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  1. He never said he'd be "more than welcome". He only said that he would be eligible. You've distorted his statement. I think people realised not to trust your accuracy a long time ago. Here it is from 2 sources ,The Telegraph "Asked yesterday if Armstrong would be welcome in ironman if his lifetime ban was reduced, World Triathlon Corporation (WTC) CEO Messick simply confirmed to The Daily Telegraph the Texan would be eligible." http://www.theaustra...6-1226555349285 And Bonnie Ford at ESPN who spoke to him at the Australian Open "By sheer coincidence, Andrew Messick, the CEO of the World Triathlon Corporation, was in Melbourne (where I am covering the Australian Open) for meetings this week, and I had a chance to speak with him. "If he's eligible to race, he can race, but Lance has been controversial in our community from the beginning," Messick said. He said that under no circumstances would the WTC abandon its status as a World Anti-Doping Agency signatory to accommodate Armstrong or anyone else." http://espn.go.com/e...pical-spectacle
  2. Sounds like you might need some treatment for a lisp.
  3. So who do you think is responsible for curing more terminal cancer? Lance or Mary McKillop?
  4. Precisely..... And now a stack of people are revealing their inner TUV5.0 , AP, coach@.
  5. Boy, you must have burnt quite a few precious calories putting together this angry series of rants. And to think, there was I having the temerity to suggest that some people on this forum might be neurotic. Luckily you're not prone to over-reacting!
  6. This thread demonstrates just how neurotic most IM triathletes are. Maybe they should have two types of entries, economy and first class. First class get butlers in transitions, perfectly flat and smooth road and run lanes exclusive to first class entrants and pre-peeled bananas at aid stations. Toughen up princesses.
  7. gulliver

    Penalty box time

    I did an Olympic distance race in the UK a few years ago where there was no penalty box but names and time penalties were posted on a board at the event after the finish. Athletes were carded during the race but didn't have to stop.
  8. No worries. BTW I wasn't trying to tell you that you must tumble turn. Just pointing out it's benefits. I know some fast swimmers who often don't tumble turn. My experience of squads is that they are generally self-seeding anyway so if someone's turns are interfering with the person following them they just swap positions. It's hardly the either/or big deal that some here are making out. PS I have no idea who Sheldon is. Am I not watching enough TV?
  9. Hey Ken I have to disagree with you. Tumble turning enables you to swim more continuously than touching before pushing off, which is a more pronounced punctuation between laps than tumble turns. Done well, tumble turns become part of the rhythm of lap swimming. I think a lot of people find tumble turns a bit intimidating because tucking and flipping over seems so unlike freestyle. If done properly though the "tumble" is quick and you actually spend more time streamlined than you would with a touch and push off. My general observation of others who struggle with TTs is that they slow down coming into the wall, they don't flip over quickly enough and their streamline off the wall is a bit half-arsed. This makes the whole TT event longer and often leaves them gasping for a breath well before they've swum under the flags. I don't have the years of experience that others do on this thread. This is my third year of racing Ironman and I've just moved into 50-54. However I'm a low 50's swimmer and have swum under 50 once in IM. By all means don't do them if you don't want to but I think that your tennis analogy, if applied to swimming would suggest that we should never bother doing drills because they just aren't freestyle.
  10. All former pro triathletes spend years on internet forums telling age groupers that they have no idea.
  11. Everyone who's raced Kona thinks that it's everyone else's dream to race Kona.
  12. You're only drafting if you're sitting a few inches behind the wheel in front of you.....The rules are just recommendations. It's more impressive to have a good bike split and a shit run than to have average bike and run splits.
  13. I did also hear that Lance has been getting complaints from his neighbours about the volume of the punk album he keeps playing over and over. "Never mind the Bollock" by the Sex Pistols
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