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  1. dazaau

    Commonwealth games chat.

    One of his responses after the race: "That's racing, you can't get along with everyone. The good guys always win." From a cyclist of all people! http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/Commonwealth-Games/2018/04/commonwealth-games-mountain-bikers-repeat-historic-gold-silver-finish.html
  2. dazaau

    Commonwealth games chat.

    It's a 1hr MTB race, not a three week grand tour!
  3. dazaau

    Commonwealth games chat.

    Agree. And if it hadn't happened it was fairly clear to me that Richards would have stormed past. As it was I couldn't pick who won.
  4. dazaau

    Commonwealth games chat.

    I am conflicted about the paralympics events. On the one hand I think they are great and inspirational, and on the other hand I think they are flawed. As we all know, there are already heaps of events in an Olympics. When the para is added in you get not just a doubling of events, but even more as you have different events for different disabilities, and different severity of disability. Inevitably, you also tend to have the winners being the ones with the least severe disability for that category. In many ways I don't get it. Put simply, It's great to see people do things that others would have said they couldn't or shouldn't do (e.g. like ironman finishers with disability). I am less sure on people with a disability competing to beat each other, when disabilities are so variable that the end result is often that the least disabled person who qualifies for a particular disability category wins.
  5. dazaau

    Commonwealth games chat.

    The UK does have 8 gold medals in track for cycling. We have 10. It's not that big a difference when you add back in Wales and Scotland.
  6. dazaau

    Journalism and Media is shit

    That's hilarious 😂 how sure are we it's not fake? Almost impossible to tell these days.
  7. dazaau

    Job offers

    I presume the start date is negotiable? He could help them through the critical time and then move on. If it's longer than that it's not really a critical time is just business as usual. Could also ask his current employer to meet him halfway like cottoneyes had suggested? It's tough. Also needs to consider that some of those big firms will chew toy up and spit you out if they don't think the performance is what they wanted. Always a risk! It's a tough one but 25% is a lot of money!
  8. dazaau

    Is 70.3 a brand or distance?

    If it's a distance then why is it in an ancient metric such as miles , and why is there no 140.6? Just "Ironman". And what is the point of aggregate distance anyway - doesn't give you any idea as to what the event consists of. I say it's an event brand. Ironman 70.3 Although for a useless metric you really can't go past a half distance triathlon
  9. dazaau

    Is 70.3 a brand or distance?

    They use 70.3 but refer to it as a half distance triathlon. What on earth is a half distance triathlon?? Surely it's either a triathlon or it's not!
  10. dazaau

    The Sharemarket Thread

    I think that's like saying Vodafone is not competition to Telstra simply because they lose money every year. It's actually impressive chi-x are profitable so quickly. Anyway, there is some competition in this area, while many areas of trade are still asx only - but that is likely to change in the future. Doesn't mean asx won't make bucket loads, but a monopoly it will cease to be in many areas.
  11. dazaau

    The Sharemarket Thread

    Not a monopoly anymore, Google chi-x. Over 25 per cent of trades now go through it.
  12. You would think we would learn eventually. Tariffs are evil. That's why we get rid of them in the first place... If you can't compete without the government propping you up and increasing the cost for all consumers then too bad - time to move on. Even worse in this instance where it only applies to imports from some countries, screwing those other countries who don't have a FTA. Because China needs an unfair advantage in price to Taiwan, Europe and India
  13. dazaau

    The Sharemarket Thread

    Sadly Aidan, I can't buy less than $600 of VAH stock on market at the moment on anz share trading It was worth a try though! I'm filthy I missed this thread early on as I would have chucked some money at ALU had I seen it before their half year results came out. Ah well.
  14. dazaau


    Not even some Jelly fish or waves. They have real swimming lanes though. They should bring it back. I really like Shepparton but the swim isn't as good and the lake is smaller and shallower. Avenue of honour also made for a cool bike course. The wind does suck though. There are fewer and fewer events in Vic - sport send to have peaked in terms of growth.
  15. dazaau


    You were the second poster Pete! When you say train you don't mean drink do you It's very sad it's gone. I ran some of the course Sunday to remember it. Pretty good race.