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  1. My name is Jo Coombe. I am an IM triathlete and Kona qualifier, coached by JVW in Melbourne. I have just logged in for the first time in several years, to read this thread. Why? Because I received a PRIVATE MESSAGE on Facebook from the author of the topic, inviting me to read a "review of crossing the line and string of feedback" A few people wondered if this guy was goading you? Well obviously he is, since he included myself, Johnny and David Brooks in aforesaid private message. From a personal viewpoint, my husband and I consider ourselves privileged to have such a positive influence in our lives as John Van Wisse. He has coached us for 15 months now. In that time I have knocked 1min off my 400m time, and gone from 10th in an ironman swim to 1st out of the water. Every time I get a new PB he says "you can still get faster". He turns up at 6am for an outdoor pool session week in, week out, rain, hail, frost. Not ONCE has he ever arrived in a bad mood. He gives 100% to his coaching. He gives 100% to his training. He has and always will deliver on his goals. And one thing you will only know if you talk to him is how humble he is. I called him from overseas after his A2A record, and all he wanted to ask about was my upcoming Ironman. So John Rocco spoke about Johnny in a superlative manner? So do most people who have the pleasure of knowing the man. What a shame that Thomas Rankin feels the need to knock one of the most lovely, humble, Australian sportsmen around. Where's your national pride?
  2. If the run was 9.4km, then I ran way under 4 min kms last year, and and that would be quicker than my 5km PB. I reckoned the run was short. Anyway - very different scenario this year - preparing for my first IM at port mac, so I've got a 5-6hr ride on saturday, having done a full week this week, and the alpine classic last weekend. It will be very interesting to see how I go - I've got friends who smashed this race after similar lead ups. Would be nice to go one place higher than last year (I pulled off a 2nd in my AG)
  3. New girl


    I'm looking to buy an indoor trainer. I've been doing some group roller sessions (with the front wheel attached to a bar) and got on really well with them. Any advice/recommendations/ anyone selling? I've googled a few different brands and there seems to be a huge variation in price, but it looks like I could get some from the states for the same kind of price as a fluid trainer, which I've heard is the next best option. I'm a fairly new triathlete (3rd season) but have done busselton half, last year and I'm training for port mac. The bike is where I need work, and the trainer will be for weekday sessions (not the long stuff) to try to work my threshold a bit.
  4. I'll be there for my third season - only trouble is this season I won't be doing all the races, and i certainly won't be doing "easy weeks" leading up to them. Why? cos you lot have got me so addicted to the whole distance thing that in the space of three years I am now focusing on IRONMAN OZ 2008!!!!!! I am so pumped. Yes I love the sprint races, but I enjoy olympic distance more, and after Busso HIM in May, followed by Melbourne marathon this month, I am now well and truly commited to Port Mac. Just in my final recovery week from the marathon - then as of next week - ironman training begins!!! I'm VERY nervous about the long rides (from a mental viewpoint - I know it will be a challenge for me) but the beauty is I finish my degree in 3 weeks, and don't plan to start work until AFTER the event, so FULL TIME TRAINING for a full 5 months. Bliss. I'll just have to be careful not to go nuts too soon - I have a tendency to do that! Meanwhile - I reckon Gatorade 1 will be my best crack at a podium this year, as I'll be least fatigued cw the other races I can do, so Bring it on!!!
  5. New girl

    BL3 Cookbook

    I'm supposed to be studying for final vet exams, so consequently I'm avidly reading recipes instead! I have to add my clever hubby's quick and easy moroccan couscous recipe - Pete's moroccan couscous 1 eggplant chopped small 1 or 2 red onions chopped 1 zucchini chopped small a red/ green capsicum or both chopped small 1 tin tomatoes Ground cumin - to taste - we use about 2 tsp Cayenne pepper or chilli to taste (if you like spicy food) Or replace above spices with a generic moroccan blend Couscous - usually 1 cup for quantity of veggies above. Fresh coriander, chopped (I use a whole bunch) Heat a little olive oil in a pan - soften the onion, then bung in all the rest and add a bit of water/stock if it needs it, and season. Simmer until veggies are fairly soft, then add couscous and usually about 1/2 cup water (couscous bascially doubles in size, so see how much liquid there is and add accordingly) Turn the heat right down, or even off, and leave for about 2-3 minutes until the couscous has absorbed the moisture and is soft. Stir through the chopped coriander and serve You can do fish/ meat etc to go with it, but we love it with some smoked tofu or low fat fetta cheese and a huge salad Serves 1 male (100kg) triathlete for dinner and lunch and one female (62kg)triathlete for dinner The beauty of this recipe is you can make more or less of the basic sauce, and vary the veggies you use. The sauce (Without couscous) freezes brilliantly.
  6. New girl

    Busso Half

    Just got back with my group this morning. 6 out of the 8 of us are no longer half ironman virgins. We all smashed our expectations by at least 15minutes - some who must have been doing "secret training" beat theirs by more. I posted : 39 minute swim (I'm a diabolical swimmer, so pleased with that) 2.45 on the bike (goal was 3hrs) 1.35 run ( a PB for half marathon by 3 minutes and 2nd in my category - makes up for the shit swim!!!!!) Overall - 5.05.10 - 13th in my category (and 25 minutes under target!) I won't mention transition - put it this way, I clearly failed to realise that just because it's a longer race doesn't mean you can have a little sit down and read of the weekend papers while in transition. In sprint/olympic distance I'm usually top 1 or 2 - try bottom 1 or 2 for this race! Anyway, I had a ball, we ran the jetty naked the next night, which i thoroughly recommend, it's a hoot. We are seriously thinking about returning for the ironman, but I'm making the Melbourne marathon my debut marathon so we might aim for Taupo in March instead.
  7. New girl

