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  1. That did cross my mind. Maybe we need a new section of transitions called "leaks" - something to expand the empire with Willie
  2. What workplaces are blocking google sheets! Yikes! (Funny you can get here while you can't get to productive tools online lol)
  3. I've volunteered and it was more than 2hrs! In any case I've also raced Ironman and no, 2-4hrs of volunteering the next day would be out, I was totally wrecked and volunteering was fairly physical!!
  4. A look at this comps history shows there are a fair few varieties of people doing to for a variety of reasons. So your suggestion to ask some questions is good advice. However just because people are losing weight every season doesn't mean that's a bad thing. For me I put on winter weight and train less in Winter, eat more bad things. Then when I get serious I lose 5kg and train. Not sure it's that worthwhile to live your life at race weight and train hard and eat well all year round - I certainly can't be stuffed And let's be honest, most people in our lives prefer us at more than race weight. Even if it is a case of being significantly overweight, as long as the trend is down the biggest loser serves as a reminder to keep to the task.
  5. If I were guaranteed a return I'd put a lot more down than $150
  6. Not sure where your level is at but you can create better images by starting with a few key compositional tools: 1. Fill the frame - really this is a key basic one - so often people take photos full of visual clutter and empty space. 2. The rule of thirds, and the golden mean/ratio 3. Leading lines 4. Depth Read up on those (do a google or youtube) from a few places and practice them and your images will look so much better.
  7. Nice camera, solid choice. Battery, get a couple cheapies on eBay. Tripod, sure, I have a manfrotto befree. Good small tripod. Maybe wait on a lens to you know what you want. Same with the adaptor. Ef lenses are big. Bigger with an adaptor. You'd want a good reason to do it.
  8. You can't do that! What did you get!? I'm glad you started with a cat photo. It's a right of passage
  9. Yes, computational photography is still missing from interchangeable lens cameras, they should get their act together or they will find that people actually have good reason to use their phone over their camera. I guess it's one advantage of having a camera stuck on a computer with high processing power.
  10. And I bet the experience of getting that shot was heaps memorable and fun. Not like you can walk outside you house and just snap a picture like that!
  11. I have a 14mm, but it is f/4. The noise from my "tiny" sensor is horrendous when coupled with a long exposure. Even my 24mm f2.8 lens is yuck. I'm sure it could be done, but probably not very well. I had a little go once. Not so good lol.
  12. No you could not! I can't even do that with my m43 camera and lens. Mmmm Milky way
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