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  1. dazaau

    Work place politics and millennials

    https://waitbutwhy.com/2013/09/why-generation-y-yuppies-are-unhappy.html It's not our fault. We have been fed lies about how talented and special we are by our disappointed patriarchs. It's all you baby boomers who have screwed up the world 😂 That and social media
  2. dazaau


    I had almost given up hope that I would see the day Jabbs returned. But there you go! Great to hear you are doing well
  3. dazaau

    Ironman Melbourne

    I think Victorian Ironman is going to make a comeback. Soon. Not far from Melbourne.
  4. dazaau

    Kona qualifiers 10+hours

    Kona is definately hard. Not many Ironman PBs in Kona! Pro times are longer too.
  5. dazaau

    It's goodnight from me..............

    Thanks for all your hard work Roxii! Now you can sit back and troll 🤣
  6. dazaau

    New bike trainer - Fuoripista

    It is very low on spec. How much resistance does it have? Is it a smart trainer that adjusts resistance to a set program? Will it work with Zwift? What is the max gradient? Power meter? If someone ends up falling in front of this contraption will the large glass wheel cut them in two while I train? for 25k I would need these questions answered. I look forward to DC rainmakers review - as I am sure he is.
  7. I think academically it is obvious to everyone what the main issue is, that FIFO lifestyle would be really hard on anyone and with a baby sounds horrible and practically unsustainable. You can't have or do everything. In order to enjoy life you have to give up on some things. I hate it but you really can't do everything. Hard choices need to be made. Practically I can see how hard it would be to try something else. You have clearly invested a lot into your business. Your wife is invested in her work and family. I could imagine you feeling helpless in how to change the situation, but your aren't. You and your family just have to make some compromises and big changes. I wish you all the best in making some hard choices. But I think they need to be made, however hard they are. As Roxii said, choose life.
  8. dazaau

    Sickness in the Workplace

    Sounds like a very crappy situation. If however it is the run of the mill cold, then you might feel slightly better that it is less contagious after day 5 when the coughing often starts to set in. Not covering your mouth is gross, hopefully he does not cough in your direction (I assume you are next to each other, not facing each other 😱) spreading his fluids and germs. It is sad when you can't ask someone to cover their mouth when they cough without a shirty response, more so when they are adults. Where are people raised?! I mean even primary school education should take care of that if no one else did?
  9. dazaau

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    Honestly Ashley. In the context of Buddhist teaching and belief that original quote makes perfect sense. Her version is just stupid. A cluless rip off.
  10. dazaau

    Pay it forward... again again

    I'd be very grateful for the running pack! Happy to pay postage.
  11. dazaau

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    That was easier to follow than the waves drivel. You can't even parody that stuff, the original is beyond it.
  12. dazaau

    Cheap but decent drink bottles??

    In fairness I was being facetious I'm a tight wad and so would get uninsulated ones. That and I'm not riding in 35 degree heat 😉
  13. dazaau

    50 Ironmans in 50 days Ashley Horner

    But why? She swam an average of over 10km a day for a month. Should be able to go ok. And that was in addition to squeezing in 24 cross fit work outs of the day in a 24hr period in that same month. So given she misses a day from that little event it was over 11km a day. Infact, given she did all this after she had already compled 2 runs totalling 500 miles I'm surprised she didn't do better in her 50/50/50. https://wtkr.com/2017/11/08/local-athlete-takes-on-201-mile-swim-24-hour-wod-all-for-charity/
  14. dazaau

    Anyone can do Kona this year (2018)

    Sounds very good until you get to the part where he decided to be on the bachelor.
  15. dazaau

    Cheap but decent drink bottles??

    Ok, that is cheap. Get these!