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  1. Which was followed by comments saying stick with Zipp, Enve, Caden etc over a generic POS. He didn't differentiate between a $500 unbranded eBay special or $3500 premium wheelset, he just said in his experience he wouldn't ride a carbon clincher at all.
  2. He says for the riding he does he wouldn't ride a carbon clincher full stop, doesn't trust any of them under continuous hard braking. He shows a Roval that's failed, hardly an unbranded Taiwanese special. Not really relevant in your average triathlon but interesting nonetheless, especially from someone so respected in the industry.
  3. Thank you for taking the time to answer questions, just wondering whether the carbon clincher equivalent will be a similar setup? If so I'm assuming building it on a 50mm rim means you'd use an 80mm tube or equivalent with extender? Because carrying different valve length spares for long course is always a PITA, running a 60F/Disc rear & only needing an 80mm spare would make life very easy.
  4. Thanks Roxii. Really interested in checking out his new disc if you can get any details on that too.
  5. Seriously considering these but obviously want the newer version. Does anyone know when the '17 wheels will be available??
  6. caesar

    SRAM etap (again)

    The rumour was it will be just over 2k locally for an upgrade kit, shifters & derailleurs so the above sounds pretty close.
  7. Probably has something to do with it not having 70.3 in the name hence doesn't exist to the bucket listers.
  8. I'd pull out to increase Clintreds chances of qualifying over there.. Just joking, stay off your legs & give it time to heal, whether that be by the the physio locating the issue or pure rest. Running on it now will just compound the problem. Maintain your fitness in the meantime on the swim/bike because I'm willing to bet you won't forget how to run in the next 2 weeks.
  9. 2nd that. Jump in with AP at the Cycos, a lot of his group will be training specifically for Port & core strength sessions are a focus for them. Will help keep you efficient at the back end of a marathon when everyone else falls apart.
  10. caesar

    IM Malaysia 2015

    It's a long way out, probably just trying to bank some money early to cover costs.
  11. Capitol Bikes, on Logan Rd at the base of Mt Gravatt mountain. A Trek dealer but won't have an issue working on a Shiv, great blokes who know their way around a bike.
  12. caesar

    P2 vs P3

    Cranky all this energy wasted worrying about the inconsequential has to be taking away from your preparation, It's just helping you tip over the edge towards making Priznas race day prediction a reality. There is nothing wrong with your adjusted position, it looks better than most on a tt bike. Just trust your bike fitter & learn how to lock it in for 180k on the aerobars then you'll be fine. All I'd do now is add some 60mm clinchers to race on & train.
  13. Geelong, Port, Cairns & Sunny Coast halves. Mooloolaba & Noosa OD's. Maybe the full in Cairns if I've already qualified for SC beforehand.
  14. It's an endurance sport which takes time to develop the base required to be competitive. Check out Meredith Kesslers early results, she raced as an AGer for 10 plus years before turning pro, only in the back half of that was she FOP. & if you think the real athletes are messing around with triathlon it's you that's kidding yourself. Like it or not it's a fringe sport that rewards people for being pretty good at three sports, not exceptional at one. Only a select few make a good living out of it.
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