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  1. dazaau

    2020 Discount Codes

    $20 off Three Peaks Challenge, discount code THANKSMATE https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/peaks-challenge-falls-creek-2020-tickets-57569562110?discount=THANKSMATE#tickets
  2. dazaau


    Seems it is not just Vic where there is significant tension between volunteer and professional firefighter unions. It's times like these that shows how valuable each firefighter is, paid or volunteer.
  3. It's hosted from the USA, Seattle no less.
  4. dazaau


    Would be hard to figure out the value of the cap. Some thought 500k before the auction, it went for a million. The value is typically the sale price at an auction so I suspect there can't be any deductions as you are not donating anything, technically only Warne is. So he will get the deduction, but then again he will have to pay tax on the million profit from selling it - so in the end it will be a wash. Which I guess is the point!
  5. ha, don't tell me you're not a believer! There was certain parameters and expectations set around the jedi and their powers early on. They were not gods. They could not disable entire fleets of spacecrafts with their hands, for example. All downhill since the empire strikes back really, with the exception of Rogue One - I really liked that film.
  6. I'd rate it towards the bottom of the pile for star wars films. More far fetched than ever and too many half dead people. It was like a cross between the originals and Lord of the Rings. Usual repetition of previous star wars plots as well.
  7. Yes, and it does help you get used to staying in the TT position. Yes it handles differently so doesn't help with that but your body needs to get used to the position and indoor TT position ks help, as well as providing significant fitness benefits. Most tri courses are not technical and do not involve (or should not involve) group riding, so handling is less of an issue. Pretty much everyone on here is so far from the pointy end who really cares, stationary, rollers, indoors, outdoors, every km helps.
  8. What is with the digital rat lol?
  9. Just get some relatively inexpensive tri shorts if you are just trying it out. You can wear a jersey for the bike and a tee or singlet for the run - or just run/ride in the same jersey/singlet/tee
  10. dazaau

    Festive 500

    No idea what the festive 500 is but all I know is that I've been stuck with a mild but infuriatingly persistent cold since Christmas Eve and haven't ridden at all. And it's killing me
  11. No one expects the senate to vote for it. He will be impeached by the house, but not the senate and not removed from office.
  12. Yes, like the pythons cleansing the alligators from the florida swap, it's hard to say the situation is improved.
  13. I've used prestashop the past, easy to setup. It's free
  14. Many Americans will lap that up for sure.
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