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  1. Oh, that's why I left this forum. lesson learned.
  2. I'd like to hear about what methods or training has worked for you. Now IM has been postponed and winter is getting closer, I'd like to work on my bike leg. In particular, trying to get that decoupling number a little lower. What specific training would one suggest to fix it? I'm on base phase and will be for 4-5 months.
  3. portfox

    Saucony Gurus

    Nothing too crazy, I have rolled my ankle a few times, and someone pointed out that trail boots provide a little more stability by width.
  4. portfox

    High heart rates

    I'd be curious to see what H/R was after a walk, just to see if you naturally have a high H/R. As pointed out before some people just rev high.
  5. 90% of BCAA's are synthetically made these days, the rest comes from corn. Just saying..
  6. No point pushing crap uphill, you'll end up hating the sport. Give the tri's a rest and do what others have been suggesting, go spearfishing!! I hear a lot go through the same thing and there isn't one answer for everyone, unfortunately, myself included. Only recently I've gone through the same lack of motivation. So what do you do? buy another bike, a mountain bike. I think riding the same routes on the TT just did my head in and laying there in bed thinking about the same bit of road had the same thought, lay in bed instead. I've switched from road to trail running (exploring) and have found a new passion for both the bike and the run. Call it different scenery if you like, but tearing down a hill knowing you might come a gutser is exciting stuff. lol Hope you sort it, IM's hurt, the good hurt!!
  7. portfox

    Saucony Gurus

    Thanks guys, some good info there.
  8. portfox

    Saucony Gurus

    As most do, we explore the trail options, and I must say it's fun. So time to invest in some trail shoes. I've been happy as a pig in mud with Saucony Rides for the road. Does Saucony have an ugly sister twin in the trail dept? Or, what others (brands) would the masters recommend?
  9. Sorry, having a download. Bloody fantastic shoe (clifton) but dam do they wear the sole's out quick!! So used to run in Saucony Iso triumphs, well i guess i still do from time to time when i know the run is going to be flat, add compression socks as well as my calfs will fire up after a few go's in the Saucony's if its hilly. Its really odd, they used to be fine no matter the terrain and then after busso in 2015 the calfs just decided they would not like them. Hoka cliftons have a 4mm drop, but they never fire up the calfs like the saucony ISO's with an 8mm drop. Is it the rocker design? I'm yet to find a good answer on this one. So, Hoka, like I said, bloody great shoes, soft and forgiving on the legs, but you need to look at the wear issue. PLEASE!!! @$250 a throw I can't keep it up. A little info for people who have a wide foot with the hokas. I used to cop it on the second outer toe, pinch bleed and all that, I ended up going up one size from 9 to 9.5 and replacing the inner sole with a thinner one. That fixed the pinch and bleed issue. end of rant...see it wasnt all bad.
  10. portfox


    I'm using tumeric by Fusion to stop the flare up, but i'd like to know as well how to fix it.
  11. portfox

    Wiggle Nutrition

    cheap for a reason, they don't declare any useful nutrition information. On the protein all they say is 'fast acting protein' but at 26% protein, hmmmm Milo would be better
  12. http://timreed.com.au/ Tim has a disc cover for his Trek, of all the covers I've seen the Speed Concept is one of those bikes they say you can't use one on. Obviously not, anyone know which one he uses?
  13. portfox

    Mizuno shoes?

    Cloud surfers, really bad design, i think i got 2 months out of mine before they gave up the ghost. And don't try and run on gravel roads with them. Tried the hoka's, way too narrow in the toe box, but bloody unreal cushioning. Eventually had to go back to the saucony triumph 11's. Mizuno look good, be interested in a cushioning comparison against the triumph
  14. Yes mate, the wifey has put the 'X' on IM for a year or two, so looking to hammer a few Oly's next season. Just looking for some close stuff that i can drive to.
  15. Any races is SE Qld around Oct/Nov or Dec other than Noosa? S
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