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  1. dazaau

    What's this Cervelo P2C worth?

    Old TT bikes are great value. It's not like the new ones have really gotten much faster, and some of them are certainly uglier! And who really needs an 11 speed when most courses will barely see you shift at all? I don't see why you would need more!
  2. dazaau

    What's this Cervelo P2C worth?

    Personally I don't like riding the TT rig, road bike is where it is at except for racing triathlon. So I think he needs two bikes, but if this person is only just getting into the whole thing a road bike is great to have, encourages riding, is safer on the road (for turn and others) and way more comfortable. If they get serious about triathlon then get the TT bike.
  3. dazaau


    Sounds like we should just defund Australian men's tennis. Or let the kiwis claim them!
  4. dazaau


    Society is certainly all over the place on this.
  5. dazaau


    While I am all for calling it out, I think using such extreme events and drawing a line back is a bit pointless. People act like the perpetrator is a rational "normal" person. I'm going out on a limb and guessing not. Probably did have a bad upbringing, now estranged from family and friends, unemployed, probably mentally unstable etc. etc. Also a very good chance this person was high on some substance at the time. Most violence against women is done by people who know them, and know them very well, this is way out there. Let's call stuff out for the people who are directly affected by it, less about doing it so that some horrific crime isn't committed by someone who would probably stab you to death if you did randomly call it out anyway. Otherwise it's a bit like thinking if we sung the national anthem at more sporting events people like the Bourke Street idiot would have thought twice about running over his fellow australians. And I am with Turtle, this forum could clean up its act occasionally. There is a line between keeping it real and being rude and I'm sure everyone could argue all day about where it is but when in doubt maybe best to be less "funny" and keep it to yourself.
  6. dazaau

    I just thru up at Tim dons shiv

    Is that a fairing mud guard on the back? 😂
  7. dazaau

    Advice for first 70.3

    I can understand why someone would prefer to spend some money on a shiny new cool looking toy that makes them faster rather then spend hours focusing on how to take a wetsuit off, perform a U turn, mount and unmount etc 😉 I am however unaware of why you would be tumble turning, bunny hopping or leaning on other riders in a triathlon 😮
  8. dazaau

    Advice for first 70.3

    I always do. But I have skillz 😎
  9. dazaau

    Vertical Oscillation - what's going on?!

    Thanks all and Greyman, I'll keep it in mind if I pursue this further. At the moment I'm just trying to get to Geelong in good form and then have a baby. I'll probably never run again after that 😉
  10. dazaau

    Trump is the President

    The US has basically been bankrupt for decades, and he does enjoy firing people so.... We have a winner!
  11. dazaau

    Trump is the President

    I don't think that's generally true. But even if it was - Trump isn't a "republican" or a "democrat". He is Trump.
  12. dazaau

    Vertical Oscillation - what's going on?!

    Thanks all, I'll also see if it is a strap issue. I might also work on my cadence to see if it helps. It would seem from the data that I am spending not that long on the ground but leaping up to high and that is energy wasted as I should be going forward not up But would be funny if it is the strap. Maybe I'll go for a walk with it on and see how the vertical oscillation looks.
  13. dazaau

    Vertical Oscillation - what's going on?!

    Ha ha, you are probably right! But data telling me I suck is tormenting me 😂
  14. So I consistently get a vertical Oscillation measurement over 12cm on my Garmin, apparently higher than 95 per cent of other runners. Red data and apparently it's no good. Everything else looks good to me, so should I be addressing something or is it all good? Stride is 1.4m generally, ground contact is typically short and cadence looks fine. This Particular run got faster towards the end so you can see that in the data. I was a bit fatigued but typically the numbers are fairly constant no matter the run. So. What am I doing wrong? Should I be concerned? Or is it just useless data?
  15. dazaau

    Trump is the President

    The point is no one wants to hand their life worth to someone for 0 chance of making it to Aus. No boats because there is no demand. It's not the people smugglers that need to care to stop the boats. But this is about a $5.6 billion wall, few things are as effective as an ocean.