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  1. dazaau


    Who on earth would buy a house after "inspecting" it online? - no way. There is some disconnect in the restrictions. That is for sure. You can't even get married in Victoria right now. But from what Daniel Andrews was saying he is trying to reduce the number of people going around by X hundred thousand. They are still trying to reduce the rate not eliminate it. So, he has chosen that those construction workers are the ones that should be allowed to move around, above others. It is certainly very hard to construct a building from home and it does make up a decent proportion of the economy (for now, with 0 migration and a recession I feel new construction is in for some very nast times). He is trying to balance reducing transmission with contracting the economy. Time will tell how that balance is working out. Stage 3 didn't strike the right balance apparently (according to Dan Andrews acceptable level of transmission ). Hard times for everyone, hope everyone here is doing ok. This much uncertainty can be very stressful.
  2. That top tube 😱 not an endurance set up that one!
  3. If I hadn't bought it second hand on eBay.... And it had already been covered up unbeknown to me. Not one of my finest purchases πŸ˜‚
  4. The worst frame trek ever made, my mtb. Rear triangle came unglued in multiple places. Frame repairer decided to line it up with a wheel he had lying around, which wasn't true Then they gave up on me. That part of the repair eventually failed (hooray) and it's now true and holding together with model airplane glue. For now πŸ˜‚
  5. Trusty TT rig (currently covered with dust and spider webs)
  6. My first road bike, a 2003 trek 5500 that I bought in about 2008 I think. Recently repainted it and put a new groupset on it. I really love this bike. And fear not, it has a longer stem back on it now
  7. Too bad these weren't around when she was younger Could have got her used to high speed (up to 18kph) accidents
  8. dazaau

    Roller - Pain

    The TFL - how I hate that overused little muscle! Oh, the tennis ball - I can still feel the pain
  9. dazaau

    Cycling in Victoria

    Ha ha, nice humble brag 😎 Dan Andrews has decided it's time for some true locals to be recognised πŸ˜‰
  10. Just got a lot harder https://cyclingtips.com/2020/07/melbourne-cyclists-stopped-by-police-over-lockdown-rides/ I live at the foot of the Dandenongs, so I'm ok, but I think this is the equivalent of stopping people from fishing alone last time while quarantine ran wild. This time it's sick people showing up to work while cyclists can't ride more than 10k from home. Anyway, stay local everyone
  11. dazaau


    I don’t make a habit of defending Trump but I think he is referring to h1n1. He's not much of an orator 🀣
  12. dazaau


    Property prices are probably held up by immigration, so that's true. I keep waiting for the penny to drop here in Melbourne where 2000 people a week moved here, and now that is zero. Being from WA you know what happens to housing when population growth Falls off. The economy itself is more complex. Population growth does grow the economy as a whole, but not necessarily for individuals. For example in some of Victoria's biggest population growth years real GDP per capita was flat or went backwards. So people were worse (or no better) off on average. It is good for paying off large debts though, more tax $$$ Am not saying it's bad, just not necessarily great.
  13. dazaau


    I do wonder what the end game is. NZ makes sense, eradicate it and lock up the country. Not the end of the world (well, somewhat ironically it may be for them due to tourism being gone, but Australia would do ok - you stay here but can still do international Business and trade, very limited international human trade is something we could adapt to). But no one has stated that is the goal. And no one is saying that they are trying to eradicate it. Maybe WA? So if we are not stamping it out domestically, do we just keep locking and unlocking societies and economies? It's not like the health system is anywhere near it's limit. The economy is going to get hammered and we can't borrow 11 billion a month for years propping it up hoping for a vaccine. I don't think we should just let it go, but it seems poorly thought out regarding exactly what we are trying to do. I hope there is a vaccine soon but you don't hear much credible sources claiming that's likely. It's a mess. I do hope government is doing more strategic thinking about it than they are letting on.
  14. dazaau


    It will be a lot harder this time. Last time it was mostly cases in quarantine from overseas (well, we THOUGHT they were in quarantine) - now it is rife in the community. Had the day off and went riding. Lots of cars out there.
  15. dazaau

    Froome GONE

    But ineos are keeping him until the end of the year. Bit rude. If the tour happens I hope he throws a spanner in the ineos machine
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