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  1. RedZone

    Mt Gladstone - Cooma

    Heading to Thredbo this weekend, if Sat is looking crap weather wise will definitely give this a go, cheers
  2. RedZone

    What happened at Waterfall this morning? Anyone know

    We all felt pretty sick as we rode past, we commented on the accident just a week ago nearby. It didnt look good from what we could see. Still seems to be plenty of aggression by some drivers today - summer is here & I guess it brings out some of the knuckleheads. I hope she is going to be alright
  3. RedZone

    Ashes - And Cricket in General

    I would be dropping Watson & Smith. Like Capt U says, only 2 x 100's in 40 tests - that's not good enough from one of Aust's best. Smith ain't ready yet for test cricket, he needs to mature a bit more, another couple of years ? I would put Warner & Khawaja in. I'd also pull Hughes & Gowan aside & give them a bit of a one-on-one - an extra special pep talk Aust needs to lift to have any chance, saying that England will also respond. If England see any cracks opening up in the side they'll be in there with a crow bar.
  4. RedZone

    DeSoto tri shorts. 400mile or 4 pocket? Others?

    I have both pairs, the 400 mile is very good for riding, I dont know if you would want to run in them as the pad is pretty big - but I suppose you could. The 4 pocket short is also good, minimal pad which you find in most tri shorts so its good to run in. I find that over 80 - 90k's on the bike they can get a bit uncomfortable, but that's my experience. And to add to this, I find they fit a little too high up around the waist, I find shorts that are low cut or fit around the hips are more comfortable for longer runs.
  5. RedZone

    Cold feet!!! Recommend a shoe cover / bootie

    Glad wrap - toasty as when you don't want to use over shoes
  6. RedZone

    Training this weekend

    Yesterday, 120k ride then 6k run holding ~ 4m20s Today - nadda
  7. RedZone

    Probikekit delivery time

    I ordered 2 x tubbies from Wiggle on Monday, chose the fast delivery option. They arrived first thing this morning. Very happy. The DHL docket says it was shipped from the UK. Portsmith, Hants.
  8. RedZone

    Holiday ideas for late Decmeber/early Jan

    Thailand ( Phuket ) is great around Xmas time, the weather is good, but it is peak season. We stayed at the Sunwing hotel at Kamala, really good for kids with loads of organised activites. http://www.sunwingkamala.com/ - it is right on the beach
  9. RedZone

    8 ridiculous nutrition myths debunked

    To me it sounds one sided, no mention of what kind of protein to eat - just a pic of juicy beef Shall I order a bacon & egg roll & coffee, dont eat the buns - 3 times a day - & be rest assured & I am eating adequately. Sounds almost like an add for fast food Here's another view http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturated_fat_and_cardiovascular_disease_controversy
  10. RedZone

    winter jacket and recommendations

    I dont use a jacket, I layer up & if its really cold I use a wind vest as well. You do sweat a little more under a wind vest but it sure takes the sting out of cold air.
  11. RedZone

    Monday training

    8k run, 1st km at moderate pace then the rest at 10k pace 2k swim this arvo
  12. RedZone

    Sunday training

    Did have a 90k ride + 16k run brick session on the cards, got up with blocked sinuses & slight sore throat. Changed to a steady 14k run at 10.00am when the sun was out. The brick session will have to wait till next Sunday
  13. RedZone

    What weather won't you train in outdoors

    Heavy rain - running becomes a chore, your shoes get waterlogged. Dangerous to ride in stormy, windy weather - being seen by drivers is diminished. Light rain & occasional showers is fine with me
  14. RedZone

    Saturday training

    80k ride from Centennial to Kurnell & back - easy to moderate Followed by home made green juice & sausage sanga
  15. RedZone

    Cut in new Huub wetsuit

    I've just repaired my suit, had a tear of approx 7cm long. Glued one side, let dry, then glued the other side. The product I used is called Aqua Seal, its a urethane type adhesive, bloody good stuff.