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  1. dropper seatpost on a budget

    went and bought an RSP plummet post from the UK- $203 inc express post- external cable so i was able to set my bike up in 5 minutes- absolutely awesome - up/down works like magic.
  2. looking for a dropper seatpost- no more than $200 seen brandx with internal cable $199 dnm external cable $149 even seen speed up lever (underseat) post for $120 -any recommendations, i usually only drop the seatpost for long/technical downhills
  3. What training did you do today?

    14km run - ouch that hurt!
  4. What training did you do today?

    bike- 1 x 15min at threshold, 1 x 10min threshold up norton summit, run off bike 4km in 21min.
  5. What training did you do today?

    4 x 8min climbing reps on the bike, followed by a short run (10minutes) off the bike.
  6. New wheels req

    why bag gatorskins?- they are an excellent training tyre- havent had a flat on them for years! use race tyres and race wheels for races- and you'll feel faster even if you ain't.
  7. What training did you do today?

    10k run - but died after 7km- no energy, need more sleep,
  8. sweat in eyes while cycling

    cycling cap worked pretty well this morning- nice and hot here in adelaide at 8.30am
  9. Your "Go to breakfast"

    eggs- bacon- mince- Hows the cholesterol/blood fat levels???
  10. sweat in eyes while cycling

    I'm a heavy sweater and am sick of not being able to see because my eyes are stinging with sweat while cycling. Tried a gutr guard but it was hopeless. any suggestions?
  11. Ventum trade in deal

    "one of the most exotic bikes on the market" and the FUGLIEST!
  12. Favourite Quote

    courtesy of X-hasbeen (what training did u do today) "Laziness didn't get a chance this morning." put this quote up on my training plan every week
  13. Sub 5kg canyon

    so you still gotta add 1.7kg of lead weight to make it UCI legal- whats the point of having super light (non-legal) bikes?
  14. Elle Macpherson running

    i want to see pics..or it didnt happen!
  15. Kangaroo Island 3.8 / 180 / 42.2

    only problem is its about $400 to catch the ferry across to KI. factor that in when planning your travel/budget.