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  1. Ok, from today I am getting serious about this. Need to drop 2kg in the next two weeks or I will be racing while needlessly carrying kgs that do not need to be there. I have been very lazy food wise while training well. Now the constant food intake must stop!
  2. No. Better to get sick, develop an injury and/or get slow from more junk miles training The aim isn't performance, it's suffering 😉
  3. Sadly your paying more for milk was likely just larger margins for known brand companies, not higher farm gate prices for farmers. You assume that farmers are being paid more depending on which brand milk bottle the milk ends up in, but I don't believe that's how it works. https://www.choice.com.au/food-and-drink/dairy/milk/articles/one-dollar-milk-and-the-australian-dairy-industry Similarly the government can't make it rain. That's what farmers actually need. Given that's not possible farming needs a better way to work together to spread risk. for big farming companies that's not such a big problem, but for a family farm it's very hard to ride out the bad years among the good. Thats where I would focus my energy.
  4. Lol, 50kg of pills (or possibly just powder), that's some performance enhancing regime!
  5. I don't understand what I'm looking at!
  6. 55kg and size large, that would be impressive. Back on topic: I suspect you go much faster on the TT bike, how often do you ride it? I found doing indoor training on mine helped comfort wise, and they tend not to feel that stable, but most tri courses are flat and untechnical, so not a big deal. As for wind, that's tougher, maybe try it with a normal wheel up front and your aero wheel in back to see if it helps. If so then you could consider a more shallow front. There is going to be an aero cost but if you are less terrified it's probably worth it - and you will still be way more aero then your roadie.
  7. If Willie is running 1:31 for a half at 90kg, then 84 sounds very achievable. 90kg is very heavy in distance running, so unless he is a giant he could likely loose another 15kg, which would get you some serious time I would imagine. And I don't think long distance runners slow down in their 30s. Short stuff sure, but long stuff they go pretty good, if not better.
  8. Bummer. I think zwift is overpriced and had a host of annoying querks. You would have to use it a fair bit for it to stack up.
  9. Banana is good, chocolate is better. Moist makes then both much better.
  10. Moist chocolate cakes are the only ones worth it I reckon. I love them. And I have no problem with Moist!
  11. It has just dawned on me what this originally meant. "New stuff" as in new threads lol. I was wondering what new forum feature was being abused 😂 I may even know what this was originally about! I don't like Instagram. I do like my bike. Anyone else? #random
  12. So at the halfway point it's @KieranR and @Lost in transition fighting at the front for biggest loser glory (currently over 5% lost), then daylight, then the rest of us. Good work you two, keep pushing!
  13. 74.4 Not really going anywhere fast but then again I am hardly trying at the moment. I am however on the verge of over 1,000km on my bike in October. So I'm pleased about that!
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