    Busselton Half

    Me, my husband and 8 others (7 competitors and one poor girl who's up the duff and will be taking all the photos) are all heading over from Melbourne. 6 of us will be doing our 1st half. I am so ridiculously excited, I can't even begin to describe it. I played women's rugby for Wales in a former life and this is the closest i have come to the feeling before a big international. I am hoping to go under 5.30, and depending on how much I've still got on the run, may be able to get fairly close to 5.20. My hubby is aiming for about the same, he's a swim/ride boy and I'm a ride/runner, so it could be quite interesting!! I'll see everyone at the after - party (if I can walk)
  8. Wondering if anyone else had suffered patella tendon problems on the bike. I had Patella tendonopathy a few years ago from lots of plyometrics on the track (athletics) and touch rugby. I eventually got it sorted with a combination of prolotherapy ( irritant injections into the lesion via ultrasound) and a really intensive weights program involving downward squats on a slope to promote scar tissue formation. I also seriously cut back on stop - start activity like touch ( which was how I came upon tritahlon!)It was long, slow and very painful for a long time. I haven't had any symptoms in 2 years of triathlon and endurance training. I've run 2 half marathons, without a sniff of pain, then after the last gatorade race my tendon pulled up sore again ( slightly different spot but exactly the same kind of pain). Rest, ice, anti inflams have helped, but every time I get on the bike, it is aggravating it again, and it even hurt when running the other day. I'm seeing the physio tomorrow, but in the meantime, has anyone else had these problems, and do you have any advice about recovery/avoiding aggravation. As is the case with most people at this time of year, I have lots of things coming up, and although I've decided to only swim this week, to avoid aggravation, I really want/need to get back on the bike. Any help would be appreciated!
  9. Just a strange observation that my husband and I made after the 250km round the Bay ride on Sunday. For the next 24 or 36 hours, I gained about 4kilos and my husband gained about 5kilos when we are normally really stable weights (albeit with v slight fluctuations throught the day). Having done a fair bit of science and physiology I can only guess that this is water retention, possibly because of lactic acid build up in muscle, drawing fluid into the tissue?????? I finished feeling a little dehydrated, but my weight wasn't much below my normal weight after the ride itself. This is our first event that has gone beyond about 3 hours - has anyone else had similar experiences? I'm just curious. Incidentally over the next few days we have slowly come back down to our normal weights.
  10. New girl

    Around the Bay

    Myself, my hubby and our mate Nathan did the 250Km "legend" ride. It was awesome. We had done a fair bit of training for it ( lots of LONG rides at weekends) and back - up saturday arvo/ sunday morning rides, and we all pulled up great. The headwind between Portarlington and Queenscliff was a bitch but the big fellas I was with were very gallant and didn't make me take a turn at the front for about 30km! We were out for nearly 12 hours all up, but 8hrs 45 riding time, which I'm pretty happy with, especially since we only started riding 15 months ago and the 100km nearly killed us last year! I have to say the organisation at the Queenscliff end was great - by the time we'd eaten and filled our water bottles it was time to head to the ferry - the lunch was enough for me, but possibly not for a bloke. Great day all up - the only thing that marred it was the heart attack on the Freeway where the guy was airlifted to the Alfred - does anyone know if he's ok? Good on the motorist who stopped and resuscitated him.
  11. New girl

    Geelong results

    Nope - my time is 2 secs faster than I clocked ( which brings me in at 2.35.58 - UNDER 2.36!!!!) I was in the women's 30-34 I wonder if the times have ended up being taken from the manual timers at the finish, and if you were in the second wave of your category, they've just forgotten to adjust it? I managed to sneak into 3rd for the series, so I'm over the moon! I felt like Jodie Henry in the pool this morning ( even if I am still in the bottom lane!!!)
  12. Suzie - Your achievements are awesome. Keep up the good work. I decided to train for the gatorade series after doing the women's tri last April and nearly drowning on the 250m swim! I can't believe on Sunday I found the 1500m swim just about the best part of the race( albeit my slowest!) I've found progression to come so quickly with the training. Re the weight loss, I was a bit o/weight when I started training - dropped from 74kg to 63kg, and have stayed there for the past year. My husband who is an ex - rugby player dropped from 125kg to 105kg. His whole body - shape has completely changed and he looks incredible! This is THE BEST SPORT for weight loss - I now tell anyone who is trying to lose weight to get out there on the bike, get in the pool, and get running. The best thing is how forgiving the mix is on your body, especially if you build the training up nice and slow. Also if you don't mind the early starts, you can fit in the training around the rest of your life really easily. Keep it up, and I'll look forward to seeing you in the Gatorade series next year!
  13. It might not be such a bad thing that I won't get to see just how slow my transitions were!
  14. New girl

    wind trainers

    Myself and my husband are new to the sport, and going into the winter season are looking into some more structured traning on the bike ( as opposed to just going out and riding for hours, which is what we've done so far!) Having spoken to a few different sources, wind trainers crop up very regularly. Our main problem is space in our house/ yard and the fact that ideally we would like to continue training together. Are there any places in Melbourne where you can take the bikes and pay to get on some wind trainers? We are in the western suburbs. Cheers.
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