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  1. Indeed, great effort by Ewan. He didn't have many opportunities left, so didn't give up but also didn't panic. Also another new stage winner! Usually a few doubles or triples by now, certainly keeps everyone guessing!
  2. Struth. Wouldn't want it to go wrong 😯
  3. Argh. The tour just knows how to destroy hope. What a load of crap the crosswind split was today. How the heck do Fugelsung, Porte, Pinot all get spat out the back. What were they even doing out the back! By all accounts everyone knew what was going to happen, and yet it worked. And I know the pressure was put on but if someone who can't TT to save their life (Bardet) can be in the front group there is no excuse for Fugelsung, Porte and Pinot. May as well just give Ineos/Sky the tour again. So lame. </end rant>
  4. thats exactly what lance meant. If he can still run then he can certainly out bike them and goes ok in the water.
  5. Richie survives stage 9 😅 Looking good, and after finishing stage 9 in tact it suddenly dawns on him how far back that crappy TTT really was. How do you find over a minute these days, tall order!
  6. According to the secret pro it is actually because their bike sponsor bikes are heavy and they are having trouble getting them to 6.8kg. So it's not the wheels they don't like...
  7. I did use one, after 16 years it needed more force than I expected!
  8. I just ripped off the 16 year old campy cranks from my road bike. I couldn't imagine them braking! So solid. Getting them off was so dang hard. I guess it happens though...
  9. Pfft, of course you can lose weight while eating some junk food. And I would know.
  10. As long as AB doesn't explode it's surely only a matter of time. 1:40 down at 25k
  11. dazaau

    Israel Folau

    GoFundMe - really?
  12. You can see why it made him mad. Floyd was damaged goods no one would touch, stripped of his tdf glory. Meanwhile Lance is riding in the tour again with his own team and "Hope rides again" plastered all over the road, media and advertising. If Lance hadn't snubbed Floyd he may never have been undone.
  13. I guess the question is was "sounding a horn" the best course of action, or yelling and hitting the brakes.
  14. I'm afraid not everyone has the same sense of moral obligation. Floyd managed to lie about it for ages, go to court, seek support from his supporters. Only when all hope was lost and Lance told him there was no place on his new team for Floyd, despite his ban expiring, did Floyd allow clearing his conscience (or getting revenge more likely) to take control of his actions.
  15. Good grief. Though from the pictures and text the author isn't painting a great picture of the plaintiff lol. But it may be entirely accurate 😂 Wonder if there is a bit more to the story. Why she is even claiming damages for what appears to be stuff all injury due to her own incompetence is beyond me. And 4 years. The legal system is a total joke.
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