks. Times were slower by 1-3 mins, all my best times have been on 23 mm tubulars and have been doing this identical course at least weekly, often daily since '84.28's sold.
  2. How many reps/ did you do? I've had disc trouble for years now, running is all but impossible though cycling and mtb is quite tolerable
  3. batman

    Strava Help

    We had the same problem. Deleted then reloaded the app. Worked
  4. What's a half superman? Lying, 1arm, opposite leg!
  5. batman

    Celebrity Watch

    I didn't recognise Leo, one of the girls we were with pointed him out, it was in Monte Carlo, we were backpacking
  6. batman

    Celebrity Watch

    I worked as a security guard in London in the early 80's. Opened a gste for the Queen Mother, met Stirling Moss snd sn Olympic showjumper whos name I can't remember, then served Phil Collins when I worked in Pizza Express in Notting Hill.Also walked past Leo Sayer outside a Casino
  7. It's a sad day, don't be a stranger
  8. The colourful graphics are so much easier to look at, All black is soooo serious
  9. On all the ones I have had they needed a longer zipper, down below the navel on the front would be good, way better for portaloo struggles and to minimise potential for tearing in a hurry
  10. I was watching that race, the second time I'd been. Watched the first in '85 with people in space blankets being ferried out of the water, Tinley included, then back again the year Zack won and a hiatus until last year. Sally Belyea won with Cedaro, she also won Sri Chinmoy long course then disappeared
  11. Anyone else notice the interview with Brett Sutton was taken down?. I listened to the first half on the commute to work and on the teturn journey it had disappeared!
  12. I saw Brad’s croc bike at Nepean not many years ago, it had had a tough life since he sold it, had the shit bashed outta it. Looked like it was worth $100. Should have ended up in a museum, it was the bike he rode in all the later St George/Accenture series races
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