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  1. Sorry to hear about your job FP, that sucks. Looks like a lot has changed in your household lately, glad zwift is helping keep you motivated with the lack of events or social rides.
  2. I know the UK doesn't do much of a spring/summer, but isn't it warming up over there? Enough to ride off into the sunrise? I just don't know where you get the motivation to sit on zwift for 7hrs. That's pretty brutal. Impressive.
  3. dazaau


    Perhaps it involves a school zone, 3 pedestrian crossings, two large intersections with lights that alway seem to catch cyclists out and very high levels of road congestion with no cycle lane or shoulder. Perhaps also need to throw in the possibility of a random breath test. Otherwise it should be a walk in the park.
  4. Ironman broke me I think, raced it while recovering from a cold. My word I got sick after! Since no one has immunity against covid I would imagine it makes little difference to catching it, but fighting it would be harder I think?
  5. dazaau


    I saw that. It is a very impressive performance - crazy to think about pushing those kinds of watts for 8 hours up and down a hill 70 times. Mental. His video content is similarly painful!
  6. I know. It's amazing they do it, it just looks so stupid. the NATIONAL Basketball Association's World Championship....
  7. Let's not discourage Trump et al from actually doing their homework. It's old school but it pays off 😂
  8. And I shouldn't have read the comments - oh mercy. "Covid is all the doing of the Deep State" - I had to google that. It's a conspiracy and Donald Trump is apparently fighting it. To save us all. 😮
  9. This is what is wrong with the world, and particularly the USA - people assume people are dumb, and apparently they are and it works. Though I have no fondness for trump, that video is beyond ridiculous. As if covid 19 is all his fault and there could be four more years of it - and all you need to do is vote for someone else and it will all go away. Don't get me wrong, Trump will be increasingly responsible for a share of the mess that the USA appears to be continuing to head towards, but that ad. wow. So lame.
  10. water is the worst
  11. I have to ask, how on earth did that happen?! Plasterboard shouldn't just fall of the roof 😮
  12. He he my office 2007 still works fine 😅
  13. You can probably move office 2016 to your laptop, depends on your license. (If It came with the laptop you might not be able to, if you bought it after you probably can). Office 365 includes cloud storage and web applications so you can use office anywhere. If you are happy just using it occasionally I’d stick with that. Don’t like paying monthly if I’m not using the software professionally.
  14. They ask name and age. You are free to make it all up. It doesn’t check or verify. You can put it on your kids phone.
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