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  1. That's the most boring announcement ever. Would be more interesting if they had announced that Mike Riley switched to low fat milk with his cornflakes. And Facebook. How crap. The internet is open, Facebook is not. I prefer using the world wide web where you don't need an account to watch something...
  2. Like that would work lol. I think it's a great idea, the tricky part would be so much of tri gear is individual, and the old adage of never trying something new in racing works against you. So I'm not sure how well it would work in practice.
  3. I love Kona. May it never move! (Not that I'll ever be going to race there 🙁)
  4. dazaau

    SRAM etap (again)

    It's all relative I suppose...
  5. Cool idea, and I like it, but the incentives are two fold: 1. To push your athletes too hard (many coaches do this anyway so would just add to the over load) 2. For athletes to cheat (Strava should help with that) If you already had t high trust and mutual respect between you and your coach it could work well.
  6. I think I might feel 11 years old driving this though?
  7. dazaau

    HM pacing advice

    That's a big number marathon. I've only run with a pacer once and I regretted it as the pack was too tight (we were tapping feet and having to breathe others farts and it was hard to get water at aid stations) , made it less enjoyable so that's something to consider. It's your first. So I'd just set out at just about 1:40 pace and see if you can hold it, and just slow down a little (as is often the case in long distance running) if you can't. Leave the negative splits for pros. Good luck!
  8. That doesn't look great for the hips! I wonder how much I crossover? Install a taught piece of string down the middle of the treadmill or something - that will encourage non crossover action
  9. dazaau

    Cardinal Pell

    Thanks that was a good article.
  10. But they also taste like crap. Unlike the snickers washed down with Coke!
  11. dazaau

    Cardinal Pell

    Since you asked... No they can't! It also does not equate to fish at Easter or lean meats on Fridays for Catholics, as there is nothing in the Bible to support these traditions, they are just traditions (indeed there is a great deal of Catholic practices and teachings that are not necessarily contained in the Bible, but I digress) On the other hand Jews and Muslims are prohibited from eating pork (and a great deal of seafood and other things) because their religion specifically forbids it in their sacred texts. Infact the reason they both abstain from pork is because Muhammad was heavily influenced by Jews and some forms of Christianity. (Islam came about with Mohammad in around 600AD). So much so that Muslims view the Jewish text (Old testament of the Christian Bible) as a sacred but not well preserved text (they also believe Jesus was a prophet from God, but no more than that and didn't actually die on a cross) - however they claim the Jews and Christians messed with these texts so they cannot be relied upon in their current form. The Quran however can apparently be relied on. But no orthodox Jew or Muslim would eat pork, although I'm sure many more liberal Jews and Muslims find a way of explaining why they think they can. Plenty of people do avoid it because they identify with Jews as a race, so do it to identify with the ancestors, but that's an entirely different motivation. Similar for those from a Muslim background that don't practice. I feel like we have stayed far from the topic so feel free to split it out someone.
  12. I find it interesting that paying people off for not reporting non illegal behaviour is actually an issue, wrong though it may be. The picture is bizarre, who on earth would want it other than the big man himself 😂 Using charity money is so shameful. I REALLY WANT to see his SAT scores (mind you I'm sure even without his threatening letter it would not be legal to provide them)
  13. dazaau

    Cardinal Pell

    I hope you don't apply that "keep it to yourself" standard to triathletes, you'd have no tri friends! 😉 I'm sure these people of faith were trying to be helpful if they know you well and bring religion up, unlike triathletes 😉 But yes, I agree, not really relevant to the legal points you are making. It would seem surprising if 12 people all agreed on the guilty verdict if all the info they had we have seen, so there might be more? Having said that group think and the power of the herd is real so while it seems unlikely it's not impossible I suppose. Oh, and totally with you on the hypocritical politicians. Gee we have had some shockers lately. 😡
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