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  1. I made it! 12:39:40, quickest ironman I have done by 6 minutes Was a fantastic day, crowds and volunteers are what make this such a special race! Thanks to all those that talked me into racing in NZ
  2. Thanks for all the tips and advice so far. Have just booked a 3 bed apartment at Waimahana Luxury Lakeside accommodation.
  3. Thanks Nath but I'm after a house or something similar
  4. Hi all Thanks to the recommendations on this forum I have decided to enter IM NZ! What do I need to know? Accommodation near the race site is all booked out. Currently looking at some houses in either Nukuhau (just over the bridge) or down at two mile bay. What do people think? What is your preference? Cheers
  5. Hi all Just wondering if anyone has any discount codes/coupons for wiggle, probikekit, cycling express etc? Also who has the quickest delivery rate to Oz? Cheers
  6. dogmada3

    IM Oz Vs IM Nz

    G'day all Have been training up for IM Busso for the past few months but have unfortunately injured my calf. I am now looking ahead to 2019 and contemplating either entering Port Mac or IM NZ. What are people's thoughts on the major differences between these races in terms of the swim, bike and run leg? I'm a fairly weak cyclist and the bike at IM NZ has me a little worried. Any other info/advice would be greatly appreciated. Cheers
  7. dogmada3

    Bike Trainers

    G'day all I know there has been a few threads around bike trainers but I need some help/advice. Looking at three different options: 1. Jet black whisper drive around $500 new, maybe $350ish second hand 2. Cycleops Silencer direct drive trainer $600 new 3. Elite Volano Turbo Muin Indoor Trainer $540 (torpedo7) What do people think? Any help/advice would be great!
  8. What about the body tattoo? Optional? Where abouts on the body? That's the body tattoo sticker.
  9. Check out essendon cyclery. They hire out evoc bike bags good quality for $50, I think for 2 weeks.
  10. Well bad news all round here. Have just been diagnosed with viral meningitis. Emailed IM looking for a refund, transfer or something but as you would have guessed nothing! All the long training, time, effort, money......
  11. Yep not long now until Busso is upon us. What's the plan from here? Specifically what does the training look like this weekend? For me, 3km swim today. Sunday 140km+ bike and run 10km. Can't wait to head back over to WA and lap up some sand and sun.
  12. dogmada3

    Tri Kit

    Looking at opinions on a new tri kit. In particular a new kit for IM Busso in December. 2 piece kit preferable. Like the look of the SLS tri gear and the Orca 226 gear. Thoughts, opinions, options? Cheers
  13. G'day all Just after peoples opinions on the training program below. This program can be found on the 220 triathlon Aus website. I will be training for my 3rd ironman (busso 2013) and I'm looking for more structure in my training. Have had a look around the internet and this seems to be the best fit for me. My first 2 ironman's were completed in 14 hours and 13 1/2 hours. Would like to break 13 hours or even go faster. I like this plan because - it isn't to specific - biggest week totals 14 hours (I have around 10-15 hours available per week) - Seems easy enough to follow - includes key work outs for each week So what do people think? Any good or is there something better out there?
  14. 220 - your age. That's what I teach in VCE PE anyway
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