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  1. Indeed it did. Yates it's gone. Landa looked strong, but is still a way off the main contenders.
  2. They struggle because hardly anyone actually enters. I've heard they are amazing events but the fields are quite small. We road triathletes are softer than we dare admit
  3. dazaau

    The 1% stuff

    So with the newborn I'm screwed. I suspected as much but it's good to have it confirmed.
  4. dazaau

    OT saving lives

    No one ever offers me a heat pad saline is cold!
  5. dazaau

    OT saving lives

    Nice one cranky. I'm coming up to my 50th plasma soon, 3 to go!
  6. That's some very sad and horrible reading. It's also sad it takes the justice system so long to work that you can commit a crime and have it reported and still have literally years to perpetrate other crimes. (reported to Police for rape 2014, rape new victim 2016).
  7. I'd have to ask why you need 80k a year in tax free income when you own your own home and have no dependents. That's $1500 a week. Studies have shown that the most important thing is to own your own home. The pension is doable if you have no accommodation expenses.
  8. 50% is too low, I agree! Glad they screen people. I just think it's sad if you are bright and have a strong interest in medicine you can't get in. Especially when there appears to be a shortage of locals. It's a lot of study and hard work as it is!
  9. I agree the US model is nasty. I recall one disaster in which someone couldn't pay back their student loan on time as they were trying to find a legal job after finishing their law degree. This resulted in a bad debts which barred them from practicing law in the state. #winning The ATAR stuff irks me. Doctors are a good example. There is seemingly a shortage of doctors as most of the doctors I have seen are from overseas. The required ATAR score is very high to get in, and attracts "smart" people - who may or may not give a stuff about their patients. I think it is sad that if you really want to help people you need to be in the top 2% in your state at sitting an exam. There are also people who are very smart and have a love for education and teaching but don't want to get a teaching degree because it is "wasting" their high ATAR score. One option for sneaking around these things is also to work for a while and then enrol as a mature age student. I managed to get a degree from a G8 university without an ATAR score at all, so strange things are possible when you step outside the system.
  10. The franking credit policy had nothing to do with pensions specifically. You could happen to be a pensioner (E.g. a part pension or A full pension with small holdings) and lose some money from the change, but not 20k obviously! It affected retirees. Particuarly self managed super fund retirees.
  11. I definately see that angle. You are probably right. I suspect if Israel was a ceo of a large company, a high ranking public servant or the chief of police he would be in a similar position, except much less controversy. He does represent his employer at a high level. I still think it has some tricky elements though. You are entitled to a private life, belief and opinion as well as a work life. But I'm out on this one, I'd rather it just goes away. We'll all just have to wait and see how the mess unfolds.
  12. Nothing to do with the pension. $1.3m isn't a lot of Super to live off. The Greens guy at my booth was going to lose 8k a year from his income of 60k.
  13. That's one pathway, another would be to give up on going to the University of Sydney or Melbourne and start out at a lower uni and/or lower course. Then you change unis/degrees when you prove yourself to be good. May take longer. But I see what you are saying, but this is mostly an allocation problem. I do despise the way atar is used to allocate limited course numbers. Just because atar is high doesn't mean the course is hard, just popular and limited.
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