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  1. Ordered some last week, turned up in a few days thanks! I have not used it previously as it has always been too expensive (ditto Endura). Keep it at 3 cans for $55 and get rid of the aspartame and I would become a regular customer.
  2. If anyone has registered for the Mooloolaba tri but is stuck for accommodation it is your lucky day. We have a booking for a 3 bedroom apartment right on the esplanade in Zanzibar resort. This place is right in the middle of the action being directly opposite where the pro transition area is. A couple of people have made a late cancellation so we have a spare room available. It's a double, but it may be possible to change it to two singles - will have to check with the resort. Happy to pass it on at cost for $300. That is $300 as the total for two people for both nights, so $150 each, or $75 pp per night. The booking is for Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th so we can be there for the bike race and run on Saturday night, and be a short stroll from the start line on Sunday morning. Then after us plebs do our little swim/bike/run, we can retire with cool drinks and watch how the pros do it right from the balcony. You will be sharing with a couple, and two single blokes. Resort info is here: http://www.zanzibarresort.com.au/
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