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  1. Hawaii Missile alert

    What on earth?? How can that happen! The guy "pressed the wrong button?'" (There is s single button?!) Then it took them 38min to realise?! (Were all the workers phoneless) Sounds like Homer Simpson is running the joint. It really wouldn't be funny if you thought a ballistic missile was coming - those islands are small. So a high chance of game over.
  2. Geelong 70.3 Enter now

    My best swim was there also, also around 33m I think. I say it was all the jellyfish that year - I could not wait to get out of the water!! Nothing like fear to motivate you lol.
  3. Geelong 70.3 Enter now

    $400 - unreal. It's rediculous when you think about it.
  4. Plasma donations - ASADA rules!!

    Doesn't make any sense. It's your own depleted blood going back in - and it's not kept in a bag so not sure markers are the issue (except for the saline - but you probably don't need the stuff). How would you test for it? Be found low in plasma?? I'd say it's just an overreaction saying that you can't inject blood into your system, period. Seriously the amount of doping is plentiful in sport - do they think writing stupid rules like this will help? How about getting serious about preventing drug use in professional sport, not stopping people from giving people in need a hand. Age group it's particularly stupid. Pros wouldn't be willing to give up their plasma anyway I reckon, unless it is well out of season.
  5. One tough chick

    Tough 18 year old. https://www.google.com.au/amp/www.telegraph.co.uk/cycling/2017/09/19/briton-lauren-dolan-celebrates-18th-birthday-hospital-finishing/amp/
  6. Ah, yes, after reading all about cardiac arrest I assumed it followed on, but no. Although I think alot of the drownings do occur from heart attacks. You are right about the LDS - they are all swimmers. Triathlon we only swim as it's tradition
  7. So it's not so much long distance triathlon that is the risk - just long distance swimming. Would be interesting to see stats on long distance swimming compared, as well as some explanations as to why swimming seems correlated with higher cardiac arrest rates.
  8. Rotorua half (or should it be Taupo)

    It's going to be dec 5-17 so it will have to be Taupo or Rotorua. Thanks for the ideas, NZ has plenty of choice in the HIM space
  9. Rotorua half (or should it be Taupo)

    Thanks Rory, good info to have. I did Taupo when the RD was running that and it was def more laid back - was my first half! Was the course spectacular or were you distracted by the suffering. I did falls creek and the hills, cold water and elevation made that a sucky day I'm guessing it's a bit like that. You'd still go tri bike over road I assume.
  10. Looking at going a half in NZ. I did Taupo years ago before it was 70.3 and the crowd that ran it are now in Rotorua. Anyone done it? It's a lot cheaper but I'm wondering what the experience is like? its clearly not a fast course, does it smell like Rotorua (not sure about racing in sulpher type air?) Any thoughts at all would be good as I can't find anything online outside the race website.
  11. Lances Tour Podcast.

    I think one of the reasons lance was so popular is that he was a good showman and personality. You hardly ever hear from the current crop of cyclists and when you do it's not very interesting. Lance knew how to hold an audience, and use people to get his way. Before it all blew up many thought he would go into politics because he would obviously be very successful.
  12. Ninja Warrior

    It's interesting to see the thin lanky guys doing so well while the ripped dudes who look super impressive end up doing a lot of swimming.
  13. Head Cold Ironman Week, Recommendations

    Rest. Lots of rest. And whatever you think helps, but probably nothing really does. Olive leaf extract might actually help - who knows but if you are going to try random stuff its worth a shot. I did an Ironman after getting a cold the week of. Race went pretty well. But I was sick as a dog afterwards. Just try to rest up as much as you can as once you finish your body will be weak and the virus that's still there will have a field day
  14. Ballarat 70.3 gonski

    Noooo! Sad.
  15. Coke have dropped life. They have replaced it with 50 per cent less sugar stevia. It's got a nasty stevia taste now I could not distinguish in the 35 per cent life. Nasty. Back to full sugar!