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  1. TPP - 1824 MxWalker - 2098 (and just realised I've gone up an age group!) Nick777 Bozza - 1053 (40-45) ltrevask - 498 PortRooster - 1365 Mrando - 455 Tivale - 1775 Pete - 2007 (which was the year of my last IM at Port Mac ) Symo - 1993 Toolish Tinman2 Cape_Horn - 395 Stikman - 611 Smiffy Joostoz - 914 Swanny POT gregb secteur pave Must tri harder Froudie - 332 nuked - 859 AndyBoy25 bigempty rcs #875 Captain Slow LzBones MrsG #1488 (& MrG #1161) Clownboy steve_c #152 Runforestrun-1236 Bam Bam longshot Dave T Catcam Truck Steno Fui Fui bored@work 821 NigelW - 1778 Hymie 1087 - I will be lucky to make the start line. Stacey 1477 Supamau #390 Otter Ratdog 706 Little Bear 793 ipb.global.registerReputation( 'rep_post_938815', { domLikeStripId: 'like_post_938815', app: 'forums', type: 'pid', typeid: '938815' }, parseInt('0') ); Back to top
  2. Sorry Derny Driver to hi-jack your thread. Just wondering peoples thoughts on what is the best wheel choice for Melb IM. Should I use SRAM S60"s or Mavic Kysium SL"s both near new. Im only a light weight and not super fast on the bike. Cheers. RFR
  3. TPP MxWalker Nick777 Bozza ltrevask PortRooster Mrando Tivale Pete Symo Toolish Tinman2 Cape_Horn Stikman Smiffy Joostoz Swanny POT gregb secteur pave Must tri harder Froudie nuked AndyBoy25 bigempty rcs Captain Slow LzBones MrsG (and MrG although not an official trannie) Clownboy steve_c Runforestrun
  4. Rambo has pulled the pin on IM Melb
  5. Pm sent regarding the hand paddles and bar tape. cheers
  6. List your ten questions,and i will get him to answer next Sunday after our hill run. Kev trains very hard, never gives in and is an all round great guy. Always rides back to get the slower riders ,does plenty of solid long hill runs. Melb sub 9 is his goal, we will be hill running every Sunday to the lead up to IM Melb. RFR
  7. Had a good run was hoping for sub 2hr45min, managed 2hr39min happy with that.P.B by 6min, great flat fast course
  8. Any one doing the Melbourne marathon this weekend? For people that have run the course , there is a slight hill near the 35km mark ,how long and steep is this section.? Cheers RFR
  9. Just reading the current issue "triathlon and multistory magazine"(tri training edition ) Ratdog features on page 80 - training your mental game. Does this now mean he"s sponsored!!!!
  10. Just looking through the tv guide port Mac on next Saturday 1.30 one hd! For 1hr
  11. PaperMan 479 IronJimbo 449 Ratdog 416 Cupcake 1443 Mr CC 941 IFoz 1074 gregb 337 Shankate 1286 mrando 272 ripas 787 Paul Every 896 (or 24-009) Thomo 1015 Dave T 1150 Tritragic 1132 tex 944 Clownboy 237 Throwing Stones -480 Catcam 1429 The Penthouse Pet 1446 Powdo 1125 Runforestrun 704
